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Sprint EVO does free tethering… just like every Android phone

Android tethering can sometimes be a controversial topic. Several carriers prohibit tethering in their terms of service, yet any Android user can easily get away with it by using a number of readily available, free applications.

The first carrier to come out against Android tethering was T-Mobile when they banned WiFi Tether for Root Users from their Android Market listing. T-Mobile’s terms of service state, “Your Data Plan is intended for Web browsing, messaging, and similar activities on your device and not on any other equipment. Unless explicitly permitted by your Data Plan, other uses, including for example, tethering your device to a personal computer or other hardware, are not permitted.”

Each carrier enters into a distribution agreement with Google in order to place the Android Market client on their devices, so they have the final say on which apps appear in the listings. If an application violates a carrier’s TOS, then it can be involuntary removed.

I’m not quite sure I understand all these policies because other tethering apps like EasyTether and PdaNet still remain up.

Google clearly wants Android users to share their internet connection however they see fit and has added native USB tethering and a WiFi hotspot support to Android 2.2. I’ve tested these new features on my T-Mobile Nexus One and they work quite well, so I now have a stock phone that goes against my carrier’s wishes.

Each carrier will be allowed to remove the native tethering options from their Android 2.2 firmwares and I suspect quite a few will. Both Sprint and Verizon currently charge $29.99 per month to add a tethering data-plan.

Even though carriers will try to put barriers between the customer and tethering, I’m not sure there is anything they can do to stop really it. Sprint was probably the first to realize this and that’s why they are slapping a monthly $10 Android tax to every customer who purchases the HTC EVO 4G. They know Android customers are data-hungry, so they are going to charge them for the additional strain on their wireless network.

Several people asked me if the EVO could do free tethering, so I filmed a quick demo. In just a few minutes, I was able to download PdaNet from the Sprint Android Market and easily tethered in a few clicks. I’m not going to write a how-to guide and encourage tethering, but anyone can find these tether apps by doing a quick Google search.

How many of you use tethering on a regular basis? Are you paying for it or using a free application? What do you think carriers should charge those customers who wish to tether? Has the time come to end the “unlimited” data plans and switch to a true tiered pricing structure?

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  • http://Website Daniel

    Why do you call it an “Android tax”, if other owners of other Android phones (like the Hero) don’t have to pay it?

    • http://Website Jubjub

      Also it’s not an Android tax it’s a 4G additional fee. I guarantee future 4G phones that do not run Android will have the same fee. So it has nothing to do with android.

      • http://Website meria

        Tethering should be free and that’s why Android Superphones are the best.

      • http://Website Bnkr0

        looks like sprint will be charging for all smart phones

        • Harrison

          The tax just took effect for all Android type phones.

    • http://Website Sam

      The “tax” is on the Android/4g capable devices. Android/3g only devices are not being charged.

      • http://Website Diane

        Ok this is how it works. If you get a new “PDA type” full featured phone, Android, BlackBerry, Win7, or Palm, the $10 a month charge will be added to your plan; if you already HAVE one of those phones, however, you are grandfathered and do not have to pay the charge until you upgrade your phone. This is pretty common for how Sprint handles pricing changes.

        • http://Website fpulido

          sorry, wish this was true…I have had a palm pre for the last 2 years and got slapped with the extra ten dollar charge, no such thing as grandfathering in this case and I did not upgrade (waiting for the new galaxy). When I called Sprint about this, they said this charge was being added to ALL smartphones, regardless of OS and time spent.

          • Tyty

            I also have a palm pre. I do not have the premium smart phone data plan on my bill as I was grandfathered in. I spoke to Sprint and this is what I was told. They did say that when I upgrade that will change.

    • http://Website Eric

      It’s not an android tax. It is a fee that Sprint charges if your phone has a 4G antenna. It has nothing to do with the Evo having Android. The Evo was Sprint’s first 4G enabled phone.

  • http://Website lovetotext

    As always best site when it comes down to Carrier and Phone reviews and news. I just ended a chat with Sprint and yes, they mentioned the $29.99 charge that will be able to connect to 8 devices. Good thing there are Apps for this. $29.99 is too much for sharing web.

    • http://Website stan628

      android 2.2 froyo on t-mobile is currently free with wireless tethering

  • http://Website Don’t even need an app

    Actually, from what I’ve read so far about the EVO, you don’t even need to download an app like EasyTether and PdaNet.

    When you plug in the EVO via the microUSB to your computer, supposedly a screen pops up with various options, one of which is to use the EVO for internet connection.

    Looks like Sprint already allows wired tethering for a single computer and even built it in. The hotspot feature will be extra but allow wireless tethering for multiple computers/internet hungry devices.

    • AndrewKam

      I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I have an EVO now and Sprint has allowed free tethering for the first month. I’m pretty sure they will disable the wired tethering feature in July or August and force everyone to sign-up for the HotSpot plan.

      • http://Website Blarvin

        Its gone now, July 2.

        But thanks to Taylor here and EasyTether, things are ok.

        However I have an uneasy feeling.

        If Sprint would disable such a prominent and needed feature, what will they try next?

        I am going to write to Sprint. They need to Up their bandwidth, not Down ours!!!

        Hi andrew, thanks for all the help on your site, too!

        • http://Website Lynn

          I have the Evo. USB tethering come up when I hook it up to a computer. My account does not have any added charges for this.

          The extra 10 bucks a month is for 4G.
          I haven’t used the WiFi Hotspot, so I don’t have the extra $30, just the generic $129.99 share plan :/

    • http://Website Blarvin

      OH yes you do. Even though its in the guide, even though its in the phone. (EVO) Just talked to sprint techs, the tone of voice changed when they realized what I was trying to do.

      Its right there!!!!!! Its a feature, of course I want to use it.

      The 10 bucks is NOT FOR 4G, I HAVE NO 4G HERE BUT STILL PAY THE 10 BUCKS

  • http://Website roomba

    I hardly use tethering on my pre. dont have the need unless my home connection is acting up or something or im on a road trip. That $29.99 should apply to people who do heavy tethering. Leave the rest of us be!

    • http://Website tom

      I am with you. It is an extremely rare even that I MUST have my laptop connected to the internet and the phone is not sufficient. That said, having the freedom is nice.

    • http://Website bryan

      I agree. Maybe they should have different price plans depending on how much you use it. $29.99 for unlimited tetthering. But maybe like $5 a month for people who use it much less.

  • http://Website Rob

    T-Mobile might officially ban tethering, but they are somewhat less than consistent in enforcing that rule. In fact, the official support forum has a section just for tethering: .

    Earlier this year, in fact, I called customer service to ask if tethering was possible on my Blackberry, and the rep not only personally recommended doing so, but pointed me to that forum.

  • http://Website canterrain

    I have a special plan that includes phone as modem. The truth is I don’t use it that often. When I travel and when my isp is down is about it. So on the one hand I feel like I wouldn’t be missing out without the option. On the other hand I love having it available when I actually do need it. I guess I just don’t consider it worth a high price.

    But, when I don’t tether I use maybe a gig of data in the month. When I do, it come very close to five, so I understand carrier desire to charge for it.

  • http://Website Waazzupppp

    First off, most carriers will go tiered data by 2012 – they have to, but we’ll get VoIP minutes instead of regular minutes when this happens. It’s a foregone conclusion that this has to happen with fatser and bigger networks coming. They have to pay for them.

    Second, Sprint is not doing a 4G tax on the Evo. It is a $10 mandatory “premium data fee” since the Evo uses an “almost full blown HTML 5 compatible browser”. This device will chew up data at alarming rates and they have to lift the 5GB cap for it on 4G. From what I’ve read on about it, the 5GB cap is still ineffect for 3G coverage areas and the 300MB cap still applies to roaming. This may change as the actual date comes, but for now, only 4G coverage is marked as “unlimited” on their site.

    Lastly, people complain about thee $30 hotspot price. You do realize that this can replace your home internet connection? High speed, 6 Mbps coverage anywhere for $30 – deal!

    • Clark Wimberly

      I’d hate to have to use my phone each time I wanted to use my PC. I like my home connection to be a little more ‘on’ than that.

    • http://Website Dave

      Do you really think you’re going to get a consistent 6Mbps download? Ain’t gonna happen.

    • http://Website Andre

      I read a post by a Sprint rep who said the 5GB cap was being lifted for 3G as well. As far as I can tell, Sprint’s business model is to entice customers with untiered data while AT&T and Verizon add more pay walls (e.g. $15/mo for 250MB of 3G iPad connectivity vs. $30/mo unlimited).

      Like Taylor, I think the $30/mo hotspot charge is unrealistic if it’s limited to the phone being the hub. I would gladly pay for an Overdrive it Sprint would allow it and the Evo to share a single 4G line of service, but the charge is per device, and I don’t want to use my phone to maintain a persistent connection at home.

      If, in fact, 4G service is available in LA next week (which seems to be the case, according to forum reports), and it’s accessible for free for the first month, then I’ll try the hotspot feature at home, but I seriously don’t see myself willing to pay my DSL provider’s ETF just for the privilege of getting broadband on my laptop via my phone.

    • http://Website dannie

      Road runner from time Warner cable 7mps is 29.95. So they are pretty much the same. But you can take tethering anywhere.

    • http://Website Cyryl

      It can NOT replace your home connection for most people.

      The data is not transmitted/received in the same manner.

      Try gaming on Xbox Live in an FPS game over your phone.

      You may have an equivalent connection where the fancy little Mbps numbers are concerned…

      But data packets are of varying sizes. TTL on each data packet tends to be different than that of a home connection, etc.

      It’s NOT the same thing just because you get similar figures where upload and download is concerned.

    • sgeorgia

      Yeah, good luck getting 6mbps download, my mother replaced our home internet with hotspot from her galaxy and on a good day I get 15kbps without anyone else on the network. I’m looking into tethering my evo shift now… but I’m not quite sure I understand how.

  • http://Website TransformerX

    So if the $10 is to lift the 5GB cap on 4G, and us customers in 3G areas have to pay this anyway, why are we still being capped? I hope this statement is not true because that means I will be paying an extro $10 to be capped! I know the hypothesis is I could travel to a 4g area, but honestly, I do not travel a whole lot. And when I do, there is still not 4G in that area. So paying the $10 and being capped means I’m not given the option of going over that cap without being penalized in some way. ( This by no means I’m not getting an EVO, I’m just saying!)

  • http://Website Matt

    “I’m not going to write a how-to guide and encourage tethering”
    You act like its piracy, you pay for a $30 data plan, you should use it how and on whatever devices you want.

    • http://Website Les

      Right On!

  • http://Website going_home

    I’ve been tethering with my G1 / PDANet for over a year now. No problems with TMO at all.
    I’m looking at getting an Nexus One so I can WiFi hotspot instead of tethering.
    TMO should be selling the Nexus One in the next few weeks according to the sales rep
    I talked to this past thursday at a TMO store east of Tampa.
    I cant see where the 3G Slide is much of an improvement over my G1 so I’m waiting for something better, like the N1.


    • http://Website Adam

      Root and you can use wireless tether on your G1 to do that now. Of course then you lose the excuse to buy the N1

  • http://Website Jon

    I have no qualms whatsoever doing whatever is necessary to be able to tether my phone without paying an extra fee to do it.

    I have already paid for my data plan and I don’t care to pay twice. It’s bad enough that in the US and maybe the US only that during a mobile to mobile call, someone making an outgoing call pays for the call, as well as the receiver. So the call is paid for twice.

    It’s also ridiculous how they are fleecing us on SMS text messages.

    It’s definitely not cool to charge people twice for a data plan.

  • http://Website Adam

    The carriers are doing the only thing they can do when it comes to controlling its customers. No matter what they say it is EXTREMELY easy to root and tether any android device. So if they know they cannot stop you from doing it then charge everyone as if they are doing it, even if they are not.

    Sadly this could really REALLY hit android harder than others as all anyone will hear right now is that Android means a higher cellphone bill b/c its android. Of course it is not that it is b/c of android but that is what people will see when it is only android devices getting charged that.

    I know that I am personally dreading the whole Verizon Data Tier plan as I use a LOT of data. I use my phone as my GPS, Radio, Laptop, Home wireless, and more. Hopefully some of this new trend is stopped as we are going to see more and more people move away from “smart” phones especially in this economy if it means the bill goes up another $20 and you have to really watch how much data you consume.

    I use my Droid for absolutely everything but if my bill were to increase $20 a month I would definitely get rid of it and get a simple text and talk phone and that is it. Eventually supply and demand must equalize and hopefully that will happen with all the crap going on now b/c they are giving a supply that will not have nearly as big a demand as it does now with the extra charges.

  • SGB101

    my desire on 2.1 allows tethering with out a 3rd party app. just plug in usb and select share internet from the 4 option that pop up.

  • http://Website cloud858rk

    I’ve been tethering with Wired Tether for Root Users because my cable internet from Time Warner craps out occasionally. Works great. I don’t think carriers should charge more for tethering as long as the data cap stay the same, because then they won’t be using more data than the would otherwise.

  • http://Website bryan

    Over the last decade I’ve seen my cell phone bill continue to go up and up. I’ve always paid it and always paid it on time. I’m not going to start paying for features that come native in a handset though.

    I won’t abuse teethering and use it all the time. But I’m on the road or on vacation and need internet access for my laptop, you better believe I’m going to teether.

    • http://Website Adam

      the sad part is that they are going to charge you anyways.

  • PixelSlave

    Just look at the iPhone — consider how much AT&T depends on Apple for its smartphone sales growth, and consider how iPhone “should” have native tethering long times ago, but AT&T still hasn’t allowed it to happen. This is clearly not something the carriers want to offer for free.

  • http://Website mkrmec

    I really don’t get why american providers don’t allow tethering. It’s the same data usage as the phone’s internet … why in the hell is that such a big problem…

  • Vladimir Kelman

    As far as I know, WiFi tethering is detectable by provider and USB tethering might be detectable too. So, nothing stops provider from charging additional money.
    Technically, tethering is long available for Android phones, either natively or through apps.

    • http://Website Andre

      As long as you’re not connecting through the carrier’s gateway, I highly doubt they have any direct way of detecting tethering. That’s really a technicality, since there’s probably a very conspicuous data consumption profile associated with a tethered connection (e.g. using 3-5x more data), but it’s probably more noticeable on feature phones and Blackberries than Webkit enabled smartphones, where the surfing pattern is closer to desktop usage.

      I think carriers go out of their way to discourage tethering to prevent it from becoming a mainstream phenomenon, but don’t really care if a tiny percentage of vigilant prosumers can tether. My guess is that Sprint’s $30 hotspot fee is reverse psychology: the more you charge for a a service that can be accessed for free, the less likely mainstream consumers are to believe in the possibility of the free option.

      • vkelman

        I don’t remember details, but I was told by really knowledgeable people that WiFi tethering is directly detectable. Something about specific details of requests a phone transfers from a connected laptop/whatever to a provider. You can Google on it if you want. Providers not always immediately enforce theyr policies, that’s a different matter.

        • http://Website Justin

          There are registry changes you can make to make it undetectable.

          # Disable Multi-NAI

          * HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\OEM\WModem\
          * “Multi-NAI”=dword:0

      • http://Website Cyryl

        The only real way they can specifically detect tethering is if they can parse multiple MAC Addresses from the data packets.

        As long as the application you’re using to share the connection to other devices masks the MAC Address’ of the other connected devices, it should be fine.

        Then all they’ve got to go on is the data consumption. They can make assumptions…

        But let’s be honest about this. Droid is an OPEN SOURCE platform. There are sure to be bit torrent applications out there for mobile devices. I know I have one on my iPod Touch and my HTC Touch Pro.

        They can assume… But they can’t prove anything. They WILL charge more for consumption eventually…since idiots who believe they can replace their home internet connection will do just that. They’ll download more and more and the carriers will recognize the opportunity to charge them more.

  • mitchk

    This may be a stupid question, but what do you get by paying $10 or so for the full version of these tether apps, so far they seem to work fine on the free version? is there some sort of lock after a trial or something?

    • http://Website Ajs

      Pdanet blocks secure websites like banks and credit card co. After the trial period. With the full version it doesn’t. Not sure about any other one.

  • juni

    Nice one man for me specially ………………Thnx

  • http://Website xronos

    I dont get why u all buy branded phone if they treat u like that, i have stock nonbranded desire and i have full featured smartphone, but maybe i dont get it because im not us resident, anyway this is your free market u always wanted…lol

    • http://Website Les

      Here’s an idea…Stay in whatever f/u country you come from and turn off all US technology produced by our “free market”, then have a nice life…

  • MnM

    Just to let you guys know. EVO has native tethering free using HTC SYNC or something.

  • http://Website no

    ‘ im not going to write a how to, to encourage tethering.’
    but i’ll tell you how, and make you a video.
    if you pay the $30, you deserve to have an itelephone.

  • http://Website Lessthantito

    I use tethering all the time from my CDMA Hero for my iPad and hopefully with my EVO when I get it and root it

    • http://Website joe

      What is to “root’ a phone??

  • http://Website Slava

    It’s a shame Sprint does not allow teth.
    Freaking greedy jerks. Remember how they charged ~$500 for additional 5Gb usage not long ago? That stinck goes from AT&T which charged $2000 and Verizon which did just a bit smaller.

    They already took $10 for extra network usage associated with larger functionality of EVO. Tethering must be one of such functionalities and at least USB/BT tethering (or just one more device) has to be included.

    The HD2 on T-mob has such tethering allowed by default. I am even not saying that you can
    - download an app which transfer HD2 into router,
    - the t-mob 3G currently in AVERAGE (see the mobilespeedtest click on “How do i compare?”) 1.5 times faster then Sprint
    - plus/minus 20-30% (all current measurements have substantial scatter) the current incarnation of T-Mob’s HSPA+ is practically as fast as current Sprint’s WiMAX

  • http://Website Teyshar

    Evo has free tethering. That is included in the 10 dollar fee. It does not have free hotspot aka 8 user LAN.

  • http://Website Kyle

    Does the performance of the tethering equal that of the performance one would get if they paid for Sprint’s mobile broadband service, say with the newer U301 which does 3G and 4G?

    I’m just curious because I understand they are utilizing the same data network, but not sure if browsing performance is at all different if the connection comes from the Evo as opposed to a MiFi, Overdrive, or U301.

    • http://Website Kyle

      Also – when using the third party tethering apps, is the Evo capable of being used as a phone at the same time?

      Eg., simultaneous voice and data?

      From what I’ve heard, the Evo is only capable of that when in 4G or WiFi coverage areas. Then again, that was by Sprint reps who are assuming I would be using their proprietary Sprint Mobile HotSpot application.

  • http://Website Froyo

    You guys need to think more. Would you guys get angry if your water company charges more for additional faucet in your home? Charging for tethering is nonsense when there is already a data cap like 5Gb limit. Carrier should be regulated like water or gas company.

    • icewind007

      Completely agree. I can’t believe the BS the sprint rep said to me in response to my questions about the EVO. I got it anyway, but if I had not done my own research, I would have walked out of his sell.

  • http://Website dtrvno

    I think tethering for $30 per month it is a good price.
    How often you need to tether? In case you outsite of house, and hotel does not have internet, or have expensive internet.
    $30 per month, so $1 per day.I would pay it.
    Sprint must prorate tethering and charge on daily basis $1 per day.
    Nobody will use tethering instead of home network…

    • http://Website chris

      So your already getting charged 10 for unlimited data +30 to tether it so that means 40$ to have unlimited 4g internet which in most places is still 3g. Unless they drop the 10 from the reg unlimited data usage when they put the more expinsive one on there?

  • http://Website Force

    So (bump) anyone able to tether and be on the phone at the same time? and is it reliable? on EVO? Need to know if I can cancel the unresponsive ATT dsl that they’ve been unable to get working for going on a MONTH now…

  • http://Website DanieNTX

    4G on Evo allows you to do both…on 3G you can not. PDANet app allows you to do that but you are wired to the laptop vs. wireless via the $30 charge.

  • http://Website matt

    i have my samsung moment rooted. will i get charged for using the wireless tethering app on it? how would they know?

  • http://Website threeflats

    Cellphones are no longer just for making calls . As technology has progressed so have cellphone features. Now cellular carriers have marketed these cellphones and features to maximise there profites. But some time there attempts to get the most profit doesn’t make since when given all the information.

    Now tell me does a $30 per mo. tethering charge make since when:
    1. you pay $99 mo. for UNLIMITED data (calls, text and internet)
    2. you pay an additional $10 mo. for 4G service
    3. you have paid for a $500 cellphone that is designed to tether

    So why should you have to pay an additional $30 a mo. to use all the features you have paid for in the fist place?

    So NO, I dont feel I should have to pay extra for something I am already paying for

  • http://Website Tim

    It’s shameful how often unlimited has been redefined in regards to cellphones

  • http://Website Joyce

    I have no problem with the $30 a month hotspot fee. I do have a problem with the 5g limit if you are in a 3g area!! I pay the $99, plus $ then another $30 IF I got the hotspot for supposedly unlimited service. 5g is horrible for me

  • http://Website Dan

    I may be my carrier’s intention that my data plan be used for this or that. I’ll use my data plan as I see fit and I’ll tether or not tether as I see fit. Contract or no contract no corporate entity is going to tell me how I may and may not use my phone. Screw ‘em.

  • http://Website Luke

    I don’t need it to use multiple wireless devices, I’d like to tether to just use my ipad and not pay AT&T the $30/month that I’m doing now.

    What’s the difference whether I surf the web on the ipad or the Evo?

  • http://Website John

    Want a good laugh? When I asked a Sprint rep today what the extra $10/mo was for on the EVO data plan, she told me, “The EVO used HD “High Definition” Internet, just like a HDTV”. I about fell out of my chair. We don’t even have 4g coverage here.

    I have had the EVO for several months, and always assumed that the HotSpot and the Tether were free. I tried them both for the first time today, and when I found out neither one worked, I called Sprint and was told about the $30/mo add on to be able to use Tethering or Hotspot. Not going to happen. They are freaking crooks, making me pay for the net twice.

    I downloaded and installed Easy Tether Pro, and the EVO works with the laptop just fine. Very fast too. I’d like to thank this website for showing me the way.

  • http://Website Jamie

    Hmm…what is this 5GB cap you all are talking about??

    I’m on a Pre with Sprint 3G (69.99 unlimited everything per mo.) and according to my bills, I use about 10GB of data per month. No extra fees. This is through a homebrew MyTether app that was a bit of a pain in the ass to install…but oh so worth it in the long run. Again, I’m not seeing any 5GB data limit enforcements on my end. I would definitely know about it!

  • http://Website Marquist

    So what’s wrong with paying 10 bucks a month? I mean seriously its deff. worth it . The Evo is a must have and anything good is worth paying for right? Don’t be cheap pay the extra for the data because TRUST me its WELL WORTH IT :)

    • http://Website Chris

      What do you mean 10 extra? its 30 to tether plus the 10 for the data so that is 40 total or after you get charged the 30 for the extra data do they drop the 10 for the smart phone usage?

  • http://Website John Dillinger

    OK…, but what about the USB Tether option on the phone…, that costs money I assume or …, I mean what can be done…, because I know about PDANET & EasyTether…, but How can they really be called free when very quickly they wont allow you to access any secure sites until you pay for the full version of the software?

  • http://Website bruz

    Im lookin into using pda net to run my laptop , so it does work ?

  • http://Website candroid

    sprint 3g for cell phones is not limited to 5gigs…thats mobile broadband modems.

  • http://Website Lynn

    USB Tethering is FREE!! I’ve been using it for a while now on my Evo. NO EXTRA CHARGES. A menu comes up asking if I would like to usb tether! I select it, BOOM.

  • http://Website Matt B

    I just installed PDA Net on my WinXP laptop and LG Optimus on Sprint.
    I used “other” for driver and had to uncheck the protect box.
    Then, it all worked great. Only used it for a minute or two so far. It’s at 500mb, and seems rather slow. But, so what!. It works!!!
    I’m typing this on it right now.

    Great to have when I need my laptop and no other choices.
    Good luck.

  • http://Website chris

    I don’t understand this at all they say no tethering and over charge everyone. For example you know V mobile has to be making money and straight talk and boost right? All 3 atleast offer smart phones that can be used as modems and even probly tether. For exp: the e71 Soon as you plug it into a pc its a modem… ok i know its not a android phone and its not up to par with what i want yet.

    But my whole point
    Straight talk 45 for unlimited mins( uses at&t, t-mobile, verizon towers).

    Virgin Mobile 25(300), 45(1200), 60 (unlimited mins) all plains come with unlimited data usage (sprint towers)

    Boost shrinkage! 60-50 unimited every 6 months its 5$ cheeper up to 15$ off.(sprint towers, and Iden)

    If all these companys are using other companys towers and they are able to make money charging so little then how come the power hungry gaints can’t? I mean they not only do they over price stuff but they are also nit picking about everything. If you got unlimited data shouldnt that mean do what you want with it? I would agree with them to cap the speed like all the cable companys do if there getting into the 4g speeds but come on thats like buying bottle water and giving it to your plants who cares you paid for it right?

  • http://Website Ron

    Here’s the problem. The likes of Sprint sell their phones and data plans on a network that cannot handle the volume and/or bandwidth of those customers PAYING GOOD MONEY to use them.
    It’s like charging toll on a road, and then diverting the paying customer back on the the “Freeway”.

    Sprint insists on being paid, but in the TEN times that I entered in to their “4G’ network, I could barely eek out 1.5Mbs, which is only margionally better than what I got with 3G. What’s worse, the phones I’ve purchased over time NEVER work as promised, ie, Palm Pre, HTC, and currently Samsung Epic. And YEA, I know how to use the phone(s).

    IN short, if Spring (or any carrier for that matter), offers bandwidth, and then cannot deliver it, they should NOT charge for it, and FURTHERMORE, if the devices they want to keep hostage cannot be made to work (GPS, Internet, DATA etc..), then at the very least, they should offer a compromise and allow tethering.

    If I want a newer phone, I am forced to PAY for the favor in the way of an additional $20 a month, yet Froyo 2.2, and the service in general barely works.

  • http://Website rick

    I think if we already pay for the service and the network 107 dollars a month for my plan we should be able to use it anyway we like we are already paying for it why should we pay more. it’s time for these people to stop being so greedy that’s why they’re losing all their customers to the competition that charge less greed

  • KW

    It’s up to you to use technology to your advantage. Their is still only one real 4G only carrier, and that carrier is Clear. So get yourself a Clearspot for 99,00, carry it every where you go, use that network to replace you home connection, and your 3G connection, Get google voice for your mobile phone needs, and use data 24 hours a day to show the giants that we have found the future to 4G, but thanks anyway.

    And this will cause them to rethink how they have messed around with the wrong strategy and caused a shift in the consumer market that may not be to their best advantage. 4G is here, and you no longer need a 3G carrier, well is some areas you don’t. Smart phones are made for this, you should be making video calls anyway, also with google voice, texting is free. Let these minute monopoly’s think they have it all figured out, mean while use 4G technology to your advantage.

  • David Storm

    Sprint being in last place with their service would be very smart to allow tethering which would bring many people to them which they currently lack. How much does it really cost the provider to allow this? What does access to the internet really cost them? This is such a game that they play with us. They want us to believe that 4G phones must have the additional charge and yet most of us will never have 4G service. Unless Sprint and the rest of the carriers can guarantee 4G service I will never pay for it and certainly would be encouraged to root my phones and use the tethering option. Googles purchase of Motorola Mobility may make this conversation moot. Google will own this market in a few years if they do it right. Their phones will hopefully be a true android experience with no modification allowed. Time will tell.

  • Bob

    I’ve been using my Blackberry Storm as my only internet connection for my laptop and I pay the $30 a month unlimited data fee at Verizon–and I’m happy with that since I don’t have to also pay for another internet service for home use. It’s not as fast as my office computer at work, but it works just fine for what I need: access to internet (I like to play online poker as well as connection to internet servers I use at work) and different email accounts.

    Considering the newer phones will be able to download/upload data a lot faster than my old BB Storm (the first one), I’m looking forward to upgrading to either BB Torch 9850 and/or waiting for what’s coming in 2012 (such as Droid Prime or BB QNX superphone in the works).

  • dcflaeva

    so, let me ask…does google play a part in this (new) tethering fee? will there be/is there anyone that still offers the free app to android users? is there a certain(s) models that you must have for this (is so) free app?

  • leo

    The charge is not quite clear. I called sprint several times and both the american and the Latino custormer service representative tell you different stories. Charging for a services that they not provide is quite disturbing. The 4G does not work everywhere and when it does, it either does it slow or has a lot of breakdowns. The data plan? no. When you change to an unlimited data plan what you use is included. The 3G and the 4G feel the same sometimes but with the 3G working better. Sprint says T-mobile does not what it says it does. I am a former T-mobile user and i can tell you they do what they offer nothing less nothing less or more. Again charging customers nationwide for a service that is only working in a couple of places not only does it seem difficult to understand but also illegal. Perhaps when coorporates understand that they should be more people oriented the cost and service will improve.

  • Pissed

    Sprint was allowing me to tether but it all stopped several days ago. Now, the web pages are ‘timing out’ prematurely, not loading at all…etc. I have checked software and hardware…no problems. It’s Sprint. They are blocking my use of PDA Net. I switched to Sprint after T-mobile pissed me off with warfare greedy tactics…if Sprint continues, I will go with a whole new carrier immediately upon contract completion.


    I have a rooted evo 4g and I tether wirelessly for free. I use it to connect to xbox live, the computer, etc. however, such usage violates the terms of conditions and if you dont pay the extra 29.99 they will threaten to terminate your service if they catch be careful.

  • Sprint-B-Gone

    Here is my 5 cents (5 cents/MB) on Sprints recent data plan changes.

    I use my HTC EVO 4G very little as a phone, 2-3 hours/month. I work 12 hour night shifts where I have lots of “downtime” while on call for needs during my shift. (Kind of like being a fireman – you aren’t fighting fires your whole shift!)

    When shopping for a new phone, I was attracted to the EVO for its ability to access the net for google searches, etc. But what really sold me was the “All-You-Can-Eat” Data Plan. I do a lot of video reviews, on-line editing and downloads of research data. Sprint encouraged me to pay them just $1.00 a day for unlimited phone and hot spot data. It could be turned on and paid for only on the days you use it, but I just leave it on all the time for convenience.

    The last two months, I have averaged around 25 GB of data/month total usage. The hot spot feature works OK but the Sprint service is terrible. I am in line-of-sight with their 4G tower, but mostly use the 3G service as it is faster and seems to drop out less often (go figure).

    Sprint sent me a postcard letting me know their Premiere Service with free phone upgrades was being discontinued. I didn’t really care as I won’t be upgrading anytime soon anyway.

    Last week I heard that Sprint had “capped” the unlimited data plan at 5GB/month, so I went into the Sprint store where I bought and asked them what the deal really was and how much was my bill going to be?

    The salesman confirmed that my plan had been changed, whether I was aware of it or not. I asked him how much more my plan would be with my current usage. He looked it up and confirmed that, after 5GB was used, there would be a 5-cent/MB charge for additional data. I asked him to just tell me how much more it was going to be if I used 25GB per month.

    The salesman didn’t know how many MB are in a GB (it is 1024), so he could not figure it out. The salesman went to the back office, then returned and said he would have to look online for a data-conversion chart to find the MB/GB conversion and then could tell me how much my bill would be.

    I told him not to bother, as I could do the math in my head. Rounding a GB off to 1,000 MB, it came to $50/GB of usage above the 5GB limit. Subtracting the 5GB limit from my 25 GB usage left 20GB additional to be charged @ $50/GB, + the $30 Hot Spot option.

    So my $30/month “UNLIMITED” plan is NOW going to cost me $1,030/MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked him WHEN this new rate was actually going to start, and he sheepishly replied that it had already started with my December billing cycle, and I had used over 10GB already!

    SO, Sprint can raise my data bill from $30/mo to $1,030/mo without giving me clear and proper notice and getting my approval. Yes, it is “LEGAL” for them to do so according to their TOS, but it IS NOT ETHICAL OR HONEST of them to do so in any man’s book.

    The salesman told me that a lot of customers were very &$#(%@}~ at them and many wanted to quit their service, but that Sprint had also RAISED THE PRICE TO END SERVICE as well (it’s in their TOS that they can do so). He told me I either had to cut my usage of data, pay for the “extra” data, or pay an exorbitant cancellation fee.

    I thought briefly about telling him where he and Sprint could place my 10-month-old EVO 4G, but then I realized if placed there, it would fall right back out………… Instead, I looked at him and told him that he should take a very good look at me know, because neither he nor Sprint would ever see me again once I walked out that door, and then I did just that!

    Sprint, to grab market share, you have sold hundreds of thousands of customers bandwidth that you cannot continue to provide. Now you are whining, blaming the offering of the iPhone as the reason you needed to “adjust your terms” to the needs of the marketplace. You have a 4G system that is not reliable, and your customer “service” is pathetic. Your CEO lacks integrity and your stockholders are beginning to hate you. These ingredients, baked under pubic scrutiny, are a recipe for a failed company. I am turning up the heat.

    Good Bye Sprint…………


    A Previous Valued(?) Customer

  • Powell

    Tethering needs to be free. People dont get paid when these carriers devices utilize our wifi in our offices and homes that we fund,why on earth then should we have to pay to share the phones connection that we also fund ? I’m a Virgin Mobile customer (huge mistake) and am on sprints network.V/M advertises “unlimited” text/data in all their ads. but the truth is,when your data threshold is reached,your speed gets reduced(read:limited). Hence,there is indeed a limit. In this instance in the form of a speed reduction,therefore it isnt TRUELY unlimited. I posed this concept to the V/M people and used this analogly: You advertise a race horse and deliver a jackass. Reasoning that it has 4 legs like the race horse, can run around the track just like the race horse…just not as fast. People need to hold these people accountable for the fradulent advertising and censorship of what apps get used. This is after all America. Land of the free…unless you are talking tethering.