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Oldest Android firmware still the most popular

Its growth appears to have stalled, but Android 1.5 is still the most widely used firmware version for devices that access the Android Market. Google’s latest platform version breakdown comes only weeks after the latest report which was their first since the Droid received Android 2.1.

The newest firmware Android 2.1 jumps up to 32.4% of devices, while Android 1.6 dropped to 29.4%, and Android 1.5 was down to 37.2%. Even though Android 2.1 might not be the leader, it was the only version to increase while the others fell.

This report should look drastically different next month as many first generation phones upgrade to Android 2.1. It looks like Android 2.2 will be coming as well, so we might return to four major versions for a period of time.

Finally, it is interesting to note that only 0.6% of devices remain on Android 2.0.1. These are Droids that have not been upgraded to Android 2.1, but Motorola should be proud they achieved such a high rate updates. A recent leaked document from Sprint revealed that up to 90% of their Samsung Moment’s were running a non-current software version.

Android 2.x continues to grow.

Source: Android Developers

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  • Dylan Andersen

    Yeah, we’re getting there………… slowwwwwwlyyyyyyyyyyy.

  • Eric Caron

    I’m not sure you’re using the word “popular” correctly:-) I’m using an HTC Hero, and other words come to mind when thinking about how long I’ve been waiting for something post-Cupcake…

    • http://Website Black Kristos

      Exactly what I was going to say. There is nothing “popular” about being essentially stuck on 1.5 if root isn’t an option.

    • Dave H.

      Agreed! This OS fragmentation is frustrating.

  • http://Website Daniel

    What about worldwide Milestones? Have they all (or at least most of them) been updated to 2.1 already, or are they so insignificant that together they account for less than 1% of total use?

  • DistortedLoop

    I don’t think it’s fair to use the term “popular” as in the headline for this post: “Oldest Android firmware still the most popular.”

    Being the most widely used doesn’t mean it’s the most “popular”. Popular implies it’s what the people like. For most of those phones still on 1.5 or 1.6 it’s because they have no choice to upgrade the firmware. How many of them would if they could upgrade?

    Contrast this to Windows OSs. XP is still the most popular even though most users could upgrade to Windows Vista, but they chose not to. XP was more popular because it was perceived as “better” than the upgrade. You don’t really think that’s the case with users on Android 1.x?

  • sregister

    once tmo pushes 2.1 (2.2???) OTA a lot of those 1.6 devices are going to move up, making it really android 1.5 and 2.1 (or 2.2) the two main players. Thanks to att pushing out their crap phone, i’m guessing that the 1.5 market share is still going to be present, maybe even a year from now.

  • Demi Adejuyigbe

    Isn’t 1.0 technically the oldest?

  • http://Website Lookin Androidawg

    Looking at website with mt3g running 2.1. Not seeing mobile format.

  • http://Website Bubbles loves cupcakes

    Bubbles loves cupcakes, but I love Eclairs a lot more.

  • http://Website Richard

    We would update if the carriers would push it out to us!

  • JimmyK

    I think this is surprising. Every Android user I know can’t wait for the next update. Maybe it’s because I keep proselytizing all things Android and make them anxious for it.

  • http://Website kathi17

    Yeah, if 1.5 was the most popular, there wouldn’t be so many of us with rooted phones! I’m running Cyan’s latest Eclair on my G1, and have been running other eclairs for months now.

    It really surprises me that some companies are still releasing phones with 1.5 though. 1.6 was so much better, and had cool features like Google Navigation. There is no excuse for not at least releasing with 1.6 IMO. Some of these companies are really lame. 1.6 has been out for a long time, and if the devs on XDA can do it, then large companies certainly should be able to.

  • http://Website Kim

    I have a HTC Eris and I’m pretty sure they forgot my update. 1.5 really? I love my phone, so I hope they hurry. : (

  • http://Website ROb

    I’ve had all versions of AndrOid but my true luv is and will always be 2.x or hiigher. Its a shaame the updating progress is so inconsiistant. I understand the hadware limitations on some android devices. But I don’t understand why handsets that DO support the new 2.1 s/w haven’t been updated. Its just unfortunate that its being delayed. Its like ur deviice is being held back of its true potential by not allowing it to floriish with 2.1 its that awesome. Can’t waait for my 2.2 update. Thank you for changing my liife GOogle..oh u too N3XU5, hehe*

    AndrOid fO life!! xD

  • http://Website skooal

    Not very popular, but do we have a choice. By the way, I’ve received an email from HTC saying (I have a hero) : “I can confirm that the update has been pushed back till the first of June” hopefully this will be it…

  • Prince77

    How can they sit here and say Android 1.5 is the most popular, it’s not like we can just buy the new firmware. You guys at Android and Me, need to change the title of this article. You are making it seem like everyone that is still on Android 1.5 still has it because they want it? It is some straight up BS how they choose to release brand new phone with this old azz out dated firmware. I don’t want to hear ant excuses. They have all the technology be build these new phones then they need to take a little more time and put the most up to date firmware on them before they are released.

  • Steven Jones

    With the way support for the Samsung Galaxy is going in the UK, I’ll be on 1.5 until my contract is up and I can get a phone from a company that actually embrases the idea of Android being a system users WANT to update easily.

  • smithey253

    I gave my Hero up due to the such long wait HTC have been putting us through.

    If they got their move on with the new firmware updates, I’m sure there would be far less people on 1.X firmwares and far more on 2.X builds

  • kruze

    I think this publication is written just to annoy once more all the HTC Hero users, which are FORCED to run this Android last century a.k.a. 1.5

  • http://Website DannyB

    Not the most Popular. Just the biggest installed base.

    That’s like saying Windows is the most “popular” OS just because the largest number of people use it. Or that IE is the most popular browser.

    By that reasoning, Death and Taxes are extremely popular!

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  • http://Website Milkha

    Any clue when 2.2 will be out?….my company’s wireless network cannot link using 2.1…well that’s what I was told…