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Logitech Revue: Meet the world’s first Google TV box

So Google TV looks pretty cool, but how many of us are willing to throw down a couple thousand on a new Sony TV? Thankfully Logitech has partnered with Google to produce the first Google TV companion box and it’s coming this year. The Logitech Revue will be available this fall and while no price point has been announced, we expect it will be dramatically cheaper than Sony’s TV.

No hardware specifications have been revealed for the Logitech Revue, but we do know some of the details. The device will run Android 2.1, support Flash 10.1, include Google Chrome Browser 5.0, and come with some type of keyboard-style remote. In addition to the packaged remote, users will also be able to control the Revue with a Logitech Harmony remote or with their Android phone using a Logitech application.

I think I know our core audience pretty well and I bet many of you will opt for the Revue versus purchasing a new TV. I can tell you right now I plan on getting one for Christmas. Check out the hands-on demo below if you missed it the first time around.

What do you think is a fair price for the Logitech Revue? I doubt it would exceed the cost of a high-end Android phone, but who knows what else they will cram in there. I’m hoping it’s sub $500 and I would love to see it under $299. Logitech makes a ton of money off accessories, so I bet they keep the Revue price low and then cash in on all the cameras, speakers, and game controllers people are going to hook up to it.

Logitech Revue Logitech Revue Logitech Revue

What is Google TV?

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Source: Logitech

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  • http://Website Travis

    If it’s a Google TV box, running android 2.1, why is he using an iPhone to run the box? If you want to use you’re iPhone, get an Apple TV…oh wait…they don’t really have those yet, do they?

    • http://Website Garrett

      Apple TV stinks, plus it shows that Google is open source and doesn’t only support its own devices.

  • http://Website Collin

    I really wonder how GoogleTV and this box will work with user owned media from an external HD. Will my itunes purchased items work? Can it play odd video file types like a Mac Mini or its PC equivalent? If a GoogleTV box can do any of these things it quickly becomes a great product.

  • Uncemister

    This looks like its made of win.

  • http://Website zed

    I love my android but i still don’t get what this does that attaching my hdmi laptop to my tv does not do already?? this is a proper question, not a wind up…

    • http://Website mikemick

      For you, very little, except maybe throwing a nice UI over what you are currently doing. This isn’t targeted at the 5% of people that have a computer hooked up to their TV. It is targeted at the 95% of people who don’t. Connecting computers to TVs has not caught on (for the vast majority). This is a way (or attempt) to get the mainstream connected.

      • http://Website TheMomento

        Laptop to TV sucks, I do it but I want one of these anyway. The whole point of Google TV is to make it ‘easy to use’ in other words you can just relax on your couch and watch whatever you want. Check out all the Google and Logitech ads. This is meant to replace hooking up your laptop to your tv.

  • http://Website james

    Zed I believe it will allow you to streamline your user experience. All your media from your laptop will be available to search as well as all your regular tv channels (your set topbox will run through it) plus YouTube and others are creating channels specifically for Google tv.

  • http://Website rc

    Looks interesting and at the right price point, will definitely pull in a lot of early adopters. I still have strong doubts about the whole Google TV concept though. I don’t see what real value it has in is currently proposed form.

  • http://Website Spook

    This will either be a tremendous ground breaking hit for Android (as Apple doesn’t have an iTV yet) or destined to land in church rummage sales everywhere

  • http://Website Matt Morgan

    I’d be shocked if this thing doesn’t come in at $199…if Google really wanted to set a user base, they should push Logitech to market it at $99. There really can’t be that much to the device. Do you know how many of these they could sell for $99?

    • http://Website Brian Hanifin

      Keep in mind Logitech sells their Harmony remotes for between $249 and $399!! So, I think a device with Harmony Activity control plus Google TV is going to have to be $199 or more (unless Google subsidizes it).

      Also, the Boxee Box by DLink will be out at the same time, and will be a direct competitor (and may even be superior in some respects) for $199. My guess would be between $199 and $299.

  • http://Website nando

    This looks great. I have a Windows media center box on both of my tv’s and it does all these functions. I don’t see any reason to change over yet.

  • http://Website Miguel

    I like the concept, but I am wary of adding yet another piece of equipment to my media cabinet. I currently have a my FIOS DVR/receiver, audio receiver, Xbox 360, Wii, BluRay player. With all the remote controls and controllers that go with each (I hate universal remotes). Do I really want to add yet another box?

    My only interest would probably be with it built into the TV itself, like the Sony unit. But with quality 40 inch LCD and plasmas going for well under $1000 now, I doubt I would shell out $2000 just for one with Google TV. Plus, TVs don’t usually interest me because they are typically more expensive than other sets yet fail to score highest in nearly all reviews.

    • http://Website Miguel

      I meant “Sony TVs don’t usually interest me…”

    • http://Website Tom S.

      There is a big difference between being ABLE to do something and actually doing it with a sufficient level of elegance that you do it frequently.

      Google claims that their intention is to blur the line dividing TV viewing and internet surfing.

      I am hoping for truly interactive TV. News shows tailored to your interests. Viewing a sports play from different angles. Watching a cooking show, and being able to see a technique used by the cook in more detail.

      Certainly none of this would be available at first. But fi the early adopters don’t come on board, the content providers won’t either. If the content providers don’t put out interesting content, the technology will never reach critical mass.

      If no one had bought the TRS-80, Apple I, or Altair, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion today. And, with Google, Logitech, Sony, Best Buy, and Adobe on board, I think things could move a great deal faster for this technology than it did for PC’s 40 years ago.

      I will buy the device only because I am amazed that, HD aside, the TV viewing experience hasn’t changed substantially since it was invented. It’s about time.

  • http://Website mikemick

    Well, the Boxee Box will be released around the same time period for sub-$200. Even though the products aren’t the exact same, they will be competing for the same space next to your TV. With all of these newer devices that are performing streaming services and playing your digital media coming out around the $100-$150 range (WDTV, etc), I can’t see Logitech letting this one get too far out of those competing price ranges.

    Not to mention that the Xbox 360 becomes a better media device everyday, and with the new formfactor and higher built-in storage, there is some good competition out there.

    My price prediction is $199 w/remote, and $149 if they offer a remote-less version for Harmony users. Either way, count me in.

    • Alan Reboli

      You beat me to it! I currently have my Laptop connected though HDMI with a Surround Sound system using Boxee right now. It’s UI and functionality is something to be reckoned with. I want to know what the Google TV will play. Because right now, Boxee will play anything I throw at it. Also someone also mentioned about user content, will it recognize and play the TV Shows and Movies I already have? Hopefully this will be the case. With being a fan of anything Android, I may have to connect this to the TV in my bedroom.

  • http://Website JD

    The phone remote will probably drain up my battery in half a day’s time….

  • http://Website Larry

    Excellent…now Google can know everything about me. Browsing habits, TV interest, Who ,what,and when I talk,text or where I travel. What i email about …Nothing Evil about that. :)

  • http://Website Brian Hanifin

    Boxee blew it by not getting their DLink device out before now. I was 100% wanting a Boxee box, and now I am curious about the newcomer. Right now I am still leaning towards a Boxee box (because I am tired of hooking my kid’s laptop up to my TV).

    We really need a feature comparison between Boxee and Google TV!

  • http://Website Tony

    I think their biggest win will be if they team up with the 35 million PS3′s out there.

  • http://amzn.to/hDj1zF Logitech Revue

    Thinking about getting myself the Logitech Revue for xmas…

  • http://Website Erik

    This thing is Tops!!! I work for Dish and had a good time messing around with this thing at work. It basically turns your TV into your new Computer station. Search for themes, titles, actors etc. all through GoogleTV. Also use the wireless, lightweight Keyboard as your all-inclusive remote, thereby making the vastly expensive Harmony remote obsolete. Take a look at Dish.com/GoogleTV to get ahold of this excellent product!

  • http://Website sat

    Anyone heard of RazorBee

    Check this out , Any TV can be converted to Android based TV ,