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Motoblur enhancements coming to the T-Mobile CLIQ & CLIQ XT

So Motorola probably will miss their Q2 deadline to deliver the Android 2.1 upgrade to the CLIQ and CLIQ XT, but at least users have a few new Motoblur features to look forward to. The latest version of Motorola’s social messaging service includes an expanded homescreen (7 panels), resizable widgets, plus a new battery and data manager.

In addition to new Motoblur enhancements, users will also receive all the new benefits of Android 2.1 including turn-by-turn directions from Google Maps Navigation, pinch-to-zoom functionality in the browser, an updated Android Market, and access to all the latest apps (like the official Twitter client and more).

The official Motorola Android Software Upgrade News still has Q2 listed as the timeline for Android 2.1 on the CLIQ and CLIQ XT, but there has been no sign of a pending release. T-Mobile has been offering exclusive, early software releases to test their Android upgrades, so keep an eye on official CLIQ and CLIQ XT forums for updates.

For a preview of what to expect, check out the Motoblur enhancements as seen on the upcoming Motorola Flipout.

The enhanced version of Motoblur offers new functionality and features, including:

  • Happenings and Messages widgets — filter by social networking account, by contact(s) or by contact group to only see the information you want
  • Screen customization — move and resize preloaded widgets on up to seven home screens
  • Battery Manager — manage battery consumption by operating in one of three performance modes
  • Data Manager — monitor data usage from the home screen to better manage pay-as-you-go and limited data plans
  • Personal and Corporate e-mail — pushed directly to the device
  • Re-tweet capabilities

Source: Engadget

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  • http://Website RayMatthew

    I hope they push the OTA soon. Since I know its the end of Q2. I have been checking for updates everyday. I really want 2.1 ‘cos 1.5 fails.

  • http://Website coggy9

    Moto never delivers. We have to create our own custom ROMs,and its hard without full source like HTC does.

  • http://Website chad

    I will be so happy when I can get rid of my cliq, it sucks!!! Even a mytouch phone running htc sense is way better than this piece of shit since there’s a really good rom for it that updates to the latest firmware fairly quickly.

    I can’t believe that Motorola didn’t add anything to make motoblur worth the 9 month wait, because even after the upgrade, I still could do everything that blur does on a different phone using apps from the market.

  • http://Website djdeito

    it appears that we are not getting the android 2.1 upgrade, instead a few updates on some of the social networking features. i really don’t care much about the social networking stuff that come with the phone, but i was really looking forward to the android 2.1 upgrade. however we still have 3 more days left until June ends and if motorola does not deliver then i will be selling my cliq xt and getting a Nexus One.

    • http://Website Jameson

      Yep. Same here

  • http://Website Tim

    It seems to me that most of the people that have commented on this update didn’t read the entire article. Am I let down that 2.1 will most likely be delayed…of course..but this update to MotoBlur is more than just Facebook and MySpace..its also giving us all the capabilities of having 2.1 but just not officially saying that we have 2.1 in our “About Phone” section…who cares…Pinch to Zoom…access to all the apps 1.5 limits us to…Google Turn by Turn Navigation…7 Homescreens…I can’t wait!!! Thanks for the update Androidandme!!!

    • http://Website MulderFox

      I care that it is not really 2.X because I want the actual upgraded OS released so that the Cliq XT can be rooted. Android is open source and what Moto did was change open source software to proprietary software. It is complete crap.

  • http://Website Seriously

    I really like my Cliq’s hardware but the slow processor and often frustrating MotoBlur U.I. really hurt an otherwise great phone….No matter what the update brings though it won’t be enough for me to trust another Motorola phone….I’m ready for a fast phone and I can’t wait to see the Samsung Galaxy S press conference on Tuesday! ….I just hope the Galaxy S Pro is announced and dated with a July release date on Sprint….Less than 48 hours and I am sooooo pumped for good news!

  • http://Website miamiboi

    When is this so update comming? How come a phone like the mytouch is skipping to 2.2 n the cliq is not… I don’t really mind that my phone is the ultimate piece of technology at the moment… If it was l like that I would probably have an evo n wud b getting the shadow but I dontt understand how these companies are playing with us and why is it so hard to deliver us with an update. Is it because they think that if they hold os releases we would be forced to buy a new device? Fort that I would jud get me a crappy iphone n get software updates at the same time everyone is gettin them. But jus not release it in time n make costumers happy. Regain our trust!!

  • http://Website jameson

    I really wish that “MotoBlur” had been some sort of native app from the very beggining. I think that could’ve saved a lot of time and problems with upgrading

  • http://Website Scott

    I have to say one thing. The Cliq XT will be my last Moto phone. I had a Razr back in the day, not the greatest, but it worked well.

    Why did I go to a phone that is behind my G1? I was told that the update would be around soon, that was a couple months ago. Shame on Motorola for updating the fielding schedule and leaving us waiting with baited breath for the update by the end of Q2. . .News flash, you have 3 days….

    If I didn’t feel like paying through the nose, I would have tossed this phone already,

  • ayocuz

    Get a nexus one then you know you re getting the latest software updates in a timely manner

  • http://Website alex

    if anyone noticed the signal bar was H

  • http://Website Jack

    Forget 2.1 – if any phone needs the speed improvements of Android 2.2 it is the Cliq. This phone is extremely slow.

  • http://Website Danny

    i want really bad 2.2 on my moto cliq,,, i love the hardware but the software sucks

  • http://Website MulderFox


    Upgrade schedule updated to…

    testing in progress!


  • http://Website Ms. Matrix

    I was looking forward to the update, I’m really hoping that it will make the phone better. I do like it, but I can’t stand the keyboard. I know read somewhere that all android phones was suppose to get an update that will give you an interface like the mytouch 3G slide. But I guess that’s not happening…

    I like how the friendstream looks, I would prefer that over the motoblur

  • http://Website PS3plyr

    I, too, was suckered into a Cliq by T-Mo as a replacement for the phased out G1, and told it would have OTA update soon. I don’t mind Motoblur, but no apps are supported by Android 1.5! Come on, at least let us go to Cupcake! …OS is *way* outdated. Motoblur updates good news, but let’s get to ALL your promises, Moto!