May 04 AT 10:51 PM Eric Weiss 16 Comments Save your green while on the go is one of the best tools for keeping track of your finances online but using the site on your phone has not been easy. It makes use of many internet technologies that bring the standard Android Browser to a crawl (and throws up several warnings and error messages), hardly handy for checking your balance when you are out on the town. Now, has finally released an official Android app.

After signing up and setting up your profile on the main website you are ready to go. Simply logging into the app with your username and it syncs your account information. On the main screen you can see your total cash, total debt, alerts, your monthly budget, and your cash flow displayed as a bar graph. Tapping on Accounts brings up your full listing of bank accounts, credit cards, properties, loans, etc. Detailed information on transactions are a few taps away and by tapping on each transaction you can set tags and write notes on each.

Unlike the website there are no links to promotions and no access to the Planning and Trends sections. This is a good thing. It gives you just what you want in a mobile app, quick access to your accounts when and where you want. The user interface is, to put it succinctly, gorgeous. Everything is clean, clear, and smartly laid out. Anyone can figure out how to use this app the second they pick it up.

Three great features are hidden within the apps Settings. Global Search Access allows your transactions to be accessed from your Quick Searches on the phone. Live Folder Access allows you to create a Live Folder on the home screen called “ Recent Transactions” that shows you your last several transactions quickly. Clicking on any transaction opens up more details. Finally, App Widget Access allows you to place a 4×2 widget showing your Cash and Debt totals as well as a refresh button. You can really access all the power of the app without ever truly opening the app.

Security has always been a priority with and that carries over to their app. You can set the app to require a user name and password every time it is started. Obviously having Global Search, the Live Folder and the Widget accessible after turning them on in settings is an important security layer. If you lose your phone you can deactivate the app via the website which logs the app out and deletes all the cached information stored on your phone. Also, within the app your account numbers are never shown so someone peaking over your shoulder or quickly “borrowing” your phone can’t get access to your account information.

On the downside the widget takes up a lot of  unnecessary real estate. It really could be a 4×1 or 3×1 widget. At 4×2 I don’t think many people will use it. Also, for the purpose of this review I added loans and property to my account to see how the app shows them. I them removed them from the website but 45 minutes later the app still showed them. I had to log out (which crashed the app) and log back in for the app to reflect the removals. This isn’t a huge deal as removing accounts is an action that will rarely be done and logging out and back in isn’t a problem.

I’ve been using or over a year now and I love it. And now I think I like the mobile app even more. It is very intuitive (fitting since Intuit does own and streamed lined. Definitely more than I expected and well worth the wait.

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  • http://Website Inspiron41

    i like mint for android. i makes me think twice about my spending and categorize my spending too. 2 thumbs up!

    btw i love all these new applications for android. Android gets better each day :)

  • fabien

    to bad mint is for us bank only
    there is not a single bank supported in france

    • http://Website Daniel

      Indeed. sounds awesome, I wish I could use it. Have they announced any kind of plans of going international?

  • Jeremiah

    This is a winner for me. I’m bleeding cash every which way and I’ve been waiting for them to come out with a Mint app!

  • http://Website beoba

    Be careful, if Mint (or their backend partner Yodlee) gets hacked and someone steals all your account info, their terms say that they’re only liable for $250.

    They say they’re secure, but that’s not a good sign.

    • http://Website beoba

      Correction: $500.

      Just do a text search for “500″ here:

    • Clark Wimberly

      Honestly I’ve never felt totally comfortable giving my financial logins to a 3rd party. I’m sure Mint is totally respectable and takes precautions but in the end the fewer parties with access to that info, the better.

    • Clark Wimberly

      I wish Mint would launch stronger features for those just looking to use the app to budget, track, etc. Not specifically tied to and always updated financial accounts, just tools I can work into my own flow in my own way.

      • Chi-Ming @ EEBA

        I share some of the same concerns with handing out financial account information (I’ve never been able to get myself to sign up for Mint given that it can’t do anything unless you give it your usernames and passwords) and the same desires for an app that is, at its core, organized around budgeting and tracking.

        As a result, we’ve been working on an app targeted toward proactive budgeting, called the Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA for short). 4 1/2 stars in Market.

        Based on the envelope budgeting method that seems to be back in vogue now (put cash in envelopes, only spend out of those envelopes, stop before you run out), EEBA is proactive rather than reactive. You plan what you’re going to spend before you spend it rather than report on what you’ve spent after it’s too late.

        Unlike a lot of personal finance management tools on Market, the Android app syncs to multiple phones and the website (which is also mobile-web optimized for the Android- challenged) allowing you to share a budget with your spouse / housemate(s).

        Account transaction upload features are in dev right now and expected to roll out in the near future, but the app already has a lot of the key features: transaction search, envelope-to-envelope transfers, split transactions, true no-cell-signal transaction entry and syncing, etc.

        EEBA’s free. Give it a try!

      • http://Website CNCN

        @Clark Wimberly: Perhaps you should try EasyMoney. I am currently using it and it is by far the BEST finance app to track your spendings because they have good budget settings, recurring bill reminders, detailed reports etc. Worth trying!

        • http://Website Danielle

          I’m using EasyMoney! I’m not exactly comfortable with sharing my finance info with others but yet want to keep track of my spendings and EasyMoney is the solution to my dilemma.

  • http://Website AnonCow

    It just a few days using Mint, wifey and I went from having no budget and accounts scattered all over to having a finely tuned budget, centralized all of our banking, got a notification that kept us from getting a late fee, and eliminated our ATM fees. All this had been on our “to do” list for years.

    Amazing! I want to hug the Mint team.

  • http://Website Chriw

    The app is very nice but it does not update unless you go on the website outside of the app so kind of pointless. Hopefully they update the app to address this issue.

    • http://Website Thomas Brown

      I could not agree more. Really upsets me.

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  • http://Website Jean

    @CNCN: I think easymoney is really good too! The nicest interface, links photos to the transaction, automatic backup, good support etc.