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AT&T and T-Mobile Nexii receive another OTA update (FRF85B)

Some Nexus One owners began receiving another update for Android 2.2 (now at build number FRF85B). The update is being sent out over-the-air to users with the last build FRF83, but some AT&T users on the older Android 2.1 EPE54B also reported they received the latest firmware.

I think that since the AT&T and T-Mobile versions are both receiving the same build number, there could be a chance this is the final version. Most of the previous updates were incremental versions, but this is the first one to go from Android 2.1 to the latest version of Android 2.2.

The best way to upgrade your Nexus One to the latest firmware build is to just check for it. Browse to Settings > About phone > System updates and you should receive a notification to download the update.

If you want to manually install it, grab the correct file below.

  • To go from FRF83 to FRF85B download this file, rename it update.zip and flash it.
  • To go from EPE54B to FRF85B download this file, rename it update.zip and flash it.

To manually install Android 2.2 FRF85B on the Nexus One, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the official Android 2.2 firmware for your current build (see links above)
  2. Copy the file to your MicroSD card and name it update.zip (Pro tip: not update.zip.zip)
  3. Power off your phone.
  4. Hold down the VOLUME DOWN button and power it back on.
  5. The phone will now search for files like PB00IMG.zip, etc. This is normal. Scroll down to recovery and press the POWER button.
  6. When you see the “/!” symbol, press the POWER button and the Volume Up button at the same time. You should be presented with a menu and one of the options should be “Apply sdcard:update.zip”.
  7. Use the trackball to navigate to “apply sdcard:update.zip” and select it.
  8. When you see “Install from sdcard complete”, select “reboot system now”.

Let us know if you notice any differences. I’ve only had it installed for a couple hours and I have seen no major changes yet. The change log states it brings updates to the browser for Flash, support for Exchange in Calendar, a speed boost, and tethering options (all of which have been available in earlier builds).

Via: Android Central

Source: XDA-Developers

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  • http://Website Marcus

    I wish I could do this; but my power button died yesterday, so no manual update for me :(

    Has anyone noticed any differences ?

    • http://Website sheila

      I came from Asia. And I just recieved it yesterday (july 3) And I was very happy. It was the FRF91.

      Yep, this is the latest version. I haven’t recieved the 85, 85b though. Just this one.

      I must say, I was a bit scared at first. Because My N1, rebooted for 5 times when I updated it. I guess its just normal?

      Things that changed

      1) At the Main screen, a noticeable new widget is under the bottom (composed of call, go to apps, and browser)

      2) Google search has now a icon “G” and if you click on it. It will go to a ‘pesonalized search’
      So you can now browser (Google, web, apps or your contacts)

      3) Gmail now has “loading conversations” ? lol

      4) Youtube now has “view all recommended for you” Instead of the usual “most viewed, most popular, etc)

      5) If you’re a p*rn junkie. mobile version of sites (like spankwire, you***, etc) can now stream videos at ease and somewhat fast. Yehey for you.

      Although, in somewhat strange way, When you go to the full site, it still asks you download “flash player”? — Still can’t watch videos on metacafe as well.

      6) I can watch vimeo though

      7) I feel it became faster in some subtle level. This is a subjective opinion.

      Anyway, if you still haven’t recieve the update. You can get the old build, which has froyo as well.

  • http://www.spilledmilkdesigns.com nick

    I did a manual install of FR50 when you announced it. Ever since then, I’ve been going through the Settings—>About Phone—->System updates every few days and still haven’t received any OTA update. For some background info I purchased mine the day it was announced. I’m out of Houston so not sure if it’s a geographical issue or not. No worries I can just wait, but figured you should know that some folks just aren’t getting any kind of update OTA at all.

  • http://Website James F

    Im on EPE54B and i have not seen an OTA yet….

  • http://Website alvinp

    I was on ERE27 and I received the OTA! From Singapore.

  • http://Website alvinp

    Btw, the update size is 44.5mb

  • http://Website jake

    I am on epe54b
    Tried the manual upgrade, but get “cannot download, contents not supported on your phone”

    • http://Website Travis

      Try downloading it from your PC, renaming it “update”, and then copy it onto your phone’s MicroSD card using either the usb cable, or a SD card adapter. Then continue through with the steps.

      On another note, I am also running 2.1 on that build, I sure do hope this update actually works with my AT&T Nexus One.

  • http://Website jdog
  • http://Website aceswild

    You can’t root these phones and just install a custom rom? Bugless beast? Cyanogen? Smokedglass? Why wait for the ota when the data is sitting there waiting for you to download and install it?

    • http://blog.tenkely.net tenkely

      I like the official versions better. To each their own.

  • http://Website Dustin

    I just installed this over the stock (2.1) AT&T w/out root and no problem.

  • http://Website warhorus

    For those of you who are stuck on FRF72, you can update it to FRF83 through the link here:


    source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=6926438&postcount=116

    Just went through it myself so that I could get up to 85B, worked just fine!

    • http://Website Christopher C

      Thank you thank you thank you!

  • http://Website jayy336

    I haven’t even gotten the FRF83 yet, I’m still on FRF50 and each time I check for updates it says I’m updated to the latest :\

  • http://Website Mike

    Applied the update from FRF83 twice…still see FRF83 in Settings -> About Phone after both times…

  • http://Website sean

    installed from fr83 to fr85, unrooted nexus T-Mobile. noticed a big difference from fr83, now with more unicorns and soft serve ice cream cones.

  • http://Website ronabong

    I find that this update along with FRF50 where more responsive e.g gallery loaded faster, apps open quickly. FRF72 felt like everything was slow at loading and I had wifi issues with FRF72.

    All I can say is, keep it up Google! I am loving it.

    • http://Website ronabong

      Not FRF72, I mean FRF83. Sorry got my FRF’s mixed up.

  • http://Website jackbauer


    • http://www.theblarg.com nathan118

      I’m guessing you should just wait…

    • http://Website Eddie Android

      I know I’m still on ERE27 too. I’m getting tired of this waiting game.

      • http://Website Usman

        What are you guys complaining about? Just man up and fpo the manual update if you can’t wait. There’s absolutely no difference between receiving the update over the air or updating manually.

        • http://Website Usman


  • http://Website Mista2x

    manual updated from (stock/t-mobile) frf83. Same as last update with 10 min scare-the-crap-out-of-you reboot screen and swype reinstall. Noticed same changes as ronabong in addition to only purchased apps are showing under downloads on market.

    • http://Website JamieB

      Same here dude. Updated from 83 to 85B (T-Mobile, manual update) and only a few apps show on Download screen now.

      Also, DolphinHD is glitchy as all hell..

      • http://Website Mista2x

        I’m using old dolphin browser and only use it for youtube downloads but notice it had been force closing in background.

  • http://Website tony

    Uhhhh what update? I went to settings-about phone-update…and nothing happened.

  • ayocuz

    I just did the new update to85b haven’t noticed any difference yet. Just want to say to those doing all that bitching about not receiving updates you should take advantage of all these links provided by the good guys here at this forum and do the updates yourself. I haven’t received an update from google or tmob since 2.1 update 1 but im now on the frf 85b. This is my fourth update I’ve done myself. By the way i was a total newb

  • http://blog.tenkely.net tenkely

    No dice going manual from 72 to 85b… anyone on 72 get it OTA?

  • http://Website Mauricio

    If I’m on FRF72 how can I get FRF83 or even FRF85????

    • http://Website Jay

      I think I may have seen an article about updating manually on android and me somewhere, here’s the linkhttp://androidandme.com/2010/06/news/att-and-t-mobile-nexii-receive-another-ota-update-frf85b/?replytocom=43356#respond

  • http://Website Rey

    this is becoming if not already a total FAIL !!! Google announces an OS and Cant deliver ! It keeps changing by the time its final its gunna be ready for Zebra Cake OS Terrible !! wow sorry Google i Love you but you really messed this one up, ok sorry for my rant guys

    • http://Website jay

      I agree. Fail big time. Very disappointing google. Smh

    • http://www.theblarg.com nathan118

      Just go back to being a clueless part of the masses and you won’t be so disappointed by these beta releases because you won’t even know they exist.

      • http://Website Rey

        Yikes Minus 9 on that post lol. hey i been following Android since day one, most ppl dont know about these releases but since i Follow almost everything tech it just frustration because it would be nice to have 2.2 ready for the masses by now. Also im all with them getting it right i rather google get it right the first time and not have buggy OS. But why announce something that isn’t ready. or close to being ready. Who doesn’t want 2.2 on their device ?

        • http://www.theblarg.com nathan118


          These are BETA releases! They aren’t going out to the masses because they are BETA releases. Complaining about using buggy beta releases is just mind numbingly stupid. If you don’t want them…then just wait for the official OTA update!

          +89891249023 to this.

          • http://Website Rey

            Wow bro you must of not understand my reply ? any ways i dont care for BETA releases i love them,means that the os will come out (hopefully) bugless. but how long is it going to take ? i dont even own a N1 so it doesnt effect me at all. calm down its not that serious no need to get all fired up lol

  • http://Website Travis

    EPE54B to FRF85B successfully installed, not a problem. Being too impatient for the OTA, I did a manual install and it worked like a charm on my un-rooted AT&T Nexus One. It’s about time I joined TMO’s users in Froyo goodness.

    • daveloft

      Same for me. I’ve waited with my stock EPE54B for a long time, I wasn’t going to wait any longer than I had too. Froyo is awesome!

  • http://Website diordna

    Don’t know if OTA only works in the states, did the manual update for EPE54B and it worked just fine. Froyo rocks.

  • http://Website decyphersmc

    updating now, but I reloaded the zip file on and renamed it once it was there, then once I got to the (!) screen I pressed Volume Up AND Down and Power at the same time and was taken to the apply update screen

    (Rogers/AT&T Nexus One) (so the EPE54B before)

  • http://Website Dan

    I just installed the new update on my AT&T Nexus One (EPE54B) and it is blazing fast now!!! Thanks Google & AT&T

  • islander


    God I feel like a crack addict who just got his hit after months of waiting… it feels soooooo GOOOOD!

    It takes about 5 mins to churn before it gets done…

    went from nonrooted 54B to 85B on ATT N1. F’ing awesome.

  • http://Website mapin

    I must say that it certainly feels faster ! Launching gmail was almost instant. Had to uninstall and reinstall Swype. This phone just keeps getting better !!

    (T-mobile unlocked unrooted N1)

  • http://Website Chander

    At first the I was unable to update from EPE54B as was unable to get the “Apply sdcard:update.zip” or any other option. Then I found i was pressing the Volume Up and the Power key together…. the trick is to press the Power Key first and then the Volume Up key :-)…. This had me frustrated for a while but finally I figured it out….Thanks to AndroidandMe for posting this update as now us AT&T guys can have some Froyo Goodness…..

  • http://Website junior

    I received The ota update tmobile n1 super speed. Everything works smoothly.its like a brand new phone. Sweet. AND THEN I WOKE UP.

  • http://Website Pax

    Who are these people getting OTAs? I bought my Nexus 1 from Google a few days after it came out and have yet to experience an OTA. I wonder if there are any truth to these articles!!!

    • http://Website mapin

      yeah Pax, the internet is conspiring against you.

      • http://Website Pax

        Relax. Don’t you think I should at least have seen one?

      • http://Website pax

        Updated manually…good to go.

      • http://Website Jonas

        The OTA upgrade for N1 to FRF85b is distributed OTA in Sweden now!
        Just as i upgraded my N1 manually to FRF85b my friend got the OTA upgrade to 85b.
        Works perfectly.

  • http://Website Eddie Android Lover

    I just Upgraded to 85b, and like some other people in this forum i notice a more faster response, especially in swype, which is also a beta, but with 83 was really lagging and dragging, now is flying.
    Browser in wifi is really responsive and fast as well, i can’t try 3G because i am out of the country at the moment, and I am using a local sim card here in Argentina, however i am a Tmobile subscriber and I shall find out more when i am back :)
    I can also tell that maps and google earth are much faster . so faster faster and not dragging, good google we want more :)
    (still waiting for install applications directly on the sd card that option still grey out in all of them:(

    • http://Website mapin

      I found I have a few apps that let me move them to SD. Keep encouraging developers to update their apps to allow this functionality:

      ConvertPad – Unit Converter (696Kb)
      LED Flashlight (40Kb)
      Pandora (624Kb)
      Urbanspoon (132Kb)

      • http://Website Jesse

        All the live wallpapers should also allow “move to SD card” option along with Pandora and Slacker. Please post if you know of more that will transfer to SD card.

  • http://Website ryan

    e:failed to read footer E:signature verification failed….any ideas why ? stock n1 AT&T

  • http://Website punkusnickus

    Go to the phone dialer and follow the directions bellow. You should get the ota.

    Go to the dialer in your phone and enter in the code *#*#CHECKIN#*#*, it should come out *#*#2432546#*#*.

    Do NOT press “call” after entering *#*#CHECKIN#*#*, just watch the notification area for a prompt that you are checked in.

    Then go to the usual area to check for software updates and, as long as the rolling update/upgrade has started, it will come to your device.

    • http://Website Xallies

      Nothing happened other then the notification

      • http://Website YourMainDude

        Yeah just did the same and nothing <_< tried the manual update on n1 att… but got a negative lol

        • http://Website punkusnickus

          Sorry guys.. Just be patient then I guess.. Just know that has worked for quite a few people..

          • http://Website YourMainDude

            D8< Damn Those Few! Lol
            But I seriously don't get it. .. freaking ppl that have att versions updated without a freaking problem lol im following the steps… <_< yet nothing happened lol

        • islander

          I would use the link above and follow the instructions, this process does not need you to unlock anything or cause any breakage of warranty, unlike the previous releases that were floating around.

          Don’t forget to rename it “update” and not “update.zip” you can’t see the *.zip extension so you may inadvertantly rename it update.zip.zip.

          • http://Website YourMainDude

            Lol Holly crap… brb then xD

          • http://Website YourMainDude

            Ahhhhh I got froyo! These fuckers told us update.zip D8< thank you!!!!

          • http://Website Xallies


            its already Update.zip, but what you did was add an extra zip. So u had Update.zip.zip

  • islander

    Just did the wifes phone. Both phones are like Buttah…. SCHWEEET!

    • http://Website YourMainDude

      What carrier?

      • http://Website punkusnickus

        I am on tmo and I got my update ota. Also I would like to correct you islander I updated to frf 50, 72, and 83 before this and did not have to root or break warranty.

      • islander

        Both were on stock unlocked nexus ones with ATT

  • http://Website Dan

    None of us on AT&T had to root or unlock anything on our N1. Just follow the steps and it will work perfect:0)

  • http://Website mc

    Just manually updated from EPE54B. Update ran smoothly… thanks for the detailed instructions! I’m loving froyo!

  • http://Website skritt
  • http://Website chris

    Not working for uk epf21b :( verication failed any ideas

  • http://Website jay

    does this work for rooted nexus one’s?

    • http://Website sipp11

      you have to go back to *original boot and recovery image* first, then update this. it won’t work with superboot.

  • http://Website Mark

    I have also updated through all builds. 27-50-72-83-85b. Got the last 2 by downloading directly to my tmo N1. I then went into androzip and flashed from there. Very easy. Took about 4 minutes from start to finish.

  • http://Website lolobabes

    stock N1 manually updated to FRF50 when it came out but didnt update on FRF72 – when I woke up just an hour ago I got the OTA update for FRF85B (1.9MB), am in the Philippines… ty Google

  • stalker

    This is really a great news..finally. Now waiting for gingerbread.. :)

  • http://Website Cris

    I want FroYo on my Desire!!!!

  • http://Website alvinp

    I was on ERE27 and I got this OTA update to FRF85B. Very nice!

    • http://Website alvinp

      Btw, this OTA update size is 44.5MB. I think this is confirmed to be final official update because:
      1. this is an update from 2.1 update 1 directly to 2.2
      2. my phone is a consumer phone, not press.

      I am located in Singapore.

      • http://Website rainai

        I’m also in Singapore but I never received any update OTA. I’ve been doing my updates manually since 2.1. My phone is also a “consumer” phone as I ordered this from google. Anyway, I’m currently on FRF83 and I’ll be updating to FRF85B tonight after work. Can’t wait!

  • sigamore

    PLEASE ADVISE !!! I keep getting the following message : “E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command”
    Any idea ?
    btw I’m on AT&T training to upgrade from EPE54B to FRF85B.
    Thx in advance!

    • sigamore

      Sorry folks it was just a stupid mistake with the ‘zip’ file name… lol
      Booting the N1 as we speak :)

      • http://Website lolobabes

        i was gonna say just rename file as “update” if youre on windows, good to hear its ok now

    • http://Website sha

      at first it wasn’t working gave me some error like the one u received. then i took off the password and update.zip worked fine just downloaded for my att stock 2.1 to 2.2. frf85B make sure u don’t have a security password at the home screen…

  • http://none sha

    at first it wasnt working gave me some error. then i took off the password and update.zip worked fine just downloaded for my att stock 2.1 to 2.2. frf85B make sure u dont have a security password at the home screen…

  • http://www.phpeppershop.com José Fontanil


    I just received the OTA 2.1 update for my HTC Hero here in Switzerland, Europe – FINALLY!!

    Nothing was lost – all programs and all data is untouched. Only the Sense icons and widgets needed to be rearranged!

    Happy Hero user!


  • http://Website Joeskie

    Well there is one pretty cool thing they did.next time you go to set a picture for a contact you will notice a black box around all the faces in the picture.all you do is select the one you want. So they essentially added facial detection software. This however did not solve some other serious issues with the nexii. One of them being crazy screen, yep its still there. Another is something I have cleverly named “initial dedicated capacitive contact malfunction”, or “what the fuck google” for short. A simple yet persistent problem where the screen does not respond on the first touch after coming out of sleep or right after exiting an application(this oddly enough did not start until froyo came along). Also, if you hold your phone in your hand you still will occasionally drop whatever signal you happened to have. Now I know this one really has nothing too do with it but uh google can you please make your enormous applications transferable to the memory card? You can do that now in froyo…you knew that right?

  • http://Website marty

    can i manually update to frf85B from frf50 directly? or do i have to perform a serial update?

  • http://Website elarella

    Apparently, the official OTA for FroYo has bee announced. Check for updates. http://googlenexusoneboard.blogspot.com/2010/06/new-android-22-software-update-for.html

  • http://Website Guy Bailey

    I updated from ERE27 to FRF50 then from that to FRF83. Got a big problem right now where my N1 won’t ring or vibrate on incoming calls – just flashes so I have to stare at it all day in case I miss a call…

    Wating for the OTA to fix it – I hope. I don’t want to face my smug, iphone wielding wife gloating “So you got a $500 phone that doesn’t ring? Yay for Android”.

    • http://Website Joeskie

      Time to divorce that bitch.

  • http://Website Aja

    Just as a side note: Does anyone find hitting the System Update button very unsatisfying? You hit it and it IMMEDIATELY pops up telling you your system is up to date. No icon showing it’s thinking or connecting to google servers. Just an immediate no. I wish they’d throw in a little animation to at least give me the impression that it tried to find an update:)

    • http://Website Yogesh

      Yes ther should be,
      i’m Fully agreed with you

  • http://Website Fixit

    For those who wish to update to the official Froyo 2.2 w/ out using a computer:

    1) Download XScope browser from App store for free – do not use stock browser
    2) Change the download location in the broswer to: root\sdcard
    3) Copy and paste this link in the Xscope browser: http://android.clients.google.com/packages/passion/signed-passion-ota-42745.dc39ca1f.zip
    4) Download the package
    5) When D/L is complete, go to the folder and press & hold your finger on the name (rename the file to update.zip)
    6) Turn off phone, turn back on holding the volume – key down while powering on
    7) Select Recovery and then press volume up and the power button when you see the /!\ symbol
    8) Select ‘apply sdcard:update.zip’ and you’re done, let it work it’s magic.
    9) Have fun

    • http://Website Siddharth

      Will this update my phone currently running ERE27 to FRF85B?

  • http://Website rainai

    I just manually updated from FRF83 to FRF85B… Can’t really tell any difference yet… One thing though, as with the previous updates I did, it broke my Swype keyboard… When I tried reinstalling Swype, it didn’t register, saying my license has already been installed in another device… I uninstalled and reinstalled again, but it would not download the app anymore… :( Anybody else experienced the same prob with Swype? Help!

    PS: Now that I’m using the stock keyboard, I noticed that it’s much better than before… But I still would like to have Swype back…

    • http://Website rainai

      Hmmm… As it turns out, there was some problem with my 3G connection. That was why I was not able to download. I reinstalled Swype again and now it correctly registered! Whew!

      I love Swype and I LOVE FROYO!

      PS: Did you notice anything different about the “select text” functionality?

    • http://Website rainai

      Hmmm… As it turns out, there was some problem with my 3G connection. That was why the installer wouldn’t download the application anymore. Finally, I was able to reinstall Swype and it registered correctly this time! Whew!

      I love Swype! AND I LOVE MY NEXUS ONE AND FROYO!!! Now, on to Gingerbread! LOL!

  • http://www.linuxottawa.ca Kristen

    Confirmed working here, updated from EPE54B. Did not have notification for OTA, but followed instructions here to do it manually – Rogers version in Canada. –Works good! :)

    • http://Website Thomas

      Same for me, and it is so so fast ! I am on Rogers too, but I have two issues. Are you able to send a buzz with Google Buzz Widget? It fails every time. Same thing when sending a message with Google Voice.

      Could you try that on your Nexus. In might be an APN issue on my phone.


  • http://Website JamieB

    To anybody who’s “download” section no longer shows all apps in the market they’ve downloaded (as I report near the top of this thread) I found a simple fix.

    Go to settings>applications>manage applications>click the all tab. Scroll down to “Market” and “Market Updater”. Click one at a time and click “Clear Data”. Once you do that, go back to the Market itself. It’ll ask you to agree to the terms, just like when you first turned the phone on after you purchased it.

    All apps should show again :)

  • http://dr3amcast3r.wordpress.com/ dr3amcast3r

    My only question is: when is the Mytouch 3G getting it’s update? My impression is that the companies, like HTC and AT&T (among many others) are simply ignoring the people that bought Android devices twelve (or more) months ago, forgetting that was they’re money that stimulate the development of the rest of the phones. first buyers shouldn’t be left behind.


  • BigDog

    I don’t see a silent anymore. Just vibrate on the lock screen. Much faster upload and download for me in OC area Cali. Flash is ok. The power widget that has the brightness now has automatic after 3 taps. Much more too. My nexus is on speed now. My multitouch keyboard failed on start up.

  • http://Website Dillon

    I got the OTA update last night on T-mobile

  • http://Website brad

    what wallpaper is he using there looks like the nexus defult but only with blue! kinda cool

    let me know

    • http://Website JLam

      it looks like stock live wallpaper. if you look in the bottom left, you’ll see the yellow trail. they’re are some apps that’ll let you mod the wallpaper though. 2 i have used are nexus mod 2.0 (the developer says he’ll update for froyo once the ota gets released) and nexus revamped (works fine with froyo but i liked nexus mod better)

  • http://Website Landon

    Still haven’t gotten an update on AT&T. Running FRF72

  • http://androidandme PQ

    Sup guys,well I’m still on epe54b on AT&t and still no OTA update for me yet.

    • islander

      follow the instructions on here and install it manually. It’s the same update you will get as the one you would get over the air.

  • islander

    At this point it’s a little retarded if you are still waiting for the OTA update, since you can do the manual install using the link and the instructions provided in this article. This file is the same as what you are going to get over the air. Worked PERFECTLY on my two unrooted N1s. was on 54B, now on 85B.

    Just make sure you pay attention to this:

    Pro tip: not update.zip.zip

    It won’t screw up your phone but the update won’t work if you don’t have it renamed “update”

    happy updating!

  • islander

    If you are waiting for the OTA, you may have to wait another week at the longest.

    • http://www.theblarg.com nathan118

      The official google post says “the end of the week.”

      • http://Website JamesG44

        could u post a link for that post please?

        • http://Website Tim

          Here is the link about “the end of the week.”


          Still nothing here. I check at least once an hour.

          • islander

            When I had my G1, I got my update to 1.5 one month after they said they were releasing the OTA update. I’ll be surprised if everyone gets an update by the end of the week.

            I actually ended up doing it manually, in a process very similar to the one outlined in this article. I still ended up getting the same update (1.5) *again* OTA a month later….. it went through the same update process and there was no change.. just a waste of time…

      • http://www.theblarg.com nathan118

        haha, I love it! Getting ranked down for providing factual information. Nice!

  • http://androidandme PQ


  • http://www.gadgetme.net Lesley

    I just updated 2 Nexus Ones on AT&T using the link above. I just couldn’t wait for the OTA release any longer. Both phones are super speedy!! LOVE YOU FROYO.

    So when does Gingerbread come out? :P

  • draperyfalls

    Does the OTA update work for all Nexus One including Unlocked and Rooted???

    • Dharmabhum

      No, the official OTA update from Google (as well as the links that are supplied for the manual install immediately following the OTA announcement) will always be the signed version and will not work on rooted devices. I’m not sure about unlocked bootloaders though, but I’d guess its the same way.

      If you’re rooted and have custom recovery (Amon_Ra, et al) you will have to wait for the wonderful dev community to release the unsigned version. It typically doesn’t take long, but I also know that many devs are currently working on actual Froyo ROMs so there’s no telling how long it might take to get the unsigned update link out to the community.

  • http://Website 3william56

    Had a minor panic after manually installing 85B: had some short hangs, and could no longer drag icons from the application tray to any home screens. A restart fixed it, so if this affects you, don”t worry – it’s smooth and lovely again. Seems slightly smoother and faster (particularly Gallery) than the old Froyo build.

    FYI: More Apps now able to be moved to SD Card:
    Bluetooth file transfer
    Google Sky Map
    Missile Shield
    Voice Recorder
    Wifi Analyser

  • http://Website biggcockk


  • http://Website Smileguy

    Wednesday afternoon and still waiting for the OTA for my Nexus One.

  • http://Website RyoxSinfar

    Can anyone tell me if the process of manually updating prevents you from getting OTA updates?

  • http://Website Dominican

    Any One Whit ERE27 Got It ?

  • http://Website phil

    Just did a manual update (the EPE54B to FRF85B one.. couldn’t wait for the OTA any more :)

    The difference in the browser rendering speed is huge. Try some of the demos on chromeexperiments.com (Ball Pool and Mesmerizer are good example) before you upgrade, and then try after. The speed and the way the browser handles the windows are both vastly improved.

    Other good stuff – voice input now has a setting for people with other accents, Bluetooth dialing works, Phone and Browser are available from the bottom menu on all launcher screens (which also frees up two slots).

    Memory usage (RAM, not storage) seems to be less by my unscientific observations, and of course there’s the move to sdcard function. In fact I just installed Google Sky Map and it automatically installed it to the card. No moving required.

    I did have to reinstall Swype.. no big deal.

    Very impressed with FroYo so far.

  • draperyfalls

    Do rooted and unlocked Nexus get the OTA Update? Just curious?

  • http://Website Tim

    OK I don’t think I can wait any longer. I am currently running ERE27 of 2.1. Can I use one of the links above to upgrade? None say anything about ERE27 so I don’t want to screw anything up.

  • http://Website JOHNMCLANE


  • http://Website Joey

    I am running 2.2 (manual download) Build number FRF50. Can I manully go to FRF85B?

    I am a stock N1 on Tmobile.

    Thanks for any help.

  • http://Website rainai

    I noticed that after updating to FRF85B, the auto update checkbox for most of my installed apps has been unset. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Also, Cardio Trainer seems to have been broken… The voice notification doesn’t work anymore… Will try to reinstall…

  • http://Website Tom Nguyen

    If I’m on ERE27, which update would I do first, then second and so forth? The two links above isn’t the firmware I’m at.

    I have a Tmobile Nexus 1 (unrooted).

  • http://Website me


  • http://Website Ken

    Engadget has a post that a new update is out FRF91.

  • http://Website John DOe

    I’d be interested in a mirror as well please.

  • http://Website lebrontochicago

    i don’t get it. I thought the FRF85B was the official release build. What is that FRF91? Maybe its the reason why people still didn’t get their OTA like me.

  • http://Website Melvin

    I got my notification twice this week to do an update, but everytime I hit the [Install] button, it says “SD Card Safe to Remove” and nothing happens. This is starting to piss me off as I know the update is being pushed to my phone, but it won’t install properly.

  • http://Website lolobabes

    Just received another OTA update FRF91, I love my N1,Philippines… ahihihihi

  • rock hopper

    Just got FRF91 :) was on FRF83b

  • http://Website aditya

    Just received froyo build frf92 OTA….

    • http://Website aditya

      I meant frf91

  • http://Website Shadab

    Just got frf91 ota , I’m from new york got the att nexus one

  • http://Website william

    I’ve just receive OTA FRF91 here in Brasil. After I have FRF85B

  • http://Website stephanie

    I woke up this am and had my first system update. (I manually had frf72) and I looked and had frf91?? I’m on Tmobile. Haven’t heard about this one, but ill post as The day goes on.

    • http://Website REMii

      Where do you live because i did the manual update to frf72 and i live in chicago and i still dont have the update to frf91…im getting so impatient and the week is almost up

  • http://Hieveryone, Ryan


  • http://Website Ryan

    Hi everyone,

    I also just updated the other day to FRF85b, and this morning (I’m on USA T-Mobile in Wisconsin) I woke up and my phone updated to FRF91. This is the first update I haven’t had to manually install. I had just a few minutes to use it before work and it seems so much faster! I don’t know if I’m imagining it, or if it really is, but bravo Google!

  • http://ota brad clifton

    i manually installed this update on tuesday.

    its friday and i just seemed to recieve another ota update…….

    i wonder if this is a newer version?

  • http://Website Smileguy

    Friday morning I’m on a non rooted Nexus One that I manually updated to FRF50. I have T-Mobile service in NYC and I’m still waiting for an OTA update.

  • http://FRF83toFRF85linkisdown IonFist

    Can someone provide a valid link for updating from FRF83 to FRF 85 since the link posted here is down.

    Thanks in advanced!

  • http://Website JAKK BOWER


  • tsmith

    got my update this morning…friday. works great so far..build FRF91 IS THE NEWEST!!!

  • Sean

    Looks like there is an manual update from FR85B directly to FR91 here. Me?


    I’m going to wait for the OTA. Haven’t had one in a long ol’ time and miss the novelty of the surprise.

  • http://Website happyCamper

    Just to let you guys know, updated came via air, 2.1>2.2,size 44MB or about, major changes:
    faster screen changes, loads apps faster, includes browser/phone button on main screen rather than separate apps. allows for automatic tweeter contacts, updated me from EPE54B to FRF91.

    Mine is stock, not rooted (yet).

  • http://nickelliott.us nick

    I just got frf90

  • http://nickelliott.us nick

    I just got frf91 ota

  • http://Website YoRcH

    Today I also received FRF91 OTA. I live in México using Telcel 3G network

  • http://Website Trond

    Was on FRF85B, got FRF91 OTA last night. Nexus one, Norway.

  • http://Website Jeff


    i just got an OTA update was frf85 is now frf91

    Orange Luxembourg (unlocked N1)

  • http://Website Georges

    Also received FRF91 OTA on my T-Mobile Nexus One here in Menlo Park. Was on non-rooted FRF85B as well.

  • http://cellfixx.com cellfixx

    I have FRF91. Task killer won’t kill voice search and won’t kill active navigation. Everything else looks good.