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HTC switching to Sony Super TFT LCDs from Samsung AMOLEDs

Don’t expect to find an AMOLED display on your next smartphone, unless you plan on buying a Samsung device. A new report from The Korea Herald states that HTC will be forced to remove the AMOLED displays found in several of their popular Android phones including the Nexus One, Desire, and Incredible.

Samsung Mobile Display controls 98 percent of the global AMOLED display market and they are keeping the displays in house to go towards their Samsung Galaxy S line of phones. Analysts expect that Samsung will sell 10 to 15 million units of the Galaxy S, which could move them ahead of HTC in global smartphone market share.

Korean carrier KT has been forced to delay the launch of the Google Nexus One because of the AMOLED shortages and new devices produced after July will no longer include Samsung’s display. Instead HTC has chosen to go with Sony’s S-LCD (Super TFT LCD), which they claim consumes less power and offers higher resolution than an AMOLED display, although it has a lower contrast ratio.

To cope with the rising demand for AMOLED displays, Samsung will open a new 2.5 trillion won (2 billion USD) plant which is expected to open in July 2011. The new production line is expected to increase output capacity by 10-fold, so Samsung can deliver 30 million displays each month.

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Via: Android Community

Source: The Korea Herald

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  • http://goncalossilva.com Gonçalo Silva

    Hoping that Google/HTC takes advantage of this and also switches the horrible ClearPad 2000 that ships with the Nexus One.

    If they do, I won’t think twice about finding a way of importing one from the US!

  • http://Website Jonathan

    Good. AMOLEDs are overrated anyway. I’d rather have a sharper LCD than a fuzzier AMOLED.

  • http://twitter.com/aaronhutchinson Aaron

    Being a user of a N1 since the end of March, I have to say that its AMOLED screen is NOT fuzzy.
    I have tried and tried to even distinguish individual pixels, and can only JUST manage to make them out when the screen is white.
    AMOLED screens are absolutely not fuzzy & my screen is the most crisp I’ve ever seen on a phone.

    I do understand, though, that an AMOLED screen can consume more power when displaying mainly white screens.
    If the new sony LCD screens are better in that respect, it’s somewhat of an improvement.

    I wonder what will happen if in future I need to send my N1 in for a screen replacement…

    • http://sven.killig.de Sven Killig

      The Droid is sharper: it has nearly the same resolution, but without PenTile.

    • jeanpaul145

      I think it’s not so much that an AMOLED screen consumes more power when it displays white as it is that is uses less when displaying dark colors.

  • http://Website Jd

    I have a iRiver Clix mp3, which is the first mp3 (probably the first portable device) to adopt AMOLED. I have to say it’s fabulous and definitely better than my old G1 screen.

    It’s really sad because I am waiting for HTC’s next big thing and I was sure AMOLED would be a part of it. I just hope Sony’s TFT’s better, but, I don’t really like Sony’s screen. They look too phony for me.

  • http://Website Myles

    This sounds more like HTC is being forced to switch because Samung is keeping the screens for themselves, and not HTC wanting to switch. I find the title of the article misleading.

    • http://Website Nick Overstreet


  • http://Website Spencer

    I thought the galaxy s used a super amoled display,which is different than plain amamoled, or at least they say it is…

    • http://goncalossilva.com Gonçalo Silva

      Yes, they are different but produced in the same factory(ies) which are not being able to cope with the demand.

  • http://Website Steve

    One of the biggest reasons I want to get a Nexus One is because Google generally pushes out new versions of Android to it before any other device. If it weren’t for that (and TouchWiz), I’d just get the new T-Mobile Vibrant. But I must say that this AMOLED shortage somewhat scares me. I’ve heard the display is beautiful on the AMOLED, but I’d like to see more reviews/demos on this TFT LCD display as well as its ability to recognize and register touch(es) before I spend money on an N1. If it only had a 4 inch display :-/

  • http://a-kovar.com Alex

    I find this very disappointing. I like htc’s phones better than samsungs and don’t want to have to buy a samsung phone just got get an amoled.

    • http://Website Drew

      Down with Scamsung! -behold2 owner

  • http://twitter.com/reignzone Reignzone

    I find their “analyst” sales-based expectancies to be a little far fetched… coming from Samsung that is.

    SERIOUSLY…? 10-15 million units…? News Flash: Samsung is NOT Apple. Don’t try to be. And flaunting blasphemous sales figures like that will earn their company nothing but endless ridicule amongst our community.

    They clearly have their jealous heads up their own asses.

    • http://Website sturoid84

      I agree that those numbers are quite far fetched though remember they are trying to release this phone on 100 carriers world wide and where many of them probably don’t have easy access to top end phones like N1, Droid and HTCs offerings.

      I still think its a load of bull and that Samsung are fully screwing all these other manufactures holding back screens for themselves. Though I’d probably do the same on their position

  • http://Website Sin City

    I hope you update this article.

    [Update] All right, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve just heard directly from HTC, and sure enough, it sounds like things are definitely changing. However, everything isn’t as bad as we had initially heard. HTC has plans to keep using the AMOLED technology from Samsung, but they are also going to use Sony’s Super TFT LCD displays as well. According to HTC, there is no discernible difference between the displays from Sony and Samsung, and they are expecting the differences to slide under the radar.

    ^From Android Community

    • http://Website watbetch

      I really, really hate to hear that. I don’t think they should twiddle their thumbs and wait for Samsung to send them some AMOLED panels, but they also shouldn’t mix the product line like that. It just opens the door for inconsistency.

      • http://Website The_Omega_Man

        Well when your choices are to sell nothing or sell something, what do you think htc will do?

  • http://Website joeskie

    Well thats a pretty ballzy move by samsung to push out one of the most prominent phone makers in the world.either super smart or super stupid or super amoled! This might actually be good though.time to make htc compete again. This is a great time to be a consumer. I can say this though,i have a sexii nexii and the amoled screen is just absolutly amazing and all the crap that is being spued on this post is funny. Amoled is hands down the best screen tec on any smartphone. If aint got amo you aint got shit and thats the hurtful truth. So go ahead all you tft and hvga and vga and wvga blast from the past-users, hit that red minus button, i know you will.

    • geniusdog254

      You realize the last part of that made no sense right? HVGA, VGA, and WVGA are screen resolutions. TFT is a display type. The Nexus (along with all the high end HTC phones) is WVGA (800×480)

      • http://Website Derek

        YOU do realize that the Nexus doesnt really have 800×480 resolution dont you? It uses pen tile matrix. And to anybody that uses a N1 and says their text isnt fuzzy is full of shit. Compare text on the N1 to the Droid (854×480 TFT LCD) and its laughable, not even close. The N1 is fuzzy.

        • http://Website angermeans

          This BS has been put to rest a long time ago. It still has the same 480×800 pixels you cant not count.them so stop talking shit. Evry third pixel only displays two of the regular rgb. The other two has all three there are advantages to this technology, and yes there are disadvantagels.but there are still the same amount of pixels no matter how you count them. You and the many other fanboys out there take one article by ars and talk like you know something. The only difference you can tell is with text and the trade off is brighter more vivid colors. Anyone who has a AMOLED screen will testify to the fact that it is better. This is something a bunch of droid users latched onto because they wanted to still have.the best phone. There is no such thing as a non pen tile AMOLED or SUPER AMOLED atleast in.the smartphone world. Tech like that would be very expensive.

  • http://Website The_Omega_Man

    This just potentially opens the door for Motorola if HTC can’t get product out the door.

  • http://Website Gabe

    I have the HTC Incredible and the AMOLED is just fine. I also know it uses less power because when I check my battery usage the display is usually the lowest thing…never over 8%

    • http://Website Andromedo

      Really? I have an N1 (AMOLED) and the display is _always_ the highest consumer of battery power if it has been used at all.

      This is an honest question. Can any other N1 owners weigh in? Is there maybe a problem with my unit?

      Battery life is fine overall, but that comment just struck me as totally counter to my experience with the N1.

      • ayocuz

        Same here my display takes up two to three times more power than any other system even at ten percent brightness

        • http://Website CJ

          On my Incredible the screen also shows the least power usage.

      • http://Website thisischris

        the brightness on my Incredible is around 30%, the battery is down to less than 20%, and display only accounts for 4%

  • http://Website DnnsGrrtt

    S-LCD Corporation is a joint venture between Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd (50% plus 1 share) and Sony Corporation (50% minus 1 share) established in April 2004… There is no ‘super lcd’…no “Sony’s” S-LCD. It’s all Samsung…really. Samsung Group is the world’s largest conglomerate with an annual revenue of over $173.4 billion (US)…that’s $173,400,000,000. Either way their screens are ‘Samsung’ and HTC screens are majority owned ‘Samsung’…they are not sweating any of this.

  • http://Website Jim Wellnitz

    If you’re worried about LCD, go check out Tmobile HD2. I had it for a couple weeks and thought it was just as sharp as my Dinc AMOLED is and was better (not saying much) in sunlight.

  • http://Website Sam

    So will the EVO start to use the new super tft’s? I can’t believe that HTC would use a TFT that produces only 65K colors in 2010!