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Sprint releases Android 2.1 for Samsung Moment

Samsung Moment owners can now download the Android 2.1 upgrade from Sprint. No announcement has been sent out, but the file is live on Sprint’s Samsung Moment support site. The update is PC-based as we reported and it will wipe all user data. Complete update instructions are also posted on Sprint’s site here (pdf).

This update has been in testing for awhile, so hopefully Sprint has worked out all the bugs. Users from sdx-developers first spotted the file and several users have installed it with no issues. If you have a Samsung Moment and get a chance to install it, please let us know how it performs.

Via: Phandroid

Source: Sprint

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  •* linckraker

    installed and running for about 20 mins and so far so good.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      How long is the upgrade process? I’ve never flashed a Moment and I’m going to upgrade my friend’s tonight.

  • http://Website Matt Bomar

    Has the file been pulled? I don’t see it on the Sprint site.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Click the source link. When you see the Sprint site hit more details and the link is at the bottom – “Download (84MB)”.

    • http://Website Bgibson

      This is official xendrome. Download “CL14″ from sprint’s website, it’s actually 2.1

      From –

    • http://Website Larry

      No it has. If you haven’t found it yet, do a search under support.

  • http://Website Derrick

    That file is dated from February. Are you sure that’s supposed to be 2.1?

    Technical Specifications:
    Dated: 2/19/2010
    Software Version: S:M900.8.0S.CL14
    PC Requirements: Windows 2000-SP4, Windows XP-SP2, Windows Vista, or Windows 7

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yes, many people have installed and it works great. It was supposed to roll out tomorrow so that is why the file information has not been updated. Someone just posted the file early by mistake.

  • http://Website Mike

    Ugh no launcher2… or LWP…

  • swhall

    works for me! quick install no problem so far. So any “user guides” out there on new features? even the wake up splash is different looking

  • http://Website USMC0681

    Click on the CL14 download link, and it will ask you to download a file which is 101MB. The update instructions are also dated for tomorrow, so this is the update. I will write some more when I am done with the upgrade. Until then…

  • Canterrain

    While I’m on the Hero, I am glad to see this. It’s a good sign of things to come, and the Moment has been in need of some serious love.

    Now I find myself curious:

    Live wallpapers (a comment says no)
    Launcher2 (also apparently a no?)

    How about the other features? Besides the expanded market place, what landed on the moment? Inquiring minds want to know!

  • http://Website AntonioFox

    Alright… good stuff moment owners… I am sincerely glad that you guys received your major update… Yet, That leaves me to question when the Motorola cliq shall receive The major update…. the Cliq update was announced before the moment, Hero ,etc …. Motorola what are you doing?!?
    Yeah, Moto you came out with the Droid which is indeed all nice and well… But, hurry up please!… I for one shall possibly never purchase a Motorola device ever again… I honestly could almost scream with frustration right now… Why is the best of the first gen devices (in my humble opinion) possibly going to receive the big 2.1 last??!
    Patience is a virtue… is it not…? But, it is a virtue that is almost run dry with Motorola….
    (Congrats again Moment owners! =) )
    My grandmother has a Moment and she says it is the best mobile device she ever had)

  • http://Help JasonDearth

    I followed all the instructions to the letter. When I hit Start Software Download button, it grayed out but have not gotten any blue progress bar yet. It has been close to 20 minutes and looks like it is doing nothing. Anybody else having this problem?

    • http://Website mazzmoney

      i am also having this problem and i dont know what i did wrong. this is the second time i did it and still nothing

      • http://Website anthony

        its a software issue it did that to me but then i got on my wifes laptop and it worked just fine.

        • http://Website JasonDearth

          I have tried it from my 2nd pc and still no luck. How quickly after you install should it be?

    • hermyhalloween

      You sure you had a full battery?

      • http://Website JasonDearth

        ok……found it. You have to go turn the phone on and go to applications under phone settings. Turn off Debugging mode. Worked first time after that. Hope that helps somebody out there the trouble I went through……

        • http://Website LK

          I was having the same problem with the software download not initiating — what worked for me was to unplug the USB cable from both the phone & PC between steps. And, then, when the update program prompted me to plug in the cable, first I plugged it into the phone, and then I plugged it into the computer. I’m running Windows 7.

  • http://Website Simon Belmont

    I am glad that the Samsung Moment finally got some love with the Android 2.1 update. It was long overdue, indeed.

    I can only hope that Android 2.1 update for the HTC Hero won’t be too far behind. I have an HTC Hero and seeing the HTC Droid Eris and now the Samsung Moment get updated with no definite date for my handset leaves me a bit cold.

  • http://Website Dylan

    To all the hero owners I would just root and install a custom 2.1 Rom. That’s what I did and its awesome try fresh Rom 2.0d works perfect even have the nexus lock screen

  • http://Website Beau

    Well, the update installed fine, but I can’t see my old applications. In the market, under “My Downloads” there is only google maps.

    Anyone else not see all of their previously downloaded apps?

    • http://Website Jeff

      Its gonna be like that. The my downloads only shows apps you have purchased or are currently on your phone. Sometimes you may be missing the apps you paid for though…

  • hermyhalloween

    It worked!! I am elated and relieved. I really hope this fixes all my little issues like not recognizing USB, getting stuck in airplane mode, and numerous other frustrations that required a restart. Ohh and it’s not Android, these are the fault of Samsung (I’m pretty sure).

  • Dan The Man

    Downloading now. Gotta wait for the phone to charge to full battery. I’ll report back (:

  • Dan The Man

    The install just finished and I can verify it did install successfully. I’ll report back if I come across any issues.

  • http://Website TRose

    yes, i have to say… sweet… finally you can give it up to sprint, and then samsung for finally coming thru with the update.. wasnt hard to do at all, the instructions are really easy….
    For you hero owners…. hope your update is coming soon

  • http://Website amckillip

    Mine keeps getting stuck at 62% Anyone get this figured out? I can’t boot to my 1.5 now… getting kinda worried

  • http://Website courtney

    Quick process, been working fine for the last 2 hrs…previously loaded apps are NOT saved under “my downloads” in the marketplace as the instructions seem to indicate…and no live wallpapers

  • http://Website josh

    It only saves your paid apps. write down a list of your free apps so you can go searching for them again.

  • Dan The Man

    All of my paid apps were available under Downloads in the Marketplace. It does state in the instructions that all FREE apps must be searched for and re-downloaded. Right away there is a Google Maps update waiting, and we now have access to Google Maps Navigation (not that Sprint’s was bad, I’m just a Google fanboy).

    I’m seeing anything for Live Wallpaper either, this looks to be my only disappointment so far.

    But hey, it is quite refreshing to see a new lock screen!

  • http://Website reid

    Worked fine here, too. For anyone that is concerned about getting their installed apps back, I used the MyBackup app to back them all up to the card and restore them. Worked well (though you still have to install each individually, but it’s must faster than going through the market). I also have an account on, which keeps a list of my installed apps. Before upgrading, I saved that list as an html page for reference. The only gotcha with this system is that some of my apps were android 1.x-only, and I didn’t notice which ones failed to install.

    • http://Website reid

      -1, WTF? You try to be helpful….

  • wwJOSHdo

    Yeah, it said it was 84MB last night, but when you downloaded it, it said it was 101MB. But now if you click the link that takes you to the download area, they have finally updated the text! It tells you what all it fixes.

  • http://Website crabjoe

    You know what’s funny? This whole mess with the release now coming looks to be all Sprint. I say this based on Derrick’s post where he shows a date of 2/19!

    Yikes!! It looks like Sprint has been holding up the upgrade for whatever reason since mid Feb!!

    Same on Sprint is this is true!!!

  • http://Website Joe

    I understand that there is no new launcher or live wallpaper. I can live with that.
    How do these other things work:

    1. Voice recognition for Google Maps, Search, etc. ?

    2. Does Pandora still work?

    3. Does it still play YouTube videos?

    4. How about pinch-to-zoom

    have the download on a flash drive and will do the upgrade when I get home to a computer with Admin privledges; providing this official release is at least as good as the one put out by SDX-Developers (I still have 1.5 with CL14, but I heard DD10 was the way to go).

  • numaran

    i spoke to sprint customer service today and the said that they still having problems with the update the camera features aren’t wrking the way it supoused to so they advise to wait for android 2.2 in the next few weeks but if you can’t wait the download link is in the sprint page
    software updates

  • http://Website jimmy

    Why is it that the update hack looks so much better than the Sprint update???

    Not even live wallpaper…….

    Waited how long for this? On top of that, I spent 2 hours with my phone at the Sprint store while they’re trying to update and then they tell me after doing it 3 times that it just wont work for them. 20 mins after trying it myself at home… Working on first try.

    It seems that Verizon is taking it to the house with Sprint because this just sucks……

  • http://NA Steve

    I love it…….

    Is much faster……… Alot more stable… I’m still charging the battery, so hopefully that battery lasts just a little bit longer than the 1.x version.


  • http://Website Alex

    Wait Wait Wait…im an HTC HERO user, and im guessing when our update finally arrives (if ever) that we’ll have to do the installation via wire….so it only works with PC? I’ve used MAC since i was 2 years old

  • http://Website Thomas

    I was informed of the update by the android and me widget I had on my phone. Since I downloaded the update and flashed my phone I absolutely love it. Much faster, better animation when switching applications too. I’ve check this website every day and was starting to wonder myself if Sprint was just jerking everyone around with the update. Waiting until the EVO dropped to release the update. Nevertheless I love it. Thank you Android and Me for keeping me informed on this and new apps as well. Love your site. Best around in my book.


    Dearborn Heights MI

  • http://Website rbaucom

    Did both mine and my wife’s Samsung Moment 2.1 update. We are both.experiencing airplane Mode lockup with heavy 3g internet usage. Her phone had never done so before. PRL update not fixing! Help!

  • http://Website chris

    Alex……….the sprint store will do it for you

  • http://Website Larry Jimenez

    I have installed the upgrade on my Samsung Moment & is working fine. It now has speech text & also can set time on how long you want the light on the keyboard to stay on. Plus more! I recommend to do the upgrade. You will not be disappointed.

  • http://Website bethanie

    Ugh. I got the update and wish I never wiped out my phone for no reason.
    The update sucks for me. My phone still goes in airplane mode where I need to turn it off for the wireless signal to return. I press the call button for one of my contacts and it calls someone else, and I never had that problem before. The browser is laggy and doesn’t type when I’m typing. It goes back and reloads the page without me doing anything. I only get my text messages when I go to my inbox and it doesn’t even vibrate even though I have it set to vibrate. Its rediculous. People don’t even get the messages I send either. I’m in a phone call and the screen doesn’t go out so mu cheeck and ear begin to press buttons. The update doesnt completely take off the keyboard timeout which that is what I wanted most.

  • http://Website bethanie

    Ugh. I got the update and wish I never wiped out my phone for no reason.
    The update sucks for me. My phone still goes in airplane mode where I need to turn it off for the wireless signal to return. I press the call button for one of my contacts and it calls someone else, and I never had that problem before. The browser is laggy and doesn’t type when I’m typing. It goes back and reloads the page without me doing anything. I only get my text messages when I go to my inbox and it doesn’t even vibrate even though I have it set to vibrate. Its rediculous. People don’t even get the messages I send either. I’m in a phone call and the screen doesn’t go out so mu cheeck and ear begin to press buttons. The update doesnt completely take off the keyboard timeout which that is what I wanted most. The typing in a box thing for the internet doesn’t update where I want it to go its stupid. I was watching a video on youtube and it cut off and turned off my phone! I loved my moment. Now I want to throw it in the garbage and go back to verizon. THANKS SPRINT.

  • http://Website Lauren

    my software has been updated…
    it sucks. i make calls and there is no ringing tone while the call is connecting. when the person answers …they cant hear me.
    then they call me back. and i answer..and i can’t hear them whilst they can’t hear me.
    i seriously, HATE THIS PHONE!
    anyone know how to fixx this?

  • http://Website Allysa

    I did the update… before i had that airplane mode thing goin but after i did the update it stopped… it took me about 4 times and just 2 minutes for mine to get done but, like bethany, it wont vibrate when i get text and its really really annoying i tried everything and nothing will work to make it vib and i hate to have my sound on because it is annoying with sound… if anyone can help can u tell me how to put it on vibrate if it will even vibrate? Other than that it works totally fine.

  • http://Website lois

    after downloading 2.1 on my moment i dont see any difference. it said it was successful but when i check firmware update it says 2.1 update-1. does that mean i have it or it needs to be redone????? someone help!

  • http://sprint robert

    actaualy i just bought the samsung moment and when i got it i saw the 1.5 app and i saw how it worked nowi knew since it was my first time useing a android phone i thought it was amazeing till i downloaded 2.1 that program is alsome now they said it had a copple of bugs i dident see any probs not at all there was in the begging but they adventualy were gone and i love it, its faster better and it dose every thing that 1.5 dose and better what i would like to kno is when is 2.2 comeing out for the moment because i kno its for the htc evo and the other smart phones but not for the moment yet unless there is a program but i havent found it yet but 2.1 was beautiful nice job and thanks. i hope 2.2 comes out soon for the moment rofl

  • http://Website Chris

    Did the 2.1 update about 1 month ago now. Overall, the phone runs a lot faster and I love the new microphone feature added to the keyboard. However, I now have a couple of new issues I never had before:

    1) The phone’s screen locks after each and every single call (whether incoming or outgoing).

    2) The GPS is glitchy and constantly loses a signal and/or randomly goes completely off-course before rerouting itself again.

    3) The proximity sensor no longer works and keeps the screen on during phone calls (meaning buttons can accidentally be pressed by my ear).

    4) The vibration does not always work even though the phone’s vibration settings are properly set. This means no more tactile feedback when pressing keyboard buttons (reboots don’t help, either).

    5) The screen occasionally locks itself for no reason.

  • http://Website scott

    You can’t have service pack 3 on your computer if you do it won’t work you have to have either service pack 2 on XP ir vista 32bit or service pack 2
    Had the same problem tonight with it not d/loading called Sprint and found out the info…had to use anothe computer to upgrade it

  • http://Website Pissed Off

    I have had the Moment for a while loved it. The phone worked great. Since I have installed the 2.1 update my phone goes into airplane mode nightly. the only way I can get it out of airplane mode is to turn the phone on and off. This is rediculous and sprint has to know about this by now. They need to step up acknowledge this issue and correct it

  • http://Website Horrible Phone…Moment should be recalled…

    I have spent many hours at the Sprint Repair Center, having my phone wiped out and reinstalled.
    It seems to go into airplane mode every day or two, it calls people on my call list when it’s in the charger and locked, it wipes out text halfway through the message, and I can’t answer it when it’s ringing, sometimes.
    I have spent a lot of time reading on the forums and it seems the phone is a lemon, and the blame is on Samsung BUT Sprint should be going to bat for us, and recalling this phone or offering a replacement, NOT a refurbished phone, which seems to be their solution.
    I have been a Sprint customer for 15 years, but ready to switch if they can’t make things right. I have a life, and can’t be spending it all without a phone or at a repair center.

    • wwJOSHdo

      I agree! I had gps issues and the sprint guy DISABLED my gps to FIX the problem. then I told him I use GPS and the idiot told me that my phone wasn’t meant to tell me where I was. Well I took matters into my own hand and went to this website,'s-dd10-rom/
      It’s a custom pre rooted rom and it fixes a ton of issues that the moment has with stock android. Then even get gps to work! Plus you get free wifi tether.