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Sprint EVO 4G will ship with Android 2.1, no Flash 10.1

Details are still trickling in from last night’s HTC EVO 4G party. Our friend Andrew Kameka from Androinica has answered one of the final questions we had left about Sprint’s pending superphone. When it launches on June 4th, the EVO will be running Android 2.1.

Google is ready to unveil Android 2.2 at next week’s Google I/O, so some were hoping that Sprint might be able to update the EVO before it hits stores. The Nexus One and Motorola Droid are the first devices expected to get Android 2.2 since they feature a stock build, but it might take HTC several weeks (or months) to release a 2.2 update for their custom Sense UI.

Since the EVO only ships with Android 2.1, it will not initially support the new Flash 10.1. This is because Adobe and Google are requiring Android 2.2 in order to install the Flash 10.1 beta that will be released next week. Thankfully, the EVO should still include a version of Flash Lite to hold users over till an update is available.

How long do you think it will take for Sprint and HTC to update the EVO to Android 2.2?

Source: Androinica

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  • jjl84

    I’ve yet to read anything about 2.1 not supporting Flash. Even on your link saying “requiring Android 2.2″ all that is mentioned is that 2.2 will ship with Flash. Nothing, even remotely, that I have read has stated 2.1 will not support Flash. I would just like to know where this information is regarding Flash only installing on 2.2? It might be the case, I just haven’t seen anything other than 2.2 is shipping with Flash…my Dell shipped with Windows XP, but Flash 10.1 still installs on it, for example.

    • http://Website Daniel

      As far as I know, the WebView in 2.1 (the component that renders web pages, the “heart” of the Browser app) has no plug-in architecture. That’s enough for it not to support Flash, at least in the way that 2.2 will. (Theoretically, Adobe could still release a browser that doesn’t use the system’s WebView, but that’s extremely unlikely for a variety of reasons)

    • http://Website android8282

      question?..or more like a thouht?…since u CAN switch the sense off and on with the evo, what if u had sense off , would you stil be able to get the update???? just turn sense off on the evo and wellah!???

  • http://Website Andre

    Sure, this phone looks interesting but having to wait for 2.2 and paying an extra $10 a month for spotty 4G? It doesn’t make sense.

    What does make sense? Getting a Nexus One off contract with 2.2 and a month to month plan on T-Mobile or AT&T. Ebay / Craigslist are your friends here people.

    If I was wealthy and owned a yacht, I would probably one. Until that day comes.. pass. A better cheaper faster version is right around the corner.

    • http://Website EVO-lutionary!

      Wow! You mean $10/month is all it takes to be wealthy and own a yacht??? Wow!

    • http://Website LiBra

      The processor on this phone will make the 3g experience even faster. This phone has the fastest processor out there today – regardless of 3g/4g. And currently 4g is spotty but many more cities will roll this year AND, although spotty, it is more 4g coverage than Verizon or ATT and even with the $10 the price is still lower than theirs are when you add on data, text, email, etc. At least Sprint doesn’t nickel and dime you. People that own yachts most likely make sure they are comparing apples to apples when buying something, don’t ya think?

  • http://Website kid_352003

    Really good questions and I have a better one. Which Sense UI device in the United States have receive 2.1 update yet? All I keep hearing is any day now. So I’m thinking sometime next year 1st Q.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Verizon is currently rolling out Android 2.1 to the Droid Eris.

    • Dan

      I think Sprint’s HTC Hero has Sense UI.

  • http://Website phoebetech

    MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT! Android 2.2 would really show the capabilities of the phone and 4G. I think Sprint should have tried harder for a 2.2 push.

    • PhishShticks

      It’s not so much at the discretion of Sprint to decide what OS the phone is going to get (much unlike the BlackBerry OS platform). It’s honestly HTC’s decision to make because of HTC Sense.

  • http://Website AJ

    “Here we go again”……says a guy who has a Hero v1.5 waiting on 2.1. I have been so excited and dead set on getting the Evo. The $10 data upcharge is not a deal-breaker for me, but when my wife gets hers in Oct. it will really start to pile up on the bill over the course of contract life. IMO…Sprint has gotten greedy here. Big misstep!!! They have taken an opportunity to really gain market share riding in on a great HTC product. Too many comments this morning have been negative about the upcharge. Somebody besides Sprint may be the first to get my business since ’99.

    • mmitchum

      I agree with you, AJ. I’ve been a long time Sprint customer and this is a slap in the face. Charging extra because the phone has a powerful processor?…B.S. An extra $120.00 a year for what? 4G probably won’t come near where i live until the next generation service is close to release!

      I’m really really bothered by the rationale for this. Like you said, it’s not really a deal breaker, but based on the principle of this charge and the ridiculous $30 extra for wifi hot spot capabilities, I’ll definitely weigh my options and decide whether to stay with Sprint or leave.

      I’ve advocated feverishly for Sprint based on what I thought was good service and great pricing. This new development genuinely disheartens me.

      • http://Website chewtoy

        I agree. I was really excited about this phone only because I thought Sprint had finally lost so many customers that they had learned their lesson. No such luck, and now I certainly won’t bet getting an EVO.

        There won’t be 4G from sprint near me for a long time — why should I pay extra for a phone that can use it, when it doesn’t even exist here?

        Likewise, charging me $29/month just to use the BUILT-IN hotspot is ridiculous. I *would* pay $5/mo for it, maybe even $10, but definitely not $29! That’s insane.

        At this point the only interest I have in this phone is potentially rooting it to enable the wifi hotspot for free … but …. meh. Even then, I can’t really see spending $120/year extra for this phone under contract.

        I wish we could write an open letter to Sprint and actually get their attention. This is a tremendously stupid move on their part. It’s as though they have NO idea how to keep customers. :-(

        • http://Website Bryan

          So let me get this straight. You want a device that will give you more data, for the same price as the slower data, Then you want to connect 8 more devices to suck up 8 times the data for only $5 to $10 dollars a month more. So who’s greedy now. I dont know any ip provider that would do that.

      • http://N/A EP1C

        1) You aren’t paying the extra 10/mo for 4G service.
        2) You aren’t paying a tax for having a more capable phone.

        You ARE paying it to have the current 5 GB per month download cap removed from 3G/4G service.

        And before somebody chimes in “Such and such doesn’t have caps”, from all sources I have been able to find both Verizon and AT&T have similar caps with their plans costing more. T-mobile’s service is spotty in my area so i haven’t bothered researching their plans.

      • http://Website Dan M

        I don’t see the $10 extra for having a 4G phone as a problem. Sprint is leading the way on 4G and customers are helping to build the next generation infrastructure. It will come. Plus, even with the $10, it’s still a huge bargain over Verizon. $79 compared to over a hundred for Verizon. I want Sprint to survive. Verizon and AT&T charge way too much or they greatly limit the data usage.

      • http://Website SprintRep

        Seriously guys…even with the 10$ data charge your still saving money over the competition, with more features. You sound like spoiled brats.

  • http://Website Gravislord

    I can think of at least one reason Sprint wouldn’t push for 2.2, and that is the built-in hotspot support :) That would negate their 29.99 service price ;)

    The other reason is that because of the Sense UI, HTC does need time to get 2.2 integrated and tested on final hardware and final OS.

  • imbrenton

    “How long do you think it will take for Sprint and HTC to update the EVO to Android 2.2?” Regardless.. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    Quick question though, why does it take so long to “customize” HTC’s Sense UI when there doesn’t seem to be a dramatic change to the layout?

  • http://Website WhiteNoise

    They will not update it. At least not until the Evo 2 is ready to launch.

    • http://humpinc mrhood

      What makes you the expert they have been upgradeing tons of phones and I read that it will for sure be getting 2.2 I just hope I can hack it like 2.1 I’m on a moment and it feels perfect

  • http://Website IIsaac

    I’m very disappointed with the flash news !!! That really suck !!!

  • Tebbe

    With the news about 2.2 including free USB/WiFi tethering, I think Sprint will do everything they can to delay 2.2 so they can keep getting their $29/month.

  • Dee

    so at first i was really excited and ready to switch carriers for the EVO….however im starting to think the N1 makes more sense.
    sprint is suffering, both in customer service and phone offerings. the one chance they get to outshine other carriers, they create a dismal failure of a plan. companies like HTC and motorola have been all but saved by android and i think carriers should put more pressure on them to come out with a update at a much faster pace, because on top of poeple having to pay for a service they wont get for a while you also have to tell them they wont get the new updates for a while (if ever).
    right now im on the fence…

    • http://Website phoebetech

      I agree. Now that I see a pattern that some phones will not receive all updates, I’m sticking to phones that do not have special UI. Although I do love Sense UI, I rather have the android software update.

  • http://Website dude

    @Dee: “they create a dismal failure of a plan”
    I’m not sure you’ve done the math on the plan compared to other “no limits” plans, 3G OR 4G. Oh, right, does anyone else HAVE a 4G phone and plan available? Does anyone else offer unlimited web, text, mail for $80/per month(including the much maligned $10/mo extra)?

    • Dee

      “Oh, right, does anyone else HAVE a 4G phone and plan available? ”
      No. but let me ask you this question. Does anyone else 4G where they live? right now 4G doesn’t cover enough of the states to make EVERYONE pay for a service they don’t have or won’t get in the near future.
      my argument is for the man in some back road town that just got 3G, and he is so excited to get the EVO only to pay for a service he most likely will never have. At its core android is about choice and sprint has taken away the choice to operate on a 4G if you want. In any other case tacking on a charge to anything else would be unacceptable. Could you imagine if VZW started charging people 10$ for LTE service just because they have it in Boston? would you pay for that as happily as you would pay for this on the strength that no one else has a plan like it?
      im not saying that 10$ is a whole lot of money, but because i live in a major area (NYC-tri state) im quite comfortable knowing that its coming, im just not comfortable paying for something i can’t use.

      • TechAddic

        I do agree, that $10 charge is EFF’N BS, but did that stop me from pre-ordering it from Best Buy yesterday….Nope. I guess its a luxury tax to have the newest tech when it comes out. Sprint is still cheaper than the rest (by $10 less now) and give you more with their plans. I just hope this is a marketing gimmick that they are doing to cause more coverage, even negative is good, and pull the charge last minute, wanting to look like they listen to their customers and causing everyone to see that they are a great value in effect causing more demand. One can hope. But either way, I will have a new toy on June 4th. :D

      • http://Website ab2123

        THEY ARE OPTIONAL. IF dont have 4g don’t pay for it… If you dont want tethering, dont pay for it… C’mon, it is really simple.

        • http://Website bryan

          no it’s not simple, the price for the 4g is REQUIRED, you pay for it whether you use it or not.

    • http://Website Dan M

      Dude, I agree with you. Our friends on Verizon only have unlimited Data because Sprint was making them look bad for limited downloads. My plan from Sprint has four phones on it (3 Blackberrys) and everything is unlimited except 3,000 daytime. I’m paying $230 a month which includes insurance on three phones. That same plan with Verizon would be way over $300 on Verizon. Verizon isn’t worth it. Go Sprint. One unlimited phone plan on Verizon is $149 and each additional unlimited plan phone is $49. I think it’s then another $30 for unlimited data!

  • http://Website Brett

    Man, I was hoping for 2.2 on the EVO. It would’ve been a perfect match. I’m very curious what other phones are expected to be getting 2.2 soon besides the N1. Guess we just have to wait until the I/O conference to figure out the plans for 2.2

    • http://Website Derek

      Probably just he N1 and the Droid. Most other phones have some custom UI.

  • http://Website Brian

    Taylor, seems to me that you would know more about this and ought to ask the Sprint/HTC guys that question for us. I was afraid I was going to hear some crap like this. It makes me want to get a Nexus One.

    I’m paying $210/month to Tmo for my family and I was about ready to jump, but this is more sh*t than I really want to deal with. I do android development, but I don’t want a bunch of extra devices laying around — and I want the latest and greatest on my phone. Why doesn’t Sprint offer sense-ui as a swap-in/swap-out so we can change it back to stock if we want to???

    Also, when (and if) you ask them this, ask them when they’ll come up with a phone with a plugable ‘radio’ so we can buy a single phone and move it between carriers as desired.

  • http://Website Inspiron41

    HAHA!! Nexus One rules!!! the nexus one is google’s baby~

    i’m just being sarcastic. i’m pretty sure evo will get 2.2 sooner or later :)

  • Mike

    It seems that Sprint is always one step behind the competition/marketing phones in a way that we always have to buy a new one. Example: Hero, no 2.1 until AFTER the Evo is released with 2.1. On that note shortly following the Evo release we will have 2.2 on the Droid and the Nexus. Then I would anticipate waiting months or until they decide to drop a new phone with 2.2 before we get a 2.2 update on the Evo. Honesty when that happens a new build will be coming out (2.3?) I think every is picking up what I’m putting down.

    Being a huge Android fan I feel like I’m on the back burner with Sprint compared to other devices and carries when it comes to the latest and greatest. They always seem to cite “But we have to build in the SenseUI, that’s why there is a 4 month delay. We blame HTC” Christ even now, the Eris has 2.1. People were looking for an example where another HTC device on another carrier got updated and there you have it. Thanks Sprint! Then they add a mandatory 10$ fee just because this phone carries more “Awesome” than ever other?

    I don’t know maybe I’m completely out of line? I’m having a hard time not leaving Sprint for 1 reason or another. I just feel like the grass is greener on the other side…

    • http://Website Art
      • Mike

        That would be amazing. I will believe it when I see, however if it happens I would definitely buy this phone and be a happy customer. They would finally be on pace with the other carriers or even have a 2.2 first!

        • http://Website Art

          TRUST ME Bro. I’m there with ya! Sprint Should have taken advantage of this Flagship a Device by shipping it with 2.2 out the box. Like Verizon did with the Droid(2.1). Unfornately Sprint has not updated there Android phones (Hero & Moment) like they should. And 2.2 on the Evo would cause an UPROAR!- As if there hasn’t already been one. I think the best way to get the updated version is to Install urself.-SUCKS I KNOW. But I also read that The Evo would get the update after The Nexus One and/or Droid: But like you said “SEEING IS BELIEVING.” And hey is least you get THE BEST OF BEST WORLDS WITH THE Evo. Chk THIS Out:-

  • http://Website Derek

    Considering Sprint still hasnt updated their phones from 1.5 to 2.1 yet….

    Probably Q1 2011 till this phone gets updated, wont be 2.2 then, maybe something like 3.0.

  • http://Website manly man

    Why Sprint?

  • Canterrain

    Let’s be fair now.

    The Evo is getting ready to come out.

    Google is just now getting ready to talk up 2.2 in preparation for its release. They haven’t given it to anyone (except in house people who need it to develop it further, such as adobe), yet.

    So it’s only natural for the Evo to ship 2.2. They’d have to delay the phone even more to release it with 2.2, and as a company Sprint can’t do that. Not with the wave of enthusiasm for the phone. It isn’t Sprint’s fault that Google’s timing was like this.

    As for the update to 2.2, I’m honestly optimistic.

    The update from 1.5 to 2.1 was huge. Most of the OS was tweaked, changed, or flat out torn out and remade. Even the menus look entirely different. In addition to that, HTC actually went above and beyond and added more. The friend stream is excellent, all the pluses of motoblur without the bloat. The leap function is my new best friend, and a much better solution than the little dots Google thought of.

    This was a very large update that had to be planned, implemented, and tested very carefully.

    And although we’ve seen hints that the 2.2 update will be beyond awesome, it’s probably not going to be nearly as large or complicated an update in scale.

    I’m confident that, no it won’t be out two days after the release of 2.2, but that HTC and Sprint will be able to get this update out much more quickly than it was able to release 2.1.

  • http://Website VicMatson

    Yea if it don’t have 2.2 at launch the chances on Sprint and HTC getting it done are small to none! Why bother they make money on contracts and selling newer phones.

  • http://Website GOBLUE4G

    Okay guys, yes, you’re all right, IN PRINCIPLE, this is not a very fair surcharge. However, I think you should all step back and look at the big picture here: for $80/month you are getting UNLIMITED (no 5GB cap) on 3G at least. Verizon, ATT, TMO, none of them are going to give you a deal like that. $30 mifi? Well, Verizon offers this service for free… on WebOS only. It is easy to cite that as grounds for sprint offering this service gratis as well but in reality that is an effort by Big Red to move a set of products that is otherwise lacking in broad appeal. This charge is otherwise no more than Sprint’s tethering charge OR Verizon’s AND it is HALF the cost of an Overdrive monthly plan (with a 5 device limit). You may hate to admit it but this is still a bargain.

    As to OS upgrades: That is truly a matter of preference. I would looove to have the Evo roll into town with Froyo so I can experience all the sweet google goodness, but I am willing to accept the possibility I’ll be living with 2.1 for some time in exchange for Sense UI. This is totally a matter of choice and if truly the overwhelming majority of consumers would prefer fast android updates to Sense (or any custom interface) aesthetics and user friendliness, then by all means take that up with HTC, not Sprint.

  • http://Website big doggg

    It will probably take forever for a 2.2 update. Just like the hero and moment took forever. Never mind now .I’M GETTING THE EVO.

  • http://Website david

    Even with the $10 charge you will be paying $79 for unlimited plus 4g! sprint also has very good employee discount programs. I cant wait to get my EVO! how much exactly are you paying for your service now? does it come with 1 year upgrades, unlimited txt, pix, mobile to any service, data, tv, gps, and videochat! I cant wait to leave Verizon.

  • http://Website Brian Overmn

    The $10 is optional folks. If you don’t want 4G, or don’t have it in your area…then don’t pay it. I think it fair to have me pay 10 more per month to get three times faster internet on my phone. I do that at home. I pay 65 instead of 45 to get 18gbps instead of 6. That’s $20 more a month.

    At $10/month its a bargain for me. If you don’t think so, then I’d stick with 3G. Either way Sprint is cheaper than Tmo for my plan.

    • John

      I’m totally confused. I thought the $10 fee was MANDATORY on the EVO whether you have 4G in your area or not. I was so excited about getting the EVO and in fact, Pre-ordered on at Best Buy yesterday. I live in NYC and we don’t have 4G so I am canceling my order because in principle, Sprint is ripping people off. I’m a 16 yr. sprint customer w 4 lines and a USB Broadband card. I’m becoming a new Verizon customer soon after my contract expires and getting the Palm Pre Plus that comes with the MiFi feature FREE and no mandatory $10/month complete robbery Sprint fee since I don’t even have 4G in my area. It’s a matter of principle. Sprint is robbing it’s loyal customers and making new Verizon customers. Just my 2 cents.

      • http://Website LiBra

        I took the liberty of going to Verizon’s website and looking at what you will be paying there. First your voice plan, if you want to talk and text it will be $59.99 per month for 450 anytime minutes and N&W that start at 9PM and end at 6AM (sprint 7 pm – 7 am N&W included). Then you need to add a data plan – Data package of $29.99 or higher required for 3G Smartphones. oops! Now your up to what $90 per month. $10 more than what it would cost with Sprint. Oh, yeah, since your not on a package with at least 900 minutes, you don’t qualify for the Pick 5 Family option. With Sprint on their $79.99 package for the EVO, you can call ANY mobile phone from ANY carrier in the US (no extra charge). And with Sprint, if you are on this plan, after 6 months you will be a Premier customer – some of the perks – 6 month PROACTIVE rate plan review so you can be comfortable you are on the right plan for your usage, 25% discount on accessories, and you qualify to upgrade at new customer pricing after 12 months. I think it is great you have been so loyal to to Sprint for so many years (many have not) but before you make a decision to leave, please do your homework. You know what they say about the grass not always being greener. Oh and NYC will have 4G in 2010 and, until then, EVOs processor will make your 3G experience better than you’ve experienced in the past.

  • http://Website rp

    79+ taxes and fees; which equals like 79++++++. I know that would be a nice surprise on the bill. I wanna get the phone, but like some voices here, I want the 2.2 update to roll out with the phone or for them to set an exact time as to when the will release an OTA for the phone.

    A Nexus One looks really good if your want the update immediately or we are going to have to hack away @ the Evo to provide the birth of 2.2. I like Google, but the segmenting garbage has to stop. They all need a better way to roll this out and keep it updated.

    Frankly , it should be like Firefox. I can’t believe I am saying it. Sometimes add-ons for Firefox don’t work after you update it. So be it, it is up to you to decide if you want to keep the old version for the add on. If the Sprint Apps and HTC Sense are considered add-ons, which they pretty much are, then 2.2 should be easily pushed to the phone.

    Hopefully I assume that they want to push 2.2 to the device and will want bold people to update to 2.2 over the web. I would be willing when I get the device.

    Iphone users are going to have to deal with the segmenting also when 4.0 rolls out and the iphone 4g. The first and second generations are going to have a hard time. The investment those early adopters took, cost them now.

    The bottom line is we all have to face trade-offs.It always ends up being a classic battle. Every one here needs to rethink whether or not to get the EVO because the hardware or N1 because of the software. Why can’t we ever had the best of both worlds.

  • John

    The $10 fee is MANDATORY on the EVO whether you have 4G in your area or not. I was so excited about getting the EVO and in fact I was the first to to Pre-ordered one at my local Best Buy yesterday and I am sure won’t be the first or last to cancel that pre-order out of principle. I live in NYC and we don’t have 4G so I am canceling my order because in principle, Sprint is ripping people off. I’m a 16 yr. sprint customer w 4 lines and a USB Broadband card. I’m becoming a new Verizon customer soon after my contract expires and getting the Palm Pre Plus that comes with the MiFi feature FREE and no mandatory $10/month complete robbery Sprint fee since I don’t even have 4G in my area. It’s a matter of principle. Sprint is robbing it’s loyal customers and making new Verizon customers. Just my 2 cents.
    People, please read this with an open mind: you may be a loyal fan of Sprint (I myself am a loyal customer for 16 yrs) but please stay objective and realize that Sprint is RIPPING you off! The $10 Fee again is MANDATORY whether you live in a 4G area or NOT! Sprint is ARBITRARILY charging it’s most enthusiastic base…the early adopters a fee that is completely unjustified because if you don’t live in a 4G area and therefore DO NOT have 4G service, why are you being charged a $10 surcharge just because you are an enthusiast and want the latest and greatest phone???? Sprint is holding all enthusiasts hostage! Furthermore, Verizon includes it’s MiFi functionality on the Palm Pre Plus for FREE!!!! Sprint wants to nail you for $30 plus TAXES! and the $10 MANDATORY fee! Wake up!!!!! You are being ROBBED!!!!! Please write to Sprint and let them know that as loyal Sprint subscribers and enthusiasts, please don’t rob us Sprint!

    • TechAddic


      I personally don’t think sprint is robbing people. Verizon is using the free mifi in order to move webos. I have a Palm Pre and am switching over to EVO. Also this is a phone that may or may not be supported by HPP (Hewlett Packard Palm), all I’m saying is you only firesale a device for one reason, they know something is going down. The main reason I am leaving the Palm Pre is the phone is built like crap, although WebOS is the best os I have used so far, just can’t get past the hardware.
      If Verizon is giving you a better deal for your specific plan requirements (I believe you would be $10 cheaper with them all said and done), just know you won’t have the best phone of the now, you will have last year’s flavor. For me, I will root the phone, and have the $30 fee a non-issue also and have unlimited data with no 5GB cap, like the VZW Pre would have.
      FYI…I have never(will) paid for tethering on any WinMo, WebOS, Android smartphone and have used it flawlessly for years. I believe most ‘enthusiasts’ would be aware of this option and wouldn’t have to pay if they didn’t want to.

  • http://Website Baka

    Given that 2.2 has a feature that acts as a hotspot for free, it’s very unlikely the Evo will ever get the upgrade unless Sprint finds a way to disable that feature. After all, why provide an update that takes away from your money grabbing profit padding?

  • http://Website CeZ

    At least a year, and by then the rest of the android world will be running 3.0+++…Hero was released this time last year with similar hype and look at it now, still on the bloody 1.5

  • CP27750

    I am a total newbie in all of this. But I read that the EVO will be second in line to receive FROYO. I do not know if this is for certain or just an assumption based on the phone specs. here is the link:

  • http://Website AJM123

    Has anybody else heard the rumors that the HTC evo 4g is suppose to get Android 2.2 second to the N1. Ive seen a couple of reports online but u cant trust everything u read online but hopefully it will become official soon since that would be a determining factor for me to get the EVO