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HTC Evo 4G killed my iPhone 4!!!!

This is just my own personal review of the HTC Evo 4G. I know its been covered 6 ways sideways from every website known to man… but people have been asking me for my take on it. SO HERE IT IS!

I like to think of myself as pretty unbiased. I wasn’t really “tied down” to a carrier like most people so I checked out all available options at the time (and even some in the future) and felt the Evo would best suit my needs.

Those needs being – coverage, power and screen size. I am a physical keyboard FANBOY. I’ll be the first to admit it (Hahaha..).  So I finally sucked it up and came to terms with the fact that physical keyboards had pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur. That’s why this phone is MANDATORY for ex Sidekick/G1 users. The screen is so huge that it makes typing virtually error free and the few errors are quickly picked up by the unrivaled HTC Sense UI keyboard.

So if you’re still on the fence about the Evo 4G, hopefully this video will help you come to a more final decision on making the jump to a true next gen super phone.

If you ever need anything, hit me up on Twitter @GamerCore and I will do my best to serve you. Thanks for watching my wacky videos! See y’all real soon! My next videos will be on how to root the Evo, how to pimp it out without rooting, and some more neat G1 stuff.

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Chris is a long time gamer and tech enthusiast. His newest passion is Android and its ever growing community. He loves people, food, life and lives by the philosophy that "you choose your attitude." He likes choosing a positive one. =)

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  • http://Website Kevin

    Looking forward to some more G1 goodness! G1 4 Life! (aka I’m too cheap to buy a new phone)

    • http://Website Tim

      I’m sticking with my G1 at least until there is some more info about the Android Sidekick that is supposed to be coming.

      • Alan Reboli

        I am excited to see what Project Emerald is about. I want to know if it’s finally a true high end phone from T-Mobile. I hope it’s better than the unicorn I saw the other day. :P

        • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

          I think Project Emerald already came and went, didn’t it?? Wasn’t it June 19th, the day that T-Mobile offered all their phones for free???

          But I was trying to wait and see as well, BUT by the time the Sidekick would have come out, those new Qualcomm phones would be around the corner and I would want to wait for those…

          THEN those new quadcore phones would be coming out and I’d want to wait for those… =p


  • http://Website motaz

    How Do you type so fast ?

    • http://twitter.com/velazcod velazcod

      The video is sped up. He did a voice over.

      • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

        No no on. No voice over. That would take WAAAAAY too much time and editing. That was ALLL real time, homie =)

    • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

      LOTS of practice on the Sidekick and G1 =D

  • http://Website Sammy

    Ill stick with my Nexus One. Im pretty happy with it and does everything I need. Tmo is coming out with a faster 3G (3.5) network thats suppose to be around 7.2 mbps. Most tmo phones are already compatible with the new network. Although the EVO is a very impressive phone. Bigger processor, screen.. The dual camera is not a neccessity for me atleast. The battery life on EVO is low.I already have issues with battery life on my N1. N1 has first tech support straight from Google and N1 owners get the first update.

    • Alan Reboli

      That’s one of my biggest worries about Custom UI’s (Touch Wiz, Sense, MotoBlur, Espresso, Garmin’s UI, etc…) These UI’s are way too slow to update. Vanilla will always have the latest updates, because there is less to do. The Custom UI’s take a little more to update. Maybe with Android as a whole slowing down on the updates, we’ll see more uniformity with the updates rather than the sporadic firmwares floating around (1.6, 2.1, 2.2)

  • http://Website Phil

    Looks like a good review. Too bad people will pay attention to iPhone fanboys trying to fake lag and unresponsiveness on the Evo to try and pump up the iPhone. Its sad that Apple can’t just make a good product and has to rely on fanboys making fake videos to sell.

  • http://Website kram

    I’m not a fan of custom user interfaces, although sense is the best (and really the only usable one) it still seems unnecessary, bulky and intrusive. The weather animations are cool but the clock and phone buttons on the home screen are ugly. I prefer vanilla android because I can make it my own. Other than the sense UI and the craptacular sprint network its an awesome phone, a little too big to pocket comfortably but a cool device none the less. I will have to disagree with your statement that it is better than the nexus. Hardware wise, yes, it is a slight improvement in some areas (and worse in others) but the big factor you are missing here is that the I’ve been using Froyo on my nexus for over a month now and the Evo may not see it for several more. The peace of mind knowing that my phone will be updated to the lastest OS first and that it will continue to be relevant even as newer and faster phones come out makes it that much more valuable to a consumer.

    • http://Website swazedahustla

      Hmmm you make it sound like people aren’t running Froyo on the EVO or something. Sorry to let you know but I am currently running it and loving it. I have piece of mind knowing whatever update that comes out, I will have it on my phone simply because im rooted, and I don’t have to wait on any carrier to provide me anything.

      • http://Website dope

        …but you still have to deal with the terrible sprint network and pricing ($10 extra for 4g that rarely works) , an inferior screen quality, and a phone thats too big to fit comfortably in anything other than a cargo pocket. But look at the bright side…at least you have a kickstand…

        • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

          The network is AMAZING. That’s why I made the switch. I got the phone for free through Google I/O and its only because it came with free service that I was able to come to that conclusion.

          Otherwise I would have been like most people who assume Sprint has crappy coverage and never would have made the switch.

          Also, my phone bill is $50 a month for unlimited calling, data and text with a Family Plan I split between 2 of my friends. And that’s WITH insurance AND $10 4G Premium fee =)

          So who’s paying more for their network now? =D

          Oh yeah, and the screen is amazing AND the phone fits easily into my skinny jeans. LOL

          • http://Website what?

            for us regular people we would still be paying $70 for unlimited talk/text/web plus the extra 10….Thanks for bragging about you $50/month bill…. Also, you just saying the network is “amazing” does not make it so. I live in KC where sprint is headquartered and can’t event get service at a Royals game where there are sprint signs all over the stadium. With all carriers your service quality depends on your location, Sprint is no exception. but if they can’t even get it to work in their own back yard….

          • http://Website watbetch

            The network is amazing but your service goes in and out.. riiiight.

        • HipHopIsLyfe37

          You sir, just got OWNED by Christopher Chavez

        • http://Website gmen

          What are u talking about sprint terrible prices I have the simply everything plan it saves me money for all the due hates out there let me tell u the difference if ur not on Sprint then ur unlimited is nothing know y because the phones that’s coming out now is high tech and it’s not worth it to get a phone that’s limited technology because u don’t have the money to cover all the technology ur phone is capiable of. Now on sprint everything let me repeat everything ur phone does and is capable of doing data and all is unlimited not talk and txt and picture mail I repeat everything I have the evo and loving my plan so who ever out there saying sprint to high on here lay off the vodka before u get on here u must be drunk talking that bs how about I use everything on my phone everyday for hours and u do the same and lets see who bill higher seams like ur a later because sprint is putting money in my pocket and letting me use all my features on my phone for one price sssshhhhh!!!! hates

    • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

      But… I’ve had Froyo on my phone for weeks now. And the official source hasn’t even dropped yet (not even for the N1).

      I rooted my phone as soon as it became available so that I could get the JUMP on the cool stuff.. Like Froyo =)

  • http://Website Zer0-9

    Having the latest and greatest phone is nice sometimes, but with 2.2 via BuglessBeast my Droid is really fantastic. I might not have a front facing camera, but I’ve got a physical keyboard to play flash games and type in ssh and terminal sessions.

    I even loaded up the latest cyanogenmod on my old g1 and was surprised at how responsive it was. As a friend said to me: “I feel like I’m trapped in an alternate dimension where my old hardware actually gets faster over time.”

  • http://Website ari-free

    hmm it’s bad enough that it has a snapdragon but if they intentionally added a fps cap on top of that…I just don’t see how it would be ideal for gaming. Also, it only has 65,000 colors.
    It will be interesting to see how this compares with Droid X. The Battle of the 4.3 Inchers!

    • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

      Oooooh.. I’m curious too! And I didn’t know there were more than like… 9 colors in the world. Who knew =p

  • http://Website matt

    Great video.

    • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

      Thanks, Matt! =D

  • http://Website Jon

    htc evo is no match for the galaxy S…the galaxy s is to have a superiour humming bird CPU processor and a GPU that is the same in the iphone 4g….. the evo didnt do well in the GPU benchmark and so i dont think evo is better than galaxy S

    • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

      You’re just talking about the GPU? I’m talking about ALL AROUND. Snapdragon is a great processor and last time I checked, I think T-Mobile’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S is actually gonna come equipped with a Snapdragon (No Hummingbird) from the last rumors I have been reading..

      • http://Website Alejandro

        Wha?! That sounds down right dirty and unethical. Why would t-mobile strip away the hummingbird processor from the galaxy s?!

  • http://Website deeb215

    handsdown EVO is the best android phone out for awhile imho…regardless of your early half-done updates on the N1(insert- guinea pig much). The Galaxxy S will suck a$$ crumbs, and the DROID will only be second fiddle. We won’t see any real competition until the holiday season i bet. I’m just saying…

    • http://Website weeksh*t

      The early versions of froyo have been very stable and predictable, very few issues and the ones its does have has to do with apps that are not yet ready for froyo not the OS itself (jealous much). N1, droid, droid x, droid 2 are or will be better than the evo. Plus sprint sucks and tmo’s 3G hspa+ is faster than the sprint 4g.

      • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

        Yeah, but you PAY for those download speeds (My phone bill with Sprint is $50 a month) not to mention I never had anything but Edge in my area w/T-Mo =/

        Oh, and I already have Froyo on my Evo.

        I don’t think the Samsung S or Droid X will have that anytime soon…. We’ll see =)

  • http://Website Abe

    Yeah EmoGamer FTW.But seriously that was a good unbiased review.

    • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

      Thanks, Abe =)

      I may have said some things at the end to incite some comments =p

  • http://Website Jmn

    i like the part where you said you consider yourself unbiased followed by you admitting you’re a fanboy of something in the next paragraph

    • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

      A fanboy of “something”?? What was that SOMETHING? Physical keyboards! LOL
      The phone doesn’t even have one! Did you even watch? Hahaha…

  • http://Website jworth

    The evos nice n all, but does noone even consider the DInc when comparing Android phones? It’s like the Sense UI, VZW counter part of the N1

    • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez


      • HipHopIsLyfe37

        @Christopher Chavez: Droid Incredible = D. Inc. = dinc lol

        • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

          Oh yeah… >_ <
          Damn you kids and your jive talk!

  • http://Website dope

    …but you still have to deal with the terrible sprint network and pricing ($10 extra for 4g that rarely works) , an inferior screen quality, and a phone thats too big to fit comfortably in anything other than a cargo pocket. But look at the bright side…at least you have a kickstand…

    • http://Website swazedahustla

      You are the epitome of your screenname.

    • http://Website Momo

      Terrible pricing? I pay $50 a month that includes the 4g, unlimited everything and insurance.. The screen doesn’t look inferior at ALL, did you even look at the screen in the video? And guess what…it fits in a size 0 skinny pants! (Those are the tinniest pants besides a child’s size) Just saying…

      • http://Website Tony

        What plan do you have , I dont see an everything plan + 4 G FOR 50.00

        pick a plan at sprint.com

        • http://Website Momo

          I split a family plan with my friends, plus if you got an EVO at google io it’s said you have the option of getting a similar plan for $50 =]

  • http://Website Manny.

    I’d totally go for the EVO, but I gotta have a phone with a physical keyboard. My fingers and software/touch keyboards just don’t work well together. I’m currently with the Cliq, but kind of bored with it.

    • http://Website Momo

      I’d suggest a Slide for you, since it is snappy and still has a nice keyboard. =] I’m bad with touch screens too, thats why i got the EVO since the screen is so big it’s easier to type in.

  • http://Website Tumbleweed

    Once I had conditioned my EVO’s battery by letting it completely drain and fully recharge over the course of about a week, my battery life got substantially better. Plus I made a home screen that allows me to manage power use by shutting down individual things when I don’t need them.

    I have the swype beta on my EVO, and once you turn on the word suggestions and let it learn your common words, it’s pretty amazing. Absolutely NO need to waste physical volume on the phone for a physical keyboard anymore.

  • fathom614

    Great video Chris, can’t wait to see your rooting and flashing roms videos

  • http://Website pedro562

    @christopher luv the review.

    Nexus One owner. Do you go to the Abbey?

  • http://Website Me

    Better than Droid X?!?! Haha thats funny will see when i comes out, the OMAP is far superior to the Snapdragon, although I do prefer Sense over MotoBlur even though Sense slow phone down way too much.

  • http://Website Name (required)

    Yo I just have a quick question for Verizon customers. What phones better; the LG Ally or the Droid? Or I don’t know if I should wait for the
    Droid 2 but that chrome makes it ugly.

  • stalker

    apple need to have an iPhone 5 shortly to catch up with android phones.

  • http://Website deeb215

    yup better than the Droid X! you will see when it comes out shortly…sense is 10 times better than motoblur and it can be turned off( doubt droid x will have that feature with motoblur). i have faith that mtotoblur will make you forget you have your precious(OMAP chip). verizon should of released that device in May. i’ll bet it will come in maybe third to the EVO and Iphone 4 (btw iphone users drool all over my EVO) i’m just saying…

    • http://Website Me

      Are u kidding me?!?! Its already been proven that the version of MotoBlur that’s on the X enhances speed as seen on benchmarks sorry but Sense is too heavy and the overrated Snapdragon can’t keep up with it, maybe when the dual core comes out but by then the dual core OMAP will rule all except for maybe the Nvidia chip.

  • http://Website numbnuts

    Hey Chris, I live in Australia so we only have the HTC Desire available here. How does that compare to the EVO? Is it good enough to compete with the iPhone 4 in your opinion?

    • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

      The HTC Desire is VERY nice in my opinion. Having that as your only option isn’t a bad thing at all… I actually prefer the form factor and physical buttons on the Desire over the Nexus One’s.

      I think it EASILY compete’s with the iPhone 4. Its an all around great phone.

      GET IT! And let me know how you like it! =D

  • http://Website briginiaea

    good review dude. im gonna have to keep up with your reviews from now on (coming from G1 and going to nexus one)

  • McLovin

    Don’t be knocking my G-1′s physical keyboard. It’s the best keyboard out there. I’d go for these new phones too but without a physical keyboard, forget about it.

    I learned today why I love my physical keyboard so much and why a soft screen keyboard won’t cut it. I was walking from my car to the office. It’s a nice sunny day here today. The sun is bright and I can’t see much of what is on my G-1′s screen. But I can still complete my text because of my good ol physical keyboard.

    • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

      Interesting, McLovin’… Very interesting…..

      I too have been a fan of physical keyboard for quite sometime. I think every phone should have them =p

  • http://Website Sammy

    I dont understand why some people are knocking on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. It has never failed to impress me and it has lots of potential. I am sure I am not alone on this. People blabbin about OMAP are the ones whos stuck on a two year contract with an expensive service and they have to live with it for two years. People can’t just go to a different service just because of the phone. Thats how they attract customers. You want to look into how well the service is, the plans they offer, the price and then you go after the phone. I Nexus One with Tmobile. Tmobile doesnt have the BEST service but they have attractive deals and phones. And it’s GSM. I would never go with CDMA.

    • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

      I agree with HALF of what you said (the top half).

      As far as GSM, I was all about it on T-Mobile but after thinking about it, I didn’t want to pay more per month just to have a SIM card. Didn’t really make much sense to me financially.

      Being on CDMA now… I couldn’t even really tell you the difference (except for the lack of SIM card) =p

  • http://Website Maury


    I have a G1, on T-mo and live in Austin by the Galleria. I recently moved out here and my coverage with T-mo is now horrible! You had mentioned you switched from T-mo to Sprint and I was wondering if you did any research to insure coverage would be better?

    At this point, reception with T-mo is so bad, I’m probably forced to go with a carrier who can provide consistent coverage and I’m trying to figure out how to determine that. Not sure if there are maps of the towers in Austin or some other tool you used to help make your decision. I see a tower across the street with a Sprint logo on it, so the EVO may be an option for me. (Even though 4G falls off the map right before it gets out this far…)

  • http://Website dc316


    What wallpaper are you using on your EVO in the video?

  • http://Website Lyubomir

    The htc evo 4g is very expensive though.. and you pay nearly 100$ to have access every month..

    you pay $199.99 with contract and the contract makes you pay a price every month
    you have to pay 29.99 a month for the wi-fi + 69.99 a month for data plan + $100.00 mail-in rebate

  • http://Website Jon

    Chris! Super stoked that you got on the Evo. I got a Mytouch (1st gen) way back in October and followed all your G1 videos for rooting and stuff, and honestly without watching you do it first to make sure certain mods were safe, I would’ve been stuck with boring Donut all this time. Now I’m a little nervous about rooting and modding my Evo (since HTC is really making it difficult to root/stay rooted with new updates), so I’m really looking forward to your new Evo videos. I’ve owned a Nexus One before this as well, and honestly without root, these phones never get to see their true potential. Stoked to see what this thing is REALLY capable of :D

  • http://n/a mike harris

    EVO is the best out there,what.
    You better wake up son.
    There’s a hole new world out there,and its called.
    “DROID X”