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ESPN ScoreCenter: Your Android home for all things sports

ESPN is by far the most recognized name in sports. Until this month, ESPN’s presence on the Android platform has been limited to a few knock-off applications that have not filled the void the lack of ESPN has left for us sports lovers.  Fear not, my athletic (or athleticism-appreciating) brethren, the excruciating wait is over…sort of.

On June 15th, ESPN announced the release of the ESPN ScoreCenter application for Android. The ScoreCenter application does…well…exactly what you would expect given the title, making scores and live game information available to you right from your Android device.

Though it feels a bit “Appley,” the user experience is fairly pleasant, with widget-like menus with such items as top events featuring scores from a wide array of sports to specialized menus of your favorite sports created from the teams you choose in the “my teams” menu. Each sport gives you an up to date look at the inning and current scores, and clicking on the game you want more information on takes you to the ESPN mobile web gamecenter. The mobile web features pitch-by-pitch (or play-by-play) updates refreshed every 15 seconds or so as well as some detailed information on key players (pitcher and hitter since this is baseball season).

Overall, the application feels like it belongs to the ESPN name. Though it’s just a fair looking front for ESPN’s mobile web, I feel this app will soon be on any sports fan’s must have application list as it is by far the best multi-sport integration to date. It was, at least, enough to win me over from using SportsTap to supplement my MLB At Bat experience.


  • Clean UI that is customized to your sporting preferences
  • Mutliple tabs to feature multiple sports
  • Mobile web has play-by-play detail with bonus detailed player information
  • Widget to remind you of upcoming games
  • Free!


  • UI feels like a direct iPhone port, which will be a turn off for some.
  • Basically just a front for ESPN’s mobile web, which although isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, it leaves something to be desired. (Maybe I’ve been spoiled by At Bat 2010).
  • I’ve suffered from multiple force closes and lag in the application. This could be because I’m running rooted Froyo FRF72, but I can safely assume that others are having this problem as well.

Bottom Line: If you’re a sports fan in any way, shape, or form, this will be a key addition to your Android repertoire. Though it may not replace those specialized sporting applications, it is sure to contend with the likes of Scoreboard and SportsTap for top overall sporting application.

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  • http://Website andrew

    this app doesnt even come close to Score Mobile…Score Mobile is by far the best sports app around…hands down.

    • http://Website andrew

      ” as it is by far the best multi-sport integration to date.” that is a joke and you know it dude…I cant say it enough that scoremobile blows this app out of the water…and it integrates just as many sports but way faster smoother nicer and just overall a better experience. this espn app is pretty much a joke

      • http://Website Sizzler

        See the problem I have with Score Mobile is that sure I can star my favorite teams, but it lacks the ability to show me only information about my teams. I have to shift through the entire league or wait for the widget to show me everybody’s score updates which to me is a pain in the rear. I just want to see the teams I care about. At least SportsTap gets this right but lately it has been FC like it’s nobody’s business. Just read the SportsTap reviews, I’m not the only one. So with ScoreCenter having IMO the superior UI, I’m leaning more towards this app as being better (or soon to be better). Within a update or two I expect ScoreCenter to miles above the competition.

    • http://Website Jim

      Agreed. Score Mobile beats ESPN hands down. ESPN is sloooowww as a snail and force closes left, right & center.

      Frankly I’m shocked ESPN released this garbage since I find their web site/mobile sites to be top notch.

  • Poeticsoul44

    Is this app exclusive for certain android versions? Scanned to download with my MyTouch 3g running 1.6 and it didn’t show up.

  • http://Website rey

    Sick and tired of all these new apps only working on 2.x come on update my mt3g tmo

    • Val-Zho

      Holy Crap, I second that… and it’s only going to get worse as time goes on! I’ve been waiting patiently for the Cliq update… only a week and a half for them to make good on their delivery promise. Don’t blow it Motorola! Please!

    • http://Website Old greg


  • http://Website Kyle

    Score Mobile is nice – but visually it blows compared to ESPN’s presentation. ESPN app needs to be faster, no doubt.

  • http://Website Ben

    Both SportsTap and Score Mobile are lightyears better than this. I couldn’t get the widget to ever update with scores.

    • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

      The widget doesn’t update with scores. It’s meant as a snapshot of upcoming games, but doesn’t show the game itself once underway.

  • http://Website saxmachine

    I have a MT3G running 1.6 and I couldnt find this app on the market. Does it require Android 2.0+ ?

  • http://Website Shane

    You probably have to have 2.0 + to run this most of the new apps this is the case……Scoremobile is nice but has its flaws…..Ive seen this running on other OS and with updates on android will blow any other sports app away…..ESPN doesnt release garbage…..I like the ability to pick entire leagues or conferances …….well done….give it one or two updates……at bat used to be like this too…..after 2 updates its finally worth the 14.99 I paid for it.

    • http://Website Ellipsis

      Please stop abusing ellipses. It makes you’re writing look worse.

  • http://Website Jx2

    Tried installing this on the HTC Incredible before I ditched it. When I added the widget to a homescreen, it repeated FC’ed and forced me to remove the phone’s battery.

  • http://yhoo Herman Bennett


  • http://Website SangRyeong Lee

    Is this app can be used by Android Froyo 2.2 ??
    I want to added my favorite teams, but when I touched the button “my Team +” it doesn’t saved.
    How can I get rid of this error ??

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