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The iPhone 3G gets seduced by Android’s open ways

Just a few weeks ago iPhone Dev Team member David Wang (a.k.a. Planetbeing) demonstrated Android running on the original iPhone. Well he’s back and this time he has managed to port Android onto the iPhone 3G while also making some significant strides toward actual usability, although as you will see in the video you aren’t going to be using this as your daily device quite yet.

If you have an iPhone 3G laying around somewhere or simply want to fix your friends 3G by getting Android on it you should be able to do so in a couple days as the packaged binaries and instructions are forthcoming.

Right now the main feature that is missing is audio and he says they already have it working in their bootloader so are expecting to resolve the problem in the next few days. Check marks in the win column are that the cell radio is operational, the web browser is functioning, applications (minus the sound of course) are working, SMS texts can be sent and received and the stability of the WiFi is improved from the previous build.

After getting the audio up and running they are looking to tackle power management and backlight control next. He seems fairly confident that rocking Android on an iPhone 2G or 3G will be a viable option in the not so distant future and considering the pace they are moving at currently I’m inclined to believe it.

Honestly I’m perfectly happy using my native Android hardware, but watching the dual-boot screen pop up on that iPhone with the Android logo at the bottom is just priceless.

Source: PC World

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  • http://Website Reinl

    Cool, now Android can confirm that IphoneOS pwnds Android on touch events and confirm (and fix?) this bug:

    • http://Website Mauricio

      Fail!! ^

  • http://Website inspiron41

    port this to the iPad and i think i might get it lol…..

    • http://Website Zach F

      That’d be awesome except it’d be hard for it because it isn’t supported resolution. :(

    • http://Website les

      One could do so many things from the iPad. The best i’ve seen came from college-humor, entitled. The Kick-Me iPad.

  • http://Website brandon

    could you use this on a ipod touch ? without the calling

  • Canterrain

    I’ll stick with Android hardware (… EVO 4G please?), but I have to admit there’s a certain allure to the thought of an iphone running the android OS.

    At the very least the 3GS might do it better than my aging Hero…

  • Yogs3


    iphone always trying to copy android

    Stupid Iphone :(

  • http://Website aces

    If u want an android os get a driod. Quit tryin to be cool cuz iphone ran out of new things to do.

  • vkelman


  • http://Website ben

    Funny, but what’s next? A Droid running the iphone os?

    • http://Website Shane

      You have to find someone who would actually want the iOS in the first place. :)