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Droid X and Droid 2 slides reveal speedy 1 GHz processor

Verizon’s upcoming Droid X and Droid 2 should be the fastest Android phones available thanks to their 1 GHz OMAP processors. We previously reported both phones would feature the new 45nm Texas Instruments OMAP3630, but we erroneously reported it was clocked at 720 MHz. Now a couple of leaked slides posted over at Droid Life confirm what others have been telling us – the CPU is clocked at 1 GHz.

The defending speed champion for Android phones has been Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform. However, recent system benchmark results show that the Droid X (MB810) topped all other phones running Android 2.1. We also know from our GPU benchmarks that the OMAP’s PowerVR SGX530 GPU is faster than the Snapdragon’s Adreno graphics.

Current rumors suggest that Verizon will launch the Droid X first in July and then follow that up with the Droid 2 in August. Both phones should feature Android 2.1 with Motoblur, with the outside chance that Motorola might update the Droid 2 to Android 2.2 by launch.

Hit up the source link for high-res images of the other leaked slides.

Source: Droid Life

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  • http://Website bubbles says wow

    Verizon has the best android line up. The droid extreme looks awesome, I waiting to see if tmobile_usa gets samsung galaxy s, if they dont, i will go to verizon.

  • http://Website oopsiiii

    thought samsung’s own processor (used in galaxyS) had a higher benchmark score than the snapdragon?

    • http://Website mkrmec

      when will people get it that Samsung = Evil… don’t buy, mention and whatever their phones. Snapdragon is the slowest 1GHz processor for androids out there atm. I’m not sure about what’s better the Hummingbird from Samy or the Texas Instruments OMAP.. sure hope it’s the OMAP.

  • http://Website LostMyNutsToMeWife


    Now we are talking!!!

    1GHz…..i’ll thats a good reason for a change!!

  • http://Website john

    Wooohoo. I’m so happy to be a Verizon customer. Who needs an iPhone when you have droids. Still in love with my original Droid.

  • http://Website dan

    So no report on froyo on the Droid X?

    • http://Website Icon

      At first I wasn’t sure whether I was going to get the Droid X, cause I love my Incredible, but now with the 1ghz TI OMAP processor, this is a no brainer. The only thing I question is the release date. I have a source in VZW that said it would be toward the end of June. But I guess it doesn’t really matter, I will have it anyway.

      • http://Website JAG

        Maybe to fathers day.

      • http://Website Derek

        [email protected], you have an Incredible and are already talking about getting the Droid X?? The Incredible’s only 2 months old?? How often do you change phones?

        • http://Website Sarah

          I just got off the phone with verizon- the x is most def coming out on July 15th.

  • http://Website JAG

    Where is DROID-LIFE getting all this information from?

    OMG 1ghz processor?

  • http://Website webby

    I want a larger screen than my Droid has, so I’m interested in the Droid X, but even tho the fone has the same sz screen as the EVO, the form factor is larger, so it is pushing the bounds of how large a phone I am willing to carry.

  • http://Website Steve

    Any comparison of the omap and hummingbird? Which is faster for gaming?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      TI OMAP3630 = PowerVR SGX530 GPU
      Samsung S5PC110 “Hummingbird” = PowerVR SGX540 GPU

      The SGX540 is said to offer twice the performance of the SGX530. Early benchmarks show the Galaxy S will be the fastest phone for gaming.

  • http://Website mkrmec

    I still hope that phones get even more open than the Nexus one.. I mean the whole protected RIL and everything. Ofcourse they don’t want that so their phones won’t run any other OS .. but it’s still the way to go. And open sourcing the latest firmware or even let people join it’s development.

  • http://Website Simon

    AWESOME!!! now we’re talking…
    a 1Ghz Physical Keyboard phone :D sweeeeeeeeet wat i’ve been waiting for to replace my HTC Dream :)

  • http://Website Nathan

    So, Verizon will basically have 3 high end Android phones, each with a 1Ghz processor, but with a very different feature set. Droid Incredible = no keyboard, slick Sense UI, average size; Droid 2 Shadow = Physical Keyboard; Droid X = huge screen, no keyboard. That is quite a lineup. By August, we may see something bigger and better even out of HTC on Verizon.

    I love how Motorola has basically listened to their customers and created two devices that are pretty much exactly what people have been asking for. 1) A Droid without the D Pad and a more clicky keyboard, and 2) a Droid with no keyboard and huge screen.