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Audible audiobook service releases beta Android app

Good news for all you audiobook lovers out there. The folks over at Android Central have leaked information that popular audiobook company Audible (an Amazon company) is currently conducting an open beta of an Audible application for the Android platform.

For those unfamiliar with Audible, it is a subscription-based program that allows users to purchase heavily discounted audiobooks with either a monthly or annual subscription. Each month you pay a small fee and receive access to 1 or 2 audiobooks, depending on which plan you select ($7.49/month for the first 3 months, and $14.95/month thereafter for their basic plan–1 credit/book per month– or $22.95/month for the premium plan–2 credits/books per month). This is actually a pretty good deal considering new audiobooks range from about $30-50 a pop.

Users of Audible are encouraged to try out the Audible beta app for easy access to their audiobooks from the mobile convenience of their Android device by joining the Audible Beta Google Group or visit this download link from your Android phone. We encourage you to join the Google group as well to provide feedback and to ask technical questions of the developers.

Already downloaded the Audible app? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Via: Android Central

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  • http://www.poorlywritten.com foebea

    Using it and loving it. All the books I purchased years ago show up even though i dont have an audible account. you can download and play while downloading. Theres a nifty ‘visualizer’ bit, and achievements to unlock, trophies, etc. Microsoft has created a monster there, but its all fun :D

    So far (1 hour) the app works excellently. It doesnt handle being in the background very well (stuttering) but works fine with the screen turned off. audio stops when headphones unplugged, resumes when plugged back in.

    Have managed to get a so called ‘bsod’ black screen of death. after a while a force close and relaunch resolved. this is a beta afterall.

    Highly recommended! Looks great, runs great. Will be a daily use, and may get me to renew my lapsed subscription some day, but the 130 books in my library already should keep me occupied for quite a while. I havent heard them in years, so can jump right in again.

  • http://www.typhon4android.org/ Mike Leahy

    Most excellent.. Thanks for the heads up.. keep it coming! App looks good; got a force close or two, but for being in beta it works well enough.

  • http://www.techerator.com Evan Wondrasek

    I can’t believe it finally happened – an Audible client for Android. I’ve been without my Audible library since I bought the Motorola Droid in November. This is no fault of the phone, of course, it’s the _responsibility of the DRM content producer_ to support as many devices as possible – can’t believe it took this long.

    Being able to download straight from the app is fantastic. It’s a big slow and jerky, but I couldn’t be happier to have it. Looking forward to the full version.

  • http://Todoroo.com Jon

    Just finished listening to a the NYT while picking up around the house. I love it! The ability to download the audio files directly to the device is fabulous and makes listing to daily digests really easy. Thanks for posting this story. I love audible and am glad to be unlocked from iStuff when I want to listen to books, news etc when I am on the go.

  • http://Website Andrew

    My brain just exploded! I’ve been waiting for this app and am so pumped its out!

  • http://Website incy2k

    Need audible.co.uk support

  • http://Website Alasdair Lumsden

    IS this the big coup that it looks like. After all doesn’t Audible do the audio book section of iTunes?

  • http://Website gene hill

    just what I have been looking for! I drive truck and have a lot of books on my Ipod, but needed an app to be able to listen to my daily subscriptions and this really fills the bill. Thank you

  • http://Website Mike

    WAHOO!!!! I’ve been waiting since I first heard that audible was working on an app for android in february, to buy any more books. I’ve had an audible account for years and loved it, but when I got my Moto Droid which replaced not only my old Alias phone, but also my first generation ipod nano, I was crushed to realize I couldn’t listen to my books on my droid. So I let my credits build up for when they released the app and I think they did a great job on this beta version!

  • zaph

    I have some audiobooks on my computer. I can’t play them on the computer because Audible don’t support Linux. Can I listen to them on my phone using this app?