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HTC EVO hack kills 30FPS cap

Many readers were shocked and disappointed to learn that their brand new HTC EVO 4G was being capped at 30 frames per second in 2D and 3D modes, so most should be happy to know that a fix could be right around the corner. Some people claimed 30 fps didn’t really matter, but the slowdown is noticeable in certain games and we measured it in our Android GPU showdown.

Android hackers over at XDA-Developers have been researching the problem and finally think they found a solution. Select users who flashed a custom kernel have reported that the 30 fps cap has been removed and touchscreen performance improved, but the hack only works on certain model EVOs. Apparently there are two batches of EVOs out there (002 and 003) and only those with Epson LCDs will benefit from the patch.

HTC hopes to release the kernel source soon, so a possible hack could still be available for all phones. At least we know it is possible for some EVOs to run at 60 fps, so hopefully this is a sign that an official fix could be coming from HTC over the air.

Via: Android Central

Source: XDA-Developers

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  • http://Website abm

    It’s a shame on htc that we gotta wait for people with less info and resources to figure out there problems.

    Good work devs.

  • http://Website swazedahustla

    And before someone comes here and says, well it only works on one particular model. That is because the guy who broke this cap, has that particular model and thats what he was testing it on. There will be a fix for all of them once he tests on the other one.

  • http://Website JAG

    mmm, maybe then if they do the same hack to the nexus one or DROID is going to be over 90, more or less

  • http://Website EVO Longoria

    How does one distinguish the unit’s batch, and are there *only* 0002s and 0003s?

    • http://Website swazedahustla

      LOL, love the screenname. If you go to menu-settings, about phone-hardware info

      you will see either 0002 or 0003.

  • http://Website swazedahustla

    I didn’t know the nexus or driod had a CAP on FPS.

  • http://Website Ryan

    This isn’t exactly accurate. It’s “fixed” but only on a hacked kernel that doesn’t support a lot of the basic features of the phone and is only compatible with half the phones.

    The only way that we’ll see a permanent solution is if HTC releases an update (unlikely) or if HTC releases the source code (more likely but won’t be anytime soon).

  • http://Website dee

    I have the 002 version. Do I have the Epson lcd and will I be able to unlock my Eco with this version. Thanks

  • http://Website Timothy

    is there any other difference’s between the 002 and 003 and if so what one is better

  • http://Website timothy

    they are different on has better picture but there glass breaks and i can’t remember but the touch screen don’t work that good there’s work of a recall but i don’t know if it’s on both or just one anyone know any other things please post

  • http://Website bjw

    Any update on this, xda? HTC is saying that hdmi out is the reason the cap can’t be removed but this video (hopefully) proves otherwise. So what’s the word?

  • Cody

    I just got my second evo today after having my last one for 15 months and the charge port got messed up somehow.. I sent it into HTC and they told me I have water damage, well the phone has never touched water and the water damage strip on the battery was just fine, perfect like it should be. While the one that you CANT see that is on the inside right by where the charge port is was red somehow from water damage… I have no idea how that happened but it cost me a free repair from HTC…

    The phone I got today, a white 003 with a epson screen. The one I got today is a white 004 epson screen but the screen colors seem different.. The whites on the my 003 seem more blueish than on the 004, which seems not as bright but more white. Thats pretty much the only difference I see between the two so far.

    BOTH of them will surpass the 30fps barrier with fps2d, both are completely stock and unrooted. Both running the newest 2.3.3 update. My 003 averaged 52 and my 004 averaged at 54fps. Not sure what the second number is, but the 003 only got 6 and the 004 hit 11 at the end of the test.