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T-Mobile delivers Motorola CLIQ XT update

Even though most of their phones are still stuck on Android 1.5, we have to give Motorola some credit for their flow of updates to their T-Mobile lineup. The original CLIQ has received four updates since its release and now the CLIQ XT gets its first update.

T-Mobile has gone to extra lengths to ensure a problem-free roll out by performing public beta tests at their official forums. We like this new approach and wish more carriers would take note how T-Mobile is managing their OTA updates. Motorola even assigned a dedicated employee (Moto_Mark) to monitor the beta and respond to all customer feedback that came in.

Thanks to their advantage of an early start, T-Mobile has become one of the best carriers at successfully executing a software update for Android phones. Others like Sprint are still learning as 90% of their Samsung Moments are running a non-current software version. I’ll spare our regular readers from even mentioning the Droid 2.1 delays.

The 1.31.44 software update for Motorola CLIQ XT includes the following changes:

  • Improves Overall Phone Performance
  • Visual Voice Mail Enhancements
  • Bluetooth® Audio
  • Camera Correction
  • Screen/Display Performance
  • Text Messaging Improvements
  • Touch Screen Enhancement

An upgrade to Android 2.1 is currently planned for Q2 2010.

Via: T-Mobile forums

Source: Motorola (Release notes)

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  • Darkwingduck20

    where is 2.1!!!!!

  • Darkwingduck20

    this is ridiculous lol

  • http://Website watermonkey

    dont buy phones with motoblur if you want android os updates, nuff said

  • http://Website Tony

    Where are the updates for mytouch, namely the fender? They said a spring update….

    • http://Website kris

      That’s what I’m waiting on lol

  • http://Website Eric Gonzalez

    I’m sure plenty want 2.1. But phones with MotoBlur and Sense UI aren’t getting them very easy, if possible. Stock Android OS phones have a better chance to get 2.1

  • http://Website James Sullivan

    Saying T-Mobile is good at updating their phones with Android is not based on fact. I’m on a MyTouch (google dev phone 2) which is still at 1.6… Verizon is good at updating their phones, since they seem to actually do it. So far, T-Mobile hasn’t updated anything yet.

  • http://Website djm

    “T-Mobile has become one of the best carriers at successfully executing a software update for Android phones” ???? T-Mobile, to my knowledge, is the only carrier that has yet to even release a tentative “schedule” for updates. T-Mobile still refuses to even confirm that their phones (G1, MT3G) will ever be updated.

    • http://Website Ronnell

      I have a nexus one and I got an update the date it was scheduled for. But that was just an update to2.1 but not a full firmware change out!

  • http://Website sarai

    As an owner of the Cliq XT, it rocks and as far as the motoblur and updates go, the dude before had no idea what he was talking about, my phone happily and proficently installed its required updates without a problem at all, and btw, the camera update makes me totally happy with the purchase,I can say it was the one thing that I hated about the phone.

  • AtotheK

    I purchased the Cliq XT about a month ago. Cool phone but like anything, there’s a learning curve so it took a little while to ‘figure it out!’ Sure there’s some things I’d like to see improved but overall the phone pretty much rocks and I had no trouble whatsoever downloading the recent updates!

  • http://Website LAWNKILLER


    • http://Website cocobarbee

      Absolutely, I just purchased two of them yesterday and I already updated them!

  • http://Website Sparkman


  • http://Website cocobarbee

    I just bought the Cliq Xt yesteday for me and my husband……It has the update and is installing just fine……I love this phone! Even though I want some animated screen savers or wallpapers I still think the phone is very very good!

  • http://Website ddd1301

    I performed both updates last week. So far I am not very pleased.
    I am not receiving some calls. Voicemail will show up but no call shown. It is very random. Also when placing calls, it will not connect the first time, sometimes twice and I have to re-initiate. When I am on a call no caller ID for 2nd call coming in.

  • http://Website trueorange

    Amazed at how so many people expect to buy a phone that won’t get out dated at some point. I like the cliq xt. (X verizon customer )

    • http://Website Predrag

      Probably got used to Apple’s habit of updating 2- and 3-year old devices and expect everyone else to do it…

  • http://Website Alece

    I downloaded that update onto my Cliq XT 2 seconds after it popped up in my phone updates and I couldn’t be happier. When I first got my phone I couldn’t use 3G anything because I’d have to charge my phone every other hour… since the update my phone is on 3G performance mode and the most it goes down to is 44% battery… I am soooo happy.. :)… Can’t wait for more updates!!

  • http://Website Jack

    I have had my XT for almost a month now and I have had no problems with it. Almost right after I got it, it told me there was an update for it, and it downloaded and installed no problem. Still learning new things about this phone everyday. It is a very good phone. No problems at all. Have seen alot of people complain about the motoblur, well so far, no problems with it.

  • http://Website Fayoosh

    I have the cliq xt also and right now i got it checking for updates and it’s taking a long time.

  • http://Website Norman

    I upgraded to the Cliq XT last month, I have no problems with the phone but this week I received a notice to download update 1.31.44 and when I tap download, it will say downloading, then about five seconds into the download, I get a message stating “update has been recalled, no further action required”. It’s happened three times this week. Has the update really been recalled? If not, what can I do to make sure I get the update?

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  • Michael Dillinger

    The Motorola Cliq XT is one of the worst financial decisions of my life. This phone came out on March the 10th with the old Android OS. I deserve most of the blame for not doing my homework, but shame on Motorola for releasing this phone without a current OS. Shame on T-Mobile for no update. This is absolutely disgusting. This phone is garbage.

  • http://Website ejl

    I will never purchase a motorola product again.

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  • http://Website Jose

    i hate this how can other phones get updates except the XT???? aggggg I’m gonna by an iphone nex time and some one was right Tmobile dosnt offer any updates

  • http://Website April

    I have a Motorola Cliq XT. It has version 1.5 Android OS. How do I get the update for the 1.6? I tried seeking an update on my phone, but it says my phone is up-to-date.

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  • http://Website BRE
  • http://Website RJB

    Garbage – These Cliqs are. Bought 3 of them a year and half ago. Buggy as hell from the start. Bluetooth problems were the first issue, right out of the store… Started to bring them back, but was assured all problems would be taken care of with soon to be released update. Okay – update cured some issues and new ones came up. Of course, by then I was past the 14 day return point and I was stuck and basically screwed for 2 years. Current status is phones no longer update at all (all 3 of them) intermittent problems. My phone has actually been able to RECEIVE calls only one week out of the last 3 or 4 months. Sure, I can call out okay but nobody can ever call me. Goes straight to voice mail. Further, every time I stare one of our cars, the Bluetooth connection causes a ring with no one calling. Called T-Mobile. They offer me new phones for about $200 each IF I SIGN ON FOR ANOTHER 2 YEARS. That’s their only solution.

    To this, I say BULLSHIT. TMobile burned a bridge with me. I’ll never use them again. Horrible customer service. They don’t give a sh*t… I’m done with this OS, this phone and COMPLETELY DONE WITH TMobile FOREVER. Can’t wait for contract to expire – getting an IPhone next time.