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HTC Desire coming to U.S. via regional carriers this August

HTC’s high-end Android phone, the Desire, will finally make its way to the United States later this year thanks to some regional carriers. The handset maker informed us today that the Desire will be available this August on “select regional operators”, but they did not mention which ones.

U.S. Cellular already announced they would carry the phone, but the other carriers remain a mystery at this point. A quick check of HTC’s “Where to buy” page list Cellular South as another regional carrier that sells their phones. We have already seen Cellular South launch the HTC Hero and they just announced the Motorola Milestone, so  I would say they make a good candidate to also land the Desire.

AT&T and T-Mobile are still without a 1 GHz Android phone in their retail stores, so it will be interesting to see what happens over the next couple of months. Could a smaller regional carrier actually offer an Android “superphone” before their larger competitors?

Update: As pointed out in the comments, Cellular South announced the HTC Desire via Facebook.

HTC carriers

HTC includes two regional carriers on their site.

“Just wanted to let you know that the HTC Desire will be coming to the US via select regional operators beginning this August. The operators will have more specific details on the device (pricing, specifications, etc.) as we get closer to availability, but I can tell you that it will feature the same 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and Android 2.1 with HTC Sense that has proven so popular on the international version of HTC Desire.

The HTC Hero has already been well received by customers in regional markets, and the HTC Desire represents the next step for HTC in bringing the power of Android and the usability of HTC Sense to even more consumers across the country.  We’ll continue to keep you posted as we get closer to availability.”HTC spokesperson

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  • http://Website Derek

    Confirmed via Facebook page. Cellular South will be releasing the HTC desire

  • jakejardashian

    Please come to T-Mobile. We need an in store power user phone so bad. I think I can speak for others as well as myself when I say I feel like we’ve been getting left behind, even though we (early G1 adopters) were the first ones to take a chance and fall in love with Android.

  • http://Website NeoteriX

    As an outside observer, why don’t people consider the Nexus One to be a T-Mobile or AT&T superphone?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      We do, but it is not carried in retail stores.

    • http://Website jay555

      Yeah, like Taylor said, you can’t just walk into a store and get the N1. 99% of the population doesn’t even know the phone exists. The N1 should eventually start showing up in T-Mo stores (not sure what the delay is at this point). I doubt it’ll ever show up in an AT&T store though, given how unwilling to cause any problems with Apple.

    • ayocuz

      They do you just can’t buy them in store yet

  • http://alittleextramoneyuk.blogspot.com Bristolboy

    What are the respective sizes of these carriers? In the UK this phone has been released on all networks and is possibly the best selling Android handset of all time in Europe (certainly it has been top of the best selling mobile lists for ages).

    • http://Website sammy D

      Carriers in the U.S. are pretty large. The smaller of the big four have between 20-40 million subscribers while the two larger ones have around 100 million each. Most European carriers pick up all the new phones ages ahead of the U.S. since the carriers here always want “exlusives”. We have the HTC Desire, it’s just called the DROID Incredible and it has a different body and camera. We also have the Nexus One which workd on both At&t and T-Mobile 3G networks

      • http://Website Bristolboy

        I know a lot about the Incredible – it was partly responsible for the massive delays on the Desire in the UK. I was more asking what are the sizes of US Cellular/Cellular South as they seem to be very minor players (certainly they aren’t mentioned as much as the big four on Android forums).

  • http://Website DapperDan

    I now regret purchasing the G1 a year ago. It will never get the update I want. I think I’m going to have to buy something new. There are no tmobile android phones that I like. Maybe the Nexus One

  • http://Website Al

    US Cellular is also getting the Desire in August.

    Has been confirmed on their facebook for quite some time now.

  • http://Website sgb101

    I really like my desire, but about 6 weeks after getting it a lot of bugs started to appear and a full reset was needed.

    Now around another 6 weeks on the same issues are appearing!

    Friend stream has stopped working, signal keeps dropping out, data sync is hot and miss, so it looks like another reset :(

  • http://Website lauren

    AT&T please!!!!

  • http://Website lynn