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U.S. Cellular confirms Samsung Acclaim exclusive

Regional carrier U.S. Cellular told us to expect more Android phone launches this year and they just announced a new exclusive device. Revealed via a Facebook wall post, the Samsung Acclaim (R880) is a mid-range Android phone that will feature Android 2.1, a 3.2 inch HVGA display, and full QWERTY keyboard. No pictures were provided, but the Acclaim is said to be quite similar to the Sprint Samsung Moment.

The Acclaim should fit in U.S. Cellular’s lineup nicely next to the upcoming HTC Desire. Customers who want a mid-range phone with QWERTY keyboard can opt for the Acclaim and those who want a high-end Snapdragon phone can pick up the Desire. Both phones are expect to launch in July.

U.S Cellular might be late to the Android party, but at least they showed up with some distinguishing devices.

The Samsung Acclaim joins the HTC Desire on U.S. Cellular.

Source: Facebook

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  • http://Website Mike

    What’s Us cellular ? :)

  • http://Website tk

    Great, even US Cellular is gonna out do t-mobile soon. This is sort of embarassing.

    • Drew

      if soon means now, then you’re correct!

      Seriously, the only phone T-Mobile has to it’s advantage is the pricing for the N1 for those who aren’t in a family plan.

  • http://Website jp2dj1

    At least the mytouch slide is a better phone than this! Com’on T-Mobile bring out the Nexus Two!!!

  • Ken

    I can’t stand vertical sliders! It will be the HTC Desire for this USCC customer.

    PS. T-Mobile can’t get a signal for crap around here anyway.

  • http://Website CrackBrad

    the release date is expected to be july 2nd for these wonderful little devices and if us cellular out tops t-mobile then they will tromple cingular and finaly verizon it will happen maybe not tomorrow or not in the next month but us cellular has soemthing going for them they test all their phones and the customer service is great i have had a phone with them for 4 years and my family has been with them for six!! just wait it will happen

  • http://Website nicole

    worked for us cellular in the past and now currently working for verizon and still own a us cellular phone and will not switch. us cellular is making there way to the top without a doubt. this samsung acclaim in my opinion tho looks like junk… waiting for the HTC desire. never been a a fan of samsung to begin with.