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Droid X gets some hands on love

Verizon is set to announce the Droid X next week and launch it July 19th, but you can catch a fairly detailed preview thanks to Engadget. They are reporting that the display is actually 4.4 inches (FWVGA 854 x 480) which puts it just in front of the HTC EVO. There are not a lot of hardware surprises left at this point, but hit up the source link for a full gallery and video samples.

The Motoblur UI looks very clean and an improvement over the original. Motorola has updated the launcher with quick links to the dialer and contacts, which is similar to the official launcher seen in Android 2.2.

If you got your hands on the Droid X for two hours, what would you do with the device?

Source: Engadget

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  • http://Website Kirbdaddy

    Damn this phone looks sweet!!! Shame I refuse to get ripped off by Verizon.

    • http://Website QuikZilver

      Lol, ditto

    • http://Website Icon

      Wow really? Get ripped off by Verizon? How’s that? I’d really like to hear this.

      The beast keeps getting better and better. Whenever this goes on pre-order, I will get it. I love my Incredible, but I will let it go for this.

      • http://Website Rizo

        You have got to be kidding me. An Icon you are not… Verizon nickle and dimes like no other. Go ahead and get this ipad with a telephone in it.

        P.S. Don’t break that glass face on that beast. Anyone else think the video was kinda pixelated?

        • http://Website The_Omega_Man

          Well the best service, does come at a price. :P

    • http://Website G.

      Yep, still waiting for a high-end T-Mobile android. Their current lineup is pathetic…

      • http://Website Kirbdaddy

        Same here. If there’s no flash on the Galaxy S I’m ruling it out. I may consider switching to Sprint for the Galaxy S Pro.

        • http://Website mkrmec

          Samsung? I don’t wanna tell you that you’re crazy, but when Samsung actualy gets a grip and starts supporting their phones, then I’ll stop with the crazy names. The phone will preety much probably stay on 2.1 as it comes with, yeah.. great smartphone..

      • krazytrixxxsta

        you and me both. im at the point where i just want to jump ship, and gladly pay the early termination fee to say good riddance to them. they really need to step up their game, and get some high end htc and motorola android phones. i was considering buying an iphone 4 unlock just to hold me over.

      • http://Website FroyoCraver

        High-end android phone + T-Mobile = DNE

    • http://Website Joeskie

      Well I don’t think this is very fair for those of us who got those damn droid incredibles.already this thing I payed 300+ for is already outdated?what a ripoff.

      • http://Website OME6A

        How’s it a ripoff? You should’ve done your research to see what else was coming down the line before hopping on the Incredible.

      • mikedminor

        Does your Droid Incredible not work? Is it not Fast or Stable?

  • http://Website brian

    Totally agree with kirbdaddy
    * EVO LOVE! Price is right and service is better and speed in my area between big red and sprint is the same, both are tier 1 3G sprint is upgrading this summer.

  • http://Website David

    I WANT IT! in PORTUGAL if it ever comes… you and your cool smartphones..

  • http://Website Beast02

    I’m wondering what the deal is with nickel and dime charges? Something VZW does differently from other carriers? I guess you can make that argument about any carrier but to stick 1 with it is a little unfair.

    • http://Website Jo

      T-Mobile doesn’t nickle and dime. V is notorious for doing just that.

      • http://Website webby

        T-Mobile’s 3G coverage is awful. I had it for a year with the G1. Sometimes I would drive 15′ off a main thoroughfare and go off 3G and onto Edge. No thanks to T-Mobile’s very thin coverage.

        Now I’m on Verizon and their 3G coverage is everywhere.

        • http://Website adc123

          how does tmobile have bad 3g coverage im in colorado and it works fine

  • http://Website mkrmec

    This phone is awesome!!

    I’m a N1 owner and I really want this phone. Big upps to motorola for using the OMAP awesomeness instead of the snapdragon crap.

  • http://Website Unkown

    I would Masterbate to it!
    This thing is sexy!
    It shouldn’t be called the Droid X, it should be called……………… The Droid XXX

  • http://Website Randy

    This bad boy has a TI OMAP 3630 w/ PowerVR SGX530… no wonder its so fast!! I’m liking the nice screen. Wish it was Super AMOLED, though. http://briefmobile.com/motorola-droid-x

  • http://Website Zer0-9

    Why all the Verizon hate? I too was on T-mobile…until I moved from New Mexico to North Carolina. Leaving the highway going home I would not only lose 3g but my edge coverage was spotty. At work I would have to go outside and hold the phone up in the air and use a headset to use it. Despite being capable of it T-Mobile has never given Android the ability to use UMA. T-mobile let me out of my 2yr contract a year early because they acknowledged that their coverage in my area was so awful.

    Sprint, same deal, little to no coverage where I need it. AT&T…evil bunch of (insert expletive)! Verizon might be a little more expensive but my usability is much higher, plus we get the real top of the line phones. Want to talk about nickle and diming look at Sprint and their $10 EVO tax.

  • http://Website Drake Paulsen

    I was going to buy the incredible, I think I can wait for the Droid X to come out.

    Oh and BTW, When I pre-order I can trust Verizon wont mess up!

  • http://Website JOhn-Thomas

    i just got the cell phone