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Hey Sprint EVO 4G owners, how is your battery life after 1 week?

In our Sprint EVO review I noted that I had no issues with battery performance compared to other Android phones, yet other sites are claiming it’s a “seriously flawed device” and the battery life is a “dealbreaker“.

I find the battery gets me through the day and I charge the phone every night. Of course I wish it lasted a couple days, but I understand the limitations of current battery technology and I’m ok with that.

I’m no electrical engineer, but my experiences with Android phones and Li-ion batteries has taught me that it normally takes 5-6 cycles of charging the battery and draining it before you see peak performance. The first two days of owning an Android phone is when you typically see the shortest battery life and it gradually improves after that.

You can always purchase a higher capacity battery, but I’m really curious what the average Android fan thinks about the EVO’s stock battery.

Now that the EVO has been out for a week, I want to know what the actual people with the phone think about its battery life. Have you noticed an increase in battery performance over the last week? Does the EVO’s battery get you through the day? If you are unsatisfied with the battery, what was your previous handset?

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  • http://Website mikee

    It improved for some reason. I was gonna return it, then, suddenly everything was ok. Had it unplugged overnight for 12 hours. 10% change. Not bad. Still have a few more days to see how long this will last. Love everything else!

    • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

      Yup. Like most reviews on the internets, I was getting around 4 hours of life when I first got the phone.. Then after 4 or 5 days, it doubled. I was very pleased =)

      Now I have an extra battery I keep around with me and an external charger for it. It helps.

      Just a FYI for you guys, you can use a Hero or Touch Pro 2 battery replacement and save yourself some mucho dinero. Evo is a hot ticket right now so pretty much any accessory for it will be overpriced.

      I plan on buying an 1800mAh (Hero) extended battery that fits in the stock battery door to get a little more life as well. =)

      • http://Website plainbrad

        Not just the Hero or Touch Pro 2 battery but also the Snap, Ozone, Imagio, Droid Incredible, and the mytouch 3g Slide use the same battery as the Evo 4G

        • http://Sowouldthisbatterywork? John R


        • http://Sowouldthisbatterywork? John R

          Amazon.com: HTC Standard 1500mAh Lithium Battery for HTC Snap S521, S522, T-Mobile Dash 3G and HTC Hero GSM version: Cell Phones & Service

        • http://Website mila

          One should realize that you should deplete your HTC EVO’s battery first for 5-6 times before you can achieve the full optimal effect of it. HTC EVO 4G SuperPhone of All

  • http://Website mhespenh

    I’ve found the biggest drain on my EVO, just like any other cell phone is signal strength. If I’m in an area with a strong (3G) signal I get 20+ hours with light usage, ~15 hours with moderate-heavy use. I don’t live in a 4G area, so I can’t comment on that. Coming from the Pre, I’m *very* happy with the battery life.

    • http://saazawaaz masood

      You guys are all pretty much on the money. I get about a full days use from my phone with moderate playing around. internet useage is the killer part.

  • http://Website Bob

    I get to work at 8am fully charged and by 6pm my battery is around 20%. Pretty good to me since im online browsing, checking emails, twitter, Facebook etc…

    I don’t know what’s wrong with techcrunch but seems like they don’t know how to tweak the settings and probably having stuff synching all day. They all (techcrunch) needs to stick to the dumbdown iPhone, since android seems too complicated for them.

    • http://Website Derek

      Maybe you should learn to speak (write) properly, you sound like an idiot. Guess that’s the type of people that use Android?

      • http://Website Alex

        Clearly everyone on this forum would like to say, “GO FUCK YOURSELF iQUEER!” :)

      • http://Website chas

        the i in iPhone stands for (iDiot)

  • http://markadams.me markadams

    I’m very happy with the battery life as well. It always seems to last me the entire day and I work in an I.T. environment where I use my phone fairly heavily for web browsing, e-mail, and games whenever there is downtime. I love the EVO.

    • http://Website Ryan

      I too work in IT and love my EVO. My iPhone loving co-worker also thinks it is a great device. As for my battery life, I think it is steadily improving, but I can’t wait to flash it w/ a froyo Rom to see what that does for it. :)

  • http://Website Sal

    Battery is not an issue for me even with moderate to heavy browsing throughout the day.

  • http://Website Brett

    Absolutely terrible no matter what I do. It’s gonna be returned and going back to my iPhone 3GS.

  • http://Website Charles

    Battery life for me has gradually gotten better. The first ciuple days were not that great, but as the days went on, battery life got a little better. I have also downloaded an app killer app, which closes the apps that aren’t in use and also helps on battery life. Another thing, in which I hope HTC or Sprint could work on in the next update is how much the live wallpapers use the battery. I love the look of the live wallpapers, but the last time I had one up and running, when I checked my battery life, it was using 97% of the battery and it went from full to half in 1 hour.

    • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

      Task Killers don’t really help too much in terms of battery life. And they actually HURT more than anything. Android doesn’t need them. The only reason to EVER use them is to close a misbehaving app.
      And I’ve been using Live Wallpapers the whole time I’ve been using the phone and it only sucks up 2% of my battery life. Try this: Got into Settings>About Phone>Battery>Battery Use and see how much juice Live Wallpapers is using. Some of them from the Market are NOT very good and very well could eat a lot of battery from your phone. Just so you know…

      • http://Website Allocator

        Good stuff!! How can I disable my moving wallpaper on the Evo??

        • HipHopIsLyfe37

          Tap menu on the homescreen, then tap wallpapers and you can change from there

          • http://Website Verdict

            I think he means the wallpaper moving every time you scroll from the left or right from the home screen to the other screens. I also noticed that personalizing wall paper is terrible; the application forces you to crop the picture and enlarges it to such a magnitude that it becomes pointless as you only see portions of it. Then when you scroll from left to right or vise versa the wallpaper moves with the screens.

            I would like to disable that feature somehow, and be able to use the full picture i have and see the whole thing a background on my home screen.

  • http://Website Se7en2

    After a few tweaks, I have no issues with the battery. I expect it to improve once the “newness” of the phone wears off and I’m not constantly using it.

    • bebe

      What few “tweaks” have u made?

  • http://www.icigj.com Mike Kansgen

    I ditto MarkAdams. I’m very happy using the Evo in an IT environment. Love it! Charge before bed and I’m good to go. Even with Live Wallpapers.

  • http://Website Kash76

    I was able to get 13 hours out of my battery on Thursday with typical usage. Tuning the sense UI to only update as often as you need is the key to battery life.

    • bebe

      How do u that?

  • http://Website statusquo

    Battery life is fine after finding an article on how to get the most out of the EVO’s battery. Turn off animations, background downloader etc… Went 18+hrs. with 50% of battery left yesterday. Use my EVO for email at least once an hour, plus occasional app. use. Also use a program to kick in Airplane mode for 8 hrs. every night and an application killer.

    • http://Website Dell Damon

      Whats that airplane mode app?? That’s something I used for my Pre…. really isn’t necessary for the phone to use any data while ur sleep…. ur sleep! You’ll get whatever may come to your attention whenever you wake up.

      But yes… app please? Could def use it. I dont use an ap killer, but I use low screen brightness, or tweet to auto when needed. Leave my animation and bg-data on, just tweet the intervals. I’ve been getting a good 12-17 hours from my phone, depending on use, moderate to heavy (all day surfing, texting/IMing, app usage, etc)

      • http://Website Tumbleweed

        It’s not an app you have to download – it’s included with the EVO.

        • http://Website Andre

          Where is it? I’ll I see is the option to toggle it on or off in Settings, but nothing for configuring Airplane Mode’s on/off times.

          • http://www.healthytiger.com Healthy

            for non EVO users (or EVO users who want deeper time based changes) there is an app called timeriffic which allows you to change any number of settings based on time, including airplane mode.

            i use it to quiet my ringer and turn off wifi every morning before work. and at 5pm it kicks back up to full volume (though i leave wifi to be turned on manually when i am at home, if i need it)

            check it out, i’ve never seen any battery drain issues from it either. (since it doesn’t need to poll, just activate at a certain time.)

      • http://Website Metathias

        Tweet? is that an android term? Or have you been on social sites too much. Do you perhaps mean tweak?

      • http://Website statusquo

        I use airplane mode timer, it allows you to make as many shortcuts as you want. For overnight, I use an 8hr. shortcut, for meetings I use a 1.5 hr. shortcut. It shuts off all connections, so if you still want email or updates to come through, you don’t want to use this. I don’t want it beeping at night when email arrives and it saves your battery too.

    • http://Website Derek

      Whats the sense in having all those “flashy” features if you cant even use them or else it drains the battery? Pretty pathetic. Android users love bragging that their OS has all these features, but then they have them all turned off just to be able to make it through one work day without having to recharge.

      I can go 3-4 days on my iphone 2G, and thats with moderate to heavy use.

      • http://Website Don Chipman

        iPhone 2G? LOL.

        • http://www.myspace.com/hermyhalloween hermyhalloween

          you missed the point because you heard iPhone and turned off your brain (Steve Jobs would be very happy). his very old phone can hold a charge much longer then this brand new phone.

          @Derek- I can see how everything would seem “flashy” and new to you. you clearly “hate” Android. so why are you here? are you one of those “straight” guys that hates gays but goes to gay sites? this situation is analogous.

          • http://Website Steve Michael

            Um… You do realize you just accused us all of being gay, right? ;)

      • incrediblecub

        Of course your archaic iPhone 2G uses less battery, simply because its less capable and the 2G GSM radio uses considerably less amounts of power, compared to 3G and 4G radios in devices nowadays.

      • Ajax45

        As a current iPhone 3G (I know, ancient equipment) user (until Evo stock is replenished) I can attest to the fact that most serious users of iPhones cannot get even 5 hours out of a charge. Most of us have chargers at home and office and one in the car.

        A typical day starts with taking the phone off charge at 6am and reading a couple of tech blogs with coffee. Then it goes on the car charger while I listen to podcasts on my 45 minute commute to work. If I don’t put it on the office charger by noon, I’m down to less than 10% by 1pm. After work it goes back on the car charger until I get home. By 8-9pm it’s down to less than 50% and it goes on charge for the night. Talk about crappy battery life.

        The really wierd thing is I know going in two years ago that this is what I could expect and still bought the darn thing. You learn to adapt to get the features you want. Two years ago the iPhone was the only game in town smart phone wise.

        Now it’s time to move on. Even if the Evo only gives me a full workday on a charge it is several magnitudes better than my 3G. Factor in all the capability and it’s definitely a no-brainer.

      • http://Website Sun

        I think the point is to be aware of the those (high battery use) apps and turn them off if you don’t use them. Obviously if you use them you would not turn them off cause then well…then you aren’t using them…

        It’s like buying a flashy car that goes really really fast but not driving it to its top speed around town Derek, you are still allowed to brag about your top speed.

        Also, battery life really isn’t all that devastating anymore because you can charge almost anywhere; home, car, work, near a computer (nod to apple for usb chargers).

        As for iphone…i dont get it…i had one for two years and now there is the 4th reiteration but it looks (not outside but inside software UI) exactly like mine…Apple is putting the “no” in “innovation”

  • http://Website Sandra

    Coming from the Samsung Moment this battery seems to be a little better. No complaints.

  • http://Website Michael

    Coming from the iPhone 3GS, the battery has performed better than I expected. The features on this phone make my 3GS appear to be dated. I love this phone and can’t imagine how the iPhone 4 will have a chance side by side against the Evo. This means I will not be returning the phone as I had initially intended. Sprint you have a few new customers.

    • http://Website Gryffyn

      Let me preface by saying I’m not an Apple hater. They have some great devices and without them a lot of what we enjoy wouldn’t be possible. They pretty much single handedly made people aware of “apps” on a phone and make smartphones mainstream. Hell, they made portable digital music players mainstream. All the Zune/Archos/etc players before the iPod only attracted the real techies. Apple made it all very accessible.

      That being said, Apple’s never been my thing. I might have bought an iPod, except I prefer Rhapsody to a limited number of MP3s. iPhone was flashy and nice, but it wasn’t until the 3GS that I really respected it (the 3GS is what the first gen iPhone should have been..feature-wise, IMO)… but I don’t like the strict environment, the need to go through the app store, AT&T.. all that nonsense.

      The iPhone 4 will do great, just because it’s Apple. It doesn’t even have to do half of what the EVO does to be successful. It has Apple’s name and all it needs is a bell and/or whistle (not necessarily both) that is better than the competition. The “Retina display” is enough to seal the deal. Adding multitasking and a front facing camera is enough to push it over the top. Even if the front facing camera is 0.3MP and the primary is 5MP.

      As I mentioned elsewhere, though, I think the iPhone 4 isn’t what the next iPhone should be. It should have higher MP camera(s), a larger display AND the higher resolution, a faster data connection (or at least a more reliable one) and maybe some things the other phones aren’t doing yet.

      In short, I think the iPhone 4 should be close to what the EVO is with an extra Apple dash of genius added. I don’t think it’ll be as short-featured as the original iPhone, but certanily not the “phone of today” that the 3GS was.

      • http://Website androidfanboy

        WTF ! It’s not the place to talk abt half eaten Apple… or to review ip4… u r just asked about ur fone’s battery if u own a EVO… got it ?

        • http://Website Chris

          Calm down…he was just commenting on what Michael said about the EVO standing up to the iPhone 4.

        • http://www.alexaesthetics.com alexaesthetics

          omg, um… wow, did another player’s mermaid eat ur troll in W.O.W. today or something? mommy should to remind u to take yer riddlin ERRYday.

      • http://Website Derek

        I agree with a lot of that, especially a larger display. Whats the sense in having 960×640 in a 3.5″ screen, it would be good if it was about 4″. But who the heck needs more megapixels in a phone camera? A 5MP image is good for what, like printing an 11×17 image? who the heck needs that? I say instead of adding more megapixes use better quality sensors so that phone pics look more like camera pics. My coworker has a droid incredible. He’s bragging to me about its 8MP camera yet when he compares his pics to a pic from a 3MP iphone camera, his blows. The iphone 3MP cam takes better pics than his 8MP Droid incredible camera. Also, side by side the 8MP Droid Incredible cant hold a candle to the Nexus One 5 MP camera. Its really not just about MP’s, its about the size of each pixel on the sensor and how much light it can capture. I have seen test images from the new Iphone 4′s 5MP sensor and they are by far the best taken by any phone. Yet they still pale in comparison to a regular digital camera.

        • http://Website Gee

          Exactly! Mega pixels mean absolutely NOTHING when it comes to smart phones. NOTHING. Nobody is going to print a smart phone produced image, let alone a freaking huge one. Smart phone cameras use is pretty much relegated to screen size and for use online. The iPhone 4′s camera sensor is going to be much better at shooting in any conditions compared to anything else on the smartphone market — and for that, it wins camera wise.

          The Retina Display (Blah!! what a lame buzz name, just say 3.5″ 960×480 display!) is definitely the biggest draw to me. When the iPhone first came out, I thought it was huge, now the EVO is even bigger. Still within the realm of being acceptable but right at the edge of being too big. The resolution of the iPhone though, is a killer. Most websites are made with a minimum width of 960px, meaning that the iPhone will be the first phone capable of displaying the full width of a website WITHOUT ANY SCALING. I got perfect eye sight but others don’t so a 4+ inch display would have helped a little but I ain’t complaining.

          Aside from that the iPhone 4′s new processor should run circles around the snap dragon found in the EVO. The big multi-tasking question though is RAM, the iPad has a paltry 256mb, I can’t imagine the iPhone having more RAM than the iPad but I could be wrong. Either way, we know that the EVO has 512mb.

          I’m skipping on the EVO, the iPhone is tempting but I’m not sure if I’m willing to part with my sprint plan $52.99 ED plan with Corp. discounts. Hopefully I’ll see a more comparable Android in the fall or even a new WebOS phone.

          • http://Website I’msobeast

            Well.. Seems we have a Apple fanboy here. The EVO can easily be overclocked to be 30% faster than it was stock, that means 1.267 GHz that they have overclocked it to, stable. Easily passing the one button phone. I prefer not to have my hands bound by apple and use the phone at THEIR discretion. I’d much rather own a phone that I can do what I want with it. Whats the point 300+ppi screen if you cant show it off on a big screen.

            And have fun paying for your iphones plan.. 2gb cap with tethering? You kidding me? That alone tacks on $45.00 a month by itself. Then $20.00 for unlimited texting, then 450 minutes (39.99/mo) or unlimited minutes (69.99/mo) Early night minutes (that comes on my sprint plan for free) adds another $8.99 a month. Want phone insurance? $69.99. For a full optioned plan your talking $143.98 WITHOUT the taxes and extra fees. The phone itself costs 199.99 for 16gb.

            I’d rather not feel like i’m buying a new Iphone every month and stay with Sprint that actually saves people money, instead of what AT&T is doing. Not to mention AT&T has no where near the coverage as Sprint or Verizon. But my phones can roam onto Verizon networks, so my coverage tends to be interrupt free.

      • http://Website dharmarules

        I’m considering an EVO, but the battery life is a concern for me. Its interesting reading most people’s observations however, because most comments here seem to say the battery is lasting most of the day. very cool.

        I went for my second try out at the sprint store of the EVO last night, and I gotta say the web browsing experience is not nearly as smooth as on the iPhone. My one main gripe being when you tap to zoom into a particular section, or article, it seems to word wrap, or redraw the text to fit the zoom level. Where as on the iphone it just zooms to that area and leaves the text static. I wonder if this is the way the android browser works, or if its just the website I was on (engadget)?

        • http://Website Jeff

          That’s strange that you don’t like word wrap on zoom. You prefer to have to move the page back and forth with your finger to be able to read it? I think word wrap is fantastic.

      • http://Website Wadood Chaudhary

        I am a committed Android user but few things must be said about iPhone display and camera. Its retina display is astonishing. I put some websites both on iPhone and Motorola Droid, although both rendered the full page on high resolution screens, but the page was not readable on Droid. The same goes for eReading and stuff. On iPhone you can read full pages, the same size as you would on iPad or Kindle. On Droid the readability of text is not anywhere close to it’s stated 800 plus resolution. This brings to the point of camera. It maybe 5mp on iPhone but both it’s quality and video rendering appears better to me. It’s HD, contrast, color are really good.

  • http://Website Jeremiah

    I doubled my battery life by leaving the 4G off and making a few other tweeks. It sucks that I have to leave one of the flagship features off to get better battery life… The battery now lasts about 8 hours, which still isn’t anywhere near as good as my other android phones. I’m pretty disappointed with the EVO and would not recommend it to anyone. Aside from the battery I’ve had a few other issues. For example, when I plug in headphones random apps start opening up. It makes it hard to listen to podcasts, or Pandora, etc.

  • http://Website feech

    My God. How is anyone getting a full day charge with this phone. I have tried everything that has been suggested and still my battery life is worse than abysmal. screen brightness, background data, mobile data off, app killers I have tried everything. Maybe I will try to run the battery down to nothing a few times so far I have only run it to single digits..I can unplug my phone at 7am and by 10am I am approaching less than 80% that’s with doing nothing. Hell I’m down 8% since starting this post..I love this phone but the battery I’m thinking is a deal breaker. I’m constantly thinking where can I plug in at .

    • http://Website Dell Damon

      Is GPS/4G/BT/WiFi off? Check into the Settings > About and see what else is using your battery. Go to the Accnts and check the update intervals as well. Pulling in unnecessary data too frequently will kill your battery. Like Friendstream. Do you _really_ need it to pull in data every 30min – 1hr when u prolly dont use it, or maybe even just a few times a day? Just refresh when u actually need it. Same goes for email. Where’s your screen brightness? Large screen means it will suck more batt. life than normal phones.

      This phone isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine. That goes for ALL phones. Even the “almighty” iphone doesnt sit well with some folks. So, maybe not this phone, but there may be another Droid phone that’s more suitable for you…. STAY droid, don’t defect!

    • http://Website Dell Damon

      Oh yea, weak cell signal will also eat up battery life. This is true for all phone. Try turning off Roamng so the phone isn’t constantly looking for the best signal. Use WiFi over 3G/4G when you can, as its a little easier on battery life as well.

      And with I said above, change ALL interval settings for all apps you use that need to pull in data.

    • http://Website Marc

      I hate to say it because it has not been recommended by some, but I added an app killer and I went from 6-7 hours at most to 12-16 hrs easily. It made all the difference in the world. I hope that I am not hurting my phone, but my phone does me no good if it dead all of the time. I get tired of worrying about battery levels. Life is to short. Cheers.

    • http://Website Eric


    • http://Website Mcd

      I’m with you. I have the brightness turned down(Sprints suggestion) and you cant’ see the screen when your outside. Forget about buying a “longer life” replacement because it’s worse. Hated to do it, but I went back to the Blackberry. I don’t have the option to charge it all day!

    • http://Website chris

      I’m having the Exact same issues. Have you heard any other ways to improve? I’m in desperate need to find something.

  • http://Website Gryffyn

    Looking for information on something completely unrelated to batteries, I found a great article about LI batteries here:


    Actually, MyHTCDesire.com has a lot of really great articles about Android (and related things) in general.

    The low performance initially may have something to do with internal diagnostics in the batteries themselves not reporting things accurately until they’ve had better sample data on how the battery is performing.

    The article also mentions favored charging patterns for LI batteries to get the best life out of them.

    I just started keeping an eye on my battery the last two days. Starting with a full charge at 8:30am, by 5pm the last two days I’ve been down to 30% and 50% respectively. The 30% day I downloaded roughly 5 apps over semi weak 3G and the 50% day was “light usage” (web, maybe one app, email).

    Setting the update intervals on all your apps, removing unnecessary apps that update in the background (I don’t do anything with stocks, so that widget came off immediately). One guide recommended removing the Friend Stream and Bookmarks widgets. The friend stream I can understand, but apparently the bookmarks widget also does periodic updates (maybe refreshing the thumbnails for the bookmarks?).

    I think the big issue, barring the whole “first week LI shakeout” stuff is that the newer Android phones can just do so much.. much of which in the background… that it’s hard to keep track of all the little things that can drain battery. And over the course of 16+ hours people are typically awake, it can add up. Take into account weak signals, large screens of the EVO and some other devices coming down the line. It’s a lot.

    I have no issue plugging the phone in while I’m not using it. I have a car charger, etc. The only time I could see running out of battery is if I’m on an extended hike or wander around town and I’m using it while I’m away from juice for a full day. Or taking tons of photos/video (and I have a Samsung CL65 that’s slightly better and has it’s own battery plus a spare).

    Battery could be better and with more tweaking, it may be for me. But it’s perfectly adequate for my day to day use.

  • http://Website Brian

    My battery has gotten better over the past week I have had it. It does depend a lot on how I use it. Regular use I can get 8 plus hours. But, I usually just carry a charger with me. I use buzz on Google maps, my friends and I use latitude, the high set video and sweet camera are impossible to resist. I utilize the friend feed 3 hour update w/all my social networks. Email, txt, calls, then the regular ol net surfing. I can kill a battery in five hours. But I have never had a phone so powerful. My MT3G couldn’t handle this kind of traffic without the entire system force closing four it five times. I’m usually connected to WiFi so, my heavy use yesterday 6 hours, including two episodes of csi Miami off tv.com that’s as good as I would ask for. I love my EVO

  • http://Website Matt

    I unplug it at about 6am, and 3 days in a row on the way home at 6-6:30pm Id be green or just hitting yellow(forgot the % numbers). I figured I could make it better by creating a new scene that had no widgets updating at all and no live wallpaper either. but the battery was yellow by 1pm, and was at 10% by 5:30pm.

    then I went back to my daily scene, and left wifi and gps on all day and I dont remember exactly how long but it lasted basically all day..

    not sure how that works…

  • http://Website XpAcErX

    you don’t need to “cycle” Li-ion batteries they have no memory, look it up. Battery life gets better after a week cause your not playing with it as much or exploring. Also Android 2.1 handles apps fine, the days of task managers/killers is over, you don’t need one! This is my first smart phone so like a noon I dl like 60 apps and surf the web all the time. I use the crap out of my phone and I still get 10 hour charge. I read every battery saving article I could find and it helped.

    • http://Website Chris

      While it is true that Li-Ion batteries have no “memory”, it isn’t exactly true that the day of app/task killers is over. I have an N1 (2.2), and I can tap my task killer widget and it will kill 17 apps! When I look at the actual task killer app, it shows the apps that are running and most of them need no background data…apps like the calculator will be running (which I probably didn’t even use that particular day).

      • http://Website Steve Michael

        @Chris – What your app killer is not telling you is that those apps aren’t actually “running”. They’re in a cached backgroud state. That is to say that they are loaded into memory, but they are not actually doing anything.

        By actively killing tasks regularly (at least on 2.1+) you are actually using more battery power. First, just by having the app killer app running and responding to your finger press. A *tiny* amount of power, true, but it is extra. Plus, Android intentionally keeps app cached for you for a reason. Lets say you use the music player on the way to work and at lunch and on the way home. But you’re got your app killer closing it down in between. Since you killed in while it was in a background state, now the app has to relaunch next time you want to listen to music, instead of just “waking up”. Forcing the application to execute all of it termination code and then its startup code several times per day can have a detrimental affect on your battery, while leaving the app sitting in a cached background states takes practically 0 power.

        Android is smart enough to automatically close apps when it deems necessary. This is usually based on available memory vs. how recently the application was accessed.

        That is not to say that there aren’t certain apps I have encountered that simply refuse to sleep properly and for those, I use an application called System Panel that allows me to force them to close. But, those apps are usually unstalled immediately after I discover that behavior, since I know that it’s just back programming.

        The Android OS is setup to inform apps that they are to enter a sleep state. That doesn’t mean that all apps do it, but most should use almost zero power when they are not active on the screen.

    • http://Website JimmyK

      I have heard for years that Li-ion batteries do not build a memory, but I have to side with experience over theory on this. Having used phones with Li-ion batteries as well as rechargeable Li-ion tools for the past several years, I can tell you that Li-ion batteries are affected by charge patterns without a doubt. Not as much as there counterparts, but they do – no matter what some online article says.

  • http://schwiz.net schwiz

    the 4g radio kills it, maybe 10 hours tops with 4g on even if you aren’t actively using the connection or in a city that has 4g. However with 4g off I get 12-16 hours of heavy use and even got over 40 hours of standby.

  • http://www.vinceanido.com/blog Vince Anido

    I had major battery issues the first couple days then discovered the CPU wasn’t throttling down. I removed the battery to reset and now everything is great.

    Never was able to track down the problem process, but I can now go a whole day with normal usage, no problem.

  • http://Website jammerdidit

    I think it gets better each day so far

  • dreten

    My battery life has been great since day one. I have always been able to get 12 – 14 hours before needing a charge. I could have gone longer if I was willing to let the battery completely drain. I do not play games on the phone, but I do listen to podcast and audio books during my hour commute (1 hour each way). I also check email, text, use apps, and talk on the phone several times a day. I think most of the reviewers are getting poor battery life because they have to play with the phone all day to do a review. I think their claims of general use are BS. How can you really test all the features of a phone for a review with only general use. Normal users do not play with their phones all day. We work, spend time with family and friends, exercise, eat, and do many other things that do not involve using a phone. We are not pounding on a phone all day to get out a review.

    Until there is a major leap in battery tech we are going to need to plug in our devices every day. Your phone, your laptop, and your car will all need regular charges. If you want powerful technology that is the price you pay for now. The days of one charge lasting a week or two died with the flip phone.

    • http://Website Tony

      I still have a flip phone, I charge it every 3 days

      I’m old

      • HipHopIsLyfe37

        That’s awesome lol

      • http://Website lolcopter

        I have a Sony Ericsson C510a that I charge once a week

        but unfortunately, that’s probably it’s greatest feature :/

      • http://Website cabbose

        Ha! me to i have a pink razor from my 9th grade year (im in college now) :) your not alone lol
        Im upgrading on wed. to the EVO im a little nervous because of the battery life but I just want a nice phone that will last but is nice looking also :)

  • http://Website Brent

    Got my Evo at Radio Shack on launch day. I cycled the battery about 3 times and I get a whole day (7am to about 9pm) out of it. I use it quite a bit for surfing, texting, and messing with various apps. I had an ancient Palm Centro, and get nearly the same battery life.

  • http://Website rico

    Battery life was short for the first few days. after a couple drain charge cycles, the battery life has drastically improved.

  • http://Website Kyle

    My battery is justfine I have no issue or complaints about the phone at all

  • http://www.bnrbranding.com/ Brent Friar

    After reading Michael Arrogantons Evo review I started tracking my battery use. I had been making it all day but I wanted to know exactly how much battery I was getting daily. The worst day of the bunch I unplugged at 6:30am, had an 2+ hour conference call, a 1 hour conference call, and normal internet, texting, and phone calls the remainder of the day. I plugged in at 9pm with 15% showing on the meter. The best day I unplugged around 8am, normal usage throughout the day but I forgot to plug in that night. I plugged in the next morning at 8:30am, still at 34%. I’ve had Treos, a Mogul, and a Hero over the last 5 years and none of them have had significantly better battery life. Pretty much on par with what I am used to.

    I run with GPS always on, 4G, bluetooth, and WiFi off unless I need them. I have an app killer but I haven’t noticed any difference in battery life with or without. All other settings are default out of the box.

  • http://Website Darnnellj

    I have notice longer batter life since I got the device I did get worried for a bit when i first got the device. It is in no way a deal breaker it is one help of a phone task killer is a must

  • http://Website Timbax

    I get 12hrs + now after a week of use. As I cycled the battery it got better and better and I leave the GPS off if not needed. Very happy!

  • http://Website Eric

    The Evo replaced my N1 and it seems like its battery life is on par with the N1. Its hard to get a fair comparison though since the newness hasn’t worn off. Its my 6th Android phone and they all seem to be about the same which is why I keep a charger at work and home.

  • http://Website mike

    My evo battery lasted me 15 hrs with minimal usage every couple hours I run the app kill and that was it!! Word of advice for all Evo owners when your not using the phone and you home sitting around just plug it in that isn’t so hard to do. My wife owns the Palm Pre the battery sucks on it and it does less then what the Evo is able to do. My last phone was the Blackberry Tour battery on that wasn’t great neither and I haven’t read as much complaint on such device.The phone is fast so it consume some more power to operate!!! I believe as phone’s processor become fast power issue will remain the biggest problem. Evo is Sprint’s best phone for 2010 lets make the best of it. Great Job Sprint!!! I still want the 4g network in my area then this phone would be perfect!!

  • http://Website Cody

    I Wake up at 6. Work till 3. Use my phone as an alarm…. I get 14 soild hours of battery life… I Check the morning news, tweets fb and emails–a couple of time during the day too. It’s then on standby a good part of workday though… I watch a hafe dozen YouTube videos at least daily. A few mins of games and music daily too. So far so good, for my needs.

  • http://Website Kevin Powell

    So far the battery life is better than it was with my hero.

  • http://Website Eddie

    Battery life seems fine to me. It last just as long as my previous phone; HTC Hero. Both are 1500, so I see no difference when compared.

  • http://Website NES

    Love my new Evo… The best phone i ever had.. The battery was fine the first two days then started decreasing… the battery sucks ass, hopefully it gets better as i have been reading from other users… only had it since Wednesday, so lets see what happens in the next few days..

  • http://Website phil

    So it looks safe to say that the whole battery life thong was just some mess started by an iFanboy and the iFools are just running around repeating it to mask the fact that the new iPhone doesn’t add up.

  • ranman

    I love my Evo, it meets every expectation I have been having for a phone for a very long time. Its been out for a week, there are going to be some issues that will be addressed with updates.

    If the whiny folks at techcrunch expect for any smart phone battery to last two days with heavy usage, then they better get a basic phone, cause it just isn’t going to happen without getting an extended life battery, and even then there is no guarantee. I can go all day on a charge with moderate usage, checking emails, surfing, making calls, playing a couple games. That is more than enough for me.

    The Evo has just as good battery life, probably a little better than any other smart phone I have had. I believe it does quite a bit better than my Moment, which I typically had to change the battery out by lunch every day.

  • http://Website yowsa

    Happliy satisfied so far. I actually keep 4G on all day (both at work and at home) and by the end of the work day, usually down to about 30-40%. Exchange push on all day. No live wallpapers or anything like that. I guess I’m just not pushing it that much.

    Old Touch Pro would barely make it through the end of the work day.

  • http://Website Derek

    Thats one thing I love about my iphone 2G, it came with a monster battery in it. After a full overnight charge I can go for 3, sometimes even 4 days on one charge. Even with heavy use I get 2 days out of it. Never have I had to charge it every single night. And thats on a 2.5 year old battery as well.

  • http://Website gmanhad

    I’ve used several battery saving tips from different forums, and I make it through an entire day w/ moderate use. Just 2 B safe I purchased the extended life 1750mv battery, and it helps a lot. I’m still breaking it in, but I get all-day + a couple hrs at home b4 I have 2 hit the charger. All in all, its a beast of a phone that requires juice, so whatcha gonna do:) This is the Michael Phelps of phones, it burns a lot of fuel, so I just keep feeding it more juice. Great phone.

  • http://Website Bob Smith

    In a lot of these adds people are saying, “I like it better than my Nexus one and other droid/apple devices I’ve had.” Seriously, how many bloody phones are you buying and how many times are you switching carriers? From the sound of it, you’d have to be buying a new phone about every month or so and dropping carriers almost as frequently. Have they put a label on this addiction yet?

  • http://Website Ant

    My battery seems fine.and I’m a pretty heavy user.

  • http://Website jimmyk

    It seems that if youy expect more features out of a phone, you ought to expect shorter battery life. My old plain-Jane Nokia phone could go 3 days without a charge, but know that I am web surfing, watching video, shooting and emailing video etc, My MT3g will onlyt barely last until sundown, but this is a fair trade for what I get. Tha’s why the baterriesa re rechargeable or I can alway carry a spare.

    I understand frustration with defective batterries taht may only last a couple of hours, but we have to be willing to sacrifice *something* to have a phone that alllows us to do video chats while at a park (or wherever else we need to video chat).

    I do hope battery tchnology improves by the time I upgrade from the MT3G, but will be happy even if it doesn’t. These phones are amazing!

  • http://Website Jeff

    Through out this past week, I got in my office around 8am, by around 5:30 PM to 6 PM, I’ll be around 20%. Much better than I expected. In fact, better than my previous WM6.1 phone (HTC/Palm Treo Pro) while doing a lot more!

  • waddsworth

    I got this phone on launch day and my first concern about battery life was during its first charge. With the phone on, and plugged into pc, it seemed to take forever to get a full charge. But my real test was yesterday. I had to take my dad’s car to a tire place to get his wheel fixed. I couldn’t find the store on his GPS so I decided to try my EVO. Found the store with a google search, clicked on the map, activated the GPS, and just set the phone in the GPS holder. The GPS worked like a charm (I think its better than a Garmin). Anyhow, it was a 25 minute drive, and it was at about 3 in the afternoon, so my phone had been unplugged for at least 5 hours already. Then, I was stuck at the tire place for about an hour and a half. What else to do but Facebook and Youtube? With that, I still didn’t have to plug the phone in until later that night. My last phone was 3 years old and a basic clamshell. For me, the battery life on the EVO is actually an improvement. No problems.

  • Drew

    Hhhmmm, I wonder which lasts longer.

    EVO with 4G on, or a G1?

  • http://www.myspace.com/hermyhalloween hermyhalloween

    go Android!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/hermyhalloween hermyhalloween

    go iPhone!!

  • http://Website clala

    I use the phone moderately and described below is my experience.
    Battery Life:

    Day 1 – very bad (~ 8 hrs)
    Day 2 – Bit better (~ 10 hrs)
    Day 3 – Switched on WiFi all day log (~ 16 hrs)
    Day 4 – On WiFi, sometimes on 3G & GPS ( ~ 14 hrs )

    If it gives me around 12-15 hrs of battery life, I am satisfied with the phone.

  • http://www.myspace.com/hermyhalloween hermyhalloween

    notice this little experiment. lets see how many people get so mad at just seeing the word “iPhone” they want to do the worst thing to me they can… clicking that little minus sign. haha, lets not take things so seriously- the competitor to our beloved operating system isn’t raping and murdering our wives and kids. no, its stiff competition helps give Google motivation to improve their product.

    I’m sorry- I want to give our little community more credit but when someone gets so many minuses for having a legitimate opinion that might involve iPhone and is, furthermore, not even attacking Google or Android is… juvenile.

    • HipHopIsLyfe37

      I noticed that after I clicked the minus button haha

  • http://Website Elitebattlefield

    I myself found the first day of use very bareable. I think battery life on cell phones matter when there is a POWER USER involved. I myself am a power user. On a heavy day (recording, movie watching, surfing, and email) I can get about 4-6 hours out of my EVO (this is straight use of coarse). The same was with my G1 running Cyanogen. On light or normal days I have about 80-85 percent of battery left at the end of the day.

    In addition, I have 4G coverage where I am located at in Houston TX. Once it’s activated I get a full 4G signal which is nice. It does slighty drain battery life faster but in no way comparable to Wi-Fi.

    What I have noticed that drains your battery life dramatically is Video Chat over Wi-Fi. We’re talking 30% within an about an hour.

    • http://Website Miguel

      This is pretty much the performance I get from the Nexus One, under similar usage. So seems in-line for the most part.

      All these people saying they get 2-3 days must turn off all data and have the screen set to the lowest setting, and no animations or anything on whatsoever.

  • http://Website paul mpax

    Bought a second battery today from Sprint which is shorthand for EVO battery fail. Actually would like to know how or what would improve battery life. Just having email push seems to drain the battery 75% in 8 hours or 2 hrs of internet use. I’ve started the day @ 100% and drained battery to auto shut down at least 5 or 6 times w/out any improvement. I’m killing apps regularly but the battery warning comes on much quicker (about 4x worse on EVO than on the dinosaur treo 650 I was using prior to EVO). Any suggestions?

  • http://Website joeyk

    I hate when people post on their comments that they were going to return the phone all because of battery life…you retard!!!!! Its a monster phone with monster packed features..its gotta 4.3 inch screen, the size of my HEAD!!! If customers dont have any clue on how to use the phone or even give it a shot to learn how to use it properly by searching for some battery conserving tips online shouldnt even bother wasting their time and even the store representatives time buying a super awesome phone..if all youre going to do is complain about the phone losing battery quickly you should just seriously stay away from it..you dont know how android works, how how hardware works and you obviously bought the phone for show n’ tell..and you just wasted the company 400 or so dollars by buying it and returning it for no reason what so ever…i work in cellphone sales, some peeps r just super frustrating some times..some of the comments here reminded of the issues some customers come in with…

    • http://Website roxane

      Why don’t you tell your customers how to not drain the battery instead of telling them here you go!!!

  • http://Website Jesse Harty

    I get maybe 4 or 5 hours of useable battery life during the day. Battery life is awful. Ateast with my curve I was lasting all day. Probably a deal breaker with me. Can’t afford to charge it 3 times a day.

  • karrob

    I have the Nexus One and had the same problem. I know get about 12 -14 hours on a single charge with moderate use.

  • http://Website Ericwchgo

    It says my biggest drain is my camera but I can’t turn it off even with app killer. Any suggestions?

  • http://Website mike f

    I’ve been running my EVO for almost 15 hours now on a single charge and the battery has plenty left in its tank.

    It’s the fourth full day of use for this EVO. Yesterday I about exhausted the battery twice before filling it up on the charger overnight.

    I unplugged EVO at 9 a.m. today and it’s almost midnight now.

    Today I made a few phone calls. I surfed the web for about two hours. The calendar function clued me in to stuff all morning. I worked with my contact’s list. And tonight I’ve paired EVO with my Bluetooth headphones for about an hour now and have been streaming glorious Pandora all the while.

    EVO’s got a fine future folks.

    All I did to manage power was keep apps off when they weren’t in use and I don’t use a live background on the home screen. I only turn things on when I need them, like Bluetooth and 4G and WiFi. Everything is off, unless needed.

    Now that I know for myself that the battery reports are much ado about nothing – I’ll get through my days without issue – I won’t fret so much, and I can just enjoy this heaping slice o’ joy!

  • http://Website yoyo

    after running *#*#4636#*#* phone information, menu, select radio band(it will force close, its alright) then click the tab next to gsmauto, and change it to cdma auto and putting my cell stanby time to a more manageable 3% im happy,

  • Jak Crow

    Please don’t peddle tripe like seidio batteries. Independent tests show seidio batteries, even thouse claiming to be extended, might get 80% of their claimed mAh. That means the “higher capacity battery” pimped in this article will probably give users worse run times than HTC original batteries.

  • http://Website Vicki

    I started using a live Aquarium wallpaper. The phone got very hot (literally!) and the battery drained quickly. Took that off and all seems to be fine.

    • http://Website sam

      My Evo remains hot all the time and the batteries don’t last at all. I downloaded a task killer application from Evo market but the same has not helped the battery life at all. I contacted Sprint got the run around with store manager and contacted district manager and got two batteries. I believe Evo phones will eventually get recalled. I contacted other Evo users with same issues.

  • http://Website Mslivay

    Love the phone but…the battery is terrible I only get 6 hours max before it shuts down, don’t know what to do, I might exchange it…dosent seem normal

  • http://Website RyanG

    22 hours of light use takes it to 10% charge, light use is 10-20 text per hour, 10 minutes of app use per hour, and 10 minutes of voice calling.

    About 18-20 hours medium usage, 20 text per, 20 min app usage, and 15-20 min calling.

    About 12-14 hours heavy use, 40-50 text per hour 30-40 minute app use, random pictures and video, and the random 15 minute phone call.

    I work a light load paperwork job with 13 hour shifts, not much to do most of the time, so I play on my phone constantly, medium to heavy use as noted about is pretty normal for me, and I usually have more than 10% battery remaining when I get home.

    I have Advanced Task Killer set to AutoKill every 30 minutes, with Low security setting, ignoring all of the android processes. I found a lot of apps hide with the android processes and you can’t find them until you drop the security setting.

    That and setting my screens brightness to 30% from auto-adjust are the only power saving changed I made.

    • http://Website RyanG

      Oh, and I leave my extra radios off unless I need them. 3rd power saving thing.

  • http://Website bigmarc

    the hardware argument is tired and played. We’re not talking pc vs apple “computers”, we’re talking cell phones. friggin’ cell phones! can you get texts?can you chat? can you take a quick picture? can i get my rss feeds? can i update my twitter account? anything outside of questions like these is an excercise in fanboyism by all of you.

    having the best phone doesn’t add inches to your **** so why get so wrapped up in it? i used to bag babes by the dozen with my green screen penny phone from nextel. Lol @ the lot of ya.

    i’m currently a happy sprint blackberry curve user. i would love to have an iphone but i refuse to buy a $500 piece of equipment on a crap network. I couldn’t be more happy with sprint service. I probably will never leave sprint. I want to get the EVO but battery life is key to me. If i don’t see more good news about the battery life. i’ll be getting another blakberry.

    i can’t believe grown people sit around and bicker the way you all are. i remember having similar arguments over sega genisis and super nintendo when i was in middle school. grow up folks

  • http://Website jon

    Unplugged mine at 5:30am. It’s 2:30 am the next day and still has 15% left. This is an improvement from a week ago and a definite improvement from the 001 hardware Evo I got the first day it came out….I had that one about a week. Had to return it bc of non-phone related issues.

  • ydigs

    10 year Sprint customer. Went from touch pro and then upgraded to TP2….the battery life for these devices was ok. Bought EVO a month ago, and battery life is the worst I have ever seen. And I am not even running 4G. Not running any laborious programs or videos…BATTERY LIFE SUCKS!! By 3pm I am usually dead. When is the 3000 battery coming? Glad to pay the extra because other than the poopster battery, the phone is solid.

  • http://Website Skyfire

    One additional way to conserve battery life on the EVO, for those of you who consume a lot of video, is to download Skyfire for your video browsing. Due to our ability to transcode video into Html5, and do the heavy lifting/compression on our end, this can dramatically conserve battery when compared video consumption with other browsers and optimized mobile video.

  • http://Website Verquisha

    I think the battery life is the absolute worst ever! I charge my Evo each and every night. After being off the charger for only a couple hours its already on half full. I have to charge my phone multiple times a day and it can get annoying. However, the phone is awesome and I love it.

  • http://Website Henry

    I have to say that I am extremely dissapointed with the battery life on the EVO… I feel like one of the biggest schmucks who brought into the hype… The battery lasts like 6-8 hours and isn’t getting better its getting WORSE… I turned off WiFi and Bluetooth and downloaded the TaskKiller app which is what they told me at the Sprint store was what I needed. I called Sprint and they told me that they can cancel my account and then I woul have to pay them the $200 dollar early termination fee… How can Sprint think that they are going to get away with that crap… I think that I wiil eventually have to do that… I’ll bet that when I do that the word will be out then I wont be able to sell it…

  • http://Website max

    I had the same experience with my Hero. You can sell the phone back to Sprint or to an Android junkie that is willing to overlook the problem with the phone. I was able to get Sprint to reduce the termination fee to $80 dollars.

  • http://Website Brent
  • http://Website James

    I just bought my evo 3 weeks ago, and have no issues with the battery. After a 12-14 hour day of normal use (a few phone calls, some games and web browsing along with lots of email), I usually have 60% battery remaining. I do use Advanced task killer a few times throughout the day. I’m not sure if newer ones have had changes or what, but I get about the same battery as I got on my iPhone.

  • http://Website Steve Michael

    On a normal workday, I pretty much have to keep the phone plugged in to make it through my 9 hour day, but I know exactly what my problem is. I work in a concrete bunker with no windows that is actually halfway underground. I don’t know who designed this building, but they certainly didn’t have cell phones or flooding in mind.

    I’ve bought an extra battery and the charger that allows me to charge both simulatniously. I’ve really only had to pop in the spare battery like twice in 2 1/2 months. So long as I keep it charged while I’m at work, the thing gets pretty good battery life out in the real world.

    I *LOVE* my Evo. Best phone on the market IMO.

  • http://Website B.W.

    Battery definately held a better charge after a few drains and recharges. Of course I modified the phone’s settings to meet my preferences during that time frame, so it’s difficult to say which of those was responsible for the extended battery life. Probably a combination of both. On average I get a full day’s use. Emphysis on the term USE. Meaning I use it. For EVERYTHING.

  • http://Website david

    I have had my phone for a week now and my battery life want even make it though a day without having to be charged atleast 3 times a day and that’s with the roaming, WiFi, 4g, gps and blue tooth off. Where can I buy a stronger battery is that possible.

  • http://Website Virginia

    I have had my phone for two weeks now. I am extremely unhappy with the battery life. I thought people complaining about it were talking on it all day and spending a lot of time on the Web. That is far from the case.

    I work from home most of the time, so I don’t use my phone much on most days. Even though I have shut off 4G and background data and even automatic data and updates (including news and weather), and followed the tips I found on how to reduce battery consumption (including screen brightness, etc… It’s ridiculous. I charge my phone every single night. I got up and unplugged the phone about 6 hours ago. Since then, all it did was ride with me on an errand this morning (connected to my car via bluetooth), then sit on my desk while I worked. That’s it. When I picked it up as I was considering downloading an app to it, the battery was on warning (yellow).

    A yellow battery warning from a phone that’s done essentially nothing but sit on my desk all day?!?!

    The phone’s gotta go. It’s beyond bad, it’s unusable like this.

  • http://Website Ray

    I own two Evo’s (bought one for business and one for personal) and even though I use both phones equally (same apps, about same browsing time, same background apps running, etc) I’ve noticed one of them lasts significantly longer in battery life than the other – as in 4-5 hours more. I’m thinking the problems people are seeing with poor battery performance is due getting one with a not so great battery. I don’t know what else it could be, I charge both the same way and I use both the same way yet one outperforms the other greatly. If I would have gotten only one, the one with the poor battery I would have been upset at battery performance but since I own the other one I know it’s just the battery and not the phone. I’ve been thinking about ordering another battery but haven’t gotten around it yet.

    Maybe HTC makes great phones but their quality control on batteries is not so great? I don’t know but that is my assumption.

    Also I’d like to note I have the late model evos, the ones that shipped with android 2.2

  • http://Website tufts

    no i have to charge my phone twice a day I can’t believe this I can’t even get through the day .i’m not even on the web much .today i made 1 phone call in about 6.and i have to charge it again .i’m not happy .

  • http://edsandroid.blogspot.com Ed

    I got 7 days of battery life with a custom ROM:

  • http://Website adam

    Well Idbut I got a 3500 and the n stock battery and I want to no Wut is the time difference n time

    • http://Website David

      I was okay with the stock battery, but i got a 3500 from gorilla gadget and my Evo last 3 times longer on average, about 20hrs of medium use

  • http://Website zack

    My evo battery lasts about 4 hours.

  • http://Website Roxane ermeland

    My EVO battery is drained every day after about 4 hrs. What can I get. I hate the phone as it is dead all the time.

  • http://Website Jordan

    I’ve had it for about a month and I’m getting the same result. Fully charged at 8am, and I leave it on during school for emergency but I never touch it and it’s dead by 5. That’s 9 hours of stanby?

  • http://Website milkee

    I’ve had my phone for about a month now and my battery life suckks. I have to charge my phone twice a day.

    • http://Website milkee

      I take my charger every where I go.

  • http://Website Max Ramirez

    I’m lucky when my phone lasts a full work day. If I unplug at 7:00am it’s dead by 3:00 or 4:00 pm WITH my plugging it in during my lunch hour drive to a restaraunt. Battery life had coninuously gotten worse in the 4 months I’ve had it. i’ve had to disable Wi-Fi, 4g, GPS, etc., to get the times listed above.

  • http://Website Manrico Trovatore

    It’s a battery hog. I have two spares. Without them I’d never get through the day and I have 4G turned of most of the time.

  • http://Website pattianne

    the battery is horrible if you use the phone for anything other than phone calls.I was given this phone as a gift,so I could use it for my unpaid independent media,journalist,needs.to record city meetings,police stops,interviews, etc.,it was so pumped up,and seemed exactly what I was looking for.but what good is it if you can’t use its great features? I spend more time disabling the preinstalled apps, which I dont want or use, which can’t be removed,and start up by themselves,hogging up memory and battery, than I actually get to use the phone.thats all i need.to give up informing the public and fighting for our rights,because a stupid football,stocks,or other unremoveable,forced on me,app, used up all my battery,so I have none when I need it the most.

    • http://Website Evofan

      Use titanium backup and freeze all those system apps you don’t want. it won’t uninstall it just freeze it so that it doesn’t use any of the battery. and if you ever decide to use it again you can just unfreeze it. Also, best battery saving app, install powermax and set the power settings to max, it will allow you to still use your phone, but it will shut off bluetooth and all other internet usage. you can turn it off and on very easily, if you ever decide to use your internet or bluetooth, with a simple push of the app button. just remember to turn it back on when all you want to use is your phone. this gave me 24 hours on battery life on my first use. and I use my phone quite often to go on the internet, for facebook on youtube and playing poker online as

    • http://Website Evofan

      Use titanium backup and freeze all those system apps you don’t want. it won’t uninstall it just freeze it so that it doesn’t use any of the battery. and if you ever decide to use it again you can just unfreeze it. Also, best battery saving app, install powermax and set the power settings to max, it will allow you to still use your phone, but it will shut off bluetooth and all other internet usage. you can turn it off and on very easily, if you ever decide to use your internet or bluetooth, with a simple push of the app button. just remember to turn it back on when all you want to use is your phone. this gave me 24 hours on battery life on my first use. and I use my phone quite often to go on the internet, for facebook on youtube and playing poker online as well as using my phone to make calls. hope this helps you.

  • http://Website Jay

    Mine sucks since day 1 its been horrible I love the phone but the battery just doesn’t last @ all I’ve had it for awhile 1rst. week it came out not happy @ all not its doesn’t even boot correctly had to switch w/my wife as she takes her phone w/my battery to shop

  • http://Website Evofan

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