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Hands on the Motorola Droid X

I was not invited to the Droid X media event which took place earlier today, but luckily I had the chance to go hands on with the phone last week. After seeing the device leak on Engadget several days earlier I had lost some of my excitement, but I walked away very impressed with Motorola’s latest Android effort.

The build quality of the Droid X raises the bar from previous Motorola smartphones. It felt a lot more solid than the EVO and I really loved the way the battery door locked in place. The Droid X is the biggest Android phone I have ever held, but it felt lighter and smaller than the EVO in my hand.

I’ve seen some people complaining about the hump on the back of the Droid X, but it fit perfectly in my hand and I think prefer it. I’ve also become accustom to the capacitive touch buttons on HTC phones, but I like that Motorola went with physical buttons on the front of the device. The red dedicated camera button was also a nice touch.

Motoblur has surprisingly disappeared from the Droid X. There is still a custom firmware that has the same looking widgets as Motoblur, but Motorola has stripped away any reference of “Motoblur” from the device. Users are no longer forced to create a Motoblur account when activating the phone, but they can still sign in to all their favorite social networks like previous Motoblur phones.

Performance wise, the Droid X destroys everything we have seen which is currently released. The speedy 1 GHz OMAP3630 processor outperforms a 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU and the OMAP has a superior graphics processor. The Droid X will be the best Android gaming device when it is released (until the Galaxy S line hit later this summer). Check out the benchmarks in our Droid 2 hands-on to see how it compares with the original Droid.

I was super nervous playing with this phone, but I filmed a quick hands-on video. You can see I was unprepared¬† by my camera’s indoor white balance setting, but at least I had my EVO with me to do a few size comparisons. The software was still in beta so I chose not to film it. For a proper unboxing, I have included Phil’s video from AndroidCentral.

Via: Android Central

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  • http://Website Jon

    I’ve held the EVO 4G and it was surprisingly lighter feeling than my Droid. So the fact that the Droid X is lighter than the EVO 4G is really quite amazing to me.

    • http://Website JAG

      And DROID X has better quality!

      • http://Website swazedahustla

        LMAO!!!!!! This is classic…… I guess you speak for the entire android nation huh?? Perhaps you haven’t been taught that your opinion isn’t fact, but simply YOUR opinion.

        • http://Website Zer0-9

          You want facts?
          OMAP 3630 out performs Snapdragon in benchmarks
          Higher resolution screen
          Better build quality (No screen separating from the housing)
          Tougher glass screen

          • http://Website swazedahustla

            LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Did you just say benchmarks!!!! No Really??? Is that how people go about buying phones these days? They do into a store and say what are the benchmarks before I commit?? As opposed to network, plan price, features??? LMAO, wow I must be behind then.

            And for your info, I have no seperation screen issue, battery issue, or any other issue SOME people have. And to assume there won’t be issues with this phone that isn’t even released yet is ignorant. However I do have a few facts for ya, I pay the lowest price of any carrier for unlimited data, unlimted tethering (3G and 4G), and have a processor just as good as anything out there. And im getting download speeds faster than ANYTHING verizon has available now, or into the next year or two, so yes I will gladly just say im happy with my purchase and in 2 weeks I guess you will be able to say the same.

          • http://Website Zer0-9

            A few more FACTS for you:

            Sprint doesn’t have the lowest cost unlimited plan T-Mobile does
            Sprint doesn’t have the fastest rated network T-Mobile does
            Sprint doesn’t have 3G coverage at my house in Raleigh NC, Verizon does

            Benchmarks are an excellent way to compare phones to determine how their real world performance will react. Having used Android 2.2 on my Droid overclocked to 1Ghz I can get a very good feel for how the Droid X will perform by comparing the benchmark runs. Having seen the EVO and its sometimes laggy performance and the way it scores in the benchmark one could expect the Droid X to not have this issue. If consumers shop by benchmarks or not it is irrelevant as the original comment you trolled on stated that the Droid X was better quality. The quality of the CPUs through this comparison is valid, and fact.

            It is well documented that Motrola build quality is higher than that of HTC on average. Motorola has included higher quality components in similarly priced devices, for example the touch screen processors. Only HTC Incredible and HTC EVO have had up to date touch screen processors installed. Now HTC EVO is having problems with screen color presentation consistency.

            My speaking of a phones build quality that is in video, pictures, and quite possibly in my hands right now is ignorant…but you commenting on the state of Verizon two years from now is completely rooted in solid fact. Somehow, I doubt that.

    • http://Website swazedahustla

      Man you make it seem like its the difference in holding a piece of paper as opposed to holding a brick. If you were blindfolded and were holding the X and the EVO, you would not know the difference, thats how small the margin is. Please stop with the dramatics, geeeeeeeeez.

    • Alan Reboli

      I like how there is no 10 dollar awesomeness fee for the Droid X.

      • http://Website swazedahustla

        Why would there be?? It isn’t on a 4G network, and won’t have unlimited data. BUT, i digress……..even with the $10 fee, sprints plan is still cheaper than verizons. So it doesn’t really matter.

      • Alan Reboli

        Well I only mention the ten dollar fee because the “4G” Fee is bundled with the 1GZ Processor, 8MP Camera, Front Facing camera, ect… So I made a slight, but missed joke about the ten dollar fee. Ya win some, ya lose some I suppose.

  • http://Website CT

    Do us a favor the next time you take a Video hold the camera in one place.
    You just gave me an serious headache :)

  • AndMac

    It reads great on paper, but it is but-ugly.

    It looks like something cobbled together from Radio Shack parts.

    I thought the EVO fit and finish left something to be desired, but this Droid seems like it has not spent much time in the design department.

    Then they plastered the logos of 3 separate brands on it, plus various other random writings (do we really need a HDMI label?)

    Too bad, because Motorola really needs a good product. Maybe the GSM iterations of this will be better designed.

    • http://Website G

      GSM? Apart from the milestone, why do you think there will be a GSM version of the Droid x or any other moto Droid phone?

      • AndMac

        I am assuming Motorola would want to sell something like this world-wide. It is a phone with great specs, and I would jump on something like it if it wasn’t for the design.

        My thinking was, Verizon has terrible branding look (very downmarket), and if Moto makes this for carriers in Europe, they might be forced to clean up the design a little.

  • http://Website LostMyNutsToMeWife

    It looks mighty tempting to switch from my moto droid to this.


    :p I’m interested to see the score on this puppy!!

  • http://Website jason

    I know is still early for statements, but to the best of your knowledge, what is faster, the droid x or the galaxy s or the iphone 4 ??

  • http://Website Jason

    And Tmobile loses once again….*sigh* I just want a cool looking phone, silly family plans that would be too much of a pain to change.

  • http://Website Dan

    Love the look of this phone. i think the hump on the back will come handy in landscape mode also, such as for gaming

  • http://Website Mustafa

    Any chace of a quad band GSM Droid X

  • http://Website jeffrey

    No i might be in the minority on this. But i think the phone is completely worthless since it doesnt have a front facing camera

    • http://Website adryan

      now i think the word worthless might be a little harsh i do agree that if there pump out competition to the EVO or Iphone 4 then the phone should have a front facing camera. whats the point of the mic on the back if you cant see who your talking to or they cant see you

  • http://Website Chris

    I really do not think the whole video chat on phones is going to catch on just yet, if you’re some place with wifi why not just do it over your laptop’s much larger screen? Carriers will just charge way too much cash for the ability if they allow it over the 3G/4G networks, so in my opinion who cares about the front facing camera….

  • http://Website swazedahustla


    Ok. First you come on here talking about performance of a EVO on 2.1, and your droid OC’d on 2.2. If you were smart enough to realize that 2.2 give a tremendous boost of speed and efficiency to all phones running it, so its apples to oranges. WTF u idiot.

    Now show me tmobiles plan for unlimited data, unlimited text, unlimited voice that is less than sprints plan of $79

    After you fail to do that, show me where t mob has the fastest rated network. Please show me that, when majority of the posters here constantly complain they can barely get 2 mbps on their t mob network. Just because a few people can get a nice mbps, doesn’t make it true everyone does, again you idiot.

    And like I said, my EVO is not having ANY issues, so while someone might, doesn’t make it true for all. Please do yourself a favor and shut off your computer and go read a book and learn something.

    • http://Website Zer0-9

      It has been well documented that Droid X runs on 2.1
      In order to achieve the same benchmark score as Droid X on 2.1 I have to run my Droid 1 at 1Ghz overclocked and on 2.2
      So when the Droid X out scores the EVO with both running 2.1 I am able to see what the real world application of that score difference is by comparing the performance of my phone with a 2.2 ROM (For Droid X) and a 2.1 ROM (For EVO) as these benchmark scores are roughly the same. I hope that clears up the confusion for you.

      Just went to Sprint’s web page. The unlimited everything package is 99.99 before adding the 10.00 EVO tax. So I would like to see Sprint’s unlimited plan for 79.99. Which incidentally is how much you can get an unlimited plan for on T-Mobile.

      Sure, it’s true that T-Mobile can’t offer higher speeds everywhere. However neither can Sprint. Last I checked we didn’t even have a single 4G tower in Raleigh. Once again however I will point out that the network quality was never a target of comparison but the phones themselves.

      So there you have it, feel free to ignore any of your own faults and failures in attempting to argue your case and insult me a few more times. I’m sure that will make you right somehow.

  • http://Website Chase

    Is the Droid X made out of anodized aluminum? It’s hard to tell from pictures, and I can’t find any info on this. Just about the only thing I like about iPhones is their build quality: Metal and glass. Nokia’s new N8 model is also metal and glass. Whether the Moto Droid X will be plastic or metal is a huge decision factor for me.

  • http://Website swazedahustla

    @chase I believe its a sort of hard plastic material, def not aluminum. Its probably a good quality and not something cheap. Only thing about the iphone design is it doesn’t conduct a good signal all the time due to how the antenna is positioned, but I agree i like their design too.

  • http://Website Edd

    Hey The Droid X does has hardware keyboard right???

    • http://Website onlyever

      Never has, never will. The DROID 2 however, does.

  • ricankng787

    I have decided the Droid X will be my next phone. I was waiting for the Evo to not be sold out in my area and now that the phone has two versions out there, that’s a bit of a disappointment.

    So, I will be pre-ordering the Droid X at Best Buy this week.