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Twitoc: Why type Tweets when you can toc?

Tonight on the weekly AndroidGuys podcast, Greg Carron (@pixeladdikt) unveiled a new Twitter app called Twitoc, which is now available for free in the Android market. I know what you’re thinking: why on earth do we need another Twitter application, right? Well, Twitoc is not your normal Twitter app.

Twitoc is a Twitter widget that allows you to speak your tweets into your phone’s microphone and Google’s voice recognition service turns it into text that you can use to update your Twitter status. Sounds pretty cool, right? I mean, I’ve always wanted to update my status by simply talking and letting Google/Twitter do the rest. With the release of Twitoc, tweeting on Android will never be the same.

But how well does Twitoc’s voice recognition work? I’ve already made 2 posts with Twitoc, and it recognized my tweets perfectly both times. Since it’s powered by Google’s voice recognition software, I was expecting some funny translations similar to some voicemails I have received in Google Voice, but was pleasantly surprised at how accurate Twitoc was.

The widget itself is fairly simplistic, and can use a little polish, but overall the Twitoc app is a cool new way to feed the Twitter addiction I know you all have. So go ahead and give Twitoc a try. I’m sure you will be very happy with this app.

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  • Zacqary Adam Green

    Why not just use the Voice Keyboard in a normal Twitter app?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I think this was made for ease of use. The widget allows 1-click input from the home screen.

      • David Shellabarger

        How do you guys not even mention the voice keyboard in this article?!?!
        Its like failing to add the QR code. It should be obvious.
        This whole article should be about the pros and cons of using this app instead of the voice keyboard.
        I have a MT3G, so I don’t have the voice keyboard button (yet). I think Twitoc might be a good option for me, but I expect better articles from you guys. :(

    • http://Website Matt

      I was thinking the exact same thing…

      I can just open Twidroid and hit the microphone and viola.

    • Anthony Domanico

      It’s a convenience thing. No need to open the Twitter/Twidroid/Seesmic/Touiteur application, just click the speaker button on Twitoc on your homescreen and start talking.

      Also, it seems G1/MyTouch users who are running Cyanogen’s 5.0.7 ROM don’t have access to the microphone button on the keyboard.

      • Tony Bullard

        “Also, it seems G1/MyTouch users who are running Cyanogen’s 5.0.7 ROM don’t have access to the microphone button on the keyboard.”

        Damn…you’re right.

  • http://Website Ralph

    This seems cool but yet again us non 2.x android users can’t enjoy the good stuff. We want 2.x on Mt3g!

  • http://Website klaus

    The app force closes on Moto Milestone running with 2.1 Have sent feedback to the developers. . Lets see

  • http://Website linuxguru

    I think its for people that don’t have android 2.1.

  • http://Website Ayman

    It can’t be for people not having android 2.1

    Actually the first requirement states that it requires Android 2.1+

  • pixeladdikt

    thx for posting about the app – if anyone has feedback i’d like to hear it –
    any questions u guys have – i’m around – thx :) cool…….

  • Tony Bullard

    Now just plug-in support and you’ve got yourself a customer.

  • http://Website TimBraz

    I have a Droid Eris , and I am still running Android 1.5. When I search for twitoc in the store it can’t find it. Is this because I’m running 1.5?

    • MatthewPatience

      Yes unfortunately it will only work with Android 2.1. Google Speech Input is not supported below 2.1.

  • http://Website A. non-mouse

    Lame! The reason ppl use twitter or text is because they can do so during [insert boring activity here] without disrupting those around them.

    • http://Website dieharsh

      true, the main use of tweet/text is to ease boring times lol

    • Sean Riley

      That’s certainly one reason to use twitter/text, but what about if you are walking, driving or sitting on the couch for that matter. Isn’t hitting a single button to record and a second to send easier than typing a full message out?

  • Zeak

    Well, doesn’t work for me..HTC Desire. Force closes..

    • pixeladdikt

      we are currently testing our application on several devices –

      thanks for the feedback