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Is your city getting T-Mobile HSPA+ coverage soon?

“4G speeds” are coming to 185 million people this year thanks to T-Mobile and early results show their new 3G network is actually faster than Sprint’s 4G WiMAX. Best of all, T-Mobile’s 21 Mbps HSPA+ network is backwards compatible so all existing HSPA 7.2 devices will see a boost from the increased bandwidth.

T-Mobile currently offers 15 3G devices that can benefit from the advanced speeds, which includes their entire Android lineup. This means your aging G1 could be pulling down faster download speeds than the new EVO 4G if you are lucky to live in one of the 100 markets expected to receive HSPA+. The carrier also plans to sell their first HSPA+ handset later this year.

So what cities are getting HSPA+? T-Mobile just announced 25 new markets yesterday, but we now have close to 50 cities that are coming soon including Phoenix, San Francisco, San Diego, Denver, Miami, Chicago, Indianapolis, Boston, Detroit, and many more.

To see if your city is on the list visit T-Mobile’s coverage map > Click the HSPA+ & 3G tab > Scroll down and click ‘See cities with HSPA+’

Via: TmoNews

Source: T-Mobile

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  • http://Website ZErvin

    I am fortunate enough to live in Charlotte,NC. For some reason, maybe all the banking, we seem to be at the top of everyones 3/3.5/4G rollouts!

  • http://Website Derek Ward

    Maybe they should increase their signal strength before pushing speeds! I am look at you Tmo in St. Louis!

    • http://Website Chris

      I completely agree! 3g signal here in STL is rather weak at times.

    • http://Website Travis Harris

      I agree with you there 3g signal sucks (Novi Michigan)….. I have a Nexus and hardily ever have a 3G signal while in my cube. I just had a friend return his nexus for a full refund due to a poor signal in his office he is now purchasing an Idont.. It’s sad… I can hardily enjoy my phone right now I have a 3g signal with no bars and the only reason I have this signal is because I forced my phone to only connect to 3g… This is F-N horrible.. T-mobiles edge network is unbearable its like attempting to get something done on dial up..

      If the Evo came preloaded with stock android I would leave T-mobile. I don’t have a contract so I can leave when ever I please.. If my nexus was compatible with sprint id definitely leave

      • Alan Reboli

        Well there’s a cool little launcher called ADWLauncher that works with the EVO just fine. Gives it the look and feel of the Nexus One. Check it out.

      • http://Website Nathan Bryant

        Travis Harris,

        The EVO did come with the stock android You can turn the Sense off in the settings and use the stock android that is on the Nexus one. This was always a future on sense phones. I acn even do that on my hero but not anymore since it updated to 2.1. But you can do it on the EVO.

    • http://Website Tservo

      Couldn’t agree more, they need to push it out a bit further into the counites. I still end up on EDGE sometimes in St. Peters which is frustrating.

  • http://plankhead.com Zacqary Adam Green

    Is the Nexus One HSPA+ compatible?

    I could probably just Google that but asking in the comments is more fun.

    • http://Website Joeskie

      Of course man, common.7.2 on the phone and a complete no limit connection when tethering get out from under your rock. hope that was fun.

    • jakejardashian

      Apparently you didn’t read the whole article or you would have known that T-Mobile’s whole Android lineup is supported.

    • http://Website Chris D

      Let’s be clear about this: The Nexus One supports HSPA but not HSPA+. HSPA+ is backwards compatible with HSPA and therefore works with the Nexus One, but you won’t get full HSPA+ speeds.

      Even so, the cell network upgrade to HSPA+ will yield a speed increase for the Nexus One over the previous 3G network because the earlier technology was slower than HSPA’s maximum speed.

      • http://www.twitter.com/chriscardinal Chris Cardinal

        Ah, brilliant. I was wondering the same thing, but the article even mentions that TMO will sell their FIRST HSPA+ device later this year, so it’s good to know that the N1 isn’t one.

        BUT my understanding is that HSPA > TMO’s current 3G, so we’ll basically see a bump into 3.5G-land…

        Also, to those encouraging TMO to increase their coverage for 3G before moving on to “4G”, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see that 4G is incorporated in new towers, or helps increase signal strength because of its backwards compatibility in any event.

        Either way, I’m excited for the free upgrade and happier still that my N1 will get a speed boost.

        Any idea where TMO’s 3G lands compared to HSPA so I can know what sort of increase to expect?

  • http://Website Kenneth

    They say its coming soon, but do we have any idea of what the timeframe of “soon” is?

  • http://Website Mnm

    Lol faster than the EVO, you will be lucky to get 3g at all on TMo

    • http://Website jay

      Lol yea very lucky.

  • http://Website rhynos.android

    I had noticed everything DL much faster here in Tulsa, apparently we’re live… Unfortunately, I live in an outskirt city that ISN’T covered by 3G much less HSPA+ so I only get to enjoy it on my “unscheduled” breaks or when drinking heavily, which may or may not occur during previously stated breaks.

  • Z4KJ0N3S

    Lmao. Faster than 4G. Gawd, I fucking LOVE T-Mobile! I didn’t even have to get a new phone. :)

  • http://Website Jak Crow

    What a load of crap. There isn’t anywhere in the S.F. area that has anything faster than 1Mbps, despite tmo’s claim that their entire network is running 7.2. I’m not holding my breath for this.

  • http://ureevu.com plaztikrhino

    I just wish TMobile would roll out 3G in my area. Every single provider even the small local ones have 3G. Poor Nexy is sad.

  • http://Website Ron C

    I live in Raleigh, NC. I can understand Charlotte getting it, but Fayetteville, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem gets it before Raleigh? Raleigh is the second largest city in NC! I don’t understand their logic in deciding who gets this before others. Raleigh isn’t even on the “coming soon” list!!! What’s up with that???

    • http://Website ZErvin

      Agreed, maybe it’s because raleigh is a bit more spread out? Winston-salem makes sense, but fayetteville and greensboro dont lol. All I can say is I want my ice cream desert.

      (settings > about > system updates….damn nutthing)
      (settings > about > system updates….damn nutthing)

      (settings > about > system updates….damn nutthing)

      (settings > about > system updates….damn nutthing)

    • http://nowsci.com Fmstrat

      I agree about Raleigh. Greensboro actually does make sense, since statistically they are a “gadget” place, with high purchase rates. They always tend to get updated broadband/etc sooner. With Winston-Salem it may be because of the College and the compressed area they can cover with just a few towers.

      That being said, I live in the Raleigh/Cary/Apex area, and am very much disappointed.

    • http://Website roa78

      I have to agree with you in that I don’t understand why Raleigh isn’t even listed as a ‘coming soon’ city. And Fayetteville getting it before Raleigh????? I wonder who let that one slip through the cracks!

  • Queen Laqueefa

    Sacramento, San Francisco and San Jose are the three cities I spend 99% of my time in. Covered. Awesome.

  • ViktorY2K10

    T-mobile G1 CM 5.0.8 Test 3 Bristol, CT 2 mbps sweet now can T-mobile come out with the Sidekick twist please?

  • http://Website Jon

    how bout better signal strength TMO!?

  • http://Website Chris

    I live in Austin and the map shows coming soon but I already get as high as 4.9mbs down and 1.5 up.

  • jalberty

    Sadly for us here in Puerto Rico, TMOBILE is still running on EDGE :(
    I’ve had TMOBILE for a year now. I was promise 3G by the end of 2009 when I did my 2 year contract. It is June 2010 and still no 3G.
    I was not missing the speed, until I spent a couple of days in orlando, Fl. After using 3G on my G1, man, I want my 3G all the time. Come on TMOBILE, Puerto Rico is part of your US coverage! Give us some love, give us 3G!!!!

    • http://Website islandboy

      Since Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory and not a U.S. state, the United States Constitution does not fully enfranchise US citizens residing in Puerto Rico

  • http://Website Fate

    Here are my test results for San Antonio, TX My down speeds have jumped up.

    Test Date: Jun 18, 2010 7:05:59 am
    Connection Type: Utms

    Download: 3617 kbps
    Upload: 391 kbps
    Ping: 187 ms

    A detailed image for this result can be found here:


  • http://Website worldbfree4me

    That’s quite alright, my Evo is seeing 3.5-4 up and 1.0mbs down in Dallas with no caps. And now that the mighty XDA community has uncovered the Adobe 10.1 apk without root. I’m streaming to my hearts content for under $70 with my corp account.

    • http://www.Twitter.com/SwitchLANE Switch Lane

      Higher upload speed than download? I think you’re fabricating. Either that or you neglected to mention you’re connected to WIFI. Everyone knows TMos’ 3G is faster than Sprints 4G. My WinMo HD2 is faster than the EVO, Heck, my old aunt Gertrude moves faster than the EVO. By no means am I a WinMo fan but they’ve had Flash available since AT LEAST October of last year. So pipe down.. young tea kettle. Your “new” news is like finding fossils, no matter how new and exciting it is.. it’s still old.

      • http://Website David

        I often get marginally faster up than down on T-Mobile in the financial District of San Francsico.

  • http://Website Gswag

    I’m in fort worth and I’m getting 4 to 5 down on 4g but I think the upload is capped to 1 mbps. I’m glad tmo gets nice speeds too, and I really don’t understand the animosity here. Honestly both companies are full of it right now. Nobody on t mobile is getting 7.2 and nobody on sprint has hit the 10 on the 4g .. probably not even 6. We should just enjoy what we have :)

  • http://Website Kenneth

    Well that was quick. Detroit michigan literally over night tripled in dl speed.


  • http://Website droidwolf

    I live in lanesville in I would just like to have a connection. Can’t even use my phone out here wifi only but once I get to the nehighbering citys its fine plus I work in louisville ky and get 3g out there so that’s good. Tmo please exspand. Oh and sprint and att have no coverage at all in lanesville. Atleast I can use my phone when I go into town.

  • http://Website phoebetech

    sweet! i was looking for something like this last week. now i just want to know which phone they will pump up as their flagship hpsa+ phone

  • http://sitedown? blech

    seems that the site hosting the map for expansion is down? Did all the tmo hangers-on crash it?

  • http://Website Alan

    T-Mobile coverage map “currently unavailable”.

    What did you guys do?

  • http://Website Mitch

    I’m getting the same thing, “currently unavailable”, it’s been like this all day.

  • noriega713

    For some reason alot of cities that were “live” all of a sudden say coming soon..whats the deal?

  • http://Website gabriel

    Good day to all,
    I would like you to know that I’m super duper happy as I have a super duper fast connection provided by tmobile now. I used speedtest.net in my old & dilapidated G1 and I got 6.5mbps then 2.6 uploads in Houston then when I tether it in my netbook then use again the speedtest.net I got this http://www.speedtest.net/result/852656301.png
    Its mind blowing as I hit one time the 16mbps but I didnt recorded it but the 14mbps u have it.Then my latency_ping are between 45-60 in my location-shadow creek ranch in pearland ( a bit outside of downtown houston ) then 70-150 in other locations.I did the test between 9:30am-10:00am as many people starting to use the service as my clear if that time of usage will be horrible.
    I have CLEAR now in the house that I’m paying for $40/month as I bought the modem,so no leasing fee for me just $40/month. That internet of mine hit the highest is 16mbps in early in the morning between (2-5am) but before or after that time I will hit only 3-6mbps download then 800-900kbps upload unlike tmobile from 1mbps-3mbps upload.
    I’m always travelling around Texas & I found out that Austin,Houston,Dallas & San Antonio has the highest download speed to compare to any cities when I compare in Westcoast & Eastcoast cities.
    Then if ever they will make more fiber optic backhaul they can minimize the latency problems others have now.I used to have that problem in my location but now its GONE.
    I’m not the kind of person wasting time to bash any company but now I will because I was with AT&T and they are full of lies company as I had my iphone 3gs & my wife & we never seen more than 2mbps connection the whole of Texas or whenever I was in California or New York. All PEOPLE WHO WILL SAY THEY SEE 3MBPS OR BEYOND (its not real), THEY ARE AT&T PEOPLE OR JUST ANYBODY WHO WANTS TO DEFEND AT&T EVEN AT&T DOESN’T CARE FOR THEM. Mine is real experience with my wife… I work in IT company & I always use the one that I think is not just cool but I can tweak & use the heck of it whatever it can offer unlike iphone that YOU can just unlocked & jailbreak (like what i do) but android & windows can be hack & put lots of fast & best ROM that apple iphone cant do. Our iphone is now an mp3 player in our cars, wants some pictures? Then my wife using the EVO as her company pay for her monthly then she just bought it from Sprint. Its a sweet phone but the speed is not consistent & theres time it will be switching a lot of times from 4g to 3g. But still wayyyyy better than verizon & AT&T. Take note, only Tmobile & Sprint didn’t have the cap now they will just throttle you if your beyond 5gb but no more paying overages (Tmobile then sprint in 4g mode). Can Verizon & AT&T do that? Nope & never because AT&T made the worse decision in lowering the internet usage to 2gb for $25 (Tmobile has $20 for unlimited no cap with super duper fast internet 16mbps versus 1mbps by AT&T) then Verizon is thinking now to do that also as Sprint & Tmobile will go for no capping.
    Theres a lot of fanboys especially in APPLE stuff like iphone that has the basic stuff that was available 10 years ago but Steve Jobs will say magical & unbelievable, he’s the no. 1 liar in the world (I have a friend who still working in APPLE) I’m just new here in Texas as I’m from California & work with IT company near APPLE. But Texas is the best place to make money now (hehe) then cheaper way of living… He said to me that Steve Jobs is very good in marketing hype but he’s not the real guy who’s thinking & making apple stuff to work, he’s just the marketing guy of APPLE. Then all of his components are made mostly of asus & samsung (not them as other blindly knows) only software & design are theirs, I can attest to that, so wheres APPLE real product-NONE. They are just a big marketing & design company, if you don’t believe go to California (to their main headquarter) see if they building any pieces of material to use for their products – none, most of what they are doing is just software & how to market their product. I was there with my friend & I know what I’m saying. Ask ASUS & SAMSUNG then FOXCONN, they will tell you that no parts are made by apple, they will give the design then what materials will use ( APPLE ) then they will wait for delivery then they will use their technology & manpower to build APPLE products ( FOXCONN ).
    FANBOYISM towards APPLE is not bad but you should know the reality of what the company you like & love what they really offer to you & if they lying to you.
    Back to Tmobile, they are the company to watch for & they are not like AT&T that will make advertising 1st before they will do the action, as tmobile will do the work & everything before they will announce in a simple way unlike AT&T like APPLE, they love marketing hype like shortage of Iphone in the 1st day as they know how many people will go & get them but they will not release many units to show they don’t have unit to sell, believe me or not those iphone & ipad was made already & its millions now in FOXCONN factory but they will release only hundreds thousands then it will show to their system they don’t have stock anymore even they have more, for the people to be more excited & feel the APPLE products are so good that people lining up & their hysteria in getting in store or online, thats MARKETING 101, YOU HAVE TO MAKE PEOPLE EXCITE IN YOUR PRODUCTS THEN THEY WILL THINK YOUR PRODUCTS IS SO GOOD THAT PEOPLE NEEDS TO WAIT FOR LONG TIME.
    I hope people will get it now as I want you to be more well aware of what those companies been doing to you, they making you follow them even they are shortchanging you.
    I want to share more my ideas, experience & knowledge about all these stuff – just don’t go with the hype, test drive it – tweak it & if you feel it has everything u want & its more cheaper – go for it… you can email me at [email protected] ( i can give you the best advice in telecommunications & computers stuff if I have enough time to answer )
    To all those people bashing each other because you like this or that, think first & I suggest that research in google then don’t defend what you have that you feel is not giving you the real deal. WE LIVE ONCE NOT TWICE , LIVE TO THE FULLEST ( get the best stuff that you think is appropriate & can make things more easier to you not just LOOKS & BRAND NAME of the products.
    Always take care gurls & guys… GOD BLESS YALL…

    • noriega713

      Who actually took the time and looked at this??? I just skimmed…lol

  • http://Website Abe

    Awesome,cant wait.One question though,I live in paterson nj and I’m about fifteen minutes away from Nyc if NYC gets it will I get it?

    ~ Ibrahim

  • http://Website Danno

    Roseville, Citrus Heights, Rocklin (all suburbs of Sacramento) have sites now active with HSPA+. When I tested them on the night they launched last week I saw speeds ranging from 2.5M dwnld up to 6.4M dwn on my laptop. Fastest site on my phone downloaded at a speed of 5M dwn.
    We currently have 20+ sites in Sacramento with Fresno teseting tonight. More sites coming online every day.

    Oh, and I saw someone asking, YES the Nexus One is HSPA 7.2 so it will see speeds up to 7M download if the site is capable and you’re not competing with others for bandwidth.

    ALL T-MOBILE Android phones will see increased speeds as they’re all HSPA+ 7.2 capable includeing the G1… so rub that in your Evo Freinds noses. haha

  • http://miiwiichat.com/ Player911

    Still waiting here in Cincinnati OH. I’m getting like 600kbs down/up on 3G.

  • http://Website MVerro

    Just wondering. Is everyone getting better coverage soon? I Would just like to have 3g coverage in the city of Rome NY.

  • http://Website diane

    You should get 3g in zimmerman and everywhere around here I get no 3g anywhere