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New Android 2.2 update for the Nexus One is available now

Note: This version is now out of date. Please see the new post with download links to FRF83.

If you dutifully followed our instructions last month on how to manually install Froyo on your Nexus One then I have good news; a new update is now available for you direct from Google’s servers for the time being.

This one is specifically designed to take you from the previously leaked FRF50 build to FRF72 so don’t try to run this if you are on something other than the stock FRF50 build.

Don’t expect anything mind blowing as this one is a wee little file and consensus over on XDA, where this originally leaked, is that we are probably basically just looking at some bug fixes (not that bug fixes aren’t appreciated).

No word on whether this will in fact be the build that Google eventually releases to the masses via OTA, but for the time being its the latest and greatest direct from Google so go ahead and follow the directions below to give it a shot.

To manually install Android 2.2 FRF72 on the Nexus One, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the official Android 2.2 firmware for the Nexus One here.
  2. Copy the file to your microSD card and name it update.zip (newb warning: not update.zip.zip)
  3. Power off your phone.
  4. Hold down the VOLUME DOWN button and power it back on.
  5. The phone will now search for files like PB00IMG.zip, etc. This is normal. Scroll down to recovery and press the POWER button.
  6. When you see the “/!” symbol, press the POWER button and the Volume Up button at the same time. You should be presented with a menu and one of the options should be “Apply sdcard:update.zip”.
  7. Use the trackball to navigate to “apply sdcard:update.zip” and select it.
  8. When you see “Install from sdcard complete”, select “reboot system now”.

Word is the first reboot could take a few minutes so don’t panic if things don’t boot up quite as quickly as you are accustomed.

Let us know how the update goes for you and if anything seems to be new and improved we would love to hear about it.

Update: If Swype and/or Google Voice aren’t working after the update you should go ahead and uninstall and reinstall them to get them back up and running.

Here is the list of improvements that people are reporting on FRF72.

  • Power button working properly
  • Improved Flash performance
  • Stock browser speed increase
  • Increased internal storage (~ 50 MB)
  • Improved 3G reception

Thanks to everyone that contributed their experiences with the update.

Finally, as Zacqary Adam Green pointed out in comments, a rooted version is available over on XDA if you are interested in checking that out.

Update: In case you end up here looking for the new FRF83 release then you just need to follow the directions above using this file if you are coming from FRF50 and this file if you are coming from FRF72.

Source: xda-developers

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  • http://facebook.com/mimoproductions mimobeatz

    did it..works for me…i don’t spot anything different though…

    • http://Website MojoJ0J0

      Did you have the fade to black bug when opening some pictures from other apps? Sometimes when opening a pic from messages using gallery when the gallery app has a transition to showing the image my screen would go black and I’d have to go out to the homescreen to see anything again. This is only with Froyo. Not sure about any other bugs. Try out some flash content or try some benchmarks.

      • http://facebook.com/mimoproductions mauricio hale

        ok well i haven’t tried using flash on it or ran a benchmark, but one thing i found odd was when i was watching videos on youtube, the music that i had on my sd card would start to randomly play songs :/

      • http://Website priscilla

        For those people, who are afraid to try this. Actually, you can upgrade your nexus one with Froyo with this alternative. And its superbly fast.

    • http://www.youtube.com/coast2coast6 spapadoc

      The only thing I noticed after installation of the update is in the Market. When you search something , for instance – ring tones (with a space) it gives you a suggestion as if you spelled it wrong. I don’t remember it doing that before. Other than that, I don’t see any differences yet.

      • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

        Actually, I noticed it doing that on other builds, too. A welcome change, but not due to the new Froyo build.

  • http://www.androidul.ro gshadefull

    What about us who have a rooted N1 and with a custom recovery image? (amon-ra)

    • jackslim

      If you’re using a custom recovery, best bet at this point would be to revert to stock and update manually, otherwise use one of the custom rom’s based on FroYo already, or until Google releases the source code and Cyanogen works his magic on it

    • http://plankhead.com Zacqary Adam Green
      • http://txhoudini.com Eric Weiss

        You’ve got to love the Android community. I thought for sure I would have to wait a few days for this but 15 minutes and someones got it posted. Thanks for the link.

  • http://Website MiamiSrt8

    Worked like a charm, great instructions. Reboot took about 2 minutes

  • http://Website B

    Ive heard some bad things about battery life. Can anyone comment? I also heard flash runs smoother? I dont want to update if there is a battery issue though.

  • http://Website landon

    Update went fine so far. Only used it for a few minutes but it seems fine.

  • http://Website Teknonjunkee

    Every single time I do an Update and I re-name to Update.zip, I get an error. If I just name it update it works flawlessly. So to those who are having trouble, try that. Just rename the file to update.

    • http://Website Ishikawa

      Protip: turn on show file extensions.

    • http://Website Joeskie

      Dude I had the same problem last time.just name it update that’s it. poor little sexii nexii doesn’t know the difference.

    • ayocuz

      I had that same problem along with downloading it straight to my phone wouldn’t work for me had to use my computer

  • http://Website blink

    The power button works correctly now…^_^

  • http://Website T

    Update went pretty good…the browser seems to be super fast now

  • http://dmonzel.com Dan

    Updating was cake. Seems to be running a bit smoother and maybe a touch snappier. Can’t wait for the final product.

  • BilalAkgunduz

    Thanks for news. But Ä° didnt OTA update my Nexus One. I updated manually. Why i didnt OTA update my phone ? Im from Turkey

  • http://Website ox

    when can i expect gingerbread ? lol

  • samber

    Upgrade was smooth, took 5 minutes. Cant figure out any changes though.

  • http://mark.chmarny.com Mark

    Reboot was pretty fast but I already had the FRF50. So far the only thing I can see is the fix to the power button (top one). Will keep looking.

  • http://Robbie.robnrob.com/ Robbie Coleman

    Worked fine. Gallery needed to refresh, but now *all* of my images were found (a lot were missing and only accessible from OI File Manager).

    Google Voice got a small update but I only knew because the home screen icon no longer worked.

    So far the only problem I have found is that my (just installed this week) version of swype only responds to normal typing. What I mean is that swyping only traces my path on the soft keyboard but nothing gets written at all unless you peck it like a normal soft keyboard. :-/ I’m back to Better Keyboard for now.

  • http://Website Ken

    Can someone post a step by step to download this using astro file manager, I’m doing something wrong cuz it keeps telling me file not found. Thanks.

    • http://Website Joeskie

      Well ma man,i ran in to the same issue. You can’t put it under any type of directory.just put it on the card in no folder are anything like that. Again poor sexii nexii doesn’t know the difference.

  • http://Website Mark

    FRF72 seems to have given me an extra 50mb more internal storage, awesome. Had the same problems everyone else is having. Reinstall Google voice widget, reinstall Swype. No other issues yet. Does seem faster. 3G reception might be a little better.

  • http://Website Ronald

    Update was smooth…did the reinstall on swype..
    I do agree with the boost on speed of the stock browser..and I also do believe I got a boost of internal memory storage by 50 mbs…anyone else notice this?…how about a list of differences since the new update?

  • http://Website Stephen White

    Update was fine, just some bug fixes I suppose. It broke Swype and a couple of home screen icons. Reinstall Swype, delete and add those icons. All working fine now.

  • http://Website Danie;

    im having problems trying to download froyo i fallow instrunctions and nothing happens i put update.zip and update and it says no file is there or something can anyone help

    • http://Website Crutey

      I think the problem is that when you rename the file you use windows and windows by default does not show the file extension (.zip in this case). When you rename the file to update.zip there is another .zip on the end that is hidden making the file update.zip.zip.

      Try taking off the .zip bit and see how you get on.

  • http://Website seb

    Dang! my N1 is hanging after step 4, little droid with a warning sign above it, it’s been at least 10 minutes! how do i for ce this thing to power off?

    • http://hxbc.us/ khc

      Hold down the power button before you press volume up, the instruction should make that clear

  • ayocuz

    Did everything is it now supposed to say fr72 mine still says fr50 is that right

  • http://Website tyler

    I’ve noticed more internal memory, turning off offensive word block in voice to text, maybe a faster browser but not too noticeable, you have to reinstall swype, better Flash performance, and the best of the update so far.. fixing the damn power button. I wish they’d do something a little better with copy-paste stuff, though. It’s not accurate at all. Overall, this has been an awesome update (2.2 in general).

  • http://Website tyler

    Also, the 3G MAY BE able to be picked up a little better. Hard to tell..

  • http://Website gomez

    My tethering and hotspots is not working. Is anyone else having this issue. I do have extra memory 230-280 compared to 150-200. But I need my tethering!

    • http://Website Tyler

      Funny thing. I use mediashare to link my PS3 to my computer. I was able to connect the 2, however, the internet itself did not work on my computer. I’ll try again.

    • http://Website Tyler

      Just retried it and it worked faster than ever! So best wishes for ya, mate!

    • http://facebook.com/mimoproductions mauricio hale

      yeah, i was having the same problem. so i just turned off the tethering for about 2 mins and tried again n it started to work again

  • http://Website Gomez

    I had to restart both laptop and phone a few times and changed the password also.

  • http://Website Ronald

    I have also been playing around with the browser and I have honestly seen a major improvement on a lot of the flash videos…especially on the embedded youtube videos…before this update they were extremely choppy…now its very smooth…I’m very happy with this update

  • http://Website Joeskie

    I hope this fixes that delayed response bug.had anyone noticed that? Whenever you start touching the screen after bringing the phone out of sleep or exiting an application the screen was unresponsive on the very first touch but the one right after that worked perfectly. Rather odd indeed.it was so bad for me that I put a home replacement on my sexii nexii. Thanks to the java acceleration, home replacements like GDE worked great.very strange…that’s how I figured out that it wasn’t a hardware issue.but the second I tried switching back to regular 2.2(no GDE) it started up with the same thing (first touchy no worky).I’ll let every one know how this works out.

    • http://Website B

      Ive noticed that since day 1 and its never been fixed. Its really annoying.

  • ayocuz

    Now I got it.thought I could download it from my phone but I had to use my computer. Still I want the official boy ota

  • http://Website ronabong

    I guess I am the only one that doesn’t notice anything? How about a list of changes, that would be more than HELPFUL.

  • http://Website seainc

    Is this update for T-mobile or ATT version? I have ATT N1. Thanks, James

    • http://Website Joeskie

      I’m not sure if this is for tmo or at&t nexiis but one thing I know for sure is that with you new tiered data plans you better get this download from a regular computer our you will hit your throttle point…lol sorry dude…you left your self open. But seriously its only for the tmo nexiis’. Just wait for someone on xda toe crack and port it. Probably will be available here in like 5 minutes anyway.

  • http://Website stick

    Thanks for the update instructions, the install on my unlocked T-mo Nexus One went smoothly…

    Only I seem to be experiencing a slight sluggishness in touchscreen response now. I know that everything is supposed to run quicker and more responsive with froyo, but for me it seems like the touchscreen isn’t as responsive, and sometimes I have to retrace my motions to get it to respond.

    There seems to be a slight lag in response time that I never had before the update. Despite the fact that with the new JIT compiler,and apps are supposed to be more responsive and the OS is supposed to run quicker overall.

    I’m not sure why everyone is getting faster overall performance when mine seems to have slowed down somewhat after the update.

    Is anybody else getting slower response times or is it just my phone?

  • http://Website android_buzz

    Can anyone confirm if the Apps to SD card option is available? This was one of the updates that we did not get in the FRF50 build

    • http://Website jkgas

      This is crap hardly any update…is this what we have been waiting for! No Apps to SD…..this was promised over a month ago. Google is full of smoke screens and does not hold to its word. Consumers get bent over.

      All issues logged have not been fixed and they have forum for us to answer other consumer queries as they are inept of doing this.

      I am going to throw my N1 in the bin and go back to morse code. At least we knew what we got with it. I am out of pocket with this rubbish device.

      • http://Website laith


      • http://Website mkrmec

        If you knew ANYTHING about Froyo you would KNOW that the APP developers have to enable the damn apps2SD on their APPS!!!! Froyo allready has the support you moron.. stop crying like a baby and read..

      • http://Website archboy

        I’ll take the phone from you if you want because you aren’t literate enough to read and therefore shouldn’t be using a phone that is smarter than you.

        Google didn’t say when it would release it but ‘soon.’ I’m guess when its ready and sure it is ready for consumption because if not people like you will complain that it too high in calories.

      • http://Website Joeskie

        Idiot. You have to remember that 2.2 isn’t technically out yet so developers don’t have to support it as of right now.

    • http://Website B

      Yes we did get it in the FRF50 build, but if it isn’t written into the app code, the option wont be there. I have a handful of apps that use it, but most dont.

  • bt

    Can anyone confirm if the Apps to SD card option is available? This was one of the updates that we did not get in the FRF50 build

    it works but developer gets the say wether you are allowed to move to sd card

    • http://Website B

      Yes it was in the FRF50 build, but if it isn’t written in the app code, the option wont be there.

  • http://Website B

    What’s this power button bug everyone keeps talking about?

  • http://Website Sean

    I’d this the ACTUAL official OTA update?

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Its official in the sense that it is direct from Google, but no at the moment this is not an official OTA going out to all Nexus One owners.

  • http://Website mo

    cant save the file to my sd card


  • http://Website HARRY

    So now we updated manually. Will we still get the full ota update? Or is this it? I’m still keeping my eye out for bugs, nothing major so far

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Assuming this isn’t the final release I would assume you would still get the OTA and of course if you don’t we’ll be here to get you updated manually.

  • http://Website Sean

    A couple things:
    + the stock keyboard seems to be more accurate in prediction
    - the auto-brightness seems to have stopped working all together and just stays bright, and yes, I triple checked the system settings

    • http://Website Sean

      my brightness is fine…. I use the power control widget don’t know it that makes a difference

    • http://Website Jon kabat

      My auto-brightness also seems to be not working. I wanted them to lower the sensitivity a little, but it doesn’t seem to work at all.

      • http://Website Jk

        Here is what I have found. It will auto increase the brightness like it did before, but it only decreases it when the screen is locked and then unlocked. I think this will actually be better than before once I am used to it.

  • http://Website Tha Lyric

    I manually upgraded but still some of my apps are not showing in the market is there a fix for that?

  • http://Website ruben

    getting error when trying to rename about having another file name update.zip (froyo 2.2 frf50) do i need to erase this one or rename in order to download frf72?

    • http://Website Greg

      Are you serious? Obviously you can’t have two files in the same directory with the same name. Delete or rename the old one…

  • http://Website Mike

    Anyone else having connectivity issues after installing this? I mean even when I’m on 3g or WiFi, I get errors in different apps (Voice, ESPN ScoreCenter) saying there is no internet connection.

  • http://Website Carlos David

    Damn.. it updated correctly.. but I didn’t get an internal memory increase : (

  • http://Website tony

    Can we flash the rooted FRF72 over kang-o-cama Rom…. well it still work properly…….

  • http://Website Tarik

    My update installed perfectly, but I didn’t get a bump in memory either.

    And I wonder what this “Power Button Bug” is about, too.

    • http://Website Sean

      The power button was just unresponsive sometimes.

  • http://Website Alex

    If I have a rooted nexus one running 2.2, will I be able to add this update?

  • http://Website russ

    i applied this update successfully to my rooted n1, but now when i go back and try to access SetCPU and other root-access apps, it says i no longer have root permission. does this update un-root me?

    • http://Website Alex

      I used this http://teslacoilsw.com/frf72
      flashed it over rooted 2.2 FRF50 and now i have FRF72 with root

      Do a back up!

      also takes like 2 mins to boot after installation

  • http://Website Jeff

    The only thing I’ve noticed is thatthe wifi keeps dropping or turning off, and hasless bars.

  • http://Website Yuth

    How about SAMSUNG GALAXY S it can be upgrade to 2.2?

    who know about it? Pleaseeee

  • http://Website ox

    so can we start the gingerbread hype ?

  • http://Website LuZoe

    I just download and follow the instructions. Everything is fine. But while I install the update it’s stop at the status 7. Installation aborted. How can I do now. I still can not get this frozen food. :(

    • http://Website geezagame

      were you updating from Android 2.1 or from Android 2.2 FRF50?

      • http://Website LuZoe

        Mine is 2.1 update1. I never rooted.

        • Tebbe

          This update is only to go from 2.2 FRF50 to 2.2 FRF72. If you’re on 2.1 update 1, you need to first update to 2.2 build FRF50, then apply this update. The instruction to get to 2.2 FRF50 are somewhere on AndroidAndMe, but I don’t know if the update file is still available.

  • http://Website shhon75

    Downloaded it about 45min ago and it’s working perfect for me. i haven’t notice any problems yet.

  • http://chkneo.blogspot.com Chandru

    Update went find for me, (India 2G networks). It took 2 minutes to update from the prev version. Only thing I noticed wtih 2,1 is the battery, Battery is wiped off very quickly

  • http://Website Jarrod

    I updated and it works great! But it still says FRF50… but it definitely updated… anyone else experience this?

    • http://Website Dave

      Definitely should say FRF72 otherwise it hasn’t worked.

    • http://thetrendaholic.com The Trendaholic

      I had the same problem, I don’t know what happened or didn’t for that matter…

  • http://Website OG

    They added new video resolution settings in the FRF72 build. I just noticed them yesterday, and the quality appears to have stepped up.

    • http://Website Ali

      yes, a new resolution has been added ” YouTube (high, 10m)

      • http://Website Ali

        Nexus one 2.2. its ok

  • http://www.techdaring.com/tag/android AnDrOid

    I try to update following these construction but I got error status 7. I never root or hack my Nexus One before. What I should to do right now ?

  • http://blog.152.org metric152

    I updated to it yesterday and have noticed the proximity sensor no longer works when talking to someone. Can anyone else confirm this?

    • http://Website Malcolm Zaloon

      Oh yeah.. confirmed! NOT working proximity sensor when calling! :/

      • http://Website Sean

        proximity sensor works for me…

    • http://Website Culo

      Proximity sensor is working for me after the update

    • http://www.simplethoughtproductions.com Josh Chesarek

      The proximity sensor works for me after the update when placing calls.

  • http://Website Ryan

    Everything seems to be working better. 3G reception is a huge improvement, on build 50 I couldn’t stream audio from pandora or rhapsody. Both work perfectly on 3G now!
    Browsing seems to have greatly increased speed as well

  • http://Website luis

    I have been trying to upgrade my phone and it not working for me I do the whole process but When I reboot the phone Its still 2.1

  • http://Website david

    The ,, and buttons are more responsive now!

  • http://Website dubyaJaySmith

    worked great. Crome to phone faster for me?…More bars (big plus), auto connected to wifi. SipDroid’s fine, Google voice didnt have to be reinstalled just deleted the icon from home page and threw the short cut back on…weird. seems to be even faster, Didnt even have to sign back into any thing, e.g twit client widget…it pays to be geek

  • http://Website Sufian

    Looks like this version also doesn’t support protected apps because I can’t find certain apps in the market and the devs said it’s there.

  • andrewrich99

    can you also do this for the g1?

  • http://Website David

    The power button issues which were first introduced with FroYo are still not resolved for me.

  • http://Website paul

    Bad 3g connection. N1

  • http://Website Paul

    Can you go back to the first 2.2? My signal quality has suffered to much an I like the overall performance of frf50.

  • rjimenez

    Worked for Telcel carrier in Mexico

    • http://Website cesar

      yo estoy en mexico con telcel hace 2 dias me llego la notificacion que diera UPDATE a mi sistema y lo hice y ahora mi 3G no funciona, sabes que puedo hacer? mi telefono dice version adroid 2.2
      Build Number FRF91
      si me detecta el logo que dice 3G pero cuando abro una pagina no lo hace solo si me conecto wifi.

  • http://Website andrew

    does anybody try to install this into xperia x10i ?

  • http://Website ruhal


  • http://Website Nadeem


  • http://Website Prusho

    Can the manual process be done on htc desire?