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Froyo equipped Nexus One launching on KT in Korea

As promised, Google is continuing their rollout of the Nexus One with service providers across the globe.  Korea’s KT has just announced that the Nexus One will be available on their network, starting June 21.  The initial handset launch will be limited to only 4,000 units, but KT is promising that they will have enough Nexus One handsets in July to stock all their store shelves across the country.

KT customers who are willing to sign a two year contract will be able to snatch up Google’s Nexus One for 150,000 won ($125) or they could opt for a contract free purchase of 699,600 won ($576).  While KT’s Nexus One will feature the same specs as the U.S. and European versions, the Korean version will be loaded up with Froyo right from the start. Google hasn’t announced when Android 2.2 would be officially pushed out to the Nexus One, but I’m sure they wouldn’t let their U.S. and European customers wait too long after its launch in Korea next week.

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  • http://twitter.com/aaronhutchinson Aaron

    June 21st also happens to be the day apple releases iOS4.

    Let’s see if Google does anything interesting Monday, shall we? :)

  • stalker

    it seems that froyo will rollout OTA this week for N1. :)

  • sigamore

    Must happen during this w/e ! Otherwise folks we really start to freak out, right ?

  • ayocuz

    Man that’s some bs they better not release froyo in another country before we get it in the states that will push me to sell my n1 and go to that new iphone

    • http://Website zed

      i don’t usually resort to lanuage like this but you are a d1ck! there are many countries outside the states. htc who make the nexus 1 …. what country they from?? (ps, not the US)

  • http://Website DD_Me

    I’m hoping that the Korean launch brings Froyo to the rest of us. My EVO is fine with 2.1 for now but I’m sure my wife will enjoy Froyo quite a bit. If Google thinks its ready for release in another country, there’s no reason they would hold it back for the rest of us.

  • http://Website ugga

    This Korean girls looks cuuuuute

  • http://Website a1qkhan

    nice, really, really nice… so’s the nexus one.