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G1 owners still have a prayer for an official upgrade to Android 2.2

The G1 has already received Android 2.2 thanks to some hard working hackers, but there is still an outside chance that T-Mobile could upgrade the device over the air. Before I get your hopes up, just remember T-Mobile has the final say on firmware upgrades and their official response for the last couple of months has been, “We will let you know when we have more details to share”.

Buried inside the Froyo code drop post on the Android Developers Blog was the news that Google included all the configuration files necessary to build the source code of Android Open-Source Project on its own. Android engineer Jean-Baptiste Queru noted that, “You can now build and boot a fully open-source system image out of the box, for the emulator, as well as for Dream (ADP1), Sapphire (ADP2), and Passion (Nexus One).”

As many of your know, the G1 is the HTC Dream and the exact same hardware as the Android Developer Phone 1. Some developers have already reported success in building Android 2.2 for the Dream and we know the team behind CyanogenMod is also working on a port.

What I find most interesting is that those who built Android 2.2 from source were able to flash it on a Dream using any version of the secondary program loader (SPL). The most recent crop of custom Android 2.1 ROMs for Dream have required the DangerSPL, which rewrites the system partitions to address the device’s limited internal storage. Carrier builds are always larger than the builds from source code (because of all the extra apps), but it sounds possible that the G1 could fit Android 2.2 without modifying the SPL.

At the end of the day it’s T-Mobile’s call, but I don’t see them leaving behind the G1 owners just yet. Even though it is the oldest Android phone, the G1 appears technically able to run Android 2.2 at an acceptable performance level. In the mean time, keep an eye on HTC’s Developer Center in case they release the Android 2.2 system images for the ADP1.

Surely T-Mobile would have broken the bad news by now if they did not intend to upgrade the G1, right? Do you really think they kept you waiting all this time just to disappoint you?

Source: Android Developers Blog

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  • TornadoTexan

    I’m just hoping that maybe rather than updating the G1 they upgrade G1 owners phones to whatever Project Emerald will be

  • http://Website AndroidKing

    I think it maybe better for G1 to RIP now that it has been almost 2 years since launch.
    Their deaths will allow the developer to focus on higher end phones allowing “prettier” and complex apps.

    • http://Website Darkseider

      Let the G1 die? Are you kidding? This phone is a testament to Android plain and simple. A good solid AOSP build or even an official Froyo 2.2 OTA would be the best thing that T-Mobile could do for the G1. It would not only show that the device even being 2 years old has some life left in it. It will also show off, dare I say showcase, the flexibility of Android as well. Long live the G1!

      • http://Website 2:19

        Also, updating the G1 shows everyone thinking about grabbing an Android device that they can rest assured that their phone will not be obsolete before their contract is up. Besides, it’s not two years until October.

        • http://Website DRew

          …unless of course you happen to be one of us sorry Behold 2 owners.. Then your phone is outdated at purchase and dead 6 months later. Go Scamsung! giving new meaning to the words “short lived”

  • http://Website Phil

    Has anyone said what the peformance is like with 2.2 on the G1. I also agree with the first two posters. Its closing in on two years now pretty soon. Let these first gen phones die so devs can feel comfortable building for the current gen.

    • http://Website Daniel

      From personal experience with CyanogenMod, I say 2.1 feels even lighter than 1.6. It seems to be less processor-intensive, certain actions are wonderfully smooth, like they never were before. In my case it was clearly consuming more memory, but this is most probably because I had the 10 MB RAM hack before. I’d have to compare a 1.6 ROM without the hack to 2.2 for a fair judgment.

      As for “Let these first gen phones die”, G1 is the biggest exception (just way too little RAM and storage), but you might be surprised to know many current phones are just as powerful (sometimes exactly as powerful) as the “first-gen” ones. Not every phone released will be a high-end one.

  • MetalMessiah78

    I don’t see T-Mobile updating the G1. I think they brought out the Slide for G1 users looking to upgrade while keeping the keyboard. What they failed to think about is that the G1 was a revolutionary phone. It was the first Android phone. We are not going to be content with something just slightly better. We want a Superphone with a keyboard! I think their plan of action will be to get as many G1 users on the Slide. After all, that 2 year contract is up in a few months. Why would they upgrade something that most G1 users will be able to upgrade out of anyway? Not saying I don’t want to see it happen, this is what I think T-Mobile is probably thinking.

  • http://Website reddragon72

    If the G1 gets an update to 2.2 then I’m going to join in on the lawsuit against Samsung and the Behold2. This is total crap and Samsung had better be ready if the G1 gets 2.2!!

    • http://Website Drew

      Amen! Down with Scamsung!

  • http://Website ekansh

    i want my G1 to b upgraded till gingerbread….huh i just hoping for the best…still want my ECLAIR on my G1…..

  • http://Website Joeskie

    Sorry dudes I love the g1 but I don’t see this happening. If you are really holding out to get froyo in a g1 then your the reason that applications and development have not advanced to whet they could be.sorry but its the truth. Time to phase that fuller out and get mt3gs.

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

    Ok, my phone is a Nexus One, but I still have my G1 around and sort of use it as a little gaming device on the side, and for various things here and there over wifi. One thing, the battery life on this thing is STAGGERING, now that I don’t have a sim card in it. I mean, it’s blow you away good.
    I for one am curious to see how 2.2 runs on it. I think there’s still some life left in this little (chunky) guy.

  • http://Website Kenny

    Why not huh? Let’s give something to the early believers. Us G1 owners are the true pioneers. We tested and tested in order for better phones to come out. Heck, if the G1 hadn’t been there, nobody would’ve known about Apps2SD, and all the extra features the phone should’ve come up with.

    I’m still with mine, haven’t had a phone capture my eye like the G1 did when it came out. I will wait, but I think T-Mo will in fact give us the update. If they don’t, some dev will.

  • http://www.twitter.com/reignzone Reignzone

    It would be nice for the fellas over @ CyanogenMod to provide an AOSP build for the G1, one very “gutted” and straight-to-the-point, if I can say that.

    I’d love to update my mother’s G1 from Android 1.6, to something a little more feature-rich, not to mention futuristic.

  • http://Website Mike

    Didn’t Andy Rubin flat out say at the Q&A at Google I/O that the G1 was not going to receive Froyo? Maybe they changed their minds? Legacy!? O RLY?

  • http://Website jayy336

    Wooww if T-Mobile does update the G1, which I think they should, it’ll show how much this 2 year old phone is still kicking. Not to mention, if it can be done it should be done.

  • http://Website Scott

    Cyanogenmod 6 is coming out for 8 phones, to include the G1. For those who aren’t that familiar with CyanogenMod, 6 is android 2.2 so you g1 user will be getting a full 2.2, not some gutted halfassed version. Give it a week and you’ll all have cm6 on your phones.

  • http://Website Elitebattlefield

    Come on guys. I just sold my G1 for $150, left T-Mobile to go to Sprint for the EVO. I held on the G1 even when the Slide was released. I absolutely love my EVO, but it amazes me what the G1 can still do even after being outdated across the board.

    If it weren’t for developers like Cyanogen, Eugene373, Maxisma, Manup456, Wesgarner, and KingKlick92, the G1 would be toast and unfavored. There are still tons of G1 users out there that deserve the opportunity to enjoy the updates that others are getting, albeit not the true untouched version, but something to keep the G1 fresh..

    Keep devin’ guys and I hope T-Mobile gives the G1 what it needs. An update.

  • Queen Laqueefa

    If not for the early adopters making the G1 a success there would be no Droid. No EVO. No MT3G. No N1. Android wouldn’t be what it is today. Give those folks some damn Froyo!

  • http://www.twitter.com/dmdfreak DmdFreak

    Let’s be honest, those of us with G1′s are going to get 2.2 even if we don’t see it from TMO. Cyanogen posted this fact on twitter last night and listed all the phones he is targeting. Plus I’ll be willing to bet that we get a CM6 (aka cyanogen 2.2 Rom) long before a TMO update hits. So even if TMO DOES come with an update, most of us won’t use it anyway. If you still have a G1 and haven’t rooted it yet, you should really look into it. You would not believe the life it breaths back into the G1.

  • http://Website ThR1LL

    @Elitebattlefield you forgot the most important dev of all who started it all. JesusFreke. Without him there wouldn’t be rooted builds :)

  • http://me-a-droid.blogspot.com/ A-Droid

    Even if I have a N1 (thanks Google), I will never sell my G1 which I’ve bought in January 2009.
    Everything I do now as a profession originates from that ugly black box which I now see beautiful.


  • http://Website Andy

    What about this though – http://bit.ly/ct58fW

  • http://Website jo

    off topic: is there any (new) information on the droid 2? release date/world edtition? i can not find any information on the droid 2 … just X everywhere!!! wtf

  • http://Website BlueJayofEvil

    I’m glad I bought my G1 shortly after its launch. I’m currently running CyanogenMod and enjoy the experience it has brought me. I love my G1 and even though the hardware is outdated and still aging, I have yet to find a replacement device that has an equivalent 5-row keyboard. The keyboard was one of its biggest selling points in my opinion and this seems to be a forgotten point on the hardware developers. I don’t care if it can’t run 3D games and similar apps without severe lag or give me the “bling bling” experience with flashy wallpapers with smooth animation, the G1 does a good job for what it’s designed to do and that’s why I love it. Until the hardware developers make an equivalent device with better specs, I’m sticking to my G1.

    • http://Website ari-free

      yes, that’s why I am excited by the galaxy pro. 5 row keyboard AND modern specs. Finally…and I hope others follow suit. Take away the keyboard and you give up a major advantage over iPhone.

      • http://Website Drew

        Scamsung will let you down every time.. good luck! behold2

  • http://Website Jimmy13

    All this talk that G1 etc are slowing down the platform and apps. I’m not buying it. I have a MT3G and even with root thier are plenty of apps that don’t run on my phone. Not only that but until it happens they haven’t updated our phones and there has been a 2.0, 2.1, and a 2.2 release and they didn’t wait until they could have it on our phones. I say if they can do it what’s the harm and if they do 2.5 may be out already and no one with a superphone will be thinking god if they only would have canned the G1 I could have gotten my updates. I just think that them updating the OS on a old phone won’t stop them for updating new ones.

    • Queen Laqueefa

      Exactly. Updating the G1 isn’t slowing down other phones from getting updated.

  • http://Website Bryan

    my G1 is the best phone i have ever had i would love an upgrade but i need the key board beacuse i have large hands. the phone is still better than most out and it does just about every thing beacause of the updates. long live the G 1

  • http://Website Wes

    TMo won’t release a 2.2 update for the G1. What would be the point? Those of us who are still hanging onto our G1s would rather get it from Cyanogen, who has already confirmed he’s working on it. It would be a waste of time (and money) to get 2.2 officially ported to the G1. I’d rather see TMo put their resources towards newer and better Android devices (but until those come, I’m keeping my G1 and waiting for CM6).

  • http://G1............forever!?? Mack

    I too love my G1. Lots of history, it and I. Not to mention becoming so familiar and intimate with its advantages and shortcomings. When one becomes so familiar with such a rock solid and well built 1st generation phone as with us many, many loyal G1 owners, we really do deserve (we’ve literally earned it) to have the 2.2 availability for our G1 legacy. Come on T-Mo, whadda say? Please?? ……..I hear its basically there and ready!