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AT&T goes with Google search for its latest Android phone

We gave AT&T a hard time when they removed Google search in favor of Yahoo on their first Android phone the Backflip, but the carrier has now reversed that experiment with the new HTC Aria.

In a quick demo video of the new Aria, AT&T Product Manager Dante Martin shows off the voice search capabilities of the device which is powered by Google. We can also catch a quick glimpse of the homescreen search widget, also Google-powered.

All of AT&T’s custom Android apps make a return (Family Maps, Hot Spots, Maps, Navigator, Radio), but it looks like the carrier has left all the other Google services in place. Customers who purchase the Aria will still have access to Gmail, Gtalk, Google Calendar, Google Maps Navigation, and the official Android Market.

Right now we still rank AT&T as the last option for purchasing an Android device, but that could turn around later this year. AT&T is rumored to launch a wave of high-end Android phones later this summer (Galaxy S, Dell Streak, LG Aloha) and their new lower-priced data plans can save the average user some money. The carrier also still boast the nation’s fastest 3G which is set to receive a boost when they upgrade to HSPA+ (14.4 Mbps) by the end of 2010.

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  • http://Website Justin

    Thats a relief. I was ticked when they did that!

  • http://Website Cesar

    Uh-Oh…. (Apple)

  • http://www.androinica.com AndrewKam

    Hopefully it launches with Google since Yahoo! has a deal with AT&T. Maybe they’ll give people the option or maybe it just hasn’t been switched to Yahoo yet.

  • mikedminor

    Wow is at&t now buying into the whole iPhone on Verizon by the fall 2010 rumor thing?

  • http://Website banana is like what

    At&T is the last place to get an andriod phone they only got one as of now and its sucks and now this phone just stick with the other three phone carriers that’s my opinion

  • http://Website Brian G

    Can it install the native Google Voice app?

  • http://www.compuguy1088.com compuguy1088

    Right now, I have an unlocked HTC Magic, running on my old Iphone 2g sim…..far cheaper than the data plans AT&T has, and I even have 3g :D

  • http://Website Spooky Electric

    Hopefully when they update the stupid backflip, they can give us google search. Thats all I ask.