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The Shack makes ready for Sprint EVO 4G push

Have you been in Radio Shack recently? Yesterday we learned “The Shack” is taking pre-orders for the Sprint EVO 4G later this month and today we discovered they are planning a four-week campaign to promote the phone in stores. Our friends over at Android Central received the four page flyer and uploaded some high-res scans.

No new information was revealed, but I’m getting excited for this big Android launch. We are still waiting for an official release date and pricing options, so the rumors are flying like crazy. Some are speculating that Sprint will release the EVO 4G on June 6th, the day before Apple is expected to announce the iPhone HD at WWDC. Many are suggesting the EVO will retail for $199 with 2yr contract, which is in line with current high-end smartphones.

Hopefully, all the launch details will be unveiled May 12th when Sprint hosts a press event in New York.

Suspiciously absent from the flyers is the version of Android that will ship on the device. Sprint unveiled the EVO running Android 2.1, but it looks like Android 2.2 could appear this month. Sprint still claims the EVO will support Flash 10.1, which is tied to FroYo (Android 2.2), so I guess anything is possible. Keep in mind that Adobe also told us Flash 10.1 was schedule for a June release.

Browsing the comments from our last post, it looks like many are willing to leave their current carrier just to purchase the EVO. A business rep from Sprint shared with us that Sprint is offering a $100 credit to users who switch carriers and port their number. If you are one of the lucky people in the expanding 4G coverage area, then check out our 7 reasons to choose the HTC EVO 4G.

You gotta know the E-V-O.

Source: Android Central

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  • Michael Livingston

    If your looking for the Evo and want the rest of the clear package. Contact me @ 404 644 9357. Things are getting ready to become even more exciting be on the technological fast track with my team.

    Now hiring authorized resellers for the Clear machine generation.

  • http://Website sprint junkie

    i dont get it im a long time sprint customer hand im thinkin of switching to tmobile for one reason: network. i have “4g” where i am and it just sux. now before i get slaughtered in the comments hear me out. im paying all this extra cash for wi max with should really be called 3.5g. it does not maintain 4 g speeds regularly. i saw my friend with a n1 on tmo’s regular hspa with is basically really fast 3g and when we did a speed test that n1 was hitting between 5&6 mbps consistantly. my overdrive was running @4 mbps! i dont know but tmo is gonna be launching hspa+ by q4 2010. the network was remarkably lagg free too it was running like a .23 png. i might hit up tmo. they may not have th mowt powerfull handsets but they upgrade the firmwares mor regularly. plus have you ever heard a tmo rep on the phone about android? its almost like they hire people directly from google.sprint you get indian mofos. nothin against them but damn wwhen ur payin top dollar for cell service i want to talk to someone stateside.

    • Shadow591

      Remember that T-Mobile works in less places and Sprint Roams off Verizon. Plus the prices cannot be beat unless you buy off contract and then it would be on par with Sprint. TMob also has a Cap and they make your internet slower after you reach it. 4G has no cap. Also if you are comparing 3G vs 3G with Tmob and Sprint Tmob will win because of technology. Waiting a while could be beneficial 120 Million people will be covered by the end of this year.

    • http://Website josie

      Its like deja vu all over again. Superphones all month long!

  • http://Website jr.

    I actually work at the shack. And that page has been up since wednesday.

  • http://Website Kenji O.

    I will be gladly counting down the days till this comes out. Feels like Christmas!

  • http://Website Jonathan Martis

    I just spoke with Sprint and they said the $100 credit deal expired….sucks

  • http://Website manly man

    How much it cost without a contract!

  • http://Website Jon

    Sprint store told me today that the evo will be here june 2nd in ohio i cant wait

  • Aggy

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has bgrtihened my day!