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A closer look at the upcoming T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant

T-Mobile fans can finally rejoice because they are getting a long awaited 1 GHz Android superphone from Samsung. The upcoming Samsung Vibrant is T-Mobile’s exclusive version of the Samsung Galaxy S and it is expected to be launched July 21st. T-Mobile recently launched a teaser site to hype the phone and they are expected to officially unveil it at a Samsung Mobile media event next week.

While we wait for the media event to arrive, T-Mobile has answered some frequently asked questions about the device and shared some new information on their Vibrant forums. New details confirm that the device is HSPA 7.2 and will benefit from T-Mobile’s network upgrade to HSPA+, but the Vibrant is not an actual HSPA+ device (those should come this holiday).

The camera is 5 megapixel and records 720p video, but it does not include a LED flash. We are still uncertain if the Vibrant includes a front-facing camera like the international version, but it doesn’t appear like it from early renders of the device.

We also learned that T-Mobile will target “entertainment enthusiasts” with the Samsung Vibrant. That doesn’t surprise us given the device’s Super AMOLED display and next-generation graphics processor. T-Mobile will include several exclusive Android apps like Amazon’s Kindle, MobiTV, EA’s The Sims 3, and a HD copy of the hit movie Avatar.

No price point has been announced, but since this is a high-end smartphone we expect T-Mobile will offer it for $199.99 with 2yr contract.


  • The Vibrant offers a 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor which is optimized for superior media viewing and game play.
  • The Vibrant has a 4.0-inch Super AMOLED touch screen display that gives you a bright, vivid viewing experience.
  • The Vibrant benefits from enhanced speeds with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, but it’s not an HSPA+ device.
  • The Vibrant is one of the slimmest smartphones on the market. The dimensions are 4.82” x 2.54” x 0.39”; weighs 4.16 oz.
  • The Vibrant’s 5 MP camera is equipped with digital zoom and autofocus. Comes with an HD video recorder too!


  • The Vibrant is ideal for consumers who are entertainment enthusiasts and want to combine entertainment and communication in one device. The Vibrant offers a ton of entertainment options. We’ll have more to share on this front when the countdown reaches zero.


  • The Samsung Vibrant is powered by Android 2.1 software.
  • The Vibrant supports personal and corp. e-mail, including MS Exchange, Gmail and most other POP3 and IMAP e-mail services.

Check out the official demo video of the international version for a quick taste of what to expect.

Via: Android Central

Source: T-Mobile

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  • http://Website phil

    Besides awesome specs it looks like an iPhone knockoff…will t-mobile ever catch up?

  • http://Website watbetch

    This phone is mouthwatering, thanks to Samsung.

    The media player has more file support than the iPhone’s iPod does, and completely tops it with an adjustable EQ which is a glaring omission on the iPhone.
    Finally, an Android phone with a worthy media player.

    I hope we get it sooner than the 21st though.

    • http://Website phil

      I wasn’t saying iPhone was better… keyword was looks.
      Thanx for the negitive point on my post, sorry to offend those Samsung lovers, still whens a real phone commingle to t-mobile not one that, sitting next an iPhone, will be confused.

    • http://Website Drew

      I would like to thank Scamsung for stepping on the little people who own the Behold2.. we appreciate the action, and totally understand that we haven’t been forgotten… you just don’t care.

  • http://Website clocinnorcal

    Leave it to tmobile to not quite give you the full experience. One of the things that makes this phone exciting is the front facing camera. And you would think with it being able to use HSPA+ 7.2 network they would have promoted that. Also, not as much of a big deal, but the lack of track pad kind of sucks too. But sigh……. its the best tmo has and with todays economy tmobile has the plans I need. Dont get me wrong the phone still rocks! Just wish they would have at least left the FFC!

    • http://Website clocinnorcal

      Sorry HSPA not HSPA+

  • http://Website rev2redlineguy

    I don’t know. I’m still not 100% sold on this device but as I start to read more about it, it sure is beginning to change my mind. My only fear (and I’m sure it will be on the minds of others too since the Behold 2 nightmare) is that this phone will get support for Froyo 2.2 upgrades. I would hope Samsung & T-Mobile are learning from the Behold 2 fiasco by listening to consumers and not cheating them out on software updates and abandonment of phones. We as consumers pay too much money from our hard-earned wages to have companies simply look at us and say “oh, we’ll tempt them with our better phones so much that they’ll just go ahead and spend more money and not care about that old other outdated phone we just sold them just a few months ago.” All you have to do is go into the forums & read all those angry customers who got suckered into buying the Behold 2 then told it would be updated (oh, and that you tube video trick of Samsung pulling it off just doesn’t work on them because they remember!). I guess we’ll wait and see.

  • http://Website bubbles says

    This is my next device, I hope t mobile lets us pre order it soon. I like how you can sync it up with you Samsung TV as long as you have a TV model that supports it.

  • ayocuz

    This looks like a decent device. I usually do my phone upgrades around tax return time, if there isn’t anything better by then I could see myself rolling with the vibrant. But its not much better than my nexus one

    • http://Website Chancy

      Why the heck would you go down from a Nexus to this????????????

  • http://Website jayy336

    Nice phone, but I’m waiting on the HTC vision T-Mobile is rumored to get. Dual-core processor, 4.3 inch screen, And a QWERTY keyboard. Yep sounds like a dream come true. Oh and I forgot Android 3.0 gingerbread. Of course that’s all a rumor as of now.

    • http://Website Hans

      Android 3.0? That alone should signal that it’s just a rumor and wont happen this year. Didn’t Google say after they unveiled 2.2 that they’ll move to releasing only one update a year? So since te just released 2.2, I believe they wont release a new version until next year. Going from 2.2 to 3.0 is a pretty big jump. Maybe next year or a few years down the road.

      • http://Website B

        Google has already said that ‘Gingerbread’ will be out in the 4th quarter this year, which will focus heavily on UI design, likely an entire refresh. They’re doing this because, for the most part, they are comfortable with where they are on the OS backend. I don’t think it’s too much to assume that this build would be Android 3.0, or 2.5 at the least. So, along with the rumors we’ve been hearing for months now about this super powered Android HTC HSPA+ phone coming to T-Mobile, it doesn’t sound too out of reach at all.

  • http://Website Jeff

    Say it ain’t so. I’ve been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S and when it finally arrives on my current carrier T-MO, the front camera is removed? WTF

    • http://Website Ernesto

      I totally agree. It was a must buy and now not so much. Its a great phone but all these great phones are coming out with a front facing camera and they leave it out?

    • http://Website Dave_Okc

      I just noticed that to the left of the speaker at the top of the phone there is something there that could be a FF camera. If it is then it’s on the opposite side when compared to the international version. Lets just cross our fingers for now.

  • Mighty_O

    i will pass

  • http://Website Dave

    I’m tempted to jump to because VZW’s signal is so much stronger in my part of town; however, it would come a a huge price increase for my family plan (5 lines).

  • http://Website phil

    Really. Watbetch? Its that great that ur gonna come back and rake up my negitives..wow u must be one of the facist biters that are talked about all over the blogs…its called an opinion for a reason.

    • http://Website clocinnorcal

      Probably cause you mentioned Iphone on an Android forum :P

      Also I agree with you about the Galaxy looking similar to an iphone. Same basic square look. Much rather have the galaxy though! In fact it looks to be my next phone. Too bad they pulled the front cam. Really disappointed with that Tmobile! (shakes head)

      • http://Website phil

        Almost felt illegal, I’m sorry to have an opinion and the opinion happens to state the obvious…and the obvious offends some that have their hearts set on a device that honestly(wait,in my opinion) doesn’t come close to comparing to other phones out there on the general scale, let alone my bad experience with Samsung and all of its touchwhiz fail-ness beginning with the behold. I’m sorry this phone is crap compared to other current phones…

        • http://Website DRew

          I’m with you! Behold2 owners unite! Screw Scamsung!!

    • http://Website watbetch

      Um, who are you again?

  • http://Website bubbles says this

    The FFC is not important to me. I have a N900 with a front camera and use it from time to time over 3g or wifi using skype or fring. While it is a nice feature, I cant live without it. I just got a new Samsung TV and you can connect wirelessly to you TV and watch videos is a great feature. No need for a cable. This is my next device.

  • ayocuz

    If they gonna strip the front facing camera off then I’ll just stick with my nexus one until tmob gets a forward facing camera phone that can rival the evo

  • mrmetoo

    This is defiantly my next phone for Tmo! Idk if i can wait that long though EEKKKK!!

  • http://Website Gabriel Mac Fadden

    Damn, touch wiz sucks!!! I prefer the sense, in HTC’s mobiles……

  • http://Website Steve

    Am I the only one here that’s scared of getting this phone simply because it has this… this “thing” called TouchWiz 3.0? TBH, I love the vanilla Android UI, and I think it’d be fantastic if a phone with similar specs were to come to T-Mobile, only with vanilla Android. My $0.02.

  • Queen Laqueefa

    No thanks, Samsung. Go pimp your stripped down phone elsewhere. Sticking with my MT3G for another year.

  • http://Website Jack

    The most interesting part of this article for me (since my contract isn’t up until the holidays, anyway) is the Gingerbread phones that will come out then. Still a nice device with arguably the best screen of any phone on the market.

  • http://twitter.com/reignzone Reignzone

    This device will offer superior screen quality for media and various entertainment purposes… but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be Samsung’s form of a, “Game-Changer.”

    Personally, I don’t foresee this reader, or many others for that matter, actually investing in such a “mediocre” (by market standards) handset. It doesn’t really offer “that much” innovation or a positive step forward for the Android OS. Truth be told, the Galaxy S or “Vibrant” rather, leaves a lot to be desired, regardless of whether or not it’s the international model.

  • krazytrixxxsta

    another crap phone by samsung trying to pass of as a great phone

  • http://Website Jahy

    We have been wanting to move to t-mobile, the thing that is holding my 4 member family plan is that T-Mobile has always the ICEAGE of Cellphone unit(smartphone).
    Now the battle of Smartphone has Camera Flash and Font Camera, T-Mobile is always late on unit modernity they are always one year behind of cellphone technology, they always get the Cheap for what ever reason IDK!!!
    May be they should FIRE somebody In the position that do select what phone they are going to release, because it’s obviously not doing a great job!!!!
    Now they got 1ghz android phone eventhough the original Samsung Galaxy S has front camera they even decide to remove it and change it to Vibrant branding, the fact that Samsung Galaxy lack the Camera Flash!
    FYI the flash for smartphone if not use properly it will be a disadvantage to picture quality, so don’t be dumb and tell it even mess with the picture, Flash on camera phone are only be used at night and closeup/portrait only and should only be use if you turn your camera on and you only see black, some are stupid and complain that flash made picture so noisy it’s because they don’t even know wen to use it!!!!

  • http://Website Mike

    No LED flash on the unimpressive *5MP* rear camera (pending there is one on the front)… Really? I could go on and on with gripes about Samsung and possible enhancements, I could also give them props for certain features, however this really bothers me. New age technology on a top tier device with no flash. You have to be kidding me.

    • http://Website Scritz McGritz

      I have to say that the samsung galaxy S takes awesome 720p videos, the best I have seen on a phone. I didn’t care too much about it not having a flash, in fact I never having one was so important on a phone.

      Now the lack of a Front Facing camera is a big disappointment. T-mobile really dropped the ball on that, but I am excited to see the display and (your gonna hate me) the touch wizard 3.0. I just hope samsung comes through with the updates.

      I would say this phone is a high end device, but not in the same league as the iphone 4 and the evo.

  • http://Website casey

    How many of you will use the ffc anyway, its not like there are a lot of phones that are doing it right now. Late in the year and next year sure but now no. Just the evo and that’s it. And it will get better during the second and third versions any way everything gets better. Now with 3.0 that will come out and maybe change the ui on android phones you must remember that all phone will be affected by it in some way. There is HTC sense, blur, and touchwiz. If you have one of these and most of you do what is going to happen. Something to think about. I’m giving up my n1 for it and I think its going to be great.

  • http://Website RRT2010

    COME TO VERIZON!!!!! tired of all the brick looking phones!!!! Verizon stop wasting time you have great service now get some great looking phones!!!! MANY PEOPLE want the FFC!!!!!!

  • cobaltleo

    if upgrading from the mytouch 3g ver.1.2 should i wait for the samsung or get the nexus one?

  • http://Website Dee

    i still can’t understand the reason behind taking off a flash on a camera with all the bells and whistles…
    i’m so baffled as to why phone makers just won’t go xenon…dual LED is yestardays tech…

  • jakejardashian

    “And it has up to 5 of them (homescreens), fully customizable, and that’s because it’s running Touchwiz 3.0.” I feel like he should of said that’s because it’s running ANDROID with touchwiz 3.0 on top. xP

    • jakejardashian

      My fault he said “it’s running on Android 2.1, so it’s an outstanding operating system” at the end. I was just taking up for Android in my previous commet. :)