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Verizon’s next Motorola Droid sequel comes out of the shadows

As a tech blogger, I often wonder how new leaks come about. Sometimes they are completely random and surprise us and others feel like they are being controlled by the actual companies about to launch a new device. Either way, get ready for the Motorola Shadow hype machine to go into full gear next month.

Yesterday we got our first look at Verizon’s next phone in the Droid series, codenamed the Motorola Shadow. Now we are to believe that someone conveniently left their prototype phone at the gym and it became front page news on Gizmodo.

The specs of the next Droid are impressive to say the least. It appears Motorola has finally dropped the Texas Instruments OMAP processor and adopted the more popular Snapdragon platform. In addition to a 1 GHz CPU, the Motorola phone sports a 4.3-inch screen, 8MP camera (capable of shooting 720p video), 16 GB internal storage, and HDMI out.

Rumors suggest the Motorola “Shadow” will run Android 2.2 with Motorola’s Motoblur.

We expect new high-end phones to have the latest version of Android, but even more shocking is the possible release date. Gizmodo’s source claims we could see the new Droid as early as June or July. Given the fact that Verizon is already printing out quick-start guides for the new phone, I would say chances are high these rumors come true.

If all of the specs are to be believed, this new Motorola phone will become Verizon’s top Android prize. After playing with the EVO, I can say the 4.3 inch display really makes a difference (coming from 3.7 in) and the HDMI out is a welcome addition. If Motorola actually releases this with FroYo Android 2.2, it will see a noticeable performance improvement over all the HTC Android 2.1 phones still waiting for an update.

Current Droid owners will likely be attached to their physical keyboards, but anyone else looking to upgrade their first-gen Android phone should keep the Motorola Shadow on their short list.

Source: Gizmodo

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  • http://Website Icom

    Thank god Moto decided to go with the 1ghz snapdragon, as opposed to the old TI OMAP processor, and 4.3 inch screen as opposed to the strange 4.1 inch screen (if these specs are the true specs). The 16gig of internal storage is also nice, along with the HDMI port. The only thing that might hold me back from getting this is MOTOBLUR. I don’t want, nor do I need MOTOBLUR. It is terrible UI, and I hope that you have the option to turn it off. But with that said, if it is shipped with 2.2, that could offset the MOTOBLUR thing (especially if you can turn MOTOBLUR off).

    I currently am using the Incredible, and I love it, so it will take a hella device to get me away from it. But again, IF these specs are true, and you can turn MOTOBLUR off, it will be mine.


    • http://Website Brantyr

      This is a rumor not a specsheet, the supposed gym employee may have heard ’1Ghz Ti OMAP 3640′ but understood it as ’1ghz processor – that’s a snapdragon!!!!11one!1′.

      Also the 3640 is a beat, much faster than a snapdragon and has a better GPU too, it would be a huge mistake to ship phones with the roughly snapdragon equivalent 3630 though, hope they don’t do that as other rumours indicate.

      • http://Website sek

        Love the part when the phone was found on a company gym. Could be great if they will explain more about its procs.

        If this is correct (4.3 screen size) then this phone could have the largest screen for all android phones (even larger than Xperia X10)

    • http://Website PixieDust

      Be careful, if you say one negative thing about any Android device, you will get down-ranked like crazy. I don’t understand the people who down-rank here, the man is simply stating that he likes the Snapdragon and hates Motoblur…not sure why that’s such a big problem. Are there huge TI and Motoblur fans that browse these pages? The idiocy of how comments get ranked is getting really ridiculous.

      I just want to know, is it because we are not allowed to say one negative thing about Android? If so, you guys are no better than the Apple cult followers. I thought the whole point about Android is that it’s different? I thought we could hold Google/Moto/HTC/others to a higher standard and grill them if they don’t perform? I’m starting to think some of you Google fans are no better than the annoying Apple fans…

      • http://Website Brantyr

        Completely agreed, there are a lot of people here downranking comments stating people’s opinions or even statements of facts, it would be sad if to see a community like that ruin this site.

  • http://Website garrett

    Pretty impressive specs, but I like my physical keyboard.. using it now.

    Also, if I for some reason wasn’t under contract already for my Droid, I would be waiting for the Tegra 2 phones to be making their debut instead of jumping on the Snapdragon bandwagon.

    • http://Website Icon

      Yeah I understand that, there are a lot of people that don’t want to get rid of their physical keyboards. I actually prefer on-screen keyboards. I had the Droid and loved it, but the physical keyboard wasn’t real good IMO, and all it did was make the phone bigger then I wanted. I am a phone whore, so I will get this, and the Tegra 2 phone(s) when they come out. Anything Android on VZW is mine.


      • http://Website ICON

        Haha. I didn’t realize I had a clone!

        And he doesn’t like physical keyboards? He must be an evil clone!

        And as for those saying they’re faster with their on-screen over my physical keyboard, I have 6+ years (thanks to my Sidekick years) of physical keyboard usage, so bring it on! Granted, the DROID keyobard isn’t the greatest…

    • manhattan

      What’s so good about a slide out key board? I bet you that I can type faster than u with my on screen keyboard. All the slide out keyboard offers is a bulky and heavy phone. I hope they never make another slide out keyboard again!!!!!

      • http://Website dan

        I totally agree with you. Save weight and bulkiness and get rid of the physical keyboard. I love the feeling of the incredible with no physical keyboard. Hopefully they follow the incredible weight wise also.

      • http://Website Herloboy

        I agree about using the on screen keyboard to type. Using shapewriter keyboard on my droid is much faster and with spell check much easier.

        But with the physical keyboard a lot of games especially emulators are much better to play. The droid isn’t that thick so that’s not an issue.

        But keyboard isn’t the major problem its getting the updates in a timely manner.2.1 took a while hopefully they won’t have issues again with that but all these phones with custom interfaces will take much longer. If another super phone like this comes out with stock android I’ll be all over it even without a keyboard

      • http://Website aaron

        If you don’t like physical keyboards don’t buy a phone with one but just because you THINK you can type faster with a on screen keyboard isn’t a reason to never make a phone with a physical keyboard

        • http://Website dan

          The iPhone and nexus one do just fine without a physical keyboard…

    • http://Website Anonymous

      I for 1 dont really care for slide out keyboards too much, tho i do like having the option if i need 1. I generally use my on screen HTC style soft keyboard on both my Droid & Milestone bc its so much easier to use.

      I like using these phones & slide out keyboard phones for another reason… I can slide them open & close and it will turn the screen on for me with the wear & tear of the power or home buttons. They were out way too fast… like my HTC Hero & my old iPhone 3G. The buttons just dont last long enough.

      That is whats holding me back from the Evo. That and the extra $10. I must pay in a non 4G area.

  • http://Website Sergio

    I really hope that the information about the SoC used is false. If they use Snapdragon, then this means a step back and another device to skip.

    OMAP/TI provides way better performance than Snapdragon (you can see the power of PowerVR GPU on many vids on youtube). I hope that they are using the new OMAP chip.

  • http://Website JAG


    This is really nice, I wanna get it now.

    THERE WILL BE A NEW MOTOBLUR!!! Lets see whats next.

  • http://Website yeye2

    Snapdragon device? OH MY GOD, another stepback. ARM procesor just sucks when it comes to multimedia, so dont expect to play any of the new android games as smooth as milestone or Iphone. Powervr gpu is a lot more powerfull that de snapdragon gpu. You can see at youtube with games played on nexus one vs droid. What a loss!

    • http://Website SquirrelWithAGunAtTheZoo

      Never mind the fact that TI’s OMAP series, much like any other smartphone, is based on an ARM RISC design…

  • http://Website Bc

    As for those going from physical to soft keyboard, I had a g1, and now a cliq and use slideit soft keyboard for most everything. Oh, and motoblur….. Sweet. Now for thus darn T-mobile contract to end.

  • Canterrain

    I know what it really is.

    The collective carriers/makers are trying to help us throw off our shut in ways and get us to go out into the light of day with the tantalizing promise of a anticipated new device ‘accidentally left’ somewhere in public.

    Smooth move carriers/makers. Smooth move.

    Also, it’s becoming harder and harder to really differentiate the look of android phones, isn’t it?

  • http://Website alex

    Still waiting for tmobile’s exclusive super phone, the my touch slide looks nice, but i personally ant a full touch my touch, hopefully the “Sidekick Twist” does not have a keyboard,, i think tmobile should get a my touch like this,
    My touch HSPA+(Codenamed HTC Unstoppable)
    *New Sense UI(Expresso) you have the option to turn HTC Sense off
    *1ghz snapdragon
    *Android 2.2
    *Comes in white, red, and black
    *Loads of accessories
    *4.0 inch screen Super AMOLED screen with Atmel maXTOUCH sensors
    *Includes 8/16gb micro SD card expandable to 32gb
    *16gb internal storage
    *Touch Sensitive track pad like the my touch slide
    *Promotes t-mobiles Hspa+
    *3.5mm audio jack
    *Camera/video takes 720p HD resolution
    *Xenon Flash
    *Camera in front 1.3/3mp
    *As slim as the Samsung Galaxy S
    *Pre-loaded with Flash 10.1
    *No qwerty keyboard, default on-screen keyboard is swype
    *My modes
    *Genius Button
    *Faves Gallery
    *7/8 customizable screen
    *Nice Flexible, good looking design appeals to teens/adults
    *Pre-installed with featured apps that are free/paid
    *Mini HDMI output
    *more features

    • http://Website ICON

      ‘Sidekick’ + no physical keyboard ≠ a Sidekick.

      It would be a travesty for them to release a ‘Sidekick’ that doesn’t “kick” in some way to reveal a keyboard. Look at the pathetic Sidekick Slide.

      • http://Website alex

        Lol true then I hope they make a phone for tmobile similar to the phone I wrote

  • http://Website zomygodowned

    This is NOT the droid succsessor this is the motorola shadow the succesor is the droid 2 which will not be running motoblur but stock the android experience as with the current moro droid

    • http://Website Kevin

      I couldn’t agree more. Motorola is going to wait till the holiday season to unveil the real Droid 2 so to maximize sales. The fact that it’s being called the shadow means it is a variation of droid high-end phones, but not the real deal. This phone, while nice, is a last ditch effort to get people to join verizon before the new iphone comes out. Motorola will bring out the big guns this fall for D2

  • McLovin

    No physical keyboard? Forget about it. I’ll wait.

    I think the people who never learned to type in the first place are happy with the lame soft keyboards. They can’t speed type anyways so a little mistake here and there doesn’t bug them.

    But those of us that actually know how to type, pfft, a physical keyboard is the only way to type.

    • http://Website Icon

      Wow really? I type 82 words a minute, and I prefer the on-screen keyboard to ANY physical keyboard. It’s called preference, so you should not be so quick to belittle anybody who disagrees with your opinion.

      “I prefer physical keyboards because…..”

      That is all you had to say, instead of bashing on the millions of people who like “soft keyboards”.


      • http://Website ICON

        While I do agree that he should not bash people who prefer soft keyboards, mine evil clone. I must say…

        82 wpm…on a soft keyboard? This I gotta see. How do you even know you can type 82 wpm when you can only see 10-15 words because that’s all the screen alots when using the soft keyboard? =P

    • http://Website Jon

      I really think that 4.3″ screens are game changers for on screen keyboards. The extra screen real estate will give plenty of room for a great keyboard. If you read the reviews for the Evolution 4G, one of the things you’ll hear is that the on-screen keyboard is just amazing on that phone and many are saying it’s the best on screen keyboard hands down. Afterall it is the HTC keyboard on a larger more comfortable screen.

      I no longer use the Droid physical keyboard and am very jealous of the Incredibles weight or lack there of in comparison with the brick feel of the Droid.

  • http://Website blkrabb1t

    Was forced into getting an Incredible (Verizon early smartphone update promotion that just expired) but would love to pick up this phone instead. And for the record, it will have TI processors (like the Droid)

  • http://Website Dave

    MY two cents on the keyboard issue. I’m very reluctant to let go of my G1 because I love the keyboard. I haven’t found an Android soft keyboard yet that I can use without making a lot of mistakes. I have, however, tried both an Iphone and an Ipod Touch and I can type just fine on those. So I would love to see an Android phone come out with a soft keyboard that is the equal to Apple. Until then I’ll stay with the best physical keyboard out there.

  • blkrabb1t
  • ryandude10

    What happened to Tmobile? TMobile was the original Android Supporter and now, I cant find a single good phone coming out on its bands. Everything is either Sprint or Verizon!

  • sandmanssicjoke

    Looks a bit large for my taste, but still has me intrigued. I do like the physical buttons compared to the touch sensitive ones found on the first Droid. Someone always touches the search, or back key when I try showing them a video or etc.

  • http://Website Kenji O.

    Nice specs! Another 4.3 inch screen – wonder how much bigger screens will get? I’m already thinking I’m going to need a man-purse when I get the EVO… ;)

  • http://Website ede

    The EVO is really not that big. And for what you get? I’ll take function with the size increase over no function and small. True web surfing, picture and video viewing, easy GPS Navigation and drop the physical keyboard. 5″ screen is probably my ideal and would love it!!!

  • http://none joe goode

    I hope Motorola gets serious with this update. If this organization really wants to compete with the iphone then match their text.

    For example, the Iphone text is letters, symboles, and pictures from Japan. So, they combine unicode and emoji with plain text to communicate.

    I would like for them to over take the iphone this year, but the new droid must utilize these programs to update our ability to communicate.

    For the shadow to surpass other android (phones) and Iphone it must include text of the furture.


    Joe goode, Jr.