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doubleTwist releases companion Android app for desktop client

DoubleTwist has announced today that they have released an Android music player replacement app–offering music, video, podcast, and picture integration with its PC and Mac software. The doubleTwist press release states that their app will bring a seamless end-to-end media experience that will allow users to finally leave their iPods at home.

Initial set up of the PC-based application and syncing files with your Android device will take a while (30-60 minutes or so), so be sure to give yourself plenty of time for that process to work. Once you have synced this information with your phone, all the content you have chosen to sync will now be readily available on your Android device in a convenient all-in-one media powerhouse application.

So how well does the application work, you ask?  The application itself functions much like the stock music player, but features both audio and video playback within the app itself. Video and audio playback worked flawlessly, and the UI is as good if not better than the stock Android music app. DoubleTwist simply gets it, and definitely has the potential to replace the stock music app for many people.

To celebrate the new release, doubleTwist is offering this app for free for a limited time. After the ill-defined limited time expires, the app will set users back a modest $0.99.

So is a free app that offers iTunes like syncing of music, videos, podcasts, and pictures not enough to convince you to download doubleTwist? Well, doubleTwist will soon offer online radio (similar to Pandora/Slacker) AND wireless sync support.

DoubleTwist is certainly setting itself up to be the ultimate multimedia powerhouse for the Android platform. Only time will tell if it truly will become the one multimedia app to rule them all (our…precious?).

Already trying out doubleTwist? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • http://pgtci.com Chris Caddell

    I played with it a little this evening. Seems to work really nice apart from the slow sync business. With the Amazon Mp3 integration, I could see myself ditching iTunes altogether. Now I just need to get a bigger SD card…

  • http://Website Nick

    Phone app is pretty spiffy cept for the fact that it won’t stop playing. I’ll stop a song exit and then a couple of minutes later it starts up again.

  • http://alexstone.me Alex Stone

    Huge fan of Sebastiaan de With (Cocoia)’s work (he most recently did the Steam for Mac redesign concept that was going around).

    I find it interesting that the first time I see an Android UI that looks great, it’s by a notorious iPhone/Mac UI designer.

    • http://Website b87

      You find it looking great because your standards are: “does it look like on an iPhone?”.

    • http://Website n0mad

      Twitter and Facebook Android Apps are pretty nice, IMHO as a software designer/developer.

  • http://sweeterskins.net Lemon

    Probably the best looking media player on Android right now, and wireless sync will be HAWT.

  • http://Website Ryan

    But does it play WMA?

  • http://Website cokey

    is this for phones running 1.5 because cant find when scanning barcodes and not in market either whats the deal here.(help)

  • http://www.stephen-coley.com/blog Stephen Coley

    Mmmmm…. Can’t seem to find it also. I guess it doesn’t work for my Dext then???

    Is this just an American app because on the Doubletwist website it does list the Motorola Cliq as a supported device?????

    • http://Website Hasan

      I’m in the UK, just scanned the barcode thingy and it found it in the market. (nexus one)

      • SGB101

        me too, in UK on HTC desire ;-)

  • http://twitter.com/aaronhutchinson Aaron

    Does it have play counts & playlists?
    The only thing keeping my jailed into iTunes is my precious playcounts… o_O

    • http://Website Fahad

      I hear that you can actually import in your playcount from itunes =) give it a shot you’ll probably like it

  • http://Website D.J.

    Does DoubleTwist require iTunes? Or will it work with programs like Songbird, Foobar, and WinAMP? Because I just got away from iTunes and I don’t want to use that bloatware if I don’t have to. Especially since I don’t buy music from it.

  • SGB101

    works great on the HTC desire. its a very nice piece of kit, as a test i inported Toy Story.avi in to the DT library hit sync and it converted it on the fly and was in my play list and played flawlessly, ulnlike yxplayer that had some issues.

    also it is far nicer ui than the android media player, i always thought it was a bit of a let down so thumbs up all round.

    so far so good.

  • http://Website falltime

    All these media players FAIL on video in one of the most basic requirements (that I can even get my Ipod Touch to do) – BACKGROUND and screen -off play. Yeah I know it is a “video” but when you are mobile sometimes you can not or do not want to “see” the video; only listen to the audio portion.

    So far Meridian has a decent implementation (you can turn screen off and video continues) or play video “as music” for background work – but it is far from seemless.
    and there is a new player UZ media player that implements this feature perfectly but the rest of the player is crude.

    It is ANDROID, background play (i.e. multtasking) is its #1 selling feature- why do few media developers exploit this????

    • http://Website XTOCb

      I have to agree on video! Sometimes it just an audio you want to listen to and not watch the video. Good example listen to something from YouTube, while driving…

  • dswhite85

    Needs last.fm support! and I wish there was a way to hide the progress bar, leaving just the skip/ pause buttons visible because the progress bar kinda blocks a bit of the album art which is simply a bit of an eye sore..

    • http://whosthisguy.com Brendan

      Until this has either native support, or Simple Last.fm Scrobbler is updated to include this player I won’t be using it.

  • http://Website Jeffrey

    Can this play avi files

  • http://Website Rick

    Without a Linux desktop client this is a no go. It is completely confounding why they would create a Linux smartphone app without a Linux desktop companion if that is the only way to use the smartphone app. Ridiculous.

    • http://Website Karthik

      Very nice Rick. As a long time linux only user I too feel left out!

      • http://kasuko.com Kasuko

        As a long time linux user as well I have to say we should be getting used to the feeling of being left out by now :(

    • http://Website Teri

      I have to third this. It’s like people don’t even realize Android is Linux based

  • itimebomb494

    i definitely like the UI better then the stock, but as did cubed, it slowed my poor outdated mytouch 3G :’( (while running, which i know should be expected but the slow down i get with the stock music player is less than with this or cubed) also the lack of a widget unsweetened the deal for me, seeing as i rarely actually open up music apps and simply use the widgets

  • http://Website Don

    Hopefully a landscape view and a widget are forthcoming. That would make it money.

  • cobaltleo

    Guess ill have to give this app a second try when i get my new sd card

  • http://Website Rolex

    What do users of Mediascape think of this app in comparison…better or worse? Anyone?

  • http://Website alex

    It’s disappointing that it requires Internet Explorer. It’s for android, why not make Chrome compatible? Also, no scrobbling? It wasn’t even on the development roadmap until about a month ago!

  • Noice

    Just uninstalled it. Prefer the Songbird/3/SyncToy arrangement I was using previously. A good effort however.

  • http://Website esarandon

    I can’t install it on my cliq!!! it keeps telling me: there is no matches in android market for the search: pname:com.doubleTwist.androidPlayer

    any idea what to do?

  • plangdon7

    Seem to have a major issue with playlist management. Is there a way to add a song to a playlist if you download the song right to your phone?

    Need to add a feature when you long click on a song or in the menu screen that you can “add song to playlist”. I download music right to my phone and they do not appear in my playlists.

    Any help?

    • http://Website David Anthony

      Go Artist > Album > Song and then long hold the song and a menu comes up with one of the options being “add song to playlist”

  • http://Website jamiet

    Love the UI, but Last.fm doesn’t scrobble it and playback controls aren’t accessible on the lock screen (HTC Desire).
    Therefore I will have to uninstall.

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  • http://Website Johnny Netguy

    Does this have wireless sync because it is not syncing up my songs.

  • http://Website Kelly Lee

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  • http://Website Bob Stoops

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