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Apple sues HTC again over new Sense UI features?

Apple fired the first shot when they sued HTC over 20 patents, then HTC responded with a suit of their own which claimed Apple infringed on five of its patents. Some claimed the initial suit might have been a bluff, but Apple is back at the table and recently filed another suit which includes two additional patents.

HTC Leap

HTC's Leap configuration.

The latest patents, granted to Apple in 2001 and 2008, appear to target a popular new feature of HTC’s Sense UI. A part of the patent describes a “system for real-time adaptation to changes in display configuration” which sounds similar to the Leap function found in the new Sense UI.

  • 6,282,646: “System for real-time adaptation to changes in display configuration” by Hendry et. al. and assigned to Apple Computer, Inc. (Granted 8/28/2001)
  • 7,380,116: “System for real-time adaptation to changes in display configuration” by Hendry et. al. and assigned to Apple Inc. (Granted 5/27/2008)

Leap allows the user to pinch their home screen and easily change their desktop configuration to display all seven desktops at once. I’m sure others could interpret the patent to cover a dozen different features, but I guess that proves how silly some of these software patents get.

Everyone in the mobile industry is suing each other, so I guess that we should expect this battle to continue for awhile. The International Trade Commission has decided to probe both companies over their infringement claims, but it doesn’t look like any kind of resolution will materialize soon.

Via: TechCrunch

Source: Prior Smart

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  • http://Website Andre Ransom

    Apple is just jealous of android..

  • http://Website Daniel

    Why exactly does it sound “exactly like the Leap function found in the new Sense UI”? Seems to be a patent on adding and removing video devices. More likely related to the HDMI port of certain models.

  • http://Website rj

    Apple is just power hungry people

  • http://Website Android.Luvr

    “I’m sure others could interpret the patent to cover a dozen different features, but I guess that proves how silly some of these software patents get.”

    ^ this. Patents for software features are ridiculous in this day and age. They are so broad and open to interpretation that I’m sure every software developer in existence has violated one at some time or another.

    Do the issuers of these patents work on commission or something? Or, perhaps they get a percentage of the settlements from the lawsuits that ensue. I mean, somebody has to win, and it’s not the patent holders, the companies they’re suing, or the consumers. Oh, right … it’s the lawyers.

  • http://Website Tim Blane

    I’m with Daniel on this, it’s got nothing to do with Sense UI and everything with HDMI ports. Did the journalist read the patent!?

    Oh and screw Apple. Think different my backside, they are now Microsoft.

  • Prince77

    If Apple has a patent for this back in 2008, this is 2010 and they are on the IPhone 4, how come they don’t have it on the phone already? It’s obvious they don’t know how to get it to work on the IPhone period. If you have the technology how come you have it sitting on the shelf? They only have one phone out so it shouldn’t take 2 years for it to still not be on the phone.

  • http://Website lithium98

    Apple’s new company slogan; “Make something and we’ll sue you”

    • Alan Reboli

      Actually, It’s “Make something creative, and we’ll sue you because I’m sure we created before you”

  • http://Website d

    Fuck apple

    • Narhem

      But remember to wear a condom or they’ll sue you for “copying” AIDS from them.

  • http://Website alex

    Apple is a little b**** they see competition, and get scared so they take it to the extreme,.HTC sue them for noise canelation mic on the Iphone 4!!!!!!! lol, next thing you know they will sue Samsung, because the Galaxy S’s menu screen is similar to the one of the Iphone’s. Apple needs to SDFU

    • http://Website DRew

      Wouldn’t bother me if ANYONE sued Scamsung.. behold2 owner

  • http://Website Dave

    Apple aren’t the new Microsoft. They’re the new SCO…. And look what happened to them. Bring it on.

  • http://Website KaLanGO

    Software patent is just stupid.
    It slows down the competition and improvement of aplications and software solutions…
    Imagine some company patenting plataform games, or OS… If software patent were real valid a the 70′s or 80′s… we would be still making documents on a writer machine…maybe….

  • http://Website ronabong

    Why don’t the company’s just form an alliance and sue apple at once. Anyway’s I got a crap load of Andy’s pissing on Apple stickers on my truck. Go suck a lemon Jobs. ;p

    • http://Website Enirah

      I’d love to know where you got that sticker. Funny!

  • Ibakeubercakez

    W0W.. to hell with Steve Jobs and Apple. Those guys need to be slapped upside the head at least 63 times.

    • http://Website Jay

      they might sue for slapping geastures…

  • http://Website damian

    All the Apple company do is sue people. Apple give up u lost Windows now your looking the mobile race Steve now go away Steve and worries about Apple not what others are doing

  • http://Website Boy

    Btw people Apple wont sue Samsung or LG cuz those are supplyer to apple. the LCD on iphone comes from Samsung. so they targeted HTC cuz it wasnt related to them in anyways, now i think it just silly. cuz i am sure that apple have copy many things from others. for exampel FAcetime? wtf here in Europe it calls Videcall and it has been on the market for ages. and alot of camera funtions are from others brands. anyhow APPLE are just to silly as often USA companies are, cuz no where in the world can u sue company or people for stupid things like in the states… pfff…

  • http://Website travis

    Lol apple is full of it… you can install mandrake 1999 (which is a linux os) on a touch screen laptop and kde (the home enviornment) will let you pinch zoom… and it also has 3d desktop effects that have been out since 1997 in kde which is waaaayyyyy before mac or windows