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T-Mobile and HTC team up for Sidekick Twist

New details have emerged about T-Mobile’s “Project Emerald”. Initially said to be a “Nexus One-like device”, we now learn that T-Mobile is passing the Sidekick torch to HTC for their next high-end Android phone. T-Mobile customers have long been waiting for a true high-end successor to the G1 and it sounds like this could be the device they were hoping for.

TmoNews is reporting a tip that claims the Sidekick “Twist” will boast “Android 2.1, a 1 GHz Processor (Snapdragon?), with a front facing Camera, a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display, and 16 GB onboard storage“. I’m quoting their rumored specs exactly so we can break them down.

For the operating system, Android 2.1 with Sense UI is likely. We know Android 2.2 is coming soon, but it might be a couple of months before HTC updates their custom Sense UI. T-Mobile has invested a lot in their own version of Sense (called Espresso) and we already know it’s coming to other devices like the MT3G and Slide.

A 1 GHz processor is no surprise. Every Android phone from HTC with a 1 GHz CPU is using the Qualcomm Snapdragon and that is the best bet. However, T-Mobile is releasing an Android phone with full HSPA+ support sometime this year and that could feature the newer Qualcomm MSM8260. That 1.2 GHz chipset started sampling in late 2009 and was expected to arrive in smartphones this year, but it might be too early for this device.

Front facing cameras are the new trend for high-end Android phones. We finally have the faster networks to support video chat and it’s going to be in a lot of new phones like the Sprint EVO 4G and Samsung Galaxy S.

The 4.3 inch display is the new standard for high-end HTC smartphones. We have seen this on the HD2 and upcoming EVO 4G. Both those devices had TFT displays, but new HTC phones like the Nexus One, Desire, and Legend are now using AMOLED displays. “Super AMOLED” is a marketing term being used by Samsung and they have only gone up to 4 inches, so I’m not sure how that was included with this rumor.

Finally, the 16 GB of onboard storage is sorely needed for high-end Android devices. We finally saw the HTC Incredible ship with 8 GB, but that is still pretty far behind the industry leader iPhone 3G S which offers a 32 GB version.

Overall I would say the rumor is fairly believable. T-Mobile has been late to launch an Android superphone, but no one expected them to just ignore their high-end customers. Speculation suggest the Sidekick Twist will launch this summer, which is the same time AT&T and Sprint will have their 1 GHz offerings.

It almost sounds too good to be true if you are a T-Mobile customer. Are you satisfied with these rumored specs or are they leaving off some extra feature you had hoped for?

Sidekick LX

The 2009 Sidekick LX from Sharp.

Source: TmoNews

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  • jakejardashian

    this is my dream phone.

  • http://Website Eddie Pop

    I read this article several times. Where’s the QWERTY reference ?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      QWERTY was not part of the original rumor, but it was inferred by the Sidekick brand. Everyone T-Mobile Sidekick phone has featured a QWERTY keyboard and the name Twist suggest there will be moving parts. Many Sidekick phones twisted open and some had sliding keyboards.

  • Chris

    I just hope it doesn’t look like a sidekick :-\

    • Christopher Chavez

      I like the way Sidekick’s look. I’d be happy with the LX ’09 with Android on it. =p

      But we’re talking about HTC here… I don’t think they make ugly Android phones.
      We’re in good hands =)

      • http://Website aksnoopy

        There aren’t many people who would say the G1 isn’t ugly

        • http://Website McLovin

          …”There aren’t many people who would say the G1 isn’t ugly”

          Aren’t isn’t = not not = is

          Translation: “There ARE many people who would say the G1 IS ugly”

          • http://Website JackHandy

            Actually, you would have been right had the post read “There aren’t many people who WOULDN’T say the G1 isn’t ugly.” The way that it was posted should be read as, “There aren’t many people who would say, ‘the G1 isn’t ugly.’”
            Get a clue!!!

      • http://Website seagezzy

        G1s are ugly..

        • Gardenwife

          That they are! But I’m sticking with my G1, bought when they first appeared, until there’s a QWERTY Android phone worth upgrading to when it comes to processor, storage, and camera. This rumored phone just might be it. In the meantime, I’m running Cyanogen ROMs and overclocking, plus finally got a high capacity battery and new cover. Yes, now my G1 is *really* clunky looking, but a charge lasts a looooong time.

          • http://Website McLovin

            Gardenwife, I’m with you. I was so proud of my G-1 a year ago, I even posted pictures of it on my FB wall, with clunky oversize battery and all. But since then with all the newer sleeker phones that came out I’m not flashing it around as much.

            I went through the “I want a NEXUS so bad I’ll buy it off contract and pay the difference” syndrome lately. But I’m controlling myself, knowing that I really will only be happy with a physical keyboard. Besides, I’m on contract until Jan, so I hope that T-Mobile will have a killer phone by then that will have a physical keyboard.

    • http://Website z

      trust it wont due to screen size..

    • http://Website Mal

      The more storage and the vid chat sounds cool. I like the way sidekick looks. These features are good, just so long as they leave the rest alone. I’m a big sidekick fan because it is a smartphone with out a touch screen. I have looked at other phones with touch screen and hate the lag time or the side touches they can have. My friends Evo had me cursing because the touch screen kept printing D when I was pressing F. I love the button combos on my LX’09 there is rarely any lag time. Mainly the larger storage would be the only reason for me to get another one.

  • Dave

    My dream phone too, but it better hurry up, before it don’t be my phone

  • mrqwebb

    OMG!!! I used to tease my friend because the sidekick wasn’t my cool new G1 lol, now it will be the flagship device for T-mobile!! Add the possibility of 2.2 and 21 Mbps HSPA+ and you have the best qwerty phone to date.

    • About android phones

      im agree

  • Christopher Chavez

    There is not ONE thing they left out.

    In fact this goes ABOVE and BEYOND my wishlist for a dream phone. Its literally everything current G1 users have been praying for…
    -1GHz CPU
    -Full QWERTY physical keyboard
    -4.3 inch AMOLED screen
    -Made by HTC

    NOW we’re hearing…
    -16GB internal memory
    -Front facing camera

    What’s next? Dual boot WinMo7/iPhone OS??? Hahahaha…

    It really seems like some little leprechaun is just making stuff up as he goes! LOL!

    All I can say is if this DOES pan out… My faith in T-Mobile will once again be renewed. =)
    I have never been more hyped about a phone’s release EVER. =D

    • http://Website Watermonkey

      needs video out to lol

  • Canterrain

    Fun. Out of curiosity, I goolged Super Amoled to see what if any difference might be claimed about it. Naturally one of the first links is a wikepedia entry.

    And while it’s a short article without anywhere near enough info or citations for me to really take it to heart… I am can’t help but smile as I see androidandme is one of the cited reference.

    Woohoo for androidandme when they become cited references in wikipedia right?

  • http://Website Fahad

    I really hope that it doesn’t look like a side kick, the last thing i want it some big bulky piece to carry around with me every where =( Also I’m very curious as to rom and ram specs are on it…

    • Christopher Chavez

      ROM/RAM will be comparable to current super phones like the Incredible and Evo I assume. Don’t think they’ll skimp out there when they’re already packing 16GB internal storage =D
      And the Sidekick LX ’09 wasn’t bulky at all. Nice and slim. =)

  • http://Website LipGloss712

    An Android Sidekick? How dare they come out with this when I have made up my mind to leave T-Mobile early for the EVO lol. I used to have the Sidekick 3 before the G1 and did love it. Now both combined? Wow! Just wow!

    • http://Website LipGloss712

      btw, I’m still getting the EVO. :D

      • http://Website Vinter

        a kid’s super phone, super awesome. now where is the phone for adults who have some dignity?

    • http://Website Jeremy

      Same here lip gloss im so tired of tmobile and their crappy coverage so im going over to not the best but less crappy coverage for the EVO 4G already pre-ordered it cant wait i was a loyal
      tmobile addicthad the all versions of sidekicks and g1 and nexus but i just cant take it anymore so im out!!

      • TheLight

        C ya, but you’ll be back soon…very soon….Ha HA HA HAAAAAA!

    • http://Website Tokinotabumblb

      This is why we should be patient! :)

  • http://Website Samuel

    It sounds to good to be true, I won’t believe it until I see it. I hear googles store is closing so hopefully I’ll see a nexus in store

  • http://Website Rob

    I would like to see a high mega pixel camera and a flash. Also a hdmi out would be perfect.

  • http://Website Watermonkey

    sounds like a nice device however if it has sense u.i it is no good for me. still would prefer a nexus device and get prompt updates than sitting around wishing i had the latest version of android

    • TornadoTexan

      You can always root and get those updates a bit quicker.

      • http://Website Watermonkey

        oh yeah i agree!(g1 cyan 5.0.7 ftw) just voicing for the folks who dont want to root for whatever reason.

      • http://Website Usman

        Wrong..not on a Sense device. Only HTC can update Sense to be compatible with each new Android release, since Sense isn’t open source.

    • http://Website Tokinotabumblb

      It may have the option to remove the Sense…

  • Dee

    maybe we can convince them to put a xenon flash on this…

  • TornadoTexan

    If this pans out to be true and definitely has QWERTY I would be the first in line for it. I do hope though that it doesn’t look like a sidekick. I’m sure I could deal with it but I like my G1… chin and all.

  • http://Website Jayy336

    Soooo, should i return my Nexus One NOOWWW?!!?!?! :(. i HATE technology, theres always something new after the new things.

    I’ll probably get this anyway and THEN sell my N1, if this is promising.

    • http://Website Watermonkey

      nexus one will net you faster updates, especially if this thing has sense

      • http://Website Dave

        Getting the first updates to the N1 is the status quo, but do we know that will be a fact going forward? There are still a lot of details missing about the move away from the Google store to sales by carriers? Are they going to modify the UI? Will they lock the device? Will anyone but T-Mo actually sell it in the U.S.? I really want to update my G1 and it sure looks like there are some great possibilities on the horizon.

  • http://Website coyotejbob

    It needs flash for the camera and make it a dual camera. One on the front and one on the back. The rest of the specs are perfect. Only thing better is if it could have full hardware encoding for video and hdmi port. One last thing. For us G1 owners we wish it had a headphone jack.. please!

    • therealjorge

      Haha, I feel you on the headphone jack, but that’s definitely nothing to worry about. G1 and first gen MT3G are the only smart phones that didn’t have a built-in jack, and HTC won’t be leaving it out anymore.

    • http://Website Chad.L.

      HTC made a statement awhile ago saying that none of their phones after the original Magic/Mt3G would be lacking in the head phone jack department. :) Which is a very very nice thing, the fact that the G1 was without a 3.5mm jack was beyond frustrating!!

  • http://Website Nikos

    I do not see QWERTY either in tmonews source article.
    Maybe they assume QWERTY from the “Sidekick” titled. All Sidekicks are coming with QWERTY.

    In the other hand if this end up coming without QWERTY then we are clearly talking about the long awaited GSM/WCDMA version of the HTC Evo!!!!

    Can’t wait!!

    • Christopher Chavez

      In the history of man there has never been a Sidekick that didn’t have a FULL QWERTY keyboard… =)

      • http://Website Nikos

        Yea this is what I said.

        But 4.3 inch screen with QWERTY most likely will end up to a “brick” device :(

        • Christopher Chavez

          I know.. 4.3 inches seems a little… excessive.
          Only reason to go that big would be for a touch screen only device (easier to type, touch, etc..)

          If this is coming with a hard keyboard I’d be more than happy with 3.7 inches like on the Nexus One… I think the size when coupled together would be ideal.

          Guess we’ll have to wait a little longer to see the form factor! Eeeee!

          • http://Website Nikos

            Yes I agree.

            If it is 4.3 inch without QWERTY aka T-Mobile version of HTC Evo the is definitely a HUGE GO for me. If it is a 4.3 inch device with QWERTY the I will also prefer a 3.7 inch Nexus One like device.

            I hope time to prove me wrong but if they end up releasing a 4.3 inch device with QWERTY then most likely will end up being very big, as I said will be a “brick” device.

            I mean people already consider “brick” the HD2 and HTC Evo and those are devices without QWERTY but the gorgeous screen and the thin design makes them special and attractable. A QWERTY no matter how practical it is it will destroy it the whole thing.. This is just my two cents bet.

            For me the best end up scenarios for Project Emerald are the following:
            1. A T-Mobile version of the HTC Evo. (This is what I prefer)
            2. A newer version of the Nexus One, maybe a T-Mobile version of the HTC Desire.

  • http://Website galen20k

    totally getting this!

  • http://Website Bubbles likes

    Just when I thought I was out, T mobile pulls me back in. This is a dream come true, I had the G1 and had sidekicks in the past, that is going to be a great combo and the specs, wow. Bubbles is going to hang around t mobile a bit longer, Hi Chris Chavez.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Hello again, Bubbles.. <3

      By the way… WHO THE HECK ARE YOU!??!

  • RayMatthew

    I know what I want for my birthday, I had the Sidekick 3 when it first came out and I was in 6th grade. Now I have the CLIQ when It first came out. Now the “Sidekick twist,” I’m so getting this phone. I was going to get the Nexus One. But this seems like a better bet. (:
    It would be amazing if it had 2.2 out of the box. :D

  • http://Website Kaie

    doesn’t microsoft own danger….the owner of the sidekick brand?

    If anything it would run whatever the kin runs. Not android.

    I could be wrong…

    • http://Website Kaie

      ….maybe tmo the sidekick name. I forgot danger’s name for it was ‘hiptop’.

    • orginn

      danger makes the phones but “sidekick” is tmobiles phone

  • http://Website Nick Pappagorgio

    I’m another one that loves the specs but hates the sidekick form. I got the G1 cause it was the only android out. Though I have grown to love my G1, another fugly phone no matter what the specs might send me over the edge. This has got to be sleek and sexy or I think alot of people will still be disappointed in T-Mo.

    • http://Website Dave

      I’m perfectly happy with the form of my G1 and mine looks like a brick because I use the 2600mah battery from Seidio. It is still the best keyboard on the market. I’d be perfectly happy to have the exact same form–with a larger amoled screen, 1ghz processor, more onbaord storage, and 2.2! :-)

  • http://Website Kristiandk

    Next phone for me will be from google, waiting way too long for updates with htc! I’ll keep my hero untill then! Hoping they will get a decent camera by then!

    • http://Website Dave

      You might want to do a little more reading. Google is getting out of the direct sales business. And they never did “make” a phone–the N1 is an HTC.

      • http://Website Watermonkey

        pretty sure google is goin to keep there nexus one up to date

  • http://Website Daniel

    I’m going to need a towel

  • http://Website bubbles

    Bubbles hopes this gets released early summer. Sidekick, android and HTC, 4″3 screen with a querty keyboard, amazing.

  • http://Website Vinter

    Seriously, Sidekicks are for kids…. this is pretty stupid. Come out with a legit contender for the Evo4 , not a tweens phone, thanks!

    • Christopher Chavez

      How are Sidekicks for “kids?” Everyone knows Trix are for kids. =p
      The Sidekick was a full out smartphone. Great UI. Took a lot of hints from Palm and made it even better.
      In fact, the lead designer of the Sidekick OS was the guy who went over to Android to help design their OS. That’s why there are so many things that are similar between the 2.
      Not to mention the people who helped design the look of the G1 were from Sidekick as well…
      Have you ever even TOUCHED a Sidekick? Don’t make blind assumptions please. =)

      • http://Website Vinter

        Be less butt hurt over a comment emo… when you see kids from 14ish to 20ish, some even younger, they rock sidekicks… its just the way it is, the phone was for kids…its main focus instant messaging, email and texts. I didn’t say it was a pos, but god help us if this is what android on t-mobile is going to turn into,

        • http://Website Vinter

          and yah, i had a sidekick for a minute years ago

        • Christopher Chavez

          I see kids 14 – 20ish rocking G1′s, Blackberry’s, and iPhones. I’m not sure I see your point.
          And isn’t that the primary focus of EVERY phone? LOL Instant Messaging, Emails, and texts… Sounds like my day in a nutshell. Oh, maybe some lite websurfing. Again, not sure I see your point.

          And the only reason the Sidekick focused on these things (you forgot web browsing) was because of its unrivaled full QWERTY keyboard. Made any type of messaging a breeze.
          The Sidekick wasn’t just a messaging phone. It was a full out smart phone aimed at being “hip.”
          I love things that are hip. But then again, I’m not a full adult yet. =)

  • http://Website bubbles here

    This is awesome, tmobile_usa will have mid range mytouch slide, hopefully nexus one in stores & now this, a super sidekick android device on steroids. This is epic, tmobile_usa may not have as many high end phones but the sexy nexyk1 and sidekick mutant android device from outer space is all they need,bravo tmobile_usa. Screw the evo, I want the mutant android device, lol

    • http://Website Dave

      You left out the Samsung Galaxy S which is widely rumored to be coming to T-Mo as well. HIgh end users may finally have some choices!!

  • http://Website name

    This is epic,this is revolutionary,sidekick plus android plus htc = bad ass. This is truley a dream phone. 4’3 inch screen with a qwerty, cant wait.

  • KG This will retain some customers. Twist? It does sound tweenish but who cares if it has the qualcomm scorpion 1.2ghz processor. It may even be a super thin clam shell “twist” a la motorola timeportancient but twisting instead. That processor also has 3D

    As exhibited by the last sidekick (very thing) this device will be a “brick”. I think they learned their lesson from the g1 and this is their attempt at retaining their high end customers such as myself. I still have a g1 & spent 20mins on the phone w/ tmo customer loyalty yesterday because I’d like to bounce to sprint as well.

    Marketing this phone as a sidekick is great, but do not think tween. This will draw mass appeal because of the “sidekick” name, as well as the high end consumers w/ the specs. This will be an overall win-win w/ marketing. It would be great for tmo to start marketing their HSPA+ network before release because I knew nothing about it=fail.

    I still dig sprint w/ their agressiveness. This has forced other companies to step up. Info on the moto droid/shadow/nexus2 is supposed to come next week.

  • http://Website Matt

    I don’t know how good a 4.3 inch slide phone would be, its got to be massive.


    sry for the dbl comment dont know what happened…

    As exhibited by the last sidekick this device will not be a “brick”. I think they learned their lesson from the g1 and this is their attempt at retaining their high end customers such as myself w/ a sleek phone. I still have a g1 & spent 20mins on the phone w/ tmo customer loyalty yesterday because I’d like to bounce to sprint like many of you.

    Marketing this phone as a sidekick is great, but do not think tween. This will draw mass appeal because of the “sidekick” name, as well as the high end consumers w/ the specs. Leaving the “twist” off will be to their benefit – plain old “sidekick” will work well as a brand reboot. This will be an overall win-win w/ marketing. It would be great for tmo to start marketing their HSPA+ network(and this damn phone) ASAP because I knew nothing about it=fail. This will retain some customers who are planning to jump ship….like many of you.

    I still dig sprint w/ their aggressiveness. This has forced other companies to step up. Info on the moto droid2/shadow/nexus2 is supposed to come next week. Sidekick Twist? It does sound tweenish but who cares if it has the qualcomm scorpion 1.2ghz processor. It may even be a super thin clam shell “twist” a la ancient motorola timeport but twisting instead= dope. BTW that processor also has 3D support…

    May be alot of wishful thinking…but why not. Drop this phone in the beginning of July. On the heels of the iphone 4G/evo4g. W/ that said using sense UI is not smart. Bring it up to date & allow quicker updates or use froyo. This needs a headphone jack, dual xenon flash, and 2mics (noise cancelling) FM radio , hotpsot function and they have my money.

  • http://Website CBowley603

    Andy Rubin, one of the creators of Android, was also one of the creators of the Sidekick and was one of the owners until Microcrap bought Danger. So this makes sense in a way. Although now really because T-mobile owns the Sidekick brand/name while Danger, who’s owned by Microsoft, owns the previous operating system. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  • http://Website pimpstrong

    Dream phone…check. Best qwerty phone to date…check. Hope it doesnt look like a Sidekick…check. Everything we hoped for PLUS 16gb onboard & FFC(front facing camera)…check. I didnt read but half the posts but u guys are thinking the same as I am. If Tmo reads just 10 of these posts then they will see how much their customers want this kind of phone. EVO KILLER!!

    • orginn

      Whoa!!!! EVO Killer, hey pimp these are still Android phones irregardless these phones will rock in there own right, so lets not pit android against android

  • http://Website 2C

    I just hope it has stock Android on it. That’s the only way I’d consider getting rid of my Nexus One as I’m not really a fan of the Sense UI. I’m not really sure a keyboard make sense on a phone of that size but I do welcome a high end device with a full qwerty. As for the name it would make more sense to just call it the Nexus Two or the G2 but that’s just my opinion. One more thing the idea that just because its rumored to be called a Sidekick doesn’t mean it will have a keyboard. To me it doesn’t really make sense to release another qwerty device so close together.

  • http://Website CBowley603

    Now I have a question, will you need a sidekick data plan and use the danger servers (I assume not since it runs on Android and not Danger OS), or need an Android data plan? Is it a Google-experience phone (assuming so since all HTC/Android devices are Google branded with Google apps. Either way, perfect device for my fiance who is a Sidekick die-hard since I am and Android die-hard. lol

  • MnM

    This better come out fast, I’m running out of patience and I would hope it doesn’t have a QWERTY.

  • http://Website Terrell

    I too like the idea of this. The specs seem in a realistic spectrum especially for the direction Android is going. My only concern is the screen size in relation to the comfort and ease of a QWERTY keyboard. I have been looking for a successor to my G1 and the Nexus One is the only phone that has been appealing on the carrier till now. I guess we will all just see how this plays out. I would like that it didn’t come with Sense and didn’t look like a Sidekick. Froyo ASAP LOL!!!

  • http://Website mackdaddy22

    It’s great as long as it is does not have the same clunky (see ugly)look as the old sidekick.

  • jdschrock

    I’ll just echo a number of these previous posts. I’m very excited at the possibility of a high end QWERTY android device coming to good old magenta. I do love my G1 and have been hesitant to adopt a full touch screen device as I really do prefer the physical keyboard. I will use soft every so often though. All that being said if the design stays in line with what HTC generally does then I’m definitely in. I’ve not been a huge fan of the Sidekick brand/design, but again its a different developer/manufacturer so I have no doubt that HTC will provide an outstanding device. Seeing is believing though. Don’t let me down TMo/HTC, your my only hope for hi end non Moto QWERTY.

  • http://Website dj

    IMO I think this is going to be the samsung galaxy S. With the rummored specs that is what it sounds like. Internal storage, same. super AMOLED is a Samy screen no one else ATM, maybe they meant 4.0″. Front facing camera. All there for the S.

    The only thing that doesnt make sense is that it is rummored to be from HTC and a Sidekick.
    Hopefully this will get figured out soon. I cant wait for more future proof android phones out there for all the carriers. And the more with FFCs the better, more video chat with my future EVO. Happy trails my T-mobile friends! I hope this is true!

    • http://Website person

      Except, the Galaxy S doesn’t have a QWERTY keyboard.

      • http://Website dj

        This is true. But we all agree that this is all speculation and everything else fits nicely with the S.
        I’m not saying it is the Galaxy S, I’m just saying everthing else matches up with it better than not. Especially the SuperAMOLED. Samsung is the only one using this ATM since it is their technology.

        Either way I am happy that T-mobile is getting a nice Top of the line phone like they should be.
        Why should Sprint and Verizon and soon to be ATT with the streak be the only ones to have a TOL phone.
        Yes T-mobile does have the N1 but currently it’s not in stores (just yet, that is).

  • http://Website KaLAnGO!

    Nice phone, nice specs.
    Large buttons, good for players.
    Small screen..bad for players..

  • http://Website Joe

    “to good to be true”? Don’t you mean “too” good…? It’s amazing. Not only did the “writer” of this article mess that up, but someone quoted the incorrect spelling in a comment. Guys, get with the program. Either get a decent editor or stop writing. The Internet has give everyone an excuse to be uneducated.

    • http://Website ox

      given *

  • http://Website Melissa

    My prayers have been answered. There is a god.

  • http://Website JaylanPHNX

    And don’t forget the Samsung Galaxy S! Personally I think this rumor may be mixed up with the Galaxy S (4.3″ Super AMOLED screen+16gig internal memory=Galaxy S specs). But if it has 1Ghz N1, Sidekick Twist, and Galaxy S, plus their HSPA+ network gets built out quick, T-Mobile may shoot way up on the list of leading mobile providers. They have some of the best plans already (EvenMore+ anyone?).

  • http://Website xallies

    This is my dream phone. Is this going to Google’s directly or will it run a danger like sense on android stock. I hope its stock android

  • http://Website Anthony

    Ugh, qwerty. T-mobile needs to get a high end touch-screen only device. The mt3g has been their flagship for FAR too long, especially when you consider that they launched it six months after the rest of the world. Where is their answer to the DROID Incredible? Sure, there are rumors of a Samsung Galaxy S launch, but in my experience Samsung’s phones simply do not stack up to HTC built handsets.

    • http://Website alex

      Nexus One? Androidandme put QWERTY, bu it was not in the info from tmonews, or the source they are assuming that, because it’s a sidekick, or sidekick twist, but you never, you must wait, and see if the actual device has a keyboard.

  • http://Website Eviltweety88

    I will deal w/a little “uglier” phone if it does all I want it to do AND has a great qwerty keyboard. I’ve been complaining about this for way too long. Some of us really need the physical keyboard (thought we were getting an “Enterprise” version of N1-but this works for me). Now if the Beta trial for UMA for Android would get situated…this would be perfect.

  • http://Website zlander

    If this is tru…fml…I jus paid the etf and went to Verizon to find out that the n1 will be sold in stores and either this or the galaxy comes out in July? T-mobile is conspiring against me

    • http://Website Droid Dizzy

      I’m a VWZ costomer also and am excited bout this too, but I’m still sprung off the rumored droid 2 and moto shadow with the rumored 4.1″ screen android 2.1/moto blur 7 home screens 720p hd recording. HDMI output usb output 4 physical buttons fm radio 8mp cam dual led flash 512mb ram

  • http://Website alex

    Ironically i was telling my friends, imagine a android powered sidekick? lol, just hope it dose not have a keyboard, if it does then i will need to decide between the Samsung Galaxy S, and Nexus One, when it hits stores.

  • http://Website alex

    Also this phone is awesome,i hope it has;

    *8mp/11mp camera
    *You have a choice of getting it with 8gb/16gb/32gb of internal storage like iphone, and has a microsd slot expandable to 32gb
    *android 2.2
    *Available in white
    *Includes 8/16gb micro SD card expandable to 32gb
    *Touch Sensitive track pad/D-pad
    *Promotes t-mobiles Hspa+
    *3.5mm audio jack
    *Camera/video takes 1080p/720p HD resolution
    *Dual led flash
    *As slim as the HTC HD2
    *A feature similar to Motoblur
    *No qwerty keyboard, default on-screen keyboard is swype
    *My modes
    *Genius Button
    *Faves Gallery
    *7/8 customizable screen
    *Nice Flexible, good looking design appeals to teens/adults
    *Pre-installed with featured apps that are free/paid
    *more features

    It would be perfect for me=)

    • http://Website Beast

      Sounds to me like you want the Evo and iphone combination…lol

    • http://Website Dee

      good grief…
      I’m having trouble believing this is a qwerty, unless HTC comes out with a groundbreaking new super slim keyboard. Also if they do go that route im sure it will look something like a G1 with the chin or a gigantic swivel screen(sounds kinda cool lol)… Anywho, I’m going with what I think I know…
      2.2 is bringing a color changing trackball right? sidekicks always have trackballs and google didn’t just make that feature for one phone I would think…
      also I think the super AMOLED fits, seeing that the last 2 sidekicks had BRILLIANT screens. if theres anything a sidekick can be given credit for is it keyboard, its screen, and the violent vibrate feature.
      however like i said, i think that since we are seeing this trend of high end devices the camera needs the same treatment. xenon and carl zeiss or at the very least a more optimized camera lens+dual flash. i mean if they are going to go high end, go for broke.
      also if its shipping with 2.1 we can assume its coming out rather soon?
      I’m also hoping that the onboard 16gb isn’t a backdoor way of dealing with apps 2 sd not coming..assuming it isnt coming( it better be!) but if this is the new trend then what would be the need for apps2SD?
      either way i hope this device pans out, t-mo needs it.(and so do i)

  • Neil Tantay

    The sidekick with android would be awesome. I believe the sidekicks have always had the best qwerty keyboard and hopefully they improve it. Can’t wait!

  • http://Website jp2dj1

    Confirmed its the nexus two!

  • http://Website demize

    The HD2 is a “Brick” are you kidding me? Its one of the best looking devices I’ve ever seen. Feels great in the hand was about to get one but after reading this I may not. Sidekick=Querty HTC=better designed device than old SK’s. Tmo started Android so they’ve gotta give us G1 owners a well designed high end device cause its getting to be a little rediculous at this point. 4.3 is THE perfect size for a handset espesh Amoled. But since they WTF’d with Winmo on HD2 they have got to step up the Android devices.

  • ZRod

    Like the specs, dislike the Sidekick design. No offense but Sidekicks just seem like a device for those in middle school, its not sexy at all to me.
    But, luckily its HTC, they can make anything sexy. =)

  • http://Website Roy G.

    If Sidekick Twist come true, then I would define buy this sk!

    HTC + Android 2.1 + 4.3 screen+16gb storage + 1ghz snapdragon + QWERTY!!!

    Take a look

    That was last month, it’s wasn’t there on web site until now, I think, developer is working new chess for Android 2.1?

    Cheshire Chess Challenge is the best device on Sidekick’s only!

  • http://Website jamboy5590

    Yessss about time Tmo now pleaseeee dont F**K this up like everything else :)

  • http://Website magic smarties

    I would sell my n1 for somthing like this, first
    Android htc qwery since g1!

  • Renaldo

    Anything that resembles the SideKick is for High Schoolers or people no good with technology. I was so irritated that friends of mine said the G1 was a SideKick simply cause the damn thing slid and had a keyboard.

    People need to grow up and get off the Sidekick Bandwagon, seriously.

    • Christopher Chavez

      The G1 WAS a Sidekick with Android on it.
      All the main people that worked on the Sidekick (design, OS, etc.) went over to work on the G1.
      And now everything has come full circle. =)

  • http://Website Josh

    Sounds like this guy has confused an HTC device with the Motorola Shadow. Same specs almost right?

    • http://Website alex

      yeah, but since it’s “Sidekick Twist” it will be a tmo exclusive tmo owns the sidekick rights, and chances are the motorola shadow is going to be offered to several carriers, hopefully this phone does not have a keyboard, if not Nexus One/Samsung Galaxy S for me=)

  • http://Website aksnoopy

    The Dell Thunder could be competition with the Sidekick Twist. The didn’t specify what kind of camera will be on the Twist- Thunder will have 8mp.

  • http://Website Jonathan Cherry

    First of all, let me tell you I love this site and App. In response to you saying T-Mobile hasn’t gotten a high end phone… I take it you don’t count the Nexus One since its not sold directly through them?

  • amarkow2

    the only problem is its running espresso…i think its terrible…i want stock android or the regular htc sense

  • http://Website Aj

    I would like to know the megapixel of the camera and if the phone records and plays back in HD like the Galaxy S, other than that this is the phone I’ve been waiting for.

  • http://Website want


  • http://Website Se7en2

    Of course they announce this after I’ve already pre-ordered the EVO 4G. I’m not going to regret my choice just yet, I need to see some pics of this device before I start beating myself up, as well a a release date. If T-Mobile had only announced this a little sooner, they’d probably still have me as a customer come June 4th. So close…

  • MrOtsKrad

    Too all the Sidekick haters. Please graduate High School first before passing judgement on what age you think this or any device belongs to. These statements alone are playground rapport in itself. The Sidekick was the “first” and leading innovator of horizontal QWERTY smart phones. The development team when it came out was one of a kind. The early adopters turned into its development community. The current Handheld development communities abroad owe a lot to this device.

    Sadly Danger itself was a small company, the capitol involved to keep up in the industry seemed to just not be there. What made the sidekick a sidekick was the operating system. It was the first and only of its kind at the time. With the “sidekick” being android based, it is going to be like every other Touchscreen phone you’ve ever seen with a QWERTY keyboard, it being called the Twist indicates to me that it will retain its swivel screen (altho if I recall the mechanisms patent is owned by its former hardware manufacturer Sharp) and hopefully a 5 row keyboard.

    But all this grade school/high school rhetoric about it being a kids device is as ridiculous as saying the same thing when I see kids with iphones, blackberry’s….and yes, even android phones.

    Grow up.

    • nate

      i kind of agree with you here but i agree with many of the haters more. ive been a sidekick owner up to the sk3 and while i loved its many innovations i think the operating system was the worst and thats why i got rid of it. i feel it was a kids phone because the lack of control i had over my own device. all my stuff was backed up on the SK website and if they decided they wanted to stop supporting an app they could pull it off your device. and remember how much of a pain in the ass it was to back up your contacts to something usable by other software?

      • MrOtsKrad

        Yea, the way it was locked down was its biggest downfall. From the B&W Edition up to the SK2 (I thinks) You could openly enroll in the Developer program, obtain a DevKey, and go to the repository where most of the devs uploaded their .jars and install what ever you wanted. I think it was the SK3 was when they locked that down and forced you to submit a proof of concept before you could get a devkey. But if you were already in the DevCommunity, you knew someone that could obtain one for you. So on that front, I personally was ok with. It wasn’t untill the SK3 (maybe 2?)and Paris Hilton that it went from being a innovative device to a purely commercial cash cow with no further inovations in sight.. No one in the community was happy about this. But I was still able to do what I needed it to do. My decision to move away from the sk was the CloudCrash of 09.

        But from reading (what little there is currently) it almost seems that every low point it had is being resolved. Android. It nearly single handedly takes every software issue and squashes it. And if the hardware specs are what they say they are. Its everything SK users had been wanting from the getgo. Mind you, we havent even seen the device, or what other devices are gonig to look/act/feel like this summer. It might be a total flush down the toliet. I think either way Im still getting the MyTouch slide….cause Im seriously tired of my call dropping, non ringing , crashing cliq on 1.5

    • Christopher Chavez

      That’s exactly what I said!

      Waaaaaaaaay up there ^ somewhere.. LOL =D

  • nate

    it sounds great to me. i was lusting after the EVO but i will totally take this. i have no problem with a pocket brick if it has a keyboard. many of the software keyboards ive used on current android handsets are underwhelming compared to the iphones touch input keyboard. right now i have a g1 with the extended battery. its about an inch thick, im used to it.

  • Xallies

    Sidekick Qwerty plus Android…… It was my wish back when i had my G1…. CANT WAIT!

  • http://Website KyoRinsuu

    The only thing this phone would be missing to top all android phones and Iphones in a way that cant be surpass is if it has the 16gb internal plus expanding micro sd card slot so we can get it to the same capacity or higher than the iphone plus so we don’t let our current micro sd card go t waste

  • ExtremeT

    Being on T-mo myself I really hope this is true cause I would love to have this phone and I believe I should be at my upgrade time around the rumored release time too!

  • http://Website tokinjedi

    Seeing as just got g1 during a promo I have till next October to upgrade. So I got a n1 till my contract is up. Screen is big enough to type as fast as a physical keyboard. Can’t wait to see what phones are out then.

  • Christopher Chavez

    You were right on the money =)

  • http://Website Skittles

    If its a sidekick i should be able to use it with sidekick prepaid, and that would be awesome!
    I need a new upgrade from my sidekick 08 anyways.
    I want to be able to load it with apps like an iphone or an android, but I hate apple and it’s not easy to run most android phones on prepaid with data
    My budget’s shit && I’m a kid… so this IS my dream phone if it does infact have an actual, physical keyboard. :)

  • http://Website Stoney Jonez

    I just think it’s funny that the article says “T-Mobile has invested a lot in their own version of Sense (called Espresso)”. LMFAO! T-mobile did NOT design ANY part of the Sense UI, it was purely HTC. By the way, there is more BS in this article, but that was just the first really false, stupid thing I noticed.

    • http://Website John

      Relax dude, I think you’re taking it literally when it shouldn’t be. T mobile customized the sense interface and dubbed it espresso, it has their own apps etc. Design = Customized, it technically is their “design”

  • sopa

    I was looking to the EVO but I prefer a physical keyboard rather than a VK. I’m not sure about the keyboard on this phone, is it gonna be exactly like the sidekick? I played with the sidekick lx in store and didn’t think I’d get used to the keyboard. Not really sure how to describe it, just didn’t like it much. Is it gonna have the 5 row over the 3 row?That I’ve been using on past phones. I do like everything about the new phone though. I would like a dual slider but that would be even bulkier phone but I’m used to that. I’ve had the Ocean, Wing, BB, G1, Cliq and many other phones 3 different carriers. I’m good with Tmobile so far but been looking to Sprint. With this phone I’d make my stay longer and hopefully permanent. I would like a phone to stay with and stop buying new ones all the time, this just might be it. I’ve wanted faster processor, dual cam, 2.1+, bigger screen, larger built in memory, 5 row keyboard I would also like HD screen w/HDMI output. wait is it dual cam or just front facing camera? Anyways I can’t wait to see this phone, hope it is what I’m looking for.

    • http://Website Malcolm

      I am with you, Sopa. I still love my G1 because of the great keyboard and my love of Android but the specs got outdated very quickly. I jumped off of Tmobile but still have 90 days to return. I may return if there is any indication this phone is upcoming…or opt for the Samsung Galaxy S. I really want a hard keyboard though. I hope this project Emerald isn’t overhyped liked when Tmobile changed their pricing plans; nothing revolutionary.

  • http://Website Sleepthieves

    So there is one main reason I dont believe this rumor. Danger, the company that produced the sidekick OS and partnered with tmobile to produce the sidekick device with various hardware manufacturers, was bought by Microsoft a couple years back. If you dont believe me go to the site and check out the top part. (“a Subsidiary of microsoft”) So unless mircosoft is bending over backwards and allowing tmobile to have creative control over the sidekick franchise this rumor is highly unlikely. Funny part is one of the original sidekick developers went to google to help produce android, you might know his name; Andy Rubin. Project emerald may be an android phone but Im pretty sure its not a sidekick.

  • http://Website john

    now i had the razr back and when i bout the sk3 back in the day i used it for a week n went back to my razr. it was so bulky i hated it. but the the sklx07 came out and i tried it in store n i loved it slimmer sleeker mmiiinnneee. tragedy struck that phone in the form of my fiance thankfully the day the sklx09 came out now even slimmer and even sleeker i didnt hesitate to upgrade and i still have this phone and i still tell my fiance her iphone blows haha. now i dont see how a 4.3 inch screen would be terrible on a hardware QWERTY keyboardi mean if u kept the current screen and illiminated some of the wasted space u could do it integrated touchscreen and atleast 16gb w/p sense ui and i dont even care about the 3.5 mm jack i blast my music everywhere i go for the camera it is important to have one on the back cuz my sidekick is my camera and i upload directly to facebook myspace or to my mom pictures of my newborn son. i could care less about a camera for video chat. if it doesnt have a cam for pics that would be the killer mistake id jump outta the sidekick lineup for a mytouch(not the ugly slide)

  • http://Website john

    and i would also like to see the text message inbox like the iphones and other androids where its broken into ew=who ur talkin to instead of the notorious sidekick list view of every text message

  • http://Website kim

    when is it coming out?

  • http://Website MonkeeLad

    There was a time where phones were used for the purpose of making calls, then the SMS appeared, that’s ace, but now, people fight over who has the best OS, if it’s QWERTY-TouchScreen, Android, this and that, geez, if you want to acces email or anything data or web browsing related get an effin laptop. It’s ridiculous how people get obsessed over phones, just get which ever phone best “fits your needs” and don’t make a huge thing out of it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like new phones n all, just don’t fight over them.


  • http://Website andyn

    I dont understand when they say that they dont believe it would have a super AMOLED screen. AMOLED is what’s on a lot of android phones now but super AMOLED is a new screen where it cuts the reflection down more and show deeper coolers. its on the Samsung Galaxy S

  • http://Website AceKannon

    If im not mistaken, sidekick twist wuz confirmed already right? The sidekick twist is going to be one powerful puppy. Lol. Besides, don’t u guys think a sidekick from htc is kinda…..well, overdue?

  • http://Website carol white

    Is there a protype out there? And when is the date of the HTC sidekick twist release?
    I’m a sidekick fan, so I’m glad to here about the android sidekick. Are there going to be two color like the sidekick lx 09. I hope so I like when there more then one color.

  • http://Website soby

    Im confused, why dont they ever tell the release dates of this new sidekick htc phone? is it true? or false? please someone help me when should i expect the htc sidekick

  • http://Website Zeta

    I really hope that the battery life on this phone lasts longer than the other ones out for T-mobile right now! But it includes all the features that I want, I’d probably get it anyway.

  • http://Website brodie

    Does anyone know where I could go to see any pictures of this phone, if there are any?

  • http://Website Lolipop

    when it’s suposed to be sale??

  • http://Website Andrew

    I really hope this thing does not have a qwerty keyboard, as mentioned several times above, having a hard keyboard paired with a 4.3in super AMOLED display would be pointless and make the phone less aesthetically pleasing.

  • http://wewtt manda

    you rock.
    i lovett.

  • http://Website hailey

    is this phone touch screen and can it be used under verizon also???

  • http://Website Monte

    It said it would launch this summer and summers almost over already. Also, I hope it does look like a Sidekick. The sidekick is one of the best designed phones there is. But it might not because Sharp made the flip design of the sidekick and Motorolla made the sidekick slide’s design. So the HTC one will be another version of the sidekick or probably look nothing like a sidekick at all, but still keep the sidekick name.

    I just cant wait to see it!

  • http://Website Magnus

    Summer is over…. almost winter time coming… no Sidekick Twist yet?? I have been waiting for that… I am still use sklx09, I m happy with that…

    I notice T mobile doesn’t have 4.3 inches w/ Physical keyboard & Android….

    so, now T mobile only have Android, 4.1 inches w/o Physical keyboard, no 4.3…. T mobile have the biggest display right now ..

    look like Sidekick Twist may come true…

    *Terga 2
    *S. Amoled
    *4.3 inches
    *full QWERTY = NICE!

    below come w/ Android..

    *Sprint have 4.3
    *Verizon have 4.3
    *A&TT have 4.3
    *T moblie doesn’t have 4.3 :(

    I hope, it’s true come out!

  • http://Website stephan


  • http://Website Bilgemaster

    Open Note from a LONG Time Sidekick User to T-Mobile & Whomever May Be Cobbling Together the Sidekick 2009 LX’s Successor:

    Please make something rather like like my current Sidekick LX 2009, but able to view streaming and other media from sites apart from just YouTube. While you’re cobbling together a worthy successor, why not add the ability to play Netflix’ streaming movies via 3G (even with a long buffering time…Hey, I’m patient) and maybe stretch that screen size just a centimeter or so to really fill out the flip-out screen part. Keep that biggish keyboard, the trackball and the rest of the physical “buttony” layout. I even like the Sidekick’s wheel-style UI. I guess it’s just what I’m used to. I don’t care if you make it touchscreen. I really don’t. Surprise me. Just make it a bit more “flexible”…a decent word processing app would be nice. Once you release it, please keep the existing Sidekick unlimited legacy data rate plans in place. I hardly ever use the phone part, so remain quite happy to pay per call just as I’ve been doing since 2003 or ’04 when I got my first Sidekick. Do all that and I’ll happily sign on for another 2 years. Thanx!

  • http://Website The EJ

    My first phone was a Sidekick II (Bulky, but cool visual style), and I haven’t had a phone since that wasn’t a sidekick. I have the Sidekick LX 09 right now, and it works well, though I can’t type as fast as I used to (It lags if you type too fast, of all things (-_-) ).

    This is like dream come true! I was gonna upgrade to an android phone anyway, but what I was gonna miss most is the ability to create custom themes (bubbles, icons, sounds, backgrounds, and other decorations). I’m hoping it’ll look and work the same visually so I can continue to do my theme editing.

  • http://Website Carlos Lopez

    I just read this post, but just in case you guys didnt know yet, the Sidekick Twist is a rumor. But there’s still hope. A new Sidekick has been confirmed, the Sidekick 4G. It will be a Samsung phone, and will be powered by Android. The design hasn’t changed much, but the difference is apparent, as it looks thinner and sleeker. It will, of course, feature a QWERTY keyboard and it will now have a front facing camera for video calls. A few pictures have leaked. If you wanna check them out, go here.
    I can’t wait!!!(:

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    I would sell my HTC Touch Diamond 2 for somthing like this. This is my dream phone. But I have one question, is this phone a touch screen?

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  • Nakandi Daisy

    when does this phone come out i am in love with sidekick phones. i need it baddddddddddd