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Swype updates Android beta, final release coming soon?

Swype is a fairly popular keyboard input application that is changing the way we type on our touchscreen devices. Instead of tapping keys similar to a QWERTY keyboard, users can swipe their fingers over the keys and the application will predict which word you were trying to type. In my initial tests of this application, I found it to be fairly accurate, though it was missing some words that made me scratch my head.

We have just received word that Swype is one step closer to being officially released onto the Android platform. In an official email to all beta testers, Swype has announced an update to both their Swype installer program, as well as an update to the application itself.

After just a few minutes of use I don’t notice many differences in the new version vs. the old version. Though glancing at the changelog indicates that this is a major update bringing some strong additional functionality and enhancements to the user dictionary.

Hopefully this major update is indicative of a June release of the final version of Swype. For those looking to try out Swype, they are unfortunately not accepting new beta testers, though you are encouraged to sign up at the Swype website and you may be accepted soon as they expand beta tests.

Swype Swype

This update brings several updates and bugfixes:

  • Added better context sensitivity for the “magic button” (go/search/enter/smiley)
  • Added automatic apostrophe insertion for contractions (e.g. won’t, don’t, wasn’t, etc)
  • Added the Italian language dictionary
  • Improved sensing of field type to prevent the display and addition of passwords to the UDB (user dictionary)
  • Improved suppression of auto-spacing in fields such as URLs and email addresses
  • Updated the built-in dictionary to include several common words that were previously missing
  • Rewrote some settings descriptions to be more clear on their functionality
  • Fixed licensing issue causing “Limited Functionality” errors when rebooting devices running Android 2.0 and later
  • Fixed licensing issue causing some users to receive an “Incorrect ID” error when installing Swype
  • Fixed a bug where manually typing some words with word-prediction enabled would cause Swype to crash
  • Fixed a bug which caused some words added to the UDB to erroneously override other words when word-prediction is enabled
  • Many other minor bug fixes!
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  • KHiD1987

    Any Word When or When I Can Get Swype on My NEXUS ONE 2.2?

    • http://Website vizzle07

      Go over to XDA. You can download the apk here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=644536

      Works perfectly on my Droid Incredible. Good luck! :)

      • KHiD1987

        Thanks Bro

    • http://Website Spencer

      I got swype working on my nexus withmy nexus at 2.2 from the swype website

  • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

    There are always ways around getting access to the beta. I have it running on my Nexus One with Froyo as we speak.

  • http://blog.robolague.com Rob

    Seriously, I have the beta and don’t bother. This update is awfully broken. I can’t even use Swype anymore after downloading it. I might just have to go back to the XDA version.

    • http://Website Usman

      That’s funny..cuz it’s working perfectly on just about everyone else’s, including mine.

      • http://Website KingCollins

        i can’t get pass the parse error can anyone help

  • http://Website William Furr

    How can it be “fairly popular” if it’s only available in a closed beta and side-loaded APK from XDA?

    • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

      Hmmm, I don’t know. Lots of media coverage, Guiness world records, need I go on?

  • http://Website Gomez

    Ive had swype for almost 3 months already on my nexus one. and it works great. I got it from 4shared .com just look up .apk and look for swype.

  • http://Website mihaelb

    Can someone who is a beta tester for Swype point out the differences between it and Shapewriter keyboard?

    As far as I can tell, they’re pretty much the same (well, except that Shapewriter is available now in non-beta ;)

  • http://Website Reedme

    No Mic? Too bad we have to give up the android keyboard mic button to use swype!

  • http://beta.swype.com Brian Resnik @ SwypeInc

    Hey everyone, Swype Beta customer relations rep here! I encourage everyone who’s having a problem installing the beta (official users only please!) to email me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to help you work through any issues you have.

    As for everyone who’s not in the beta: patience is a virtue :) Soon, my little darlings, soon ;D

    • http://Website Pramod

      I change my roms frequently. But every time I try to reinstall swype after wiping the device, i get “parsing error” has this been fixed in the new updater. And BTW, I’m an official registered beta tester!

  • http://Website Alvin

    Will this actually work on devices with smaller screen sizes now? Like say the HTC Magic?