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Motorola Droid 2 slides out of hiding in new photos and video

Apparently the Droid 2 finally got sick of its sibling getting all the attention and decided to pose for a few new candid shots of its own. Presumably everyone has seen the original Droid/Milestone and if so you are going to be pretty familiar with the look of the Droid 2.

Looking first at the exterior the most notable changes are the keyboard — no more shiny gold d-pad — and the fact that the entire front of the device from the chin on up slides back to reveal the keyboard. Beyond that we have only some slight tweaking to the styling to differentiate this from the original.

While that might not sound significant the keyboard was far and away the biggest complaint about the original device and this revision certainly offers at least a larger keyboard which has to be better, right? Gamers might be upset over the loss of the d-pad, but I know many people found reaching over it to type to be odd so at least some folks should be happy with the change.

Moving to the inside of the Droid 2 we have a new 750MHz processor and internal memory boosted to 8GB. Again while that might not sound like a huge improvement the Droid has held up reasonably well against some of the recent “superphones” and a beefed up processor is just what the doctor ordered to bring it in line with those youngsters.

Notably the Droid 2 is not picking up either the HDMI out of the Droid Shadow/Xtreme nor will it be one of the 2-4 Motorola phones launching with a front facing camera this year.

At the moment the Droid 2 is running on Android 2.1 with the new more subtle version of MOTOBLUR tagging along. It’s possible that we’ll see 2.2 by launch, but unlikely as reports are that this could be coming in early July with Verizon employees getting a training session on both the Droid 2 and the Droid Shadow/Xtreme on June 22nd.

So what are you thoughts on the new Droid? We’ve got powerhouse options dropping left and right this summer in the form of the HTC Evo, the Samsung Galaxy S, and the Motorola Droid Shadow/Xtreme to name a few, but the Droid 2 is bringing that keyboard that Android buyers seem to love and that might just be enough for it to carve out a nice little niche for itself.

Rumored Droid 2 Specs:

  • Android 2.1 (barring a last minute Froyo intervention)
  • 3.7″ screen
  • 750MHz OMAP processor
  • Wi-Fi tethering
  • 8GB internal
  • 8GB SD card preinstalled
  • Updated keyboard
  • 5MP camera
  • New version of MOTOBLUR

Source: Droid Life

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  • http://Website JAG

    Why no HDMI? :(

    I think I better get DROID X

    • http://Website Mdroid

      I think Motorola did a good job with this. I really like it .
      The original Droid is selling very well in USA , so probably their plan is to replace te old Droid in stores with this new upgraded unit. To make the transition faster, Motorola didn’t change to much on this unit, but they make some important changes in bad areas – keypad, cpu & internal storage. With this changes, new Droid is up to date and much prepared for new Google Android updates.
      If you need a truly high-end phone, Droid Xtreme will be there for you.

  • http://Website Daniel

    Not bad! The keyboard looks really promising. Still a 4-row, but I think I could live with that. I just wonder if they upgraded the RAM and the GPU, and how’s the weight.

    Now, menu-home? Dang, Motorola, you almost got the button order right.

  • http://Website Hans

    I’m content with my Droid. Now, the Droid X…hm. Sounds promising.

  • http://Website Tyler

    motoblur? what the hell motorola!! If you guys do make a 2Ghz phone by the end of the year and it has this crap you call motoblur, I will destroy you.

    • http://Website Mdroid

      What is the problem with Blur? If you dont like it, most of the Motoblur stuff can be deactivated.
      All manufacturers make Android phones with custom UI’s.

      • Drew

        Unfortunately with the release of 2.2, all skins do now is delay the update process. MotoBlur has been reviewed to not be very well liked (even if a few people do like it). And like I said, 2.2 pretty much does most things that Blur does better (except for maybe some of the social network updates, which can be achieved via widgets and apps).

        You saw how long it took the original Droid to get the 2.1 update. Imagine waiting an extra month or two because of some skin that isn’t marginally better than the stock version.

  • http://Website the_underscore

    So it’s a droid with a different keyboard. though I love the dpad, typing isn’t stellar… otoh I like my back button where it is
    Cpu is the same, just clocked higher. Good for stock, worthless for root (my milestone is fine at 1.2GHz).
    the 8GB internal storage looked nice, but means little with apps2sd on froyo even stock

    What would have made a meaningful improvement would be boosting ram to 512 or maybe front cam or hdmi out, but as it is, my envy is astonishingly minimal

    • http://Website Mdroid

      The specs are not final. I bet that Droid 2 will come with 512MB RAM .
      Probably Droid 2 will replace the actual Droid, so Droid 2 is more like an update for future Droid buyers, not for people who already are Droid users. For thouse people Droid Xtreme will be the choice.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      The Droid 2 isn’t going after the power users, so I actually think the bumped stock cpu speed is fairly critical as Verizon is probably depending on churning these out to the new less spec savvy breed of smartphone buyers that is continually growing.

      I think you can save your envy for the “Droid Pro” if any of the thus far vague rumors surrounding it are true.

      • http://Website Omari

        I agree. You can expect that most MotoBlur embedded phones are for the “I just want to communicate with the people around me” buyers, such as my wife. The Droid 2 is similar to the Motorola Devour, there’s just more hype with this phone because it follows in the footsteps of the original.

  • http://Website LostMyNutsToMeWife

    Aw man come one!!

    I was hoping for a snapdragon 1Ghz. How can be this be called droid 2? This is a joke. Its the same phone with a keyboard change. WTF? Heck i have mine running more than 720Hz who are they trying to fool? I’m not wasting my money upgrading to this. Its not worth it.

    Unless they show me a huge dramatic change in Memory to boost performance, again its not worth it.

    • http://Website Mdroid

      You people dont understand the purpose of this phone. Droid 2 will be a replacement for current Droid. It an update for future Droid buyers, not for current Droid owners.
      If you want an upgrade for your “old” Droid, go for Droid Xtreme.

      • http://Website LostMyNutsToMeWife

        Are you serious? the xtreme? The reason i have a moto droid is because of the keyboard, if not i would have jumped to the incredible. I was expecting specs like the EVO for the moto droid 2.

        Plus i couldn’t care less what the purpose of this phone is. If they are gonna call it moto droid 2 they should have made it specs-wise a competitor against the nexus and evo. What are they trying to prove with this?

    • Drew

      You can’t compare clock speeds of a Snapdragon processor to the OMAP processor; they’re different architectures.

  • http://Website Droid User

    Okay? I need a phone as good as the Evo, c’mon Verizon!

  • http://Website Derek

    Keyboard on the original Droid was a P.O.S. Completely worthless. It was easier to type on android’s crappy virtual keyboard than the physical keyboard.

    • taras

      Rubbish, the keyboard is fine. Perfectly usable, and the D-pad is OK too. I use it every day and have no significant problems with it – if I’m going to write an essay, I’ll use my PC.

  • http://kid-genius.com delayne

    sexyyy !

  • http://Website Alex

    No alt or capitalization on the right side? Reaching with your right hand just to press anything left of, and including, T, G, and B is going to be a hassle.

  • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

    This keyboard is SO much better. Raised, staggered and the spacebar is no longer in between V and B. Nice Motorola. =)

  • http://Website john

    it looks nice, when can we buy it?