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The New York Times prints Android edition

The New York Times has long been featured in the marketing and keynotes for the iProducts, so it is great to see that they have finally seen fit to branch out and embrace Android.

The app just hit the Market today and in my time with it so far it seems like a nice straightforward implementation.

The basic layout of the app gives you a list of articles with the title, the first dozen or so words, and a small thumbnail image.

You can swipe down on the section title (e.g. “Latest News”) in order to see all of the other available sections (there are 28 total), or you can hit the menu button and select “Sections” to see the same list.

Once in an article you can swipe left or right to move to the previous or next article in that section or you can hit the menu button to share the article or resize the text.

The videos in the “latest videos” section played back well on my Motorola Droid and appeared appropriately formatted for the screen size and resolution.

While it isn’t breaking any new ground it certainly is a worthy freshman effort as it serves the purpose of delivering the Times content to the Android masses in an efficient and easy to navigate fashion and it all comes to you for your favorite subscription fee of $0 per day.

If you are a fan of the NY Times or you’re just a news junkie in general I think it is definitely worth a download so hit up the QR code to take it for a spin and let us know what you think.

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  • Jack S.

    It’s not appearing in my Market. What gives? VZW Eris.

  • http://Website @darifresh

    Just downloaded. Thanks for the heads up!

  • May

    I hope that means the NYT crosswords will also be coming to Android.

  • http://Website matt

    Not showing up on HTC Hero on Sprint. Maybe only for newer firmwares?

    • Sean Riley

      Sorry, I realize this seems to be becoming a common theme but as someone else already guessed this is 2.0 or higher.

      • Canterrain

        I went ahead and gave this a try on my Hero (rooted to 2.1) just to see if it’s even a feasible app.

        It’s just a newspaper app, so even on aging hardware it runs quick. What amuses me about the app is it really looks just like a newspaper. Black on white, columns, etc.

        As for everything else, I’m not sure I can recommend this for the Hero anyways. The small screen makes for smaller text makes for a bit of squinting. After a minute or two of trying to read an article I was longing to look up at my monitor. You CAN increase the font size though and that makes for less squinting. But that only holds on the articles themselves (admittedly the most important part) and not the thumbs of each article.

        Still, it’s a very newspapery newspaper app and if you love the NY Times it might be just for you.

  • insert_funny

    @Jack S.: same here. Probably only works with Android 2.0 or higher. Just wait until the 2.1 update drops to your phone and try again.

  • http://Website Inspiron41

    cool! i love this new paper. it works great on the nexus. very polish. doesnt seem to have a landscape mode though.

  • Killa

    Apparently its for 1.6 and up. I just downloaded it on my myTouch.

  • http://Website asdaafwrgwv

    Every time that an app is announced and the minimum release number is not mentioned the result is a lot of wasted time and frustration. Google’s done this. Another blog announcing this app did too. It’s inexcusable. Imagine a review of an app that didn’t mention whether it was for Android or iPhone.

    • Sean Riley

      My apologies for your frustration; the NY Times did not specify a minimum OS to run the app and there is certainly nothing about the functionality of the app that should require 2.0 so why they chose to limit their audience in this way is a bit of a mystery.

    • Canterrain

      It’s really not always that easy to determine what version of android is needed to run an app. If the app doesn’t specifically mention it, just how DO you find out, hm?

  • http://Website Strider

    This app just made Android a viable platform for me. In my view, this implementation trumps the one on iPhone.

  • http://Website John Perkins

    I just downloaded this and am very impressed. I love the way you can flick left or right to view previous and next articles. It’s a very clean interface, and just an overall enjoyable app.

    My one suggestion to them would be to produce multiple widget sizes. The one they have now is nice, but only has room for one article. I’d love to see widgets that are also full screen and half screen sizes.

  • http://Website Robb

    Installed and working on MyTouch 3g/3.5 running 1.6.

  • http://Website Gregs

    great app. the best part is that it caches all the articles on the phone. I refreshed every section before getting on a plane today and then I was able to read all the articles while in airplane mode. nice!

  • http://Website darren

    Just tried to download it on my 2.2 N1. It doesn’t show in the market. What gives?

  • http://Website Shurafa

    Its not showing up in the app store for the Dell Streak. Even a direct scan of the QR code does not work. Anyone have a mirror setup for the app?