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Hackers release Blur-less Android 2.1 for CLIQ before Motorola

Motorola plans to upgrade the CLIQ to Android 2.1 this Q2, which means time is running out on the self-imposed deadline. Hopefully Motorola will release some more details soon, but now users who are willing to hack their device have another option.

A group of ROM developers over at ModMyMobile have been able to build Android 2.1 from source and released an alpha version known as Eclair2CLIQ. The ROM is still in development (so only experienced users should explore it at this point), but it’s still exciting to learn that devs got a stock version of Android working on the CLIQ.

Android is open source so I’m not surprised by this development, but Motorola’s Android phones have traditionally been harder to hack than their HTC counterparts. Securing the software on their handsets, thereby preventing a non-Motorola ROM image from being loaded, has been the common practice for many years and Motorola even suggested that users interested in re-flashing their phone buy an HTC model like the Nexus One.

Via: Androic Central

Source: ModMyMobile

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  • JeffersonFreely

    Is this only for the original cliq, or will it work on the XT?

  • http://Website Ryan urashima

    Does this count for the cliq xt. As well

    • http://Website Mulder

      No. It is clear at the listed site and others i have visited that the Cliq an the Cliq XT have different versions of the firmware so I doubt that this Cliq version will work on a Cliq XT. Unless you have done something like this before, I would not risk trying it or you may end up with more of a BRIQ than a CLIQ.

  • http://Website Daniel

    HTC secure their handsets all the same. Apart from the ADP models and the N1 (partly secured, as it will remember its seal has been broken), HTC devices were all rooted via exploits. The only difference is that there’s a much stronger community focusing on HTC phones. Motorola could develop one too, if they release enough interesting phones.

  • http://Website sp33d

    It would be nice to know which cliq….

  • http://Website JAG

    excelent, i wanna see it runnin

  • http://Website Geo

    I’ve been waiting endlessly for a 2.1 ROM or any sign of Motorola Releasing the 2.1 update, When i read this i nearly peed my pants.

    Can’t Wait for beta version. This is exciting im sick of Motoblur.

  • http://adumont.serveblog.net/ adlx

    Thanks Travisjamess, HandlerExploit, Barakinflorida and Eugne373 for the Eclair2Cliq project!
    You’ll find them and a lot of good people over at M3, ModMyMoto.com (now know as modmymobile.com) :-)

  • http://Website rj

    man hackers are getting better at everything. sweet they punched out a mod before 2.1 was released.

  • http://Website mr smith

    Let’s make one for the ever not so important backflip.

  • noriega713

    C’mon Motorola XT720…Moto Blur is good and all but i would like to see “ninja blur” if thats whats it called…or if Cliq owners will get the ninja blur im good…

  • http://Website laydros

    Yeah, lets do something about the backflip now. We don’t even have root for it!

  • http://Website minnesota133

    This rom has been availabe for over a month. I tried this month and it sucks!!! Although I like having android 2.1, there are way too many bugs with this rom. Totally isn’t worth your time to try out. I’m just going to wait for the real update from motorola.

  • http://Website uga_boy

    I agree with minnesota123. In its current form its really not suitable for daily use. As of alpha 3 the gps receiver does not work, wifi is broken, no headphone jack, no led light, no magnetometer, no hardware acceleration, no bluetooth and the list goes on. It is definately in the infancy stage but there is enough there to get excited about the prospects. I will be keeping an eye on releases and trying them out as they become available but for the time being I would continue using stock or handlerexploit’s 1.5+ rom for to day to day use.

    • http://Website Jay

      That’s kind of what alpha means, things don’t work. However, most all of those things worked until Alpha 3, something in Alpha 3 caused errors with a few things and Alpha 4 is out now which fixes it. I have used it as my daily ROM for a few weeks now and it is VERY usable as a daily ROM. The only thing I feel I am missing (on a daily basis) is the camera / video and bluetooth, other than that it is great. I NEVER used my Cliq before this (I have a G1 and mytouch 3g also), but now it is my daily phone and the “broken” stuff is less annoying than motoblur and 1.5, in my opinion anyway. The stuff that works and the ROM in general feels faster and more stable than most of the ROMS I have had on my other phones.

  • http://www.negrephsculpteur.com négre philippe

    c’est rassurant. pour la suite car le dext est super !!!

  • http://Website barakinflorida

    hackers.. you do say that with love i hope… .lol