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Kobo ebook application launches on the Android market

Competition among ebook readers for Android got a little steeper today, as Indigo Books and Music announced the availabilty of its Kobo ebook reader application. With the backing of some pretty hefty international stakeholders (including the Borders group), as well as Kobo’s adoption of the open ePUB book format, Kobo promises to be the first global, large-scale ebook reader for the Android platform.┬áKobo has a fairly decent sized catalogue, with over two million books available for purchase, including hundreds of thousands of freebies.

The Kobo service itself requires that you sign up for a free account, which can easily be done either online or right on your Android phone. Once you’ve created an account, your ebook library will be made available on any device. With support for other phone/ereader platforms,┬átablets, netbooks, and the Kobo e-reader, you can enjoy Kobo books from whatever device you happen to be carrying with you, a necessary feature in our increasingly mobile economy.

The Kobo application has launched to mixed reviews. Perusing through the comments in the market reveal that several users are having issues with force closes, not being able to open other ePUB books, and frustration over the lack of bookmarking ability. Also, prices on some of the ebooks are much more expensive than on other ebook services.

eBooks by Kobo is available now, and can be found for free on the Android market. Already trying out eBooks by Kobo? Let us know how its working for you in the comments.

More information on kobo can be found at the Kobo Android website.

Source: Business Wire

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  • http://unkzdomain.com UnkzDomain

    Yeah, the app is slow and unresponsive and doesn’t fit in at all with the Android UI and UX.

    Developers need to stop copying iPhone apps (even if they’re their own apps that are being ported to Android) and start sticking with the Google-published Android UI guidelines. http://developer.android.com/intl/zh-TW/guide/practices/ui_guidelines/index.html

    • http://roughridergames.blogspot.com/ ColdFusion71

      I am going to agree 110% with the previous comments. Its like they just did a straight port and it doesn’t work with android at all. Slow, bad resolution, I even got a force close or two trying to search for books. Aldiko is much better. Still I would like to see an app that supported some more recent books like this, that just worked period. That said I like the other reader Aldiko for it’s classics I would rather have the book in hand but I suppose to each his own.

      No matter what this is a bad app.

  • http://Website a_ballads

    Resolution is bad and looks cheap, ported straight from iPhone basically….. Sticking with Aldiko until Kindle is available!

  • http://droidcantina.blogspot.com Ryo

    I write a short review: http://droidcantina.blogspot.com/2010/06/first-epub-drm-compatible-reader-for.html

    I think it’s s good start. I don’t know why people complaining so much. Sure it needs some work, but there are a lot worse apps on the marketplace and few people complain and giving good ratings.

  • http://www.techdaring.com/tag/android AnDrOid

    It’s good application for reading your ebook. People complaint so much because they really don’t know about it much.

  • http://Website Jonathan Harford

    How the heck do I add my own epubs to this thing?

    • http://Website esskayess


      Installed, and then quickly uninstalled.

      I could not figure out how to get it to recognize epubs in my library on my micro-sd.

      Interface is slow and and force-closed.

  • http://Website Jayson

    Its got its flaws sure, but people are way too quick to 1 star, they get one force close and they go and complain to the whole world.

    This app is a step forward because it allows you to purchase books on the go. Ive purchased 2 books, one which was the same price as kindle, one which was cheaper than kindle. It really has to do with what kind of deal the publisher has with the guys at kobo.

    Now I was in the beta and I really dont think they took as much care with this app as they should have. The Beta lasted all of a week, an they never asked for feedback. I think they could be squandering a great opportunity to get everyone on board before the kindle app comes, and remain the top dog in the android sphere.

    That said, I think its very usable, despite some slight problems that keep it from being an A+ app, but at this moment all I really want is an app that I can purchase books from and read them all on the go, and Kobo does that, so I am satisfied

  • http://wedesignapps.com Christopher Chance

    Unfortunately Kobo is not available for older versions of Android.

  • http://Website Abe

    Horrible e book reader it actually re booted my Nexus One on several occasions when I was half way through the book.Also,the app never saved books to a specific place I had to download a book and then after that search.for the same exact book I already downloaded.It really isn’t that great my hope is that the amazon deal with android is a whole lot better.

  • Toby

    I’m waiting for Blio, personally:


    But Aldiko is adequate, for now.