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What is T-Mobile’s Project Emerald?

What is Project Emerald? A trusted source tells our friend’s at TmoNews that it is a codename for an upcoming smartphone launch on T-Mobile which is said to be a “new Nexus One-like device”. Not many details are provided past that, but it fits in nicely with some other information we recently received.

T-Mobile has been telling the press their HSPA+ network is on schedule to cover more than 100 major metropolitan areas and 185 million people by the end of the year. This is more than the 120 million that Sprint plans to cover with their 4G WiMAX network. They are also touting that their HSPA+ implementation allows customers to “enjoy today’s 4G speeds on existing broadband devices”.

We also know that T-Mobile is planning a HSPA+ handset this year to compete with the Sprint EVO 4G. Project Emerald might very well be that device. T-Mobile has been one of the biggest supporters of Google and HTC and they are long overdue for a high-end Snapdragon type device. HTC is providing Android Snapdragon phones to all the other carriers, so it’s only a question of when for T-Mobile. They do have a Snapdragon device with the HTC HD2 (WinMo 6.5) and the demand was so high it has been sold out since launch.

Finally, I was also passed a tip today that was HTC related. An old reliable source told me to expect a big HTC press event in the U.S. this June. For all we know it could be to celebrate the launch of the myTouch 3G Slide, but HTC doesn’t host their own events that often. Sprint is hosting an EVO 4G event tomorrow, but that’s expected for their biggest launch of the year.

Do I really think T-Mobile will announce an Android superphone next month? Maybe. I think one is needed to fill their high-end customer’s needs, but it looks like the immediate future is reserved for the Slide and Garminfone. A more realistic date for a HSPA+ phone would be late 2010.

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website Tim

    Just hurry up and roll out 3g to my area. EDGE is getting old.

    • http://Website Gina

      If this is not the project scorpion, then what could it be?

  • Ian

    I cant wait any longer, their high end phone has to be near, there is too much of a demand for it to not happen…its just when?

  • http://Website jayy336

    Damn, I just got my nexus one today. Ooo well I’ll keep it seeing as this will be updated much faster than any other android device.

  • http://Website clubtech

    Still 1Mbps download speed all over the SF Bay Area….i would not call this HSDPA…not to mention HSPA+
    First fix your coverage, then fix your speeds and then release press releases, T-Mo…

    • Drew

      As far as I know, HSPA+ is only available in Philadelphia so far.

  • Brian Douglas Hayes

    Based on T-Mobile’s track record with offering totally awesome, drool-worthy phones, I’m betting “Project Emerald” is… a green BlackBerry Pearl. :(

    • http://Website pimpstrong


    • http://Website Name (required)

      ROFL!!! When you said “track record for drool worthy phones” i was hovering over the “rate down” button. LOL HAHAHA. You are so right. +1

    • http://Website getting tired of waiting 4 tmo

      You cannot be anymore right.

      I see so much hype and hopes about this and I really don’t mean to be an ass or a jerk but I’ll be ROLF LMAO when details are revealed because I know it’ll be very disappointing like everything else tmo’s been throwing at us lately.

      I mean, Sprint gets EVO 4G and we get HD2 running on Windows 6.5, can you say WTF???

      Everybody else except AT&T is showing of really cool Android handsets and tmo pulls out the “Mytouch Slide”, are you serious??

      Not holding my breath on “Project Emerald”.

  • http://Website Jon J

    Take this for what its worth.. I was told “dont blog about it’. A relatives significant other told me that same phone your hinting about is the Slide, This goes against everything ive read on the internet but I cant call him a fool. I dont know his exact position but he works with or for HTC and he tests phones on two seperate carriers.I know people are gonna give me crap for posting this type of rumor but when it happens i’ll feel justified,

  • Christopher Chavez

    Yeah… I don’t want to sound like a negative nancy but I really don’t think any new “Super Phones” will be coming out from T-Mobile in the immediate future.

    I am almost positive that will be reserved for the Mytouch Slide (seeing how hard the pushed with Mytouch 3G with commercial and print ads).

    I’m sure T-Mo feels like the Nexus One can hold over the high end user base til then..

    I am just completely on the fence and seriously considering going over to Sprint for the Evo (hesitating cuz of CDMA)

    But with this news and rumors of an HSPA ANDROID phone coming to T-Mo this year… Well, maybe the Slide can hold me over til then =)

    Impatiently Waiting,

  • Christopher Chavez

    Oh, and I just REALLY hope T-Mobile doesn’t screw the pooch on this one and release a Windows Mobile 7 phone as their flagship HSPA device >=(

    • http://Website Name (required)

      Chris, I think we can pretty much guarantee they’ll screw the pooch. If you look at all their recent business decisions they’re pretty lost when it comes to the hardware marketplace:

      1) Release a MT3G with no audio jack to compete with the Hero
      2) Release the MT Slide to compete with the Incredible and Evo
      3) Release the HD2 with a glitchy WinMo interface
      4) Release a Garmin phone from 2008 priced at $199, the same price as an HD2 or Incredible
      5) Most likely release the MT Slide at $199 while Verizon launches a similar LG device for $99 (half ram, i know)
      6) Watch in horror as Tmobile launches a Windows based Zach Morris cell phone on their HSPA+ network.

      • http://Website getting tired of waiting 4 tmo

        lol my butt off at #6

        prolly the closest to reality :-(

  • Yogs3

    I hope they either release the desire or a great 1ghz snapdragon processor with a 3.7 or higher. Android 2.1 or 2.2 dont care and hspda and something to rival the iphone

    • http://Website Kiron

      You mean a Nexus 1? Its been out since January….

  • Yogs3

    Iphone 4g should be awesome. Come on Tmo
    Get some good phones!!!!!1111

    Is it that hard. Verizon does it all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yogs3

    Dont rely on the mytouch 3g slide.
    Thats horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get something extrodinary like the incredible.

  • http://Website Geniusdog254

    If HTC is hosting their own event it must be pretty huge.

    The last event I remember them putting on on their own to announce a device was the one where they announced the Hero & the new Sense UI for Android & WinMo

    • http://Website Jimmy13

      Well The MyTouch Slide is a similar release in the way that they are releasing a new custom UI overlay like the hero had.

  • z0phi3l

    Get used to VK, those antiques with physical keyboards are dying off, just not fast enough

  • http://Website PimpStrong

    Man I’m with you 90%. -10% because I have a TP2 and not a G1. I’ve only had my TP since August so I couldn’t imagine how you origional G1 owners must feel. It’s like watching Android go from 0 – 60 in 2.1 seconds. I’m guessing they didnt make the make the MTSlide a superphone because they are planning a VERY super Faster Fast Internet phone in the near future. After all, lets say the HD2 was the EVO instead, 6 months later we’re all mad because a HSPA+ version is coming out…

  • http://Website ObsceneJesster

    I’m hoping it’s the Samsung Galaxy S. That phone is more powerful than any other phone available or planned to release this year. I never thought I would be saying this but the new Touchwiz UI looks insanely awesome.

    • Markinct

      I have been lusting after the Sammy Galaxy S since it was announced – even if some of it’s UI is a little too iPhoney for me.

      • http://Website J.C.

        The only thing i don’t like about the Samsung Galaxy “S” is that it does not incorporate an LED or Xenon Flash. Other than that, it’s a great smart phone.

        • Uncemister

          Agreed, for me, its flash or nothing

  • http://Website yoda

    Tmo is getting a “game changer” from Samsung.

  • Markinct

    Don’t forget the hype and speculation that surrounded T-Mo’s “Project Dark”…. after weeks of blog posts, tweets and rants we got… a new pricing strategy.

    • http://Website getting tired of waiting 4 tmo

      Don’t thin it’ll be anything better this time.

  • http://Website Jbc

    HTC Desire!!!

    One can dream :)

  • g.isreal

    all i want is a slimmer g1 with updated hardware………maybe a 3.4 screen

    • http://Website TechnoSTIG

      Then you my friend want the mytouch slide

  • http://Website fatscooter

    I swear the headline picture for another post with news on this has to be something like Rayquaza from Pokemon Emerald or something like Emerald Nuts :P

  • http://Website bubbles says

    I have no faith in t mobile. It will problably be a blackberry or some cheesy device. I do not see them getting a high end device, look how many versions of the mytouch they have, ugh. I going to Sprint for tge holy grail, evo.

  • http://Website John

    Dell Streak anyone?

    • http://Website George

      That’s what I’m waiting for …………..DELL STREAK ( mini 5)

  • http://Website Hans

    From what I know, no manufacturer has made a new 5 row QWERTY keyboard phone. Maybe that’s why T-Mobile, nor any other US carrier, hasn’t gotten one?

  • Dee

    part of me is curious…part of me is impatient.
    maybe they are gonna activate the nexus one as a HSPA device? googles always going on about its “secrets”. however even if they do get a new device, will it be able to compete? i mean the Evo is going to be the android phone to beat when it comes out, and the only company that can beat the HTC Evo is….HTC lol sooooooo? idk, im kinda done with t-mobile and their mediocrity.

  • Yogs3

    I agree with Dee your right

  • Yogs3

    If they think the mytouch slide is a nexus one like phone, then they’re crazy!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Nick Pappagorgio

    I think every body wants T-Mo to get more agressive with Android. Yes, there is the N1 but that IS NOT T-Mo’s phone. And very few people want to shell out $500 just to keep there plan. T-Mo has to hit one out of the park and soon. There are too many people that want a T-mobile branded superphone. They have to hear the rumblings. Don’t they?????

    If they don’t come correct by the end of June I don’t know what I’ll do. I’m kinda torn. Spend $400+ ($200 to break contract + $200 for new phone) or just go ahead and plunk down the $500+ for the N1.

  • serialtoon

    I have a feeling that “Project Emerald” is going to be the Samsung Galaxy S. The backplate of the phone is a green emerald color.

  • http://Website muchoon

    Perhaps the elusive Motorola Motoroi? Apparently it was approved for T-Mobile in January.

  • http://Website Daniel

    I used to think the same way you do when I owned my G1, then I finally broke down and bought a Nexus One… I’ll never go back to a hardware keyboard again!

    Virtual keyboards are just as good as hardware keyboard, maybe even better because the keys are bigger. A lot of people who have never used a VK complaint about the lack of feedback or physically feeling a key, but that is not the case because you can set the device to give a short vibration on every key press (at least on the nexus). This gives you a good indication you pressing something, or that you’ve accidentally pressed more keys then you intended.

    Yes, using a VK took a few days to get comfortable with, but so did a 5-row hardware keyboard at first! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate hardware keyboards. I loved my G1, but the extract weight and thickness that comes along with a hardware keyboard just isn’t worth it.

    So for me, it is virtual keyboards from now on…. At least until I can control a phone with mind power!

  • http://Website frank

    I agree, and will do the same!

  • http://Website AliceCuriosue

    I’m sorry to ask a silly question, but this article says that HTC has provided a snapdragon device to every carrier but T-Mobile. But HTC made the Nexus One and that is a T-Mobile snapdragon device, right?

    • orginn

      technically htc has put out a snapdragon device for every u.s carrier, but for tmo the htc hd2(winmo phone) which is selling more than the droid incredible, i work for tmo and its been on back order for awhile cant say that about droid incredible, but dont get me wrong i’m a fandroid for life

      • http://Website Jayson

        What smart phone with a snapdragon processor can I get for AT&T that HTC makes? I mean if nobody is going to count the Nexus One for T-mobile then it shouldn’t be counted for AT&T.

  • http://Website zedklind

    emerald looks like its the Samsung Galaxy S.

    the scorpion looks more like the tegra 2 device.. we’ll see..

  • http://Website tmo-emp

    the sad thing about all this is, t-mobile will see all these negative comments, and others from forums, about how t-mobile is slow, puts out outdated devices, talks the 1st rate company talk yet walks the 4th rate company walk, are always behind other carriers, are always behind other carriers, are always behind other carriers, are always behind other carriers, and they’ll put out a badass device that blows everyone away thinking, ‘hah! look at all those people who thought we were gonna screw the pooch!’ instead of, ‘hmm, maybe we should look into these valid concerns about our company.’ we will always be a 4th rate company. our marketing and customer commitment sucks.

  • http://Website dan

    Project emerald…. green…. saving green! Must be a new pricing plan…. that’s like all of us g1 users running to tmo and falling on our face before we hit the door. All this hype for… nothing. They are so far behind with anything, meanwhile they were the first with android. Htc and tmo needs to show us g1 users some love

  • http://Website RichardFL

    I’ll wait for the T-Mobile super phone by Samsung to go a long with a Samsung 55″ LED television with built-in Google TV ;-). One can only dream.

    I love the HTC Evo 4G, but as far as smartphones go, a 3.7 or 4 inch is the sweet spot. a 4.3 screen size is too big and not practical for a “phone”. Apple almost go it right. They should of expanded the iPhone 4 to be a 3.7-incher.

  • http://Website Mr. T-Mobile aka Android Pheen

    T-Mobile has gotten a lot of back lash recently with questions about their new phones and network. I work for comcast and I have T-Mobile, personally I love T-Mobile the customer service is always on point and I fell in love with their Side kick line.

    As I said I work for comcast and twice a year we have a all hands on meeting. In the meeting earlier this year they announced that we partnered with T-Mobile building out fiber for their towers. With that said they are coming out with a lot of impressive phones in the near future before the end of 2010. I know that their HSPA speeds are going to be incredible! Currently comcast offers internet speeds of up to 100mbps so just imagine whats to come in the future with T-Mobile also Comcast has launched cell phones so I dont know if the partnership we have with T-Mobile is going to include plans that can be bundled with Comcast services in the near future or not. But think of the possibilities.

    I’m almost positive that Project Emerald is going to be the new begginning for the Side kick line and it is going to be made by HTC so you know what that means for the Android fans. Also the HTC vision is going to be the first HSPA phone launched for T-Mobile and then Project Emerald following a few months after.

    I believe T-Mobile is def gonna be put back on the map with a super phone that will compete with the upper tier smart phones that Verizon, Sprint and ATT have. I mean really their was a point when HTC phones were kind of falling off and T-Mobile actually put HTC partnered with Google right back on the map when they launched the G1 which was the first HTC/Google/Android venture so I would think they would want to honor the provider that put them right back in contention.

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