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Disassemble the HTC EVO 4G in 15 simple steps

The Sprint HTC EVO 4G is certainly a beauty to look at on the outside, but most people will only be treated to a small glimpse of the phones interior beauty when they remove the battery cover.  If you are looking for a little more or are curious to know what it takes to disassemble the EVO 4G, iFixit has just posted up pictures along with the 15 steps necessary to completely dismantle the HTC EVO 4G.

Those of you planning on purchasing the EVO 4G when is launches on Sprint’s network later this week might be interested in knowing that the glass screen cover for the EVO isn’t too hard to remove.  This should help keep labor costs down for replacing the glass when you will inevitably crack it by forgetting that you put the EVO in your back pocket.  However, we would always recommend using your carriers of HTC’s repair services if your handset is still under warranty.

For more pictures and detailed instructions on how to expose the innards of the HTC EVO 4G, head on over to iFixit.com

Source: iFixit

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • f3justusc

    Yep, I broke mine today. It wasn’t in my back pocket. I got out of the car and it hit the ground. Glass in the bottom left corner shattered and I have 3 spider cracks across the screen. Sprint acted like an A#$ about it but I emailed a CEO and he has responded that someone will get in touch with me. We shall see what happens.

  • http://Website michael

    broke my glass dropped it