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Sprint EVO 4G uploads capped at 1 Mbps

Now that we know Sprint will be charging a mandatory $10 for their premium 4G data on the HTC EVO, how fast is it?

According to the latest press release, customers should see peak download speeds of 10 Mbps (3-6 Mbps average) and peak upload speeds of 1 Mbps. The download speeds are mainly limited by location and signal strength, but we learned tonight that uploads are actually capped at 1 Mbps.

Sprint backed up these network speeds at their EVO 4G press party tonight. It was reported they had a 4G node on-site, but Engadget was able to hit consistent speeds of 4 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up. This matches up with our Overdrive 4G testing where we hit 5.3 Mbps down and .86 Mbps up.

The data plan from Sprint allows for unlimited usage over the 4G WiMAX network, while 3G data is capped at 5 GB. When a customer goes over the 3G cap of 5 GB, “Sprint reserves the right to limit throughput speeds or amount of data transferred and to deny, terminate, modify, or suspend service if usage exceeds 5GB per month in total or 300MB/month while off-network roaming.”

Just to put things in perspective, the advertised 4G speeds from Sprint are still faster than many home internet connections. My Roadrunner cable from Time Warner is capped around 5 Mbps down and .5 Mbps up.

Having said that, there is still some room for T-Mobile to impress with their upcoming HSPA+ network that is expected to cover 185 million people this year. In early trials, some testers reported speeds of 7 Mbps down and over 1 Mbps up, which is about the same range as Sprint’s 4G. Time will tell if actual T-Mobile handsets can achieve those speeds in the real world.

Sprint customers with the HTC EVO 4G can expect:

  • 4G data speeds (WiMAX) — peak download speeds of more than 10 Mbps; peak upload speeds of 1 Mbps; average download speeds of 3-6 Mbps.
  • 3G data speeds (EVDO Rev A.) — peak download speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps; peak upload speeds of 1.8 Mbps; average download speeds of 600 kbps-1.4 Mbps.

Via: Engadget

Source: Sprint

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  • http://Website Josh

    Little Typo in the second paragraph.

  • Ramon

    Well if thats what the speeds are going to be like. Then I’m not missing out on nothing. I just did a speed test and got 3.5mbps down and 1.3 mbps up with 70ms ping on T-Mobile 3G in NY. Thats with 2-3bar signal and I’m not paying $10 extra. I also can do DATA and VOICE simultaneously and Tether to unlimited devices via wifi when rooted. Though the downside is the 5GB limit..

    Spring is just finding a way to make extra cash with this 4G craze until the FCC sets them right.

    • http://Website joe

      uh dude it actually gets better than that. tmo has a 10 gb cap,actually.

    • http://Website RocketJeff

      …”and I’m not paying $10 extra. ” No, it looks like you’re paying an extra $30 if you have T-Mobile.

      I priced the same plan I have with Sprint on T-Mobile and it’s $30/phone extra for data (even for a standard phone). Sprint includes data in the base price – the extra $10 is only on the EVO (and presumably any other 4G phone they introduce).

      I’d be paying an extra $120/month (4 ‘regular’ phones) with T-Mobile. Sprint is still less expensive (by $80/month) even if I upgrade all the phones to EVO’s (and that isn’t likely, I’ll probably just upgrade my phone to the EVO).

      • http://Website John

        It may seem that way on the outside Jeff but you’re still paying more in the long run. With T-mobile’s unsubsidized no contract plans we’re not spending money out the wazoo on so called hidden fee’s.

        Your math is flawed as you’re just adding up what you think it is. Do an actual comparison with a yearly bill from both companies and tell me what the totals are. I’m not 100% sure that T-mobile will be cheaper in the end (I’m 99% sure) but this will at least give a true comparison.

        • Xenoterranos

          I’ve had sprint for 6+ years, change plans every 2. Family plan with 1500 minutes and unlimited everything else, 3 phones. Only paying 165 a month (55 per phone), and we all have smartphones. A friend with 2 T-Mobile phones, with absolutely nothing on them (no internet, no texting…really, no texting) ultra basic “dumbphones” is paying 109 a month.

          We both get the same percentage discount through our job, so that’s not a factor. Sprint is hands-down the best value for your money out of all 4 carriers.

  • http://Website Icon

    Im actually surprised by these #’s. They are a lot slower then I thought they would be. Sure the 10mb per second is nice, but that’s peak, and you won’t always/usually get that. But what can you expect when its running on the 2.3-2.5ghz frequency. I’ve said this before, and ill say it again, LTE is far superior. Mainly cause of the frequency, 700mhz (old analog tv frequency). I don’t know if those speeds are worth the extra $ per month.

  • http://Website reddragon72

    You know what I find funny about Sprints “4G” is that is it typically slower than T-mobiles HSPA which lands me around 1.5Mbps down and 1 up on a good day, and now with HSPA+ there are vids of the N1 hitting 4 down and nearly 2 up. So what is the big deal? you pay more for the same speed… Oh in there is a cool vid of a T-mobile HD2 hitting 11 down. And Sprint wants to charge an extra 10 bucks for this “premium” service?!?! This is why I left Sprint, that and there customer service was extremely crappy!!

  • http://Website TheGunslinger

    I have read in several places that the $10 up-charge brings you unlimited 3g data. Of course by now, I have read so much Evo stuff that I’m having a hard time locating those articles. Anyway, it’s a not a deal breaker for me either way because even with the $10, it will be less than I pay for T-Mobile and Sprint’s service is much better where I live. If I were on the fence though, I would wait until I see actual pricing configurator or sprint docs on the subject though since what they have given so far is not that concise or in any way set in stone.

  • http://Website andrew

    Pre orders are now beinf accepted at beat buy. i signed up on their website a few weeks ago & got the email yesterday. i already have mine, u better get yours before they run out of preorders!

  • Uncemister

    Wait, so Sprint users are essentially having to pay 40 bucks a month for internet that gets capped right away on 3G? Or is that not true? I dunno, it seems like a rip off to me. Correct me if I’m wrong though.

  • John


    The $10 fee is MANDATORY on the EVO whether you have 4G in your area or not. I was so excited about getting the EVO and in fact I was the first to to Pre-ordered one at my local Best Buy yesterday and I am sure won’t be the first or last to cancel that pre-order out of principle. I live in NYC and we don’t have 4G so I am canceling my order because in principle, Sprint is ripping people off. I’m a 16 yr. sprint customer w 4 lines and a USB Broadband card. I’m becoming a new Verizon customer soon after my contract expires and getting the Palm Pre Plus that comes with the MiFi feature FREE and no mandatory $10/month complete robbery Sprint fee since I don’t even have 4G in my area. It’s a matter of principle. Sprint is robbing it’s loyal customers and making new Verizon customers. Just my 2 cents.
    People, please read this with an open mind: you may be a loyal fan of Sprint (I myself am a loyal customer for 16 yrs) but please stay objective and realize that Sprint is RIPPING you off! The $10 Fee again is MANDATORY whether you live in a 4G area or NOT! Sprint is ARBITRARILY charging it’s most enthusiastic base…the early adopters a fee that is completely unjustified because if you don’t live in a 4G area and therefore DO NOT have 4G service, why are you being charged a $10 surcharge just because you are an enthusiast and want the latest and greatest phone???? Sprint is holding all enthusiasts hostage! Furthermore, Verizon includes it’s MiFi functionality on the Palm Pre Plus for FREE!!!! Sprint wants to nail you for $30 plus TAXES! and the $10 MANDATORY fee! Wake up!!!!! You are being ROBBED!!!!! Please write to Sprint and let them know that as loyal Sprint subscribers and enthusiasts, please don’t rob us Sprint!

  • http://Website Brian

    Was going to get the EVO but now am having second thoughts and probably won’t. Getting tired of the big companies gouging its customers for every last cent they can. I’ll keep tethering using my sprint phone for free I guess. I’d have paid an extra 10 for the tethering but not for a 4g network I can’t access.
    Total BS

  • http://Website Mack

    Lets get some things straight. The article is wrong to suggest that 3G is capped on your cell with Sprint, it is not and has never been. “Data” on Sprint is unlimted, really unlimited not “unlimted” to 5GB like ATT and Verizon. Sprints 5GB cap only applies 3G on their seperate mobile broadband connections, not cell phones. 3G/4G on cells is unlimted with everything data plans and 4G is unlimted with the 3G/4G wireless plan for non cell devices.

    So they are tacking on a $10 fee for the Evo service, so what? C’mon, this is unlimited 3G and 4G service where available that you can’t even get on another provider. Not to mention that most cap you at 5GB for only 3G and Sprints minimum plan for the EVO, even with that $10 premium, still cost $10 less than a comparable ATT and Verizon plan and they still give you much less. Even a T mobile plan that is most comparable is also $79.99. No “any mobile” on any other network, only mobile to mobile or top 5 or 10, less nights and weekend hours or not unlimited in the first place. With Sprint you also get Sprint TV, radio, gps and other extras included. It’s a superior phone for the same on contract cost as others and a better price off contract as well, combined with a cheaper, better comparable plan (even with the $10 premium) simply screams value and that is only as a 3g coverage comparison. Considering 4G where avilable, it’s no contest.

    And everyone can say HSPDA 7.2 is out on T mobile and coming to ATT but right now T mobile does not even have a cell device that supports it or it’s speeds and ATT has a device that does but no real 7.2 service, as it’s extremely limited. Wimax is the only 3.5G-4G service that also supports a 10+ mbs cell device right now.

    Any Android phone will offer a thether app and Sprint is not frowning upon this like other networks are because they can actually handle the load, agian there is no 3G or 4g cap. You can also opt to pay $30 a month for added thethering just like everyone other carrier charges but at least you get wireless capabilities on the EVO and it links up to 8 devices at 4G speeds where avialable. Can’t say that for everyone else. If you want 4G alone for other devices, you don’t need to get the EVO, they offer the overdrive wireless hotspot device, for up to 5 devices.

    That brings me to another point that Sprint being able to even allow 8 data devices on the EVO suggests that their Wimax service, unlike other 3.5G or 4G services, is fully data capable, more than any other network. It is designed for the full, real internet brought to your mobile device as opposed to a service delivering mobile version internet, designed only for a cell phone. Because of that it offers superior bandwith capabilties therefore realworld speeds and consistency won’t be compromised and can’t be matched by other providers.

    • http://Website J

      Dude, don’t sweat it trying to explain anything. Now, you mentioned that Wimax is a “full data capable” it is that way because it has Cisco backing up Wimax., the maker of Linksys networking products. I was looking at the EVO’s owners manual PDF. On 3B. Web and Data Services page 123 . On the booklet it should be on page 113 I copied and pasted the following….. “Connecting Using Sprint 4G
      Sprint 4G – a Mobile WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) technology – provides your device with wireless Internet access over greater distances than Wi-Fi and delivers data transfer rates of up to 30 Mbps. To connect your device to Sprint 4G network, you need access to a Sprint 4G base station. For more information about the availability of Sprint 4G in your location, visit on the Web.. ” NOTE HOW IT SAYS DATA TRANSFER RATES UP TO 30 Mbps. I was wondering if it was a typo or it will be a later update to the Wimax network. It is odd to be a typo, 3 Mbps would sound right but, right now they only offer 10 Mbps max. Therefore my question is if the cable companies that are working with Sprint don’t want it faster to keep them from customers canceling cable internet service.

  • http://Website Mack

    I want to correct what I said about T Mobile not having a cell device to support 7.2 mbps. They do have a few with the most obvious one being the N1. If you live in a fully covered TM area it is a good alternative to Sprint’s 4G as well as their overall value but their entire 3G service is not much bigger or that much more available than Sprint’s 4G. It’s no secret that they not too long ago they finally completed their rollout of just basic 3G at 3.6 mpbs, nevermind upgrading to HSPDA at 7.2 mbps. Their coverage is so small it’s no wonder why they had it upgraded so fast. The truth is that many T mob clients can only get 2G service. At least on Sprint if you can’t get 4G you will be in 3G, only in the worst case scenarios and an extrmely low percentage of a chance will you ever be running on 2G. It’s no screct that Sprint tends to have the best reliability meaning despite whats might be advertised you have an excellent chance of getting at least moderately good service all the time instead of poor service with a few excellent peak areas.
    T Mobile vs the rest.
    Google officially backing the EVO instead of the Nexus One. That says it all.

  • http://Website Victor

    Folks – if you’re unhappy with Sprint charging an extra $10/ month for the Evo, don’t buy one. Problem solved.

  • Josh Anderson

    I spoke with a Sprint Store representative on the phone just now and asked them about this statement you made in your article:

    “The data plan from Sprint allows for unlimited usage over the 4G WiMAX network, while 3G data is capped at 5 GB. When a customer goes over the 3G cap of 5 GB, “Sprint reserves the right to limit throughput speeds or amount of data transferred and to deny, terminate, modify, or suspend service if usage exceeds 5GB per month in total or 300MB/month while off-network roaming.”

    They said that those limitations only apply to the Sprint mobile broadband service and not to the EVO data plan. They said that the EVO data plan is truly unlimited 3G even when roaming.

    They said that the only time an issue may come up is if you were to live or stay in an area where there was no Sprint coverage and you were roaming all the time for an extended period of time. That is when they may fire you as a customer because you are costing them more, to pay for your roaming use, than they are making from your contract.

    I’ve made up my mind… I’ve got to have one… and I am going to buy just before heading on vacation to Montana so I can give it a good hard test in an area where Sprint has limited or no coverage ;-)

    That way I have 30 days to give it a good hard test and still have the option to get out of the contract and return the phone without early cancellation fees.