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Monday Morning Quarterback: Share your thoughts and questions for Samsung’s Android phones

We are gearing up for our trip to New York for the Samsung Mobile media event and we want your feedback on the Galaxy S lineup of phones coming this summer. AT&T gets the Captivate, Sprint picks up the Epic 4G, T-Mobile will be offering the Vibrant, and Verizon will launch the Fascinate.

Each version of the phone has features that will appeal to different types of users, but they all feature the same 1 GHz Hummingbird processor (45 nm S5PC110), 4 inch Super AMOLED display, and the fastest graphics processor we have seen in an Android phone.

Some of you might think the carriers and handset makers are out of touch at certain times, but the vast majority of them actually keep a pretty close eye on the large Android blogs and monitor the social networks. If you think there is some glaring omission or unanswered questions, this is your chance to speak out.

Let us know what you think about Samsung

  1. How would you rate the new lineup of Samsung Galaxy S phones? Which one is your favorite?
  2. Which feature of the Galaxy S series is the most impressive? Hummingbird CPU? Super AMOLED display? PowerVR SGX540 GPU?
  3. Do you think Samsung’s new handsets top what we have seen from HTC and Motorola?
  4. What features would you change on the Samsung Galaxy S? How would you improve it? Any disappointments?
  5. Are you concerned with recent Samsung phones like the Behold II and Moment getting left behind on Android updates?

Check back later this week for benchmarks, photo galleries, and hands on videos with each device.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • http://www.thepinkc.net Ellie

    I was hoping that a non-QWERTY version of the Galaxy S was coming to Sprint. Now that I have Swype, I don’t really need a hardware keyboard.

    I am a current Moment user and thanks to Sprint’s annual upgrades, I’m not disappointed that the Moment is not getting 2.2.

    • http://Website Shlomo

      Me too. The Android platform needs to improve on firmware and os updates. Cmon, even Apple releases os updates for 2 year old phones. I think in a couple of years iOS and Android will rule the market. When will RIM ever wake up?

    • http://Website onlyever

      The Epic 4G does have Swype, at least according to Sprint, and i also expect the Fascinate to come with it, seeing that Verizon’s DROID X does.

    • rod parish

      us Tmo users would trade in a heart beat.

  • http://www.bestandroidappsreview.com Dana

    As a T-mobile customer, I’m excited to finally see a 1Ghz phone officially come to the network (not counting the N1).

    1. No real preference, although I’m not sure how much I will miss my physical keyboard just yet.
    2. I’m really excited for the performance of the Hummingbird CPU and how the Super AMOLED display will look in bright light.
    3. I think HTC and Motorola have great product lines and definitely have the precedent of great Android phones. Hopefully this will begin a new era for Samsung Android phones.
    4. I’m hoping that the US versions have a front-facing camera. Although it seems somewhat like a gimmick at this point, the basic functionality would be nice to play around with.
    5. I’m a little concerned with the neglect Behold II users have seen, but I believe Samsung has learned from this an is poised to make improvements (otherwise they won’t be around for very long).

    Hoping to pre-order this phone soon!

    • http://Website Nathan

      When you say you hop ethe US versions have front facing cameras, I assume that you are talking about all the US versions of the Galaxy S? If so I think (I may be wrong) Sprints version is the only one in the US out of the 4 carriers with the front facing camera. 4G allows that. Other then that nothing is missing from the original design and specs. Sprints 4G is is what makes it a little better and keeping the front facing camera.

      I hope they were able to keep it as thin as they could for a physical keyboard phone. I’m still wondering what the mystery phone is that Motorola is making for Sprint. That was leaked in the data base. Moto has very unqiue designs and awesome qaulity which beat beastly specs always. You need the qaulity to make the specs shine. That’s like support for a bridge. You dont want the Flagships to fall.

  • http://Website Shlomo

    I’m a current Sprint customer. Very satisified with Sprint and am glad to see that Sprint is finally offering some decent phones. I almost purchased an HTC Evo, but passed on it due to the mediocre battery life. I really hope that The Samsung Epic will offer at least all day battery life. I currently have a Moment and it barely gets 6 hours with light duty use. I also hope the camera and video recording capabilities cand match the iphone 4. It’s crazy how fast Android phones are being released. First the Evo, then the Droid Incredible, then the Droid X, and now the Samsung Epic.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      The Super AMOLED display and 45 nm processor should both help reduce power consumption vs the EVO. Android 2.2 is also coming in the near future which will future help improve battery life.

    • http://Website Colorado

      Get the phone you want, but the “EVO bad battery life” meme has to die. I use my Evo a fair bit and never fail to get a full day out of it. On days where I’m not watching a lot of video, etc I’ve found I’ve been charging it every other day, instead of every day.

      Don’t believe everything you read on the internets.

      • http://Website Jay

        agreed, I don’t have an EVO but it doesn’t sound like it gets any better or worse battery life than your average big screen phone. I think part of it is due to how much someone uses it when they first get it. When I first got my G1, damn near had to charge the battery before heading to work because I couldn’t put it down, once the newness wore off and I started using it in a more typical fashion, had no battery problems. I can imagine a big screen and plenty of bells and whistles to play with would keep new EVO users pretty occupied.

      • http://Website joe

        i totally agree, the battery life on the EVO really sucks. Samsungs Super AMOLED display and 45 nm processor will save battery life for sure and its new technology, eventually all or most phones will adapt to this setup. i saw the Super AMOLED display in Vegas and let me tell you, got to see this thing is person to see how awesome the screen looks. best part ? you are not stuck with AT&T.

      • http://Website Nathan

        Yes I totally agree. People go with the crowd when it comes t stories on the net and never witnessed it with a hands on experience themselves. I get a days use easily. Some people have unrealistic expectations with these things. No matter how good something is you will hear negative comments so please don’t let something pass you up because of what others say. How do you know if you never tried?

        • http://Website DRew

          Would you like to try being one of Scamsung’s behold 2 owners? its fun. you’re lied to and treated disrespectfully by Scamsung! Its so much fun.. like a kick in the nuts.

  • http://Website Daniel

    My biggest complaint about the Galaxy S is its size. I know there are many who are enjoying the current trend of big phones, but even among those the GS has just too much space around the screen. The Evo 4G is almost the same size, and boasts a bigger screen. (On the plus side, 9.9 mm thick is really great!)

    Personally, I preferred when everyone was aiming for 3.7″ screens, but I could still consider a 4″ phone as long as it’s not as big as the 4.3″ ones.

    • http://Website james

      I agree, i hope the phone is not too big, my brother got the HD2 and its way too big for me. i call someone with it and i could barely hear them. i think the front facing camera will be big, and i wish the tmobile version would of had it.

    • http://Website joe

      need to hold this thing in your hands, it is also SUPER light. lightest Smart Phone on the planet so far.

  • http://Website John

    I want to know why they did not put a flash on the camera.

    • http://Website nastysquar3d

      I agree 100%. I can live without the front facing camera (I would likely never use it) but leaving flash off the camera really sucks.

      I’ve always liked the Samsung phones that I’ve owned in the past and I’m really tempted to get this phone (currently a Moto Droid owner) but the lack of flash on the camera, the android “skin” and the lack of updates for Samsung’s other android phones really has me questioning this device.

    • http://Website Nathan

      It has a power led flash

  • ryanc26

    In my opinon and experiences, my old samsung phone and some of their phones seem too “glamorized” and they have neat ideas for their phone but it doesn’t really work out. Take for example their competitor Motorola.. Their phones have more basic looks and are “sturdy” (well no, more of “ruggedized” i guess) feel and design. I always look at samsungs phones differently since my last one that kept breaking all the time. Hopefully they’ll come out with some hit phones that are more focused on the overall and inside funtionality and not the crazy outside looks. Anyone else agree? or at least to some extent..?

  • http://blog.tenkely.net tenkely

    1. Can Touchwiz be diabled?

    • http://blog.tenkely.net tenkely

      Or disabled… Either way. :p

      • http://Website Nathan

        I have no idea, but you can best believe this will be rooted just like any other Android phone. So I think all is good either way. I know on the Evo Sense can be turned off. I hope they do it as well on this.

        • http://Website Drew

          Due to Scamsung’s greediness the Behold 2 couldn’t be rooted past 1.6… how do you know you’re not in for more of the same?

          • http://Website Longsh0t

            With Samsung developing Galaxy phones for all major US carriers I would be very surprised if they didn’t keep the updates coming.

      • http://Website jorge

        Yeah. All you have to do is get a home replacement app, I recommend ADW. You can also flash a vanilla rom which I know some one will make for sure since the demand is high.

  • http://Website Daniyal

    1) Put in a better gps chip. People had complains about the gps not working well enough in the older samsung phones and the newer one is supposed to have similar problems.

    2) Allow to disable samsung custom gui forget the outside even the inside looks a lot like the fruit company.

  • http://Website corey

    Since I paid full price for my nexus one I am due for an upgrade from T-Mobile. I would consider this phone if it kept the front camera that the European version or the sprint version has. I also not a fan of skins (would probably use adw or launcher price.) Samsung would also have to prove to me that froyo and gingerbread will come to the phone. For now I’m just gonna wait till the holiday season and see how WP7 shapes up (love my zune HD) and the dual core phone from HTC.

    • http://Website Nathan

      Sprint and Samsung already said on Twitter that they will be working hard to bring 2.2 Foyo to the Galaxy S (Epic as well). All future Android phones will have this eventually and you can expect phones coming with it out the box later in time.

      You can also wait for whatever the Rumored phone HTC and T-mo are cooking up.

      • http://Website Drew

        Ah.. how soon we forget that Scamsung also posted a video about updates for those Behold 2 owners.. talking about android 2.x and such.. where is it now? Just because it’s said somewhere (even out of the horses mouth) does that mean it will happen? Let’s not forget Scamsung’s track record guys.

  • Mikey D

    T-Mobile better not mess this up by removing the front facing camera!! This is a really important feature.

    • http://Website Corey

      They did. The spec sheet says nothing bout it. I even compared pics of it to the European version (witch has T-Mobile us 3g) and u clearly see no front camera.

    • http://Website Nathan

      Yea liek Corey said, they did. I know some…well, a lot of people are upset about that, but they have to realize that they have no network to keep up with that. They could go wifi like the ipone but that would require work and what not. And T-mo already has a bad rep on coverage so being able to video chat would not be someting for them until they get their version of 4G going (LTE) next year I guess. Trust me if carriers were able to pull the front facing camera thing off with 3G coverage then it would be old news now. Sprint happens to have 4G. Still spotty in some areas but that will clear up as it heads out to other places making it stronger in areas that already have it.

  • http://Website Christian

    I want to know why they hell the T-Mobile version doesn’t have a front-facing camera. I was planning on purchasing the Vibrant until that was revealed.

  • http://Website Nick

    Given their record with their previous phones, how soon will they be dropping support for this phone after its release?

  • http://Website Atom_9

    HTC feels they have moral obligation to upgrade the support for there phones while Samsung makes nice phones but then if there is any glitches or needs upgrading they dismiss it as to bad. The question is what would you have an HTC desire or a Samsung Epic if they are =

  • http://Website mkrmec

    SAMSUNG is CRAP!!!

    Behold 2 and Moment? hellooo there was way more phones left behind… i7500 wich was name GALAXY!!

    I really hope you ask them how long will the support android… on this new phone… I doubt with will go up to Android 2.3..

  • http://Website Aladar

    So, does Galaxy S have the native support of DviX/MKV after all?

  • countstex

    They 100% need to improve their long term support of their devices. I bought the original Galaxy (i7500) in November last year on O2 in the UK. I’m officially stuck on OS 1.5.. given I had to get this on an 18 Month contract the whole purpose of getting an Android device was that the updates would keep my sane over that time frame. As it is I have lost faith in Samsung, despite owning this phone an dTVs and various other Samsung devices. Without that support HTC will be getting far more custom as they have a proven track record in providing updates.
    What comitments will they give on updates over the long term, ie 1-2 years after release?

    • http://Website Nathan

      Samsung already said they are making or starting to make a relationsip with Android. They want to push out more then HTC did. I personally believe this will be in phones general because later in the year we will see Windows 7 phone. Depending on how good that does, we might see more of those to. So we shall give it time. Carriers and makers are now implying the superphones and look how fast they are becoming standard! So trying to play catch up with mid level or entry devices will be a waste of time. Yea if they did it then, then it would of been no problem but that was then. They can play all that out like it never happened if they have a good relationship with Android from here on out. The Galaxy S is a good start for that.

  • http://Website Trina

    Can you explain why the Moment goes into airplane mode? This is an ongoing issue with me with no answer from Sprint and Samsung is to get another phone. When I ask if the new phone will fix the problem, I can’t get an answer.
    The new Epic is a no for me because of the lack of flash, which I use for my church Twitter account.

    • http://Website Nathan

      It has a power led Flash. I believe Sprint added that on.

  • http://Website Ben

    I’d like them to explain the delayed Android updates for their Behold II. Recall that they are only now getting around to deploying 1.6 and have already stated that they aren’t going to provide anymore updates. This, in my opinion or course, is probably the biggest reason to stay away from the Galaxy S.

  • http://Website Lowlevelninja

    The specs are cool, but the names (Fascinate/Epic/Vibrant, really?) are dumb and the skin looks ugly. Why can’t they just leave the UI alone if they’re not going to make it visually attractive, let alone functional?

  • markiz

    Galaxy S seems like THE smartphone at the moment, but there are a couple of things that need improvement:

    1) samsung needs to provide software updates. i do believe that with galaxy s things will be different because it WILL be a huge success.

    2) in the future, samsung, you need to work a bit on the build quality. Im not saying theres anything wrong with it, but droid x for example seem a lot more solid than galaxy s.

    3) why the hell no flash for the camera?

    4) even if it help make the phone thiner, stop using pentile! if this screen did not come with the pentile, it would have been without a doubt the best screen on a mobile phone to date. this way, it shares the throne with retina.

  • http://Website fort

    I typically stay away from Samsung. Slow with updates. Though these phones look good.

  • http://Website ted

    I can’t bring myself to buy a Samsung product….
    I have a BluRay player from them and was on the phone with there Customer service, they told me there would be a firmware update that would fix issues i was having playing some BluRay titles (WATCHMEN). The update never came and the 1 year warranty ran out. I wish i bought a PS3.

    Then the issues with Samsung not updating many of the 1st gen Android phones…. Yea, that sealed the deal.

    Has there been any word on these phones getting 2.2?

  • http://Website IDtheTarget

    My one question is: what guarantee do we have that you will support and update the OS on these handsets, at least through Gingerbread?

  • http://icecreamstache.tumblr.com AndyE

    can i trade my wife’s behold2 in for this?

    yeah.. i want to know about support, OS upgrades, and just plain accountability on their end. I’d prefer not to be jerked around with another phone.

  • http://Website WakaFlocka

    Only if there were no TouchWiz and only stock android I’d be happy to get this for verizon

  • http://Website William Furr

    I’m excited about the Samsung Galaxy S. I’ve been waiting for almost a year now for a phone that’s a real upgrade for my G1 that I don’t have to buy off-contract (not N1).

    My biggest concern is Samsung’s custom UI and the frequency of platform updates. I’ve been spoiled by running CyanogenMod on my G1. Samsung needs to commit to keeping the latest version of Android on their phones and support their custom UI as apps on top of the framework instead.

    I wish I could have my choice of which version of the Galaxy S to use on my carrier: keyboard or not, front facing camera or not, etc., instead of T-Mobile choosing for me. Then I’d be back to paying full price instead of getting a subsidized one, though.

    I could also just wait ’til Christmas and see what Project Emerald is too.

  • http://Website Franklin

    Please do me a favor and ask this question for me…..who are we to blame for taken out the front facing camera on the tmo version aka vibrant…? Was is tmo decision or Samsung making…..cos that has disappointed a lot of tmo customers like me….and seeing the sprint epic even added more insult to that fact…..thanx.

  • http://Website alex

    1. The international version, but i am glad that tmo is getting a 1ghz phone, not including the N1, my dad’s contract ends in october, so Vibrant for me :)
    2. I love the fact that it plays avi video formats, so i can play many movies on the phone, since i have a lot of movies on my ps3, and they are all avi formats, but other than that the processor it’s like twice as fast as the N1(2.2) & Evo 4g, so when this phone gets Android 2.2, expect it to be really fast.
    3. Yes this phone is one of the best android phones, and is definitely the fasted phone out there, take that Ipone 4 :), but i would have prefered that HTC made this phone
    4. I would add xenon flash to the phone, or dual led flash, FFC for Us versions, make it a HSPA+ device since Sprin’ts is 4g capable, and chance the camera to a 8mp/11mp since it’s mostly an entertainment device
    5. A little bit, but this phone is way to popular, and is going to be released to a lot of carriers, or it has been released to a lot of carriers, if Samsung does not come through with the update they have said, then they will lose a lot of customers.

  • http://Website Krysis

    If Samsung really does want to increase market share above that of HTC, they need to support their models better than it sounds they currently are.

    It would appear that their Net Promoter Score is pretty negatively..ie how likely a current user would recommend Samsung to their friends. Based on current user comments its been pretty negative especially on the support side.

    The Galaxy S phones look pretty nice and have some of the best specs to date. Hopefully, if they really mean to increase market share they will improve after the sale support with both software updates and fixes. Right now, they are kind of asking us to go on faith.

  • http://Website Danix180

    1. Interesting promoting concept. I like the front face of Captivate from ATT. Hopefully they won’t cripple it. Otherwise I’ll move to Verizon. Seriously ATT !!! My contract expired. STOP PLAYING JOB’S GAME.

    2. Fast SOC. Impressive Screen. I’m not buying iphone’s retina display. PIXEL PEEPERS !!!

    3. Samsung has potential with this phone line. They just need a better support/updates.

    4. Xenon LED flash, maybe frontface camera, slimmer design, better quality build materials.

    5. Not interested in other Samsung phones other than Galaxy. I hope they won’t screw it this time. I’m a believer. :)

  • http://Website Nathan

    okay past samsung phones had a bad rep but this is clearly a flagship phone for them. I really don’t like when people talk bad about something that they never had before. You can’t expect this to be as bad. It is not even out yet(US). Let it hit the dam shelves first and see for yourself and stop going with the hate bandwagon.

    And it does have flash for the cam. Does anybody read specs?! A power led flash.

    Sprint and Samsung said they are already willing to get 2.2 froyo to this device on Twitter. I honestly think this device is a big leap for samsung. Will the phone have some issues yes. But what phones doesn’t? The almighty iphone 4 had issues. Take it or leave it. Petty issues I swear.

    • http://Website Drew

      … I’m sorry to have offended you with my “petty” issues. I currently own a Behold2 running 1.5. Samsung smooth over my doubts early in my phone’s life by also insuring via video that my phone would be updated. Is that not as reliable as twitter? Regardless, I just don’t want anyone else to have to feel as taken advantage of, the anguish, and the powerlessness that I am currently feeling, and I’ve only owned this phone for 6 months. So, yeah. sorry to offend.

  • http://Website TmoFan

    @T-Mobile Why did you remove the front facing camera? That would be awesome on your hspa+ network…too bad you didn’t put in an antennae to fully support that either.

    @Samsung No LED or XENON flash? Really? Saving a millimeter of thickness at the top of the phone was that important when you put that stupid chin on the back of the bottom!?

  • http://Website PAB

    As someone who has personally watched other suffer from the Behold II meltown, I must say that I am a bit scared of the probably neglect of Samsung toward future devices. That being said, I know that they are VERY aware of how many people they have let down, and to the extent that they are on the Android chopping block if they don’t produce. Peronally, i am having a minor dilemma trying to decide if I should pick this up or sit tight and wait for a possible HTC Vision on T-Mobile. I know the hummingbird is fast, but a dual core is simply amazing. I am VERY disappointed with the lack of flash on this phone. The front facing camera is a joke anyways, as you have to be 4G, and also be speaking with another person who has a front facing camera phone. The iPhone only did it to be competitive, its still a complete joke. People in Amertica prefer the uncommitted nature of texting vs someone watching you talk. Video chatting is completely overrated. I swear though if this phone (Vibrant) does not get 2.2+ I will never back Samsung again – on anything.Take care of what you have guys. HTC and Motorola are perfect examples.

  • http://Website 56Kruiser

    1. A bit disappointed that the U.S. versions have changed design and dropped some features. But once I see it in person, may decide its not that big a deal.

    2. The SuperAmoled display is the one thing that drives me to this phone.

    3. Only with relation to the Screen, and I guess, the graphics capability. However I’m not a gamer, so that may not be much of a + for me.

    4. Based on U.S. version: 1.) Main disappointment is lack of FM radio (I presume that’s the case anyway). 2. ) May not be a big deal, but would prefer that ll of the original features were on the U.S. version, wich for the most part, is the front facing camera (and FM as already mentioned) 3.) I’m glad to read that in general the phone takes decent pictures in low light, but would like to see a Xenon flash.

    5.) Not concerned with the older phones, but then on the other hand, it makes me fear that this one will not get updates.

    • http://Website Danix180

      They got rid of FM Radio??? That was a decisive feature for me. :(

  • http://Website Loyal Tmobiler for now

    I have been quietly watching the smartphone scene for a couple years now. I still have a regular old phone on Tmobile. I think this year I will jump on the android smartphone train. My primary concerns with galaxy s:

    (1) HSPA+ not avail on Galaxy S with Tmobile makes me hesitate. If your (Tmo) network is ready, why make the phone obsolete before you even launch it?

    (2) Samsung’s bad reputation for not supporting software updates. Very scary commitment to make for two years.

    (3) I much prefer HTC’s Sense UI. I would get HTC Desire in a heartbeat if Tmo can confirm it is coming to them, but reports do not sound promising. Samsung galaxy s is a close 2nd.

  • http://Website enki

    1. Captivate. Looks like phone, not gay toilet accessory. Other samsung android models are weird cheapo iphone replicas.

    2. Like them all, but 3d power looks impressive. Not sure about display, have to see it in person.

    3. By parameters yes..but HTC and Motorola have superior design.

    4. Smaller form factor, stock android, better case. Can’t live without trackball.

    5. I don’t care, but it is a bad sign of company policy for future. Will be good for Samsung to clarify their update policy. This hw should run even 3.0 ..what about that?

  • http://Website Scott

    Why did T-Mobile remove features that people care about (camera flash, front-facing camera) and ship this as its flagship handset?? The other carriers left those features in.

    Yet T-Mobile added Avatar and The Sims??? What. The. Heck. Now that I’m out of college, I guess I’m getting too old to be a T-Mobile customer… might be time to switch.

  • http://Website onlyever

    I’m a Verizon devotee, but the Sprint Epic 4G is the best Galaxy S, because it is the only US variant that features the front facing camera.

    The Captivate for AT&T looks the worst IMHO, because of the design.

    The Vibrant looks nice, and will probably debut around 179 on T-Mo.

    Can’t wait to see what the Fascinate looks like, because based on specs, it kill my Incredible :/. I would also like to see where this will fit into the Verizon smartphone line-up based on time of premiere, because it’s too high-end not to be a DROIDphone, but that would irrelevate the Incredible, unless the Incredible sees a major price drop.

    However, I still see the DROID X being Verizon’s flagship because the 1 Ghz OMAP is faster, but only time will tell.

    Android competition FTW!!! iPhone who?

  • http://Website Dre

    I gotta go with the Epic for 3 reasons: 1. I love hardware keyboards, mostly cause I suck with most capacitive displays on-screen keyboards, 2. Cause it’s the only one that’s 4G and has a front facing camera, and 3. Cause I’m a Sprint customer anyway so come December upgrade time, or more likely have some free cash time, it only makes sense to upgrade from my Moment since Sprint won’t be giving us 2.2.

  • http://www.myspace.com/hermyhalloween hermyhalloween

    Please ask them:

    What steps are you taking to ensure better hardware quality and more reliable software than your previous phones?

  • http://Website droid

    will someone please tell Nathan to read the specs for the US phones, not the European phones.

  • http://Website df

    I’m not worried about them not updating the phone; if you consider the number of users they are going to pick up with a high-end phone on all major carriers, it would be suicide. I would say that because of their poor record the probability that they will screw up this time is very low. They can’t afford another blunder.

    Sort of silly, but I’m wondering if the Captivate will work with the dock/alarm setup that Galaxy S site shows. Seems kind of gimmicky, but I actually like it. I also hope AT&T won’t lock it down. Unfortunately, unlike Samsung, AT&T doesn’t have to worry about real competition so I doubt that will come true.

  • http://Website SugaBooga

    As an adult in my 40′s, I really don’t want to walk around with a blue or lavender phone. I really would like a powerphone to be just that – a powerphone.

    Ask Tmobile: Where is the FFC? Where is the LED Flash? Where is the FM Radio. If TMo really wants to compete, they need to at least step up their game and stop taking “everything” off their phones.

    Who really cares that Avatar is pre-loaded or that Sims3 is pre-loaded, or anything from the internet is already “pre-loaded”. People can load what they want!

    I was really waiting on the Galaxy S – i9000 that launched in Europe to come to the U.S. What happened. Such a huge disappointment. I think I will indeed switch to Sprint.

  • http://Website Reggie Jackson

    Why did Samsung elect to use only a 5 mp camera instead of the 8mp camera w/ dual flash like some other higher end smart phones? Will there be a second generation?

  • http://Website Dereck Bearsong

    All of the features of the base Galaxy S are great. I’ve heard the build quality itself leaves something to be desired.

    However, as a T-Mobile customer (loyal), I have major concerns over the exclusion of a front facing camera. Why did T-Mobile exclude this? Are they against the video chat feature? Are other phones that would have this feature that are sold through TMobile going to exclude this as well? I had originally thought of expanding my contract when this phone hits, however I’m now questioning my decision in that regard.

    All of that bundled content is worthless to me without that feature.

    • surfereddie

      I HATE T-mobile!!!! I guess you’re loyal because you’ve not used anything else and can’t really compare. T-mobile is a 2nd tier carrier at best. Smaller network, no real savings even though smaller network, no UMA (they chose to sell [email protected]) only BB has it on T-mobile. I want to puke when I missed canceling my initial contract by 1 day.

  • surfereddie

    Where is the Bluetooth 3.0? USB 3.0? How about a camera that actually can focus and not just through software. Also, throw in a real flash as well. have it as an option. Super size the back panel and add a factory option for a monster battery with real camera with flash. Also, work on the over heating problem. I’m a fan of the 4.3 in screen. Upgradeable components would be nice. I have a 11 months so who knows what will be out by then. Rooted G1 is still rocking!!!

  • http://Website 56Kruiser

    i read a review this morning of the 4 SGS variants, and it listed features that ARE on all 4 variants. and FM Radio was one of them.

    Hope they are right.

  • http://Website Dave S

    I was on CNET and that had two short video clips of the Vibrant(TMo), who I’m with and the Fascinate(Verizon). Neither has the FFC and thats fine with me, as it would be more ofa look what I have on my phone, rather than something I would use. So, I’m watching the video and they loook the same, and it looks like they’ll have 7 home screens like the Incredible so that’s good but then they flip it over and show the camera. Just on a lens on the Vibrant but flip over the Fascinate and what did Verizon add? Thats right, a flash! Now a flash is not really a deal breaker, I’ve only had one phone with a flash, and it was a BB and it was nice. But my thought is that TMobile is thinking “no flash, oh well we won’t put one on for our customers, they get what they get.” and Verizon is thinking” Well the flash might be good or it might not but we’ll let out customers decide whether to use or not, so let’s add one”. Now the Verizon version isn’t any thicker or anything than TMo so it’s just an issue of a carrier, like Verizon, going and making the phone the best it can be, while TMobile is here’s SIMS 3! Who cares about SIMS 3!?! This is the last straw for me, I’m hanging on to my under powered MT3G until my contract is up and and then I’m done with TMo, and Hello Verizon!

  • http://Website Maury

    Does the Epic have a flash for the camera?

    I live in Austin and will probably be switching to Sprint from T-mobile. I’ve moved and my T-mobile coverage is now awful. Epic looks pretty nice.

    Once concern I have is TouchWiz. I would much prefer a stock android.

    I have never rooted a phone, but are people considering this with the Epic?

    If you do root it, will “Sprint specific” apps like Sprint TV be able to work?

    I’ve had a G1 and have been regretting not rooting it… I use my phone for work though and don’t want to brick it.

  • http://www.bloomfieldsymphony.org Buzz Herman

    I think the Galaxy S phones trump everything currently n the market.
    I favor the Sprint version because of the keyboard and front facing camera.
    Samsung has promised 2.2 in short order and I believe them