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Verizon confirms Android 2.1 upgrade requires a wipe

The race is on. Which first-generation Android phone will receive an upgrade to Android 2.1 first?

Many thought Sprint would lead off (with all the noise they made), but they have yet to produce. T-Mobile remains fairly quiet, but they could jump ahead to Android 2.2 since Google is in charge of the software for some of their phones.

Today we learn that Verizon has posted the details for the upcoming Android 2.1 upgrade of the Droid Eris. Customers will receive the update over the air (OTA), which is good so customers don’t have to take their phone in to Verizon. Other carriers like Sprint will be release their upgrades over the wire.

Like we predicted, it appears the Android 2.1 upgrade will wipe the internal memory of the phone. Verizon warns customers that they will need to reinstall applications download from the Market (yes, all your paid apps are saved to your account), their contacts will be erased (don’t worry, they are all synced in the clouds), and some phone settings will return to defaults.

The update is mandatory, so customers should start looking at apps to backup their apps (or just redownload them from the Market).

No information was proved on when the OTA update would be available, so it could drop at any time. When Verizon released the information for the Droid 2.1 upgrade, it still took several weeks before they finally pushed it out (but they did have delays).

How do you feel about a software upgrade wiping your phone? I don’t think it is that big a deal and it will benefit most customers by greatly speeding up their phone. However, I can also understand how many unknowing customers might accidentally delete some piece of data.

"You will need to reinstall applications."

Details of Droid Eris 2.1 upgrade are listed below.


  • Pinch-to-zoom is now available when using the Gallery and Google Maps.
  • New support for voice-to-text entry.
  • Whenever a text-entry box appears, simply tap the microphone icon on the virtual keyboard and speak.
  • New Gallery application with 3D layout. View and share photos taken with your phone and images from your online Picasa Web albums.
  • New Leap thumbnail view lets you pinch to jump between the seven panels on your home screen.
  • Additional calendar views and easier access to contacts make navigating even quicker.
  • Google Maps with Navigation provides free, traffic-enhanced, turn-by-turn navigation.
  • With the Enhanced Android Market, you’ll enjoy a better browsing experience as well as even more applications, including Verizon Wireless content featuring self-service applications.
  • Ability to log onto and access multiple Google accounts at once.
  • Support for 19 Microsoft Exchange Server policies makes your phone more secure and business friendly.
  • Desk Clock intelligently dims your screen and displays the current time while charging.
  • Location-based cinematic full screen weather keeps you on top of changing conditions.


  • Free Yahoo! Mail is now supported–simply sign in with your Yahoo! email address and password.
  • Longer battery life due to power savings.
  • Improved YouTube video playback.
  • Better Bluetooth support, including contact transfer.
  • Automatic settings for POP3 email accounts.
  • Added support for stand-alone Wi-Fi when device is in airplane mode.
  • Improved handset audio when disconnecting a wired headset.
  • Faster power-up time.
  • Improved swipe-unlock functionality.
  • Added support for Microsoft Office 2007 documents


Source: Verizon

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  • http://Website nonie

    Can I assume that apps that I paid for will show up somewhere I can reach? I don’t have to pay for them again, do I?

  • http://Website Andy Couch

    Nonie, your market purchases are tied to your Google account. Once you login again, you will be able to re-download all of your previously purchased applications at no additional charge.

    • http://Website Nonie

      Oh, thank you so much! That’s a relief!

  • cobaltleo

    this is pretty awesome. my bud and i just got ours last weeked and the only thing we were not liking about the phone was that it was the older o/s.

  • http://Website dez

    I rooted my Erisa month ago and it does the same as this very late update.

  • Clark Wimberly

    That isn’t a very alarming sounding warning screen. I know if you read carefully it’s pretty much there but it doesn’t scream YOU’RE ABOUT TO ERASE EVERYTHING.

  • eXtorian

    Having to wipe your phone would ABSOLUTELY SUCK. You will have to download and reinstall absolutely every one of your apps (this could be very slow if you only have 2G, and very costly if you don’t have much data allowance), set each of your apps back up exactly how you like them, enter all your credentials (usernames, passwords, etc) in various apps, enter all of your phone settings again (WiFi details, ringtones, bluetooth passcodes, pair all your bluetooth devices, etc), your home background, you will have to recreate all of your icons/shortcuts across all of your homescreens, all of your folders, you will lose all of your high scores and progress through every one of your games, all of the words you’ve added to the dictionary, all your search history in the Market, Browser, apps, etc, all your bookmarks and saved logins in the browser, all of the various types of settings you have in each of your apps (like profiles in Toggle Settings, etc), some apps have LOADS of settings and would take ages to set back up. And all of that is just the stuff I can think of off the top of my head.

    • http://Website Aja

      …. yea, but it’s 2.1

    • http://Website james

      why would you not have enough data? Verizon requires you the buy the 30 dollar data plan. its essentially unlimited. Unless you’re just streaming media all day long.

    • http://Website Sleepycat

      That’s why you need to use a backup app to back up your data and applications. Then you don’t have to deal with those hassles.

  • http://Website Mauricio


    Nexus 2.2!

  • http://Website rob

    Wiping really isn’t that big of a deal. I’m on a rooted G1 and I wipe every time I flash a new ROM. There are apps like MyBackup Pro that will backup your apps and settings. Too bad Titanium is only for us root users. One-click app backup and install is amazing! It’s the only app I install after a fresh flash! As far as those worrying about downloading on 2G, that’s what WIFI is for. Don’t have WIFI at home? Go to your local coffee shop or book store that has free WIFI.

    • eXtorian

      Right, but you’re talking about rooted phones there. OTA updates like this don’t apply to rooted phones. What we’re talking about is people receiving an OTA update that requires the user to wipe there phone. I use My Backup Pro too, but it can’t backup everything unless you’re rooted. As such, wiping is a big deal for non-rooted people.

      • http://Website Aja

        no… he’s referring to your assertion that for those on a 2g network it could take too long to re-download your apps or that if they had a limited amount of data plan that it would eat up their allotment. His suggestion to you was simple and effective. Use your WiFi connection at home or any other million spots between home and work to do those downloads. It has nothing to do with being rooted or not, merely how you get your data. I don’t even have a data plan and I manage.

  • http://Website Benjamin Gage

    How will the over the air update affect rooted 2.1 eris phones? And if it is negatively, should I search for ways to unroot it?

  • JimmyK

    Well said. I have not ever rooted my phone but have done Factory reset several times. I find that there are very few apps that I rely on so much that I need to download them again. I change most apps and setting so often that resetting everything feels much the same as simply playing around with my phone.

    People who use there phones for things like development and other data heavy purposes should already have simple back-up and restore options figured out. Right?

  • http://Website Kim

    I was sure 2.1 came will apps to SD but this article didn’t mention it in the update…will we get it?

    • http://Website Aja

      that’s 2.2 your thinking of

  • http://Website MaxOmus

    Nope, you still got to root to get apps2sd running Kim, and I wouldn’t hold your breath on it going stock anytime soon…

    @ rob, hehe, I think anyone that has had a G1 for any extended period of time pretty much has the backing up & restoring down pat. Wipe smipe, nothing to, but mybackup pro is definately worth it for you, if your running stock and worried about wiping…

  • Yogs3

    I hope my mytouch 3g gets the update. Its an awesome phone, but i really want the update Badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :) ;)

    • http://Website Nithin Jino


      I have the original Mytouch 3G (all versions are rootable)

      Every version of the Mytouch 3G supports CyanogenMod 5.0.7

      You might ask “What is CyanogenMOd 5.0.7?”

      That is a fully functional Android 2.1-update1 ROM.

  • Oskar

    Soo like I was using the appaware right now and came across the speedtest app and noticed some one with a t-mobile slide 3g…mytouch slide 3g?….and the other I also saw someone with a G1 2.1…could it be just someone with a rooted phone?

  • Oskar

    And now I just seen something called t-mobile 2g touch….what is that?

  • http://Website Jon

    Wait, so will those of us who got the 2.1 leak (un-root version) either be able to:
    1) Uninstall it the leak
    2) Be eligable for the OTA update?
    Loads of questions, may the force be with us.

    • http://Website benjamingage

      yeah i have the same question. i know there are ways to get it back to 100% stock but i want to know what the repercussions of rooting your phone to 2.1 then dealing with an OTA update.

  • http://Website Frank

    I’m almost positive the final OTA update will be a higher build than the leak. You’ll be ok. Or I’m sure the official file will be available for download somewhere. v3 of the leak was still buggy so I’d imagine there will be one more final build.

  • http://Website antzga

    When are they gonna make them for other phones?

  • http://Website Davod

    It says you will have to reinstall the Voicemail app….. where does that imply download every app again?

  • http://Website nicknowsky

    If you have the leak installed or have a ROOTED device, you will more than likely need to downgrade or un-root your device. Meaning reinstall the stock firmware that came with the Eris. There are many tutorials on XDA for bringing back your device to factory state. Its not that hard or big of a deal.

  • http://Website ben

    It says clearly that it requires a wipe, which means you will have to re-install All of your apps not just visual voicemail.It completely wipes the phone as though you got it right from the store.App settings however are on the sd card, so they’re safe.Kind of a pain since I have quite a few apps, but it is 2.1.

  • http://Website Robt

    I’m actually not bothered that the update will wipe the phone. I downloaded a crap load of apps that I used once and never again. Now that i know which ones I actually use my phone should be a little less cluttered.

  • http://Website Chad

    I just wish they’d get on with this 2.1 already. Their is going to be 2.2 on devices before 2.1 is even released on these phones. It’s kinda ridiculous. Google and the handset makers and carriers need to figure this part out better…

  • http://Website Matt
  • John y

    I have sony ericsson andoid model x8 which runs on android 2.1……i want to know that can we really extend internal memory or can i root my phone to a higher android version…… Please help me ………… It have a very low internal memory and i have never played a game on it…….