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Homerun Battle 3D: Touch ‘em all with this homerun derby slugfest

I like to throw my biases on the table before I really get into anything, so here goes. I am a huge baseball fan. I love absolutely everything baseball. In fact, I had to drag myself away from MLB 10: The Show long enough to sit down and write this review. What was I doing while I was writing the review? Watching my Twins take on the Baltimore Orioles.

Through a few reader and AAM staff suggestions, I came across a gem called Homerun Battle 3D, and haven’t been able to put it down since. Homerun battle 3D turns you into a steroid-laden homerun hitting machine and challenges you to…well…hit as many homeruns as you can. The game is basically one huge homerun derby, offering both singleplayer and online two-player baseball-clobberin’ action.

The local/single player  game offers arcade and classic mode. Arcade mode challenges you to get as many points as you can, with hits and homeruns alike counting toward your point total. Classic mode features conventional home run derby rules for all you traditionalists out there. In classic mode, only homeruns count toward your total, and the goal is to hit as many as possible.

Single player mode is great and all, but multi-player/matchup mode is where this game really shines. Matchup mode pits you in arcade mode against an opponent who is similarly ranked. Each player has a status bar that is filled up each time you make contact with the ball. Homeruns are worth more of course, but everything counts. First one to fill their status bar wins. It’s that simple, and it’s that addictive.¬†I played through about 15 games before I realized I probably needed to get back to work.

The game also features unlockable content that allows you to customize your character with facial hair, sunglasses, cleats, jerseys, and many other things you’d expect in a baseball game. Though it may be trivial and unnecessary, the ability to customize your character when beating the snot out of some opponent is pretty cool.

The controls are very easy to learn. Simply tilt your phone up/down/left/right and a glowing bat moves around the strike zone. Tap anywhere on the screen to swing and watch the ball fly out of the park.


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Shows off what Android is capable of for gaming
  • Great game for any baseball lover
  • Very easy and well put together controls


  • Matchup mode doesn’t offer classic mode.
  • Game is huge at 20MB! Basically requires AppsToSD for you 1st gen users.

Final Verdict:

If you love baseball, you need to get this game. Homerun Battle 3D is currently available for $4.99 on the Android Market. Want to try before you buy? A free version is also available.

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  • Clark Wimberly

    One of my favorite Android games of all time.

    The other night I was at a party I let a friend try it and I lost my phone for the better part of an hour. This game is so addicting it’s not even funny.

    • Anthony Domanico

      Yeah I seriously was testing it so I could get a good feel of all the features for the review, went into matchup mode and looked up about an hour later. It’s definitely addicting and very easy to lose track of time.

      • Clark Wimberly

        Haha, yeah, with the quick rematch feature one more game turns into twenty real quick.

  • http://Website WilhelmR

    Agree, really fun game, nice graphics, and most of the time, no network issues.

    What kills this game for me, is the price of the items. Up to $20 for some clothing…. and that’s for a game that already cost $5…

    Fun game, greedy company.

    • Clark Wimberly

      Where are you paying for unlockable content? I didn’t even know that was part of the game. I’ve just been unlocking everything with gold balls.

      • JDuverge

        The paid unlockable content is in the iPhone version.

        • Clark Wimberly

          Pffft. Lazy iPhoners. I was starting to wonder how some players had every major upgrade…

          • bigdtt01

            `thats not true i have an EVO and I have clothes that you have to pay for and they are expensive makes me not want to play the game anymore

  • JDuverge

    I’ve been in love with this game for months. Me and my brother-in-law play multiplayer mode all the time (me on my Nexus One and him on the iTouch) and the best part is how much nicer it looks and runs on my phone :D Only downside is that the iTouch/iPhone version is updated more frequently and currently has some features that we Android users don’t have as of yet.

  • http://Website Dave K

    How about when doing reviews, you say what versions of Android the game works for? This doesn’t even show up in the Android Market for me on a 1.5 device.

    • Anthony Domanico

      Thanks for the tip. Apparently this app is not available on Android 1.5. No worries though, 2.1 should be coming for many 1.5 devices very soon. The Com2US website doesn’t mention that, although they don’t even acknowledge having an Android app to my knowledge.

      Either way, I will leave a note for Clark/Taylor to add that to the review. Thanks again for pointing that out.

      • Anthony Domanico

        Scratch part of that, the com2US website does acknowledge an Android version, but does not mention version limitations.

  • http://Website geekosphere101

    Go twins! Very fun game.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    I wish they would update it to match the latest iPhone version.

  • http://Website Eman

    I used to play this a long time ago, when I had my helio. :) haha

  • http://Website Jeff

    I love the fact that you can play against people with Iphones and beat them.

  • Canterrain

    Want to be careful with this game. I’m familiar with it from the iPhone, and wanted to give it a go on my Hero rooted to 2.1. but the Hero just apparently isn’t powerful enough, as the game force closes at every temp to get past the start screen.

    I had one rom that almost ran it, but it was so jittery I couldn’t actually hit the ball.

    On the iPhone version at least, some of the unlockables actually make you a better hitter. Bats, gloves, and some other items give you greater strength/accuracy/etc.

  • http://Website tony

    hey i cant find the game in my market i have the motorola cliq someone help me get it

  • http://Website Micah

    I’m having a hard time finding it on the market. I have a Motorola backflip and it says the game doesn’t exist. Help please??

  • http://Website N1

    Can’t find on market as well nexus 1

  • http://Website M0nterrey

    Certainly one of the best games of all times for mobile devices. I have been playing it non stop since i got it two months ago, even thou i don’t have the latest update, (because it hasn’t come up yet for droids) i think i’m doin’ pretty good, right now i am ranked 91…. a seriously addictive game.

    I don’t even follow a baseball team, but this game rocks, do not hesitate and get it, it’s worth it.

  • http://Website Chris J

    Can anyone help me find this game for my HTC Hero? Tried AppStoreHQ but wasn’t able to download.

  • http://Website Tripplehorn

    where are the cheat codes for this ****

  • http://Website Abid

    Hello guyz.
    I have been playing the trial version on my android phone from some tme now and havnt got bored yet. Infact now i want to purchase th full version as its soo addictive. But surprisingly i cant find the full version on the market. The purchase option within the gmae odoesnt work as well. Any clue?

  • http://Website Ulrik

    I as well can’t find the full version on the market. Why is that? Somebody please help me.

  • 22bgd

    how can i download this games?? :| plsz somebody help me

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