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HTC announces Android 2.1 rollout for GSM Hero on June 4th

The wait is finally over! According to HTC’s Plurk account, the Android 2.1 upgrade for the GSM HTC Hero will start hitting handsets some time tomorrow, June 4th. Over the past month, HTC has been busy rolling out Android 2.1 to the CDMA variants of their handsets in the U.S. market (Droid Eris and Sprint Hero).

While the announcement from HTC may bring a huge sigh of relief to Hero owners, we would like to stress that there is no guarantee that the Android 2.1 upgrade will be making its way to Hero owners in Europe. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this story for the next day or so and keep you updated if we start getting official update reports from around the globe.

On June 4, 2010 to open up the wireless software update, the main update function as follows: Android 2.1 operating system upgrade!

System will continue to send updates prompt, when you receive a system prompt as long as you can by clicking Download or wireless network connection 3G/GPRS way to complete your phone system updates. Note: We recommend you to choose to have free Wi-Fi environment, download the update. If you are currently using 3G network, the download may have to pay the additional cost carriers, please make sure to have unlimited Internet access rates apply for rentals before use.HTC Taiwanvia Rough Translation

Via: HTC Source

Source: Plurk

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  • http://Website spc

    About freakin time!

    • http://Website Gage

      LOL that’s funny

  • http://Website juice

    What about the mytouch?

  • http://Website steve

    2.2 on the droid is more important!

  • http://Website waleed alvi

    Canadians are so lucky that there htc magic will be upgraded to android 2.1 very soon :)

  • http://Website Leonard

    this is ridiculous! they should have skipped 2.1 and go for 2.2 !!

  • http://Website Alejan

    And what about MT3G? So frustrating… don’t want to bail when it seems so near but the carrot has been dangling long enough this phone is becoming a dumpster baby…

  • http://Website eric

    The Mytouch should have gotten 2.1 a long time ago already im jealous that everyone else is getting the update already

  • http://Website skooal

    Another lie? I don’t trust HTC anymore… i’ll never get another one of their phone…

  • http://Website khush

    i for one am extremely glad about the news I have attempted to root my hero but failed due to gold card issues. I am looking forward to the new features and hope we get more than what sprint did though I highly doubt it I’m happy with what thel give us although in the future I will think twice about an htc handset

  • http://Website lol

    2.1?? And 2.2????? facepalm

  • http://Website jean

    aahahhaha 2.1 is old

  • http://Website Jelle

    To the people with the 2.2 remarks:
    2.2 isn’t even officially released for the Nexus.. Dont be ignorant, if HTC would decide now to skip 2.1 we would have to wait another 5 months or so.

    • http://Website Bacon

      Yes, 2.2 is not “officially” released. For those of us with brains we can update our phones WITHOUT our stupid carrier’s permission. I’m sick of people not knowing that Android empowers the user, not the carriers. We’ve had tethering for a long time and anyone stupid enough to pay a premium for it is an idiot. I’m starting to believe that a lot of smartphone users are not smart.

  • http://Website Mayo

    This is the last time I am buying HTC products, I have been a very strong supporter but they are slow to roll out new rom. I like the approach that Microsoft is taking that they will only have 1 rom for Win Mobile 7. I have a Tytn II using win 6.5 and it works very well but with my Hero I am still on Android 1.5 and I don’t want use 2.1 that is not tested.

    • http://Website Bacon

      You sir, are a complete idiot…

  • http://Website masterpfa

    When I see it I’ll get excited until then, as it seems we in Europe are getting left behind.
    Anyway Froyo 2.2 is here and Gingerbread on the way. The way I see it is HTC Hero owners will get left behind again

  • Navarone

    I’m so sad, all I want is the 2.1 update for my hero, why are they making Europe/UK wait for it??? @masterpfa – I wouldn’t count on getting the 2.2 update… ever!! Without getting a custom ROM.

  • http://leion.net Leion

    wooo hope the SEA version comes out soon!

  • http://Website Riggs

    Updates take so long for HTC cuz of sense ui. You can still buy a HTC phone but get one that has no sense ui. ie nexus one. I know it sucks to wait but welcome to open source development.

    • http://Website Bacon

      Finally someone gets it. Stop buying Sense, MotoBlur etc. Android phones if you want a fast update. Stock Android will always get the fastest updates.

      Riggs… I’m gettin’ too old for this shit!

  • http://Website Oops

    update or outdated? sorry its too late.

  • http://UpdateforeuropealsocommingatthebeginningofJuneaccordingtoHTCofTheNetherlands Ciekee

    I asked the dutch HTC branch on May 20th when my hero would be updated and they answered that the update is planned for the beginning of june.

    So it can’t be far off.

  • http://Website no

    wow, people, its called cyanogenmod.com

    why would you wait for the cell carrier to update?
    root your phone and own your phone.

  • http://Website no

    I have a magic. and 2.1 is great on it. same thing as my touch, for those that dont know.

    root and forget about these lame late updates.do it yourself.

  • http://Website Jim R

    Would be really, really nice if the freakin Telus Hero was being updated to 2.1.

  • http://Website singapore DEF

    It’s good to see that the petition did work but we in singapore has yet to receive it AARRRRRRgh.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Arif

    where update 2 asia?
    How long to take time came to malaysian?

  • http://technews.am/conversations/android-and-me/htc_announces_android_2_1_rollout_for_gsm_hero_on_june_4th paul


  • http://Website Snowy

    lol Aug and all is quite. Makes me sure want to just root the phone now doesn’t Telus probably is sitting on it waiting to undo the Turn By Turn capability of the phone!

  • mikamahi

    please flash file htc hero