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Android 2.1 update for GSM HTC Hero has arrived

While Android fans in the U.S. are lining up outside Sprint stores to get the shiny new HTC EVO 4G, GSM HTC Hero owners are finally getting a taste of Android 2.1.  Late last night, we broke the news that HTC announced an Android 2.1 OTA upgrade for the GSM HTC Hero that would be launching today.  We know that many of you were taking the “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude since HTC has been promising the Hero update for months now, but we’re happy to tell you it has finally arrived!

For now, it looks like the HTC Hero Android 2.1 upgrade is making its initial roll-out to handsets in Taiwan.  Early this morning, HTC posted up details about the OTA on their Taiwan support page.  The software upgrade to Android 2.1 will make its initial debut on GSM HTC Hero phone with the 2.73.751.13 software build.  Once the update is complete, handset owners will be updated to 3.31.751.1 which is HTC’s Android 2.1 build with HTC Sense.

We have yet to hear of any confirmed reports that the OTA is actually being rolled out, but MoDaCo and XDA-Developers seem to have gotten their greasy fingers on the official build already.  The ROM hackers have been at work all night and have already been able to cook up rooted versions of the official Android 2.1 build.

I have spent the last hour browsing through the HTC Hero’s support pages for a few dozen other countries.  Currently there is no sign that the Android 2.1 update will be rolling today in any other markets besides Taiwan.  But the fact that HTC has started the rollout can finally give HTC Hero some piece of mind.  Sit back, relax, and keep checking your phone for software updates (menu > settings > about phone > system updates). Your Android 2.1 update should hopefully be coming any day now.

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • http://Website skooal

    What if I don’t have a submenu called system updates? Is that normal?

    • http://Website skooal

      I guess it means that there is no update available..???

    • http://weetanhops.wordpress.com weetanhops

      You have to navigate to Settings > Security > Firmware Download

      • http://Website phoethein

        It juz prompt u to chk, update automatically, prompt before download or never. Mine is always set as auto and, my hero is online 24/7. Does it mean I still have to wait till it comes to Singapore shore?

  • http://Website nathan

    its settings >security>firmware download

  • http://Website Furret

    I believe no sooner than I see…

  • http://Website phoethein

    I don’t have the system update menu either….

  • http://weetanhops.wordpress.com weetanhops

    I imagine this will take even longer for me, as I have the T-Mobile branded GSM HTC Hero, which they’ve renamed the T-Mobile G2 Touch. They’ve had it in testing for well over a month now, so I can’t wait for it to become available OTA.

    Also, I thought that with Sense UI phones, you had to have them plugged in to be able to get updates?

  • Dave K

    I find it odd that the HTC Droid Eris and the GSM versions of the HTC Hero are all receiving OTA upgrades, but Sprint couldn’t manage to upgrade their version of the HTC Hero OTA. What gives, Sprint?

  • http://Website Sergio

    Here’s the rooted official version:

    Before installing you must flash amon ra recovery.
    Very simple:

    Also, you may make a backup before with nandroid backup

  • http://Website CTown

    Not that I like Sense better then the skinless Android on the Nexus One and Droid but how much chance will there be to get this on the G1. Isn’t the only difference between the Hero and G1 the amount of RAM?

  • antoniojr.chua

    Taiwan Hero is getting update started 06/04.
    My Hero is going through the update right now.

  • http://Website khush

    is it absoulutly nessasry for us to wait for ota update or is it not posible to do it threw your pc if they just released it for everyone

  • http://Website hl

    I already have the 2.1 updated for about 2 weeks now. I woke up this morning and I had another update on my phone to download what is it about?

  • http://Website iphones_suck

    I’m getting really p*st off about this whole thing, seems like if you buy a “flagship” HTC model you can expect it to be well and truely out of date within a year ……………. c u next tuesday HTC …………..

  • http://Website Ed

    Still waiting for 2.1 on my unbranded Hero in the UK… but to be honest, the features in 2.2 are the reason I went for Android in the first place and my phone is now feeling dated within 6 months of buying it. I thought I was buying into an updated features service. Like other now, I will make sure my next device is a stock android one as the GUI will get better and any shortcomings are easily fixed in the app store…. bad HTC :-p

    • Dmlstr

      I’m in the same boat, and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • http://Website BarneyB

      You’re calmer than me, I’m so angry with HTC that I’m tempted back to iPhone. I don’t think Hero will ever get 2.2

      • Dmlstr

        It’s pointless getting angry, it’s not going to affect htc, although I do admit I’m pretty peeved. I don’t think the Hero will get 2.2 officially, but we’ve got some brilliant devs.

  • http://Website Evel

    On HTC Portugal page has a ROM for download whith the version: ROM :

    It is the 2.1 or an old 1.5?

  • http://Website skooal

    Ah ah days are passing and nothing… new Twitter trend: #HTCSUCKS… I am putting my crappy hero on eBay and gonna pre-order an iPhone 4, HTC does bad press for android, at least I will get my updates with the apple guys…

  • http://Website cbf

    Just got an OTA update to 2.2 on my hero. Didn’t think it would be but surprises do happen. HTC seems to have gotten enough grief that they seem to be doing their part. KUDOS. Now about that EVO, what gives with the battery. Change it and i will buy it.

    • cbflies

      obvious liar is obvious.

  • http://Website tshering dorji

    i m really tired of this 2.1 update for hero… the wait us too long and unbearable…

  • http://Website Kasey Harmon

    I wonder if the update will come OTA no matter what network your on? Cause I have a unbranded hero on At&t just hope it makes its way to me eventually

  • http://Website tang

    You can update your hero now! Just change your system time to year above 2010. I changed to 2011.

    • http://Website Giggi

      changed, nothing happened :(

    • http://Website weg

      I was looking for a way to update my phone for 5-7 days and I was very desperate. Now I am suprised that such a stupid solution updated my phone..

      Thanks man.