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Motorola Droid owners hunker down for Android 2.2

The benefit of owning an Android phone with a stock version of the OS is that it tends to receive updates the fastest. We saw this when the Droid was the first phone to receive an update to Android 2.1 and then again when the Nexus One received Android 2.2.

Android phones with custom versions of the OS (like Motoblur, Sense UI, TouchWiz) normally have a longer wait as the handset makers need extra time to merge Google’s latest code with their own.

It also helps to own a device that millions of other people purchased as well. The Motorola Droid is the best selling Android phone, so it tends to get special attention from Motorola, Google, and Verizon. When a phone bombs at retail, a carrier can sometimes decide to drop support for future upgrades (see Behold II owners).

Motorola knows their customers are hungry for FroYo (Android 2.2) and they are working aggressively to introduce it in the near future. We have already seen evidence of test builds of Android 2.2 running on the Droid and now Motorola has made a post to inform customers that more news could be coming soon.

The manager for the Motorola Owners’ Forum has made a quick post to let users know that they can sign up to receive email notifications when more news becomes available. From what we understand, the update is virtually finished and it’s going through the standard testing procedures. Motorola made the mistake last time of constantly telling us Android 2.1 was “coming soon” and failed to deliver over and over, so hopefully the wait will not be as long this time.

Motorola Droid owners

Droid owners can now sign up to be notified.

Own a Motorola phone other than the Droid? Check their Android Software Upgrade News page for the latest time lines on updates.

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Source: Motorola Forums

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  • http://Website Tim

    I’m now taking bets on who gets it first, the G1 through Cyanogenmod or the Droid officially.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      CyanogenMod 5.0.7 (Android 2.1) has been available for the G1 and myTouch for a couple weeks.

  • http://Website Todd

    Obviously the update has conditions, as my unactivated, wifi only, DROID did NOT get 2.2

    ( but I did get Android 2.1, Revision 2 )

  • http://Website D.J.

    Very nice, although I won’t be holding my breath considering the Droid’s ridiculously announced, delayed, announced rollout of 2.1

    If the Droid gets 2.2 by August I’ll be happy.

  • http://blog.tenkely.net tenkely

    The benefits of a stock UI… I really hope people start demanding more phones without custom UIs. My wife needs a new phone (with a keyboard on TMO), and I will not get her the Slide because it’s not stock.
    +1 for Vanilla.

  • http://Website Black Kristos

    Sure, Moto screwed up with the 2.1 announcements, but at least they said something. Tmo has not peeped a word since Donut 1.6!

    • http://blog.tenkely.net tenkely

      Very true. TMO has been eerily silent for 3 updates now… Sprint updated the Hero, VZW updated the Droid, wtf TMO?

      • http://Website Mocha K

        TMO did say that the MyTouch would receive 2.1 after the launch of the slide. Didn’t specify a date or which MyTouch they were talking about. I have the original MyTouch 1.0 and i’m still on 1.6 for some reason. I just hope TMO talks soon about the fate of the device.

  • http://colinscroggins.com Colin Scroggins

    I have a Nexus One straight from Google and the Nexus One has NOT received the 2.2 update yet. It seems that was limited to press only and was a pre-release.

  • http://www.typhon4android.org/ Mike Leahy

    I’m excited for the Droid to get this due to the better GPU. Some metrics regarding JIT and the FroYo RC on the Nexus One… It took Auriga3D, my Java based 3D engine, 19 seconds to load Quake3 Q3DM1 with stock 2.1 on the N1. With the “FroYo RC” it took 10 seconds! For comparison it takes 30 seconds to load on the Droid. So I find the JIT / FroYo to be fantastic especially since it works immediately on app launch and reduced load time by 50%! So my guess is that with FroYo on the Droid it’ll take 15 seconds to load Q3DM1 which is fantastic. As things go though the GPU really does determine overall speed during game play and the N1 still blows chunks (2-5 FPS) on complex levels with lots of curved surfaces. Still more to do though. So yes bring it bring it bring it to the Droid! :) Want…

  • taras

    Meanwhile us Motorola Milestone users get pretty much ignored for this kind of thing, even though it’s basically the same phone… count yourselves lucky, US users… *crosses fingers that Milestone users will get the crumbs from the Droid table*

    • http://Website Hans

      You guys got the better version of 2.1. -_-

  • http://Website Roger

    ROM, wifi fix, benchmarks, overclocking and flash::: all here this is a good summary of everything with instructions pulled from some sites

  • http://Website adam

    sprint updated both hero and sammy moment

  • http://MotorolaMilestone2.2UK Glen

    I have got the 2.2 update but there are things missing.

    my camera is not updated, and the app dock and status bar on the home screen are still looking like 2.1

    anyone else have this issue?