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Zeemote JS1 controller demoed with Quake 3

The guys from Zeemote emailed me last year asking if we knew any Android developers that might be interested in adding support for the JS1 Bluetooth controller. It took them awhile, but Zeemote finally released their Android SDK which allows devs to take advantage of analog control and navigation by integrating support for the JS1 controller.

First person shooter games are the perfect titles to utilize the analog controls and a developer from the UK was able to get the Zeemote JS1 working with the Quake 3 port from our Android Bounty. A quick video after the jump shows the game in action.

Zeemote claims that existing Android applications can be adapted in a matter of hours, but it’s hard to justify support when we don’t know how many controllers are out there. Amazon does not sell the JS1 but I was able to find it on Best Buy’s online store for $39.99.

Useful accessorie or gimmick? Would you be willing to spend $40 on a wireless controller for you Android phone?

Via: Phandroid

Source: YouTube

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  • http://Website jrbourque

    That’s pretty cool… I might have to pick one of those up

  • http://Website Austin

    40 dollars for a joystick that doesn’t seem very natural? Pass.

  • http://Website Brandon

    Couldn’t we just use a wiimote plus there are attachments like classic controller and nunchuck

  • Healthy

    considering that a bunch of new phones are coming with HDMI outs means that a wireless controller is useful for more than just games. (and of course awesome for games too). i hope that more devs take advantage of stuff like this.

    i want to see someone to hack up one of the JS1 controllers to map other controllers (snes) into their protocol.

    • http://Website cloud858rk

      It already works with Snesoid, actually.

  • Mike Leahy

    I’ll go with gimmick until it can circle strafe or price is cut in half. It’s just a matter of time until any bluetooth wireless controller can be paired and away we go and there are many other controllers that are more game friendly though perhaps slightly larger than a Zeemote. Though if you got space to lug around a Zeemote likely you can carry any other controller too.

  • http://Website alex

    why not just add support for xbox 360, and ps3 controllers? that would be awesome, more poeple might buy android phones if it was like that, i would use my ps3 controller=)

  • http://Website chris

    I know android is an amazing os, and there is a lot of room for growth, but no matter what it does, its still a cell phone. Is there really a need to carry around a game controller just to play a video game on a cell phone?

  • http://Website MooQ

    No its not just a cellphone! Its a pocket sized linux computer.

  • Ryan Cullen

    Only £10.99 in the UK from MyMemory, which makes it affordable.
    Do I get one…..?

  • Mike

    Only if it was a pocketable SNES like controller with built in bluetooth (and maybe a re-chargeable battery)…