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Sprint still testing Android 2.1 upgrades

Sprint had hoped their Android customers would be upgraded to Android 2.1 by now, but they are still working with HTC and Samsung to deliver you a “positive experience”. We reported Sprint was internally testing their Android 2.1 upgrades last month and hoped to have them ready by early Q2, but it appears they have run into problems.

The two main issues could be Sprint’s inability to deliver over the air updates and the fact that Android 2.1 upgrades require a wipe. Customers will be able to download the updates from their PC, but there is a concern many will not. We recently learned that 90% of Samsung Moments were running a non-current software version (because the last update was also PC-based).

Rolling out a massive upgrade to all your customers is a huge challenge (just ask Verizon). No other United States carrier has released Android 2.1 for a first-gen phone, so it appears everyone is experiencing the same Android-growing-pains together. Either that or Google is secretly conspiring with the carriers on a simultaneous release (I doubt it).

It sounds like Sprint customers have a few more weeks of waiting at least. Sprint only uses “Q2″ when referring to the release schedule, so it could happen at the end of June for all we know.

The following is a quick update that was posted on the official Sprint forums.

We wanted to let you know that Sprint continues to work closely with Samsung and HTC to deliver the highly anticipated Android 2.1 upgrade for Samsung Moment and HTC Hero. We are on track for the upgrade to be available in Q2. Sprint had hoped to have this resolved by now – we thank our customers for their patience as we work to bring them a positive experience with this upgrade.Official Sprint StatementRe: Android 2.1

Via: Twitter

Source: Sprint

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  • http://Website Kendall

    Pathetic. Im done with HTC. To be honest if Google cant get it that this is a massive problem, and from v2.2 they have mandated all manufacturers to upgrade within a certain timeframe… and confirm this at Google I/O. Im on the next iPhone, simple as that. They get all the upgrades.

    No point in have 5 upgrades a year if 80% only get one.. absolutely no point whatsoever. a shame. Thought Google would be smarter than this having been on the Apple board. Always be a second-class iPhone :(

  • http://Website peter fitzenwell

    I already have 2.1 on my g1 …. rooted BABY !!! WOOHOO !!!

  • http://Website jgp1

    Well I really want this update if it is like the nexus one I been checking daily just to find out that it would be delay for now I just gonna stay with the leak version it work good so far I just wish it had pinch to zoom

  • http://Website Jim D

    Android 2.1 is already available for first gen phones if people really want it. It’s an easy online search to find it. I have 2.1 on my G1 as well.

  • http://Website Joel

    I have it on my Sprint hero already, SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!! (Rom Name)
    Damagless made a perfect ROM already I would have already bought it off him.

  • Adam

    Since 2.1 more than likely is going to be a fresh install. Why wont they make it available now for those few that can handle a OTW upgrade and continue working on over the air for the masses?

    Another point since the clean install required….what would it hurt to root my heroat this point? Opinion…

  • http://Website MaxOmus

    @ adam, if a wipe is what’s worried about, just go pick up MyBackUp Pro or Titanium Backup, there paid apps though, but they will backup your apps & data,homescreen layouts, widgets,etc… to the exact way you had it, but then again your gonna be jumping from 1.5 to 2.1 so a bunch of your current apps may not even be compatible, but if you want it done right, do it yourself… or keep on waiting… and waiting… and waiting…

    • http://Website Jeremy

      Can u tell me how to root and download to Sprint HTC hero.. I really want 2.1 and I am tired of waiting on sprint..

  • http://Website fuzzee

    This is bull….palm manages to update their stuff no prob…and they have no money…why can’t Google,HTC, and Samsung figure this out. They have all the money they need

    • dtom2444

      “This is bull….palm manages to update their stuff no prob…and they have no money…”

      As a former Palm Pre owner, I can tell you that the reason why the manage to update their phones with no problems is because YOU HAVE NO CHOICE! The update automatically downloads in the background and constantly interrupts what you’re doing to nag you about updating the phone. Then, if you decide to wait for too long without updating the phone, it again automatically installs the update without any consent from you, the owner who paid for the phone in the first place.

      This isn’t Google’s fault, or even HTC’s or Samsung’s really, it’s Sprint’s fault because they make promises to their customers to get them excited about their current lineup of phones. They know that most people will just wait until the EVO comes out and that means less money in the meantime for Sprint.

  • http://Website MaxOmus

    Lol, Google, HTC & Samsung have it figured, now ya just got wait on Sprint to…

  • http://Website MeToo

    What about palm? What about Apple?

    Well folks, this shows the good and bad of the Android approach. You can get a Moto Droid, or a Hero, or a Moment, or a …. You aren’t stuck with only one (Apple) or two (Palm) models to choose from.

    But the upgrades have to work in all of these different form factors: keyboard, no keyboard, proximity sensor or no, different chipsets, different radios, Sense or Motoblur? All this choice makes upgrades more complex.

    So with openness comes advantages and problems.

    Were you happy with what you originally purchased? It’s still just as good today as it was then.

  • dtom2444

    Utterly lame. I was SO disappointed this morning when I read this news on a different site that I seriously thought of finally making that switch to Verizon that has been tempting me for some time. It’s not even so much that fact that we would have to wait for the update, but more of the fact that Sprint seems to be handling this situation so bad, that it seems incredibly unprofessional.

    So what did I do?

    I rooted my HTC Hero, flashed the latest Fresh ROM and…INCREDIBLE! It’s like I have a brand new phone! There is almost NO lag, everything I’ve tested is working perfectly, and, best of all, I’m now running 2.1.

    I would encourage ALL HTC Hero and Samsung Moment owners out there to to do the same as I did. It only takes about 30 mins to root and flash a custom ROM on your phone and it is SO worth it.

  • Darkwingduck20

    instead of posting ” o I already have 2.1, my phones rooted” etc etc people should try and help the ones who arent skilled at rooting their phones by posting tutorial links or something . so everyone can enjoy 2.1

  • http://Website lintroller

    What’s the big deal about wiping the phone? The last update, that wasn’t even an upgrade but rather just a few tweaks, wiped the phone. The “consultants” even said “no, I don’t think it wipes the phone”. Yea it’s a pain in the ass but if they are going to disregard their customers satisfactions and deliver 2.1 that way isn’t it better to have 2.1 wiped then no 2.1 at all?

  • http://Website elarella

    I think everyone’s missing the point here about open source. Android is an open source OS, therefore, it is up to the phone manufacturers and carriers as to when they want to carry out the updates. Google already has the updated OS (Android 2.1) and is currently in the process of upgrading to Android 2.2. Google suggests that all Android phones upgrade to the current OS (2.1) because there are a lot of apps coming out that can only work on 2.1. Sony Ericsson announced that the X10 may not even get 2.1 until this September. That statement alone, along with hardware limitations on the X10 made me decide to go with the Nexus One. I have to give kudos for Sprint in trying to make this OTA as smooth as possible. I have had an Android phone since day one (G1) and so far the OTA has been smooth. Wiping the phone is no big deal. Smartphones are essentially small computers and what do we do with our data on our PC’s and laptops?? Back up them up.

  • Canterrain

    See, here’s the thing.

    It’s really easy to solely blame this on HTC and say it’s because of the Sense UI. But then why doesn’t the Moment have 2.1 yet? It’s really easy to just blame this on Google, but how can google force OS updates (safely) to all phones regardless of carrier and maker? And it’s really easy to blame this all on Sprint but there is one undeniable fact. No 1st generation phone has managed to make the cross over to 2.1 yet. Not on T-mobile, not on Verizon, not on Sprint, nowhere.

    The jump from 1.5 or 1.6 to 2.1 is HUGE. It is alot of code, alot of features, alot of bulk. Yes, throwing in add ons like Sense UI makes it more difficult. But even if your phone has stock rom it’s just not as easy as flipping a switch and saying hurray done. If it were, you can bet every company would have done it just to be able to say they have the latest OS’s and have no one complaining (well at least about this issue).

    Each carrier needs to wait for the code to be completed (by HTC, Samsung, whoever), then they need to thoroughly test it to make certain it works well on their towers and technology. Then they have to devise a safe way to disperse the update to all phones. Oh and without wiping those phones since in many cases there are people who don’t have backups of their contacts, don’t know how to make said backups, and don’t have a wish too either.

    It’s a tall order. It takes time. And playing the blame game and complaining solves nothing. I would rather my company take their time to ensure they don’t injure my phone than rush an update and wonder why I have a phone that can no longer make calls.

    Anyone who has had a bricked console (red ring of death people?) from an update can surely understand that.

  • http://Website dylan

    I have damagecontrol 2.08.1 and it keeps shutting my phone randomly. I have also used zenhero same thing happened o need help ASAP about this BTW I have the Sprint hero and its getting really old does it like 3 times an hour. Plz help me :-)

  • Greg Bulmash

    The thing no one is mentioning is that they not only have to make things work with the Sense UI or Samsung’s proprietary hardware, they also have to make sure that:

    * It’s difficult to get root
    * You not only can’t delete the Sprint NFL app, but it launches itself to eat cycles and battery
    * The voice control and moxier mail apps are ALWAYS running, whether you want them to or not.
    * You can’t delete the crippled Bejeweled Blitz app.
    * The Sprint TV, Sprint Navigation, and Moxier Mail apps all work.

    Basically, since they’re not being transparent and just making and breaking promises, there’s no way to know whether you’re waiting for an important thing to work or if the delay is because they can’t smoothly and permanently saddle you with all their crapware while simultaneously lowering battery life and degrading performance.