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Motorola Milestone XT720 is bound for Europe

Earlier today Motorola announced the Milestone XT720 for Europe; if you recall the Motorola MOTOROI which was originally unveiled in January then you are already familiar with the XT720.

Despite a notable departure in looks from the Droid/Milestone the specs list for the MOTOROI/XT720 is substantially similar save for a few distinctions; the camera is bumped up to 8 megapixels with 720p HD video recording capability, an HDMI out is added, a slimmer 10.9mm profile, an fm radio, Motoblur, and finally a Xenon flash (a first for Android).

Update: Thanks to Mdroid for pointing out that Motorola has now posted specs for this phone on the Motorola developer’s page that conflict a little with what they have on the consumer page. The changes are fairly significant as they involve a bump to the processor and the RAM so why Motorola chose not to draw attention to these improvements is a bit of a mystery.

The rest of the specs match up identically with the Droid/Milestone:

  • Display: 3.7 inch capacitive touch FWVGA (480×854)
  • Processor: TI OMAP3430 (5503440 (720 MHz ARM Cortex-A8 +  PowerVR SGX 530 GPU)
  • Memory: 512 MB Flash ROM, 256 512 MB RAM
  • Wireless: WiFi 802.11 b/g with DLNA support
  • Operating System: Android 2.1

Engadget got a quick hands on with the device (see photo gallery below) and they came away somewhat disappointed complaining mainly of the ergonomics feeling off, the touchscreen feeling a little more sandpaper than silk, and that the look of the device from front to back is mismatched.

While the improved camera, fm radio, Xenon flash, and HDMI out are all welcome additions it seems like the XT720 probably missed its window as a true top end device. With powerhouses like the Samsung Galaxy S already out in Europe the XT720 and its 550720 Mhz processor can’t really rise above the level of a mid-range contender.

It is due to hit pre-order sites by June 11th, so European carrier details should be available soon (Orange is pegged as a likely candidate), and with T-Mobile 3G bands on board we could still see this come stateside.

Any Moto fans excited to finally have a keyboardless Droid/Milestone available in their neck of the woods or is Motorola going to have to do something a little more (e)Xtreme to get your attention?

Here’s a brief TV spot released for the XT720 which also hearkens to its Droid lineage.

Motorola XT720 side view Motorola XT720 capacitive buttons Back of the Motorola XT720 Motorola XT720 camera and hdmi out Motorola XT720 homescreen

Show Press Release
BASINGSTOKE, UK — June 7, 2010 — Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today announced MILESTONEâ„¢ XT720, one of the world’s slimmest 8 Megapixel Androidâ„¢ smartphones and the first to have a Xenon Flash.

This sleek (10.9mm), capacitive touch Android 2.1 phone also features a high definition (HD) video experience and enhanced media and mobile internet capabilities for users who expect the latest in technology and the ultimate smartphone experience.

Ralf Gerbershagen, vice president and general manager for Motorola’s Mobile Devices business in Western Europe said, “MILESTONE XT720 is one of the most powerful phones in Motorola’s current smartphone range. Slim, sophisticated and technically savvy, MILESTONE XT720 is a high performance device designed for those who are actively engaged in both their work and social lives.

“With MILESTONE XT720, Motorola has taken yet another step towards eliminating the barriers for consumers to creating and consuming media on the go.”

Enhanced Digital Camera & Video
MILESTONE XT720 breaks new ground for Android smartphones by offering an 8 megapixel camera with Xenon flash, 10x digital zoom, and a 720p HD camcorder. It allows users to not only capture, view and share high quality photos and videos, but also helps make them look better than ever. Key features include:

- Smart image capture: includes easy panorama, face detection, multi-shot (six shots in a row), face filter, red eye reduction, camera shake prevention and more, to improve the image quality and variety
- High definition multimedia interface (HDMIâ„¢): HDMI cable (in box) allows HD video captured on the MILESTONE XT720 to be viewed directly on an HDTV
- Memory card support: 8GB microSD card included inbox; expandable up to 32GB

Designed For Mobile Internet
MILESTONEâ„¢ XT720 is designed to deliver high speed web-browsing and it has the capacity to support up to eight open browser windows. The huge 3.7 inch, WVGA (480X854) display shows full page websites, videos, games, or photos in glorious detail.

Taking full advantage of the power of Android 2.1, the display uses a powerful combination of Motorola’s touch user interface (UI) and a capacitive touch sensor for smooth screen flipping and scrolling, and up to five customisable home screens.

A suite of Googleâ„¢ mobile applications including Google Searchâ„¢, Google Mapsâ„¢, Gmailâ„¢ and YouTubeâ„¢ are also integrated onto the device, as well as Motorola’s MOTONAV turn by turn navigation1.

Advanced Mobile Office
MILESTONE XT720 supports management of multiple accounts and document editing to ensure efficiency and true multi-tasking on the go.
- Synchronise and manage multiple email accounts simultaneously, letting you separate your work and personal inboxes
- Gmail contacts sync: synchronise contacts from the accounts that are added on the device.

Apps Power
MILESTONE XT720 provides easy access to thousands of apps available on Android Marketâ„¢ and has the processing power to ensure your favourites run swiftly and smoothly.

For more information about availability, please contact your local Motorola representative.

To learn more about the device visit YouTubeâ„¢ or www.motorola.com/milestoneXT720. For more information and a full list of product specifications and features, please visit www.motorola.com/mediacenter.

Via: Engadget

Source: Motorola

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  • http://Website JAG

    Is this phone possible to really play 720p with that processor?

    maybe it has somethin of Ninjablur inside.

    • chris0101

      Most likely this phone won’t be as fast as the 1Ghz variants. It really needs Android 2.2 for beginners (for speed and because that ROM will get filled fast). Plus it could use more RAM while we’re at it.

      I think that this is one of those devices that bridges the gap between medium and high-end. As Android gains more adoption, they’ll be more and more common.

      • http://Website JasonKay

        TI OMAP Processor is BETTER than SnapDragon!

    • http://Website Mdroid

      Is playing HD videos very very well :

      Keep in mind that TI OMAP3430 CPU has dedicated grafic ( PowerVR SGX 530 GPU) and it is very overclockable. It can run stable at 1,2 GHz.

      • chris0101

        Apparently, it does have 512 mb of RAM, so scratch what I said about RAM.

        1.2 GHz? Are you sure that the majority of cell phone’s CPUs would be stable at that overclock?


        According to this, it isn’t stable at 1.1 GHz, Overclocking is one of those things where some phones can go up to 1.3 Ghz and others I wouldn’t recommend over 800 Mhz.

  • http://Website kilari

    I’m pretty excited about this release. Way more than any stupid new iphone. I really enjoy my Cliq XT and Motoblur. Much better than my G1 and stock Android. I really like what Motorola has done with Android vs leaving it stock, and that makes it my 2nd favorite UI after webOS.

    I liked the idea of a Motoroi with full on Motoblur for Tmobile. But at this point I’m like 11 months from an early upgrade with Tmo anyways so it doesn’t matter. :) It’s funny with how fast the Android options move so fast. I love the Cliq XT, but all the options create buyers remorse even though I love it and it’s frustrating how I bought the phone a month after it was released and it was already out of date the day it was launched. :) But at the same time not having a monstrous phone is actually a big deal to me. Cus I tote a Pre around in the same pocket as my Cliq XT. So every fraction of an inch counts. Besides once it gets the 2.1 update I won’t really have anything else to gripe about. The only gripe I have with the Cliq XT and Motoblur is that it was based off 1.5 and therefore doesn’t have compatibility with some apps, ie Google Nav and Gesture Search.

  • http://Website Mdroid

    Motorola just published the final specs of this device and there are some good changes :

    TI OMAP3440 Processor 720 MHz
    512 MB RAM
    256 MB internal memory

    Video Recording 1280 x 720 (720p HD) @ 24fps
    Video Playback 1280 x 720 (720p HD) @24fps


    • http://Website Sergio

      Now that’s way better. I just wanted to said that withh 256MB RAM & 550Mhz CPU = FAIL.

      Although they could put a little more space for apps (as Samsung did with Galaxy S).

      I hope we will see more real powerfull Android smartphones in future (ARM CORTEX + PowerVR).

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Very interesting that they don’t mention that upgrade on the consumer facing page, I’ll update the post.


  • http://Website CGH


    Motorola Milestone XT720 is Now sold in SIngapore officially today 10 June 2010! :D